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Articles for December 2016

255 articles found.

Dealers' association asks industry to contact MPs over new cultural property law

(United Kingdom)

ATG, Antiques Trade Gazette, 1st Dec 2016.

How ISIL destroyed Nimrud


John Beck, Al Jazeera, 1st Dec 2016.

Does Aleppo prove that we westerners should keep the world's antiquities?


Robert Fisk, The Independent, 1st Dec 2016.

Protecting culture vital for identity and peace,' says head of Unesco

(United Arab Emirates)

Naser Al Wasmi, The National, 1st Dec 2016.

Victims of Nazi Art theft need Congress to HEAR

(United States of America)

Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder, The Hill, 1st Dec 2016.

Geneva Free Port: The greatest art collection no-one can see


Will Gompertz, BBC News, 1st Dec 2016.

Five Nobel winners urge action to protect heritage sites

(United Arab Emirates)

AFP, The Economic Times, 2nd Dec 2016.

Art cops recover Roman statue


ANSA, 2nd Dec 2016.

Stolen prints recovered during arrest of suspects

(United States of America)

WOWT, 2nd Dec 2016.

$750K sculpture sickened FBI workers in Miami

(United States of America)

Matt Dixon, Politico, 2nd Dec 2016.

U.S., Egypt Sign Agreement to Thwart Trade in Illegal Antiquities

(Egypt; United States of America)

Kristin Romey, National Geographic, 2nd Dec 2016.

Bibliomania, the Dark Desire For Books That Infected Europe in the 1800s


Lauren Young, Atlas Obscura, 2nd Dec 2016.

Stolen Mummy Hand Makes Its Way Home

(Egypt; United States of America)

Megan Gannon, Live Science, 2nd Dec 2016.

Berlin returns Nazi-looted sculpture to Jewish publisher's family


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 2nd Dec 2016.

UAE hosts global push to save antiquities from conflict

(United Arab Emirates)

BBC News, 2nd Dec 2016.

Austin artist out thousands of dollars after thieves steal paintings

(United States of America)

Amanda Brandels, KXAN, 2nd Dec 2016.

Stolen Dachau concentration camp gate may have been found in Norway


Karla Pequenino, CNN, 2nd Dec 2016.

Swiss seize 9 relics allegedly stolen from Libya, Palmyra

(Switzerland; Libya; Syria)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 2nd Dec 2016.

Arrests confirm more thefts in NGA collection

(Australia; India)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 2nd Dec 2016.

Operation Mummy's Curse returns ancient artifacts including child's sarcophagus to Egypt

(Egypt; United States of America)

RT, 3rd Dec 2016.

Nations set to approve heritage protection fund

(United Arab Emirates)

AFP, The Daily Mail, 3rd Dec 2016.

Chandannath Temple Guthi committee, priest suspended


DB Buda, My Republica, 3rd Dec 2016.

Judge orders 'owner' to provide more details before ancient golden crown can be examined

(United Kingdom; Turkey)

The Herald, 3rd Dec 2016.

Aboriginal art depicting Wandjina figure that sparked aliens theory to be reclaimed by traditional owners


Erin Parke, ABC Australia, 4th Dec 2016.

Imitation game: how copies can solve our cultural heritage crises


Felicity Strong, The Conversation, 4th Dec 2016.

The Maltese priest and the kidnapped Caravaggio: The amazing true story of the scrappy octogenarian who busted an audacious art heist


Noah Charney, Salon, 4th Dec 2016.

Fire at California artists' collective claims 33 lives

(United States of America)

Helen Stoilas, The Art Newspaper, 4th Dec 2016.

The One That Waddled Away: Retracing a Weighty Gold Theft

(United States of America; Canada)

Michael Wilson, The New York Times, 4th Dec 2016.

France pays £24m into new fund to protect cultural heritage sites


Associated Press, The Guardian, 4th Dec 2016.

Jewish family battles Spain museum over art looted by Nazis


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 4th Dec 2016.

Four precious idols stolen from temple


Press Trust of India, Business Standard, 4th Dec 2016.

Preservation of archaeological sites promotes tourism


APP, The Nation, 5th Dec 2016.

Ustad Bismillah Khan's shehnais stolen


Press Trust of India, The Indian Express, 5th Dec 2016.

Museum heist gang sentenced to 30+ years


ANSA, 5th Dec 2016.

Kennewick Man skeleton closer to tribal return

(United States of America)

Annette Cary, The Art Newspaper, 5th Dec 2016.

'Weaponise your privilege': blocked Aboriginal Australian speaker addresses students by Skype

(United Kingdom; Australia)

Louis Klee, Varsity, 5th Dec 2016.

Kivi group leads search for stolen paintings


Jim Moodie, The Sudbury Star, 5th Dec 2016.

Stolen coffins found after police search

(United Kingdom)

Caroline Tilley, Gazette News, 5th Dec 2016.

The UAE can become a safe haven for antiquities

(United Arab Emirates)

Peter Hellyer, The National, 5th Dec 2016.

CID Gets Vital Leads in Rabindranath Tagore Nobel Theft Case


News 18, 5th Dec 2016.

Profile: Art no-one can see - the story of the Geneva free port


Nan Spowart, The National, 5th Dec 2016.

Man guilty of stealing Chester Cathedral's Greek Lazarus painting

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 5th Dec 2016.

Sotheby's Hires Fraud Expert to Start New Research Department

(United States of America)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 5th Dec 2016.

La Policía detiene a los presuntos autores del robo en la iglesia y la rectoral de Cea


Police arrested suspects in the robbery of the church and rectory of Cea

Faro de Vigo, 5th Dec 2016.

'Stolen' Dattatreya idol found in wardrobe inside the temple


My Republica, 5th Dec 2016.

Idol thieves' gang busted, two arrested in Bhagalpur


TNN, The Times of India, 6th Dec 2016.

Abren un boquete en la puerta de la capilla de San Antón, en Cedeira, para robar el cepillo


Hole opened in the door of the chapel of San Anton in Cedeira to rob the chapel

Ana F. Cuba, La Voz de Galicia, 6th Dec 2016.

Virgin Mary stolen from Helensville church

(New Zealand)

Danielle Clent,, 6th Dec 2016.

Gate Stolen From Dachau Concentration Camp Recovered in Norway


Jason Daley, Smithsonian, 6th Dec 2016.

Yucatán recupera valiosa estela de antigua ciudad maya


Yucatan recovers valuable steala from ancient Maya city

Terra, 6th Dec 2016.

Sacred Sites And Treaty Rights – The Dakota Access Backstory

(United States of America)

Dan Kraker, Inside Energy, 6th Dec 2016.

Case Over $30 Million Camille Pissarro Painting Comes to a Head in Appeals Court

(Spain; United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 6th Dec 2016.

Sotheby's in 'fake' Fabergé row with billionaire Russian art collector

(United Kingdom)

Adam Sherwin, i News, 6th Dec 2016.

Roman artefacts spotted at auction after they were stolen 12 years ago

(United Kingdom)

ITV News, 6th Dec 2016.

Jho Low Family Digs in to Stop 1MDB Asset Seizure by U.S.

(United States of America)

Edvard Pettersson, Bloomberg, 6th Dec 2016.

Amid regional instability and rising demand, a historic agreement could protect priceless cultural artifacts

(Egypt; United States of America)

Sandy Pterykowski, PBS, 6th Dec 2016.

Outrage at unprovoked vandalism of ancient tree

(New Zealand)

The Northland Age, 6th Dec 2016.

Pearce Leads Effort To Protect Tribal Artifacts

(United States of America)

Office of Rep. Steve Pearce, KRWG, 6th Dec 2016.

ICE returns 23 pre-Columbian artifacts to Dominican Republic

(Dominican Republic; United States of America)

ICE, 7th Dec 2016.

Heirs of Jewish art dealer sue German state for return of Nazi-looted artwork


JTA, The Times of Israel, 7th Dec 2016.

Stolen Buddhist painting to be returned to Korea

(South Korea)

Sang-Un Kim, The Dong-A Ilbo, 7th Dec 2016.

Shashi Tharoor's Delhi home burgled, copper Gandhi glasses gifted by PM Modi stolen


Mahender Singh Manral, The Indian Express, 7th Dec 2016.

Theft of manuscript of Holy Quran


D. A. Rashid, Greater Kashmir, 7th Dec 2016.

Roman statue stolen from Mussolini is returning to Italy

(Italy; United States of America)

Jamie Schram, New York Post, 7th Dec 2016.

Group will document state's antiques to protect heritage


Mayuri Phadnis, Pune Mirror, 7th Dec 2016.

Artist's Giant Inflatable Igloo Stolen in Brooklyn, Artist Says

(United States of America)

Camille Bautista, DNA Info, 7th Dec 2016.

Heirs of Nazi-Persecuted Art Dealer Alfred Flechtheim Sue Bavarian Museums

(Germany; United States of America)

Nicholas O'Donnell, JD Supra, 7th Dec 2016.

Statue had been sold as scrap metal


Ian MacAlpine,, 7th Dec 2016.

Fruitful week for repatriation of Egyptian antiquities: Report


Ahram Online, 7th Dec 2016.

House of Representatives Passes Bill to Recover Art Stolen During the Holocaust

(United States of America)

Artfix Daily, 7th Dec 2016.

INAH recupera monumento que estaba en un hotel


INAH recovers monument that was in a hotel

Union Yucatán, 7th Dec 2016.

US Will Return 9 Indian Antiquities Shortly: Government

(India; United States of America)

Press Trust of India, NDTV, 7th Dec 2016.

US House passes bill to ease return of Nazi-looted art

(United States of America)

JTA, The Times of Israel, 8th Dec 2016.

Lax security makes protected temples easy targets for thieves


Arun Devl, The Times of India, 8th Dec 2016.

Kader Attia accuses Universal Music of plagiarism over French rap video


Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 8th Dec 2016.

Retired FBI Agent Solves Arts Crimes Including a Missing Nazi Diary, Confederate Relics and Even Batmobiles

(United States of America)

Erin Arvelund,, 8th Dec 2016.

Painting stolen by Nazis set to break record at auction

(United Kingdom)

Vanessa Conneely, TRTWorld, 8th Dec 2016.

'Blue Dog' art thief walks free after experts say drug overdose caused behavior

(United States of America)

Della Hasselle, The Advocate, 8th Dec 2016.

The mystery of the stolen Klimt


Max Paradiso, BBC News, 8th Dec 2016.

18th-century Buddhist painting returned to home soil

(South Korea)

Kim Yu-young, Korea Herald, 8th Dec 2016.

50 paintings of Dhirendranath Brahma stolen


Priyanka Dasguptal, The Times of India, 8th Dec 2016.

Artifact trafficking and the battle to stop it: 'It's open season'


Rami al-Khattib, Syria Direct, 8th Dec 2016.

Six major challenges facing Indian museums, says museologist Vinod Daniel


Adrija Roychowdhury, The Indian Express, 8th Dec 2016.

How the antiquities black market thrives on Syria: 'We have the collapse of state institutions and the society holding them all together'


Syria Direct, 8th Dec 2016.

Ali Center theft suspect arrested; Ali artwork still missing

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 8th Dec 2016.

ICE and CBP return cultural artifacts to Italy

(Italy; United States of America)

ICE, 9th Dec 2016.

British war veteran appeals for stolen service medals to be returned

(New Zealand)

Catrin Owen,, 9th Dec 2016.

Destrozan en Chiapas ruinas arqueológicas


Archaeological ruins destroyed in Chiapas

Omar Ruiz, El Sol de Mexico, 9th Dec 2016.

Senate to vote on Holocaust restitution bill in a race against the clock

(United States of America)

David D'Arcy, The Art Newspaper, 9th Dec 2016.

Painting heist an inside job: Cops


Dwaipayan Ghoshl, The Times of India, 9th Dec 2016.

Man Stole Art from Greenwich Facility: Feds

(United States of America)

Rich Scinto, Patch, 9th Dec 2016.

Piden a ladrones que devuelvan cuadro religioso

(El Salvador)

Thieves asked to return religious painting

Fátima Membreño, La Prensa Grafica, 9th Dec 2016.

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Returns $500,000 Looted Signac Painting


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 9th Dec 2016.

Criminal network involved in idol smuggling unearthed


The Hindu, 9th Dec 2016.

German Panel Rules That a Rare Violin Was Looted by Nazis


Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 9th Dec 2016.

Website launched to help track down artworks stolen in World War II


Dutch News, 9th Dec 2016.

'My stomach dropped': Artist discovers her 'stolen' work on shirts being sold at Winners


Rosa Marchitelli, CBC, 9th Dec 2016.

Queens Man Charged In Manhattan Federal Court With Sale Of Artwork Stolen From Prominent New York Collection

(United States of America)

Dept of Justice, United States Department of Justice, 9th Dec 2016.

Jordan lead codices not modern forgeries


University of Surrey, Heritage Daily, 9th Dec 2016.

Stolen shehnais not registered with cultural dept


TNN, The Times of India, 10th Dec 2016.

Kohinoor wasn't gifted but looted by British, say authors

(India; United Kingdom)

IANS, The Economic Times, 11th Dec 2016.

Iraqis Mourn Destruction of Ancient City of Nimrud: ISIS 'Tried to Destroy the Identity of Iraq'


Lucy Kafanov, NBC, 11th Dec 2016.

How Egypt intends to stop sale of its relics around the world


George Mikhail, Al Monitor, 11th Dec 2016.

Palmyra: IS retakes ancient Syrian city


BBC News, 11th Dec 2016.

Repatriating the Past: Filling the Holes in Egypt's History Left by Looting


Katie A. Paul, Heritage Daily, 12th Dec 2016.

Pasadena trial focuses on Nazi-looted masterpiece

(United States of America)

Ryan Torok, Jewish Journal, 12th Dec 2016.

Lawsuit over Cady Noland's Log Cabin dismissed

(United States of America)

Laura Gilbert, The Art Newspaper, 12th Dec 2016.

Two Dutch Old Masters returned to estate of Jewish dealer Max Stern


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 12th Dec 2016.

Reclaiming Nazi-Looted Art Is About to Get Easier

(United States of America)

Erin Blakemore, Smithsonian, 12th Dec 2016.

Not allowed to pray, man steals Shivalinga


TNN, The Times of India, 13th Dec 2016.

Filipino photographer's pagoda shoot prompts Facebook fury


Ei Ei Thu, Mayanmar Times, 13th Dec 2016.

The Local Man Who Native Americans Call "The Ancient One," Will Finally Get a Proper Burial

(United States of America)

Sophia June, Willamette Week, 13th Dec 2016.

Guelph police looking for man who stole art from downtown cafe


Chris Seto, Guelph Mercury Tribune, 13th Dec 2016.

Heritage Auction House Sues Christie's and Collectrium Over Data Theft

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 13th Dec 2016.

Piece of Art Stolen from Mahopac Public Library Gallery

(United States of America)

David Propper, The Examiner News, 13th Dec 2016.

Pip McGarry paintings worth £160k stolen from Marwell Zoo

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 13th Dec 2016.

Police crack temple theft case, two held


CT Bureau, City Today, 13th Dec 2016.

New Exhibition Shows Poland Using Jewish Gravestones to Build Walls, Sidewalks, Playgrounds

(Poland; United States of America)

JNi.Media, The Jewish Press, 13th Dec 2016.

Pa. man allegedly stole Nazi memorabilia from Canfield veterans museum

(United States of America)

Jordan Grzelewski,, 13th Dec 2016.

As Artist's Murder Trial Drags On, Display of His Work Sparks Uproar

(South Africa)

Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic, 13th Dec 2016.

Bill protecting works of art lent by foreign institutions passes US Senate

(United States of America)

Sophia Kishkovsky Helen Stoilas, The Art Newspaper, 13th Dec 2016.

सुपौल: मंदिर से अष्टधातु की बहुमूल्य मूर्तियां चुरा ले गए चोर


Theft in Ramjanki temple in Supaul, three valuable sculptures stolen

Live Hindustan, 13th Dec 2016.

Nazi-looted paintings belonging to Montrealer Max Stern recovered


Montreal Gazette, 13th Dec 2016.

Mali declares archaeological emergency


FT, Financial Times, 14th Dec 2016.

Young artists involved in creating Stik mural in Gdansk call for its return

(Poland; United Kingdom)

Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 14th Dec 2016.

Three looters busted plundering ancient tomb in Galilee


Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 14th Dec 2016.

Man arrested for stealing Ali Center painting reportedly said he thought it was a gift shop poster

(United States of America)

David Scott, WDRB, 14th Dec 2016.

Crimea's Scythian Treasures Become Political Football

(Netherlands; Russia; Ukraine)

Phil Butler, Argophilia, 14th Dec 2016.

University of Evansville Painting Stolen

(United States of America)

Lindsay Holmes,, 14th Dec 2016.

UNESCO Director General sends rapid assessment mission to the Nimrud archaeological site in Iraq


UNESCO, 14th Dec 2016.

Nude Performance Artist Deborah de Robertis Defends Herself in French Court


Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 14th Dec 2016.

Minister Looking to Add "A Bit of Colour" to His Office Accidentally Finds Missing $150,000 Aboriginal Artwork


Isabelle Hellyer, Vice, 14th Dec 2016.

UN seeks protection for ancient Nimrud site wrecked by IS


Lori Hinnant, The Republic, 14th Dec 2016.

Art by Robert Gentile, Stephen Bunyard Stolen at Phoenix Festival of the Arts

(United States of America)

Lynn Trimble, Phoenix New Times, 14th Dec 2016.

Crimean gold must go back to Ukraine, says Dutch court

(Netherlands; Russia; Ukraine)

BBC News, 14th Dec 2016.

You Can Own the San Francisco Home of Imprisoned Art Swindler Luke Brugnara for $19.7 Million

(United States of America)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 14th Dec 2016.

Degas or Dud? What You Can Do if the Artwork You Bought Is a Fake

(United States of America)

Jason Hernandez, Daily Business Review, 14th Dec 2016.

Have Bremoaners stolen Bojo's Polish portrait? Painting of the Foreign Secretary goes missing from London club

(United Kingdom)

Sebastian Shakespeare, The Daily Mail, 14th Dec 2016.

Restituyen al gobierno mexicano 12 piezas arqueológicas incautadas en Italia

(Mexico; Italy)

12 archaeological pieces seized in Italy are returned to the Mexican government

Periodico el Despertar, 14th Dec 2016.

A Spanish museum may have the legal right to keep art stolen by the Nazis. That doesn't mean it should


Los Angeles Times, 14th Dec 2016.

Tenant accused of $1.4 million artwork theft from widow of painter Pat Trivigno

(United States of America)

Ken Daley, Nola, 15th Dec 2016.

Egypt antiquities ministry receives two stolen Islamic-era lamps from UAE

(Egypt; United Arab Emirates)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 15th Dec 2016.

Gericht: Gurlitts Testament ist gültig

(Switzerland; Germany)

Court: Gurlitt's will is valid

Monopol, 15th Dec 2016.

U.S. sues to recover ancient Syrian artifacts looted by Islamic State

(Syria; United States of America)

Yeganeh Torbati, Reuters, 15th Dec 2016.

'Close friend' accused of stealing $1.4 million worth of artist Pat Trivigno's paintings

(United States of America)

Della Hasselle, The New Orleans Advocate, 15th Dec 2016.

New Orleans art thefts: Works by Banksy, George Rodrigue have been among targets

(United States of America)

Doug MacCash, Nola, 15th Dec 2016.

Gardaí seize rare cup made from rhino horn in raid


Jimmy Woulfe David Raleigh, Irish Examiner, 15th Dec 2016.

Bavaria to get back tapestry taken by GI from Hitler's Eagle's Nest


The Japan Times, 15th Dec 2016.

Montreal project helps solve issue around recovering Nazi-stolen art


Sara Angel, The Globe and Mail, 16th Dec 2016.

Have You Seen These Stolen Hearst Family Heirlooms?

(United States of America)

Rob Bates, JCK, 16th Dec 2016.

Hundreds of Historic Texts Hidden in ISIS-Occupied Monastery


Owen Jarus, Live Science, 16th Dec 2016.

The Tech behind Bitcoin Could Help Artists and Protect Collectors. So Why Won't They Use It?


Oscar Lopez, Artsy, 16th Dec 2016.

Employé du muséum d'histoire naturelle d'Orléans, il revendait des pierres et fossiles sur eBay


Employee of the natural history museum of Orléans, he resold stones and fossils on eBay

Philippe Renaud, La République, 16th Dec 2016.

Man linked to $500M art heist getting mental evaluation

(United States of America)

Dave Collins, Myrtle Beach Online, 16th Dec 2016.

Hawaii's 'Cursed' Lava Rocks Are Driving National Park Staff Insane

(United States of America)

Sarah Emerson, Motherboard, 16th Dec 2016.

Luxembourg Freeport Director David Arendt Quits


Hili Perlson, ArtNet News, 16th Dec 2016.

Did Russia meddle in recent US art theft legislation?

(United States of America; Russia)

Rich Tenorio, The Times of Israel, 16th Dec 2016.

Suspected fraudster denies swindling elderly out of £650,000 worth of antiques

(United Kingdom)

Laura Chesters, Antiques Trade Gazette, 16th Dec 2016.

Verdict upheld for elderly French couple who hid Picasso works in garage


France 24, 16th Dec 2016.

Napoleon's pillaged works of art on show in Rome


AFP, Shanghai Daily, 17th Dec 2016.

Tapestry returning to Germany

(Germany; United States of America)

Jamie Stengle, The Durango Herald, 17th Dec 2016.

Returning stolen art to its rightful owner is also about restoring dignity


Deborah Solon, Los Angeles Times, 17th Dec 2016.

Jain idol found broken in Rajgir temple


TNN, The Times of India, 18th Dec 2016.

Two criminals held for damaging Jain Tirthankar's idol


The Times of India, 18th Dec 2016.

El 'saqueo' de las momias guanches


The looting of the Guanche mummies

EFE, RTVC, 19th Dec 2016.

Do Not Touch: What happens when museum visitors ignore the signs


John Bailey, The Age, 19th Dec 2016.

Roban arte sacro en iglesia del Barrio de "Jesús" de Acajete


Sacred art stole from church in the Jesús neighbourhood of Acejete

Carmen Flores, El Sol de Puebla, 19th Dec 2016.

Stolen Conor McGregor painting may have been spotted on a bus, after a man 'showed it to the whole upper deck'


Cian Murray, Irish Independent, 19th Dec 2016.

6 antique long rifles stolen from Bedford County museum

(United States of America)

Paul Peirce, TribLive, 19th Dec 2016.

Illinois Woman Legal Owner Of Apollo 11 Moon Rock Bag, Not NASA:

(United States of America)

Allan Adamson, Tech Times, 19th Dec 2016.

Chun Kyung-ja's long-disputed artwork declared genuine

(South Korea)

The Korea Herald, Korea Herald, 19th Dec 2016.

A Master Work, the Ghent Altarpiece, Reawakens Stroke by Stroke


Milan Schreuer, The New York Times, 19th Dec 2016.

Hong Kong lions Stephen and Stitt, Japanese looters and the legal battle to protect cultural property

(Hong Kong; Japan)

Steven Gallagher, South China Morning Post, 19th Dec 2016.

Four suspected antiquities thieves nabbed near Mesolongi


eKathimerini, 19th Dec 2016.

Ancient skeleton to return to Native Americans for reburial

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Business Insider, 19th Dec 2016.

Northwest Tribes Know Exactly How They Want To Return The Ancient One To Earth

(United States of America)

Anna King, NW News Network, 20th Dec 2016.

Case Against Robert Motherwell's Foundation Is Dismissed

(United States of America)

Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 20th Dec 2016.

Waiouru medal thief recalled to prison after starting online escort service

(New Zealand)

Hannah Martin,, 20th Dec 2016.

Guilty plea for Modesto man involved in French Laundry wine theft

(United States of America)

J. D. Morris, The Press Democrat, 20th Dec 2016.

Artist floored by the theft of victorious McGregor print


Cian Murray, The Herald, 20th Dec 2016.

Russian ambassador to Turkey shot dead in Ankara art gallery

(Turkey; Russia)

Shaun Walker, The Guardian, 20th Dec 2016.

Stolen relief of Queen Hatshepsut recovered from London

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 20th Dec 2016.

Getting art back that was stolen by the Nazis has a share of success stories, but sometimes it's too late for the rightful owner to appreciate


Robert Fulford, National Post, 20th Dec 2016.

Leeds Castle bolsters defences with 'crime-fighting liquid

(United Kingdom)

Adele Couchman, Kent News, 20th Dec 2016.

After Van Gogh Museum Declares Book of Artist's Sketches to be Fake, Publisher Threatens Legal Action


Art Forum, 20th Dec 2016.

ICE On Trail of Stolen Relics

(United States of America)

Aaron Gilchrist, NBC, 20th Dec 2016.

This Wiyot Tool Dug Up 86 Years Ago by a Notorious Grave Robber is Being Sold in an Online Auction

(United States of America)

Ryan Burns, Lost Coast Outpost, 21st Dec 2016.

New York Art Dealer Charged With Trafficking Illegal Antiquities

(United States of America; India; Cambodia; Australia)

Lisa Bannon, The Wall Street Journal, 21st Dec 2016.

The medal detective

(United Kingdom)

Vibeke Venema, BBC News, 21st Dec 2016.

London church to be reunited with stolen 16th-century carving

(United Kingdom; Belgium)

Dalya Alberge, The Guardian, 21st Dec 2016.

New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Found in Judean Desert


Philippe Bohstrom, Haaretz, 21st Dec 2016.

Prominent Antiquities Dealer Accused of Selling Stolen Artifacts

(United States of America; India; Australia; Cambodia)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 21st Dec 2016.

Stolen Old Master paintings head back to Verona

(Italy; Ukraine)

Hannah McGivern, The Art Newspaper, 21st Dec 2016.

Customs officials can't tell antiquities from crafts they seize


Daily Trust, 21st Dec 2016.

Stolen masterpiece paintings returned to Italy from Ukraine

(Italy; Ukraine)

Associated Press, The Guardian, 21st Dec 2016.

Man in Santa suit stages protest on Duke of Wellington statue

(United Kingdom)

STV, 22nd Dec 2016.

Art dealer Nancy Wiener who sold stolen Buddha to NGA arrested

(United States of America; India; Cambodia; Australia)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 22nd Dec 2016.

Illicit antiquities trade being fought

(Bolivia; Argentina)

Manuela Pulido, Latin American Post, 22nd Dec 2016.

Five arrested after war medals were 'stolen' from home in Blandford

(United Kingdom)

Alex Winter, Bournemouth Echo, 22nd Dec 2016.

Lane Bryant Issues Public Apology After Using Shantell Martin's Designs Without Authorization

(United Kingdom)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 22nd Dec 2016.

Appeal for Ceri Richards painting stolen from north London gallery

(United Kingdom)

Laura Chesters, Antiques Trade Gazette, 22nd Dec 2016.

Italy plans new art crime law after Ukraine recovers stolen masterpieces

(Italy; Ukraine)

Alasdair Sandford, Euronews, 22nd Dec 2016.

Police look for couple after $22,000 pitcher stolen

(United States of America)

Caroline Balchunas, ABC United States, 22nd Dec 2016.

Angkorian Artifact Dealer Arrested in New York

(United States of America; Cambodia)

Ben Paviour, The Cambodia Daily, 23rd Dec 2016.

How art detectives hunt down fakes


James Pickford, Financial Times, 23rd Dec 2016.

Iraq seizes manuscript worth millions stolen in Kuwait

(Iraq; Kuwait)

Gulf News, Kuwait News Agency, 23rd Dec 2016.

Director of Belgian Royal Museums Files Criminal Complaint Against Secretary of State


Alyssa Buffenstein, ArtNet News, 23rd Dec 2016.

Antique dealer left 'devastated' after $20,000 art theft

(New Zealand)

Radio New Zealand, 23rd Dec 2016.

Web of smugglers linked to New York art gallery

(United States of America; India)

T.K. Rohit, The Hindu, 24th Dec 2016.

Thieves steal hood from historic Shackleton exhibition

(United Kingdom)

Peter Johnstone, The Packet, 24th Dec 2016.

Indore: Theft at a temple at Subhash Chowk


TNN, The Times of India, 26th Dec 2016.

Pratyangira idol and two other artefacts back in India

(India; Australia)

TNN, The Times of India, 26th Dec 2016.

Ancient idols of gods under serious threat in Nepal


Deepak Kharel, My Republica, 26th Dec 2016.

Egypt retrieves 340 smuggled artifacts from Jordan

(Egypt; Jordan)

Egypt Independent, 26th Dec 2016.

Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller, 'gentleman collector' of ethnographic art, has died aged 86


The Art Newspaper, 26th Dec 2016.

The Year of the Fake: The 8 Biggest Forgery Controversies of 2016


Amah-Rose Abrams, ArtNet News, 27th Dec 2016.

Modern fight over ancient library


David Rising, The Journal Gazette, 27th Dec 2016.

Art world embroiled in series of forgery scandals

(South Korea)

Kwon Mee-yoo, Korea Times, 27th Dec 2016.

Police find new lead on stolen idols from Jumla


Kamal Pariyar, My Republica, 27th Dec 2016.

Colombia returns ancient relics

(Peru; Colombia)

Alvaro Tassano, Living in Peru, 27th Dec 2016.

Subhash Kapoor remanded in Pazhavoor idol theft case


Pon Vasanth Arunchalam, The Hindu, 27th Dec 2016.

Una Hermandad de Guillena restituye la corona y el Niño Jesús robado para la Misa del Gallo


Brotherhood of Guillena restores the stolen crown and the Baby Jesus for midnight mass

F. Cabanillas, Arahal Información, 27th Dec 2016.

French art experts blast Seoul over 'fake' painting

(South Korea)

AFP, Bangkok Post, 28th Dec 2016.

Quem é o pintor mais falsificado em Portugal?


Who is the most faked painter in Portugal?

Bruno Horta, Observador, 28th Dec 2016.

Another artist is claiming that a big fashion brand has ripped off her designs

(United Kingdom)

Miranda Larbi, Metro, 28th Dec 2016.

Roban imagen de Niño Jesús en Iglesia de la zona uno


Sculpture of the Baby Jesus stolen from church in zone one

Grecia Ortíz, La Hora, 28th Dec 2016.

Three suspects in theft of Levitan paintings from museum arrested


RAPSI, 28th Dec 2016.

Can street art be preserved? Undoing of a Montreal mural raises questions


Elias Abboud, CBC, 28th Dec 2016.

Obama declares Bears Ears National Monument in southern Utah

(United States of America)

Brian Maffly, The Salt Lake Tribune, 28th Dec 2016.

Statue Widely Ridiculed After Restoration Returned to Artist

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 28th Dec 2016.

Kirklees council considers selling Francis Bacon painting

(United Kingdom)

Nazia Parveen, The Guardian, 28th Dec 2016.

Roman Antiquity Missing Since World War II Found in Russia Roman Antiquity Missing Since World War II Found in Russia

(Russia; Germany)

Hili Perlson, ArtNet News, 28th Dec 2016.

Roban dos campanas de bronce de 500 kilos en una iglesia de Porto do Son, A Coruña


Two 500 kilo bronze bells stolen from the church of Porto do Son

Antena 3, 28th Dec 2016.

Art Dealer Ordered to Pay $500 a Day to Artist

(United States of America)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 28th Dec 2016.

Miami Heat doctor sues store over fake Russian collectibles

(United States of America; Russia)

Rebecca Rosenberg, New York Post, 28th Dec 2016.

Cyprus petition launched for return on Elgin Marbles to Greece

(Greece; Cyprus; United Kingdom)

Annette Chrysostomou, Cyprus Mail, 28th Dec 2016.

Thieves steal £20,000 painting in smash and grab raid at Belsize art gallery

(United Kingdom)

Emily Banks, Ham & High, 29th Dec 2016.

Owner of Zoffany painting destroyed in fire could receive £4m from UK government

(United Kingdom)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 29th Dec 2016.

Provo City School District's most expensive piece of art is missing

(United States of America)

Braley Dodson, Daily Herald, 29th Dec 2016.

Old Bedford Village gains national attention after historic rifles were stolen

(United States of America)

Katie O'Toole, WJAC, 29th Dec 2016.

Early Christian book shrine caused much soul searching


Fiona Gartland, The Irish Times, 29th Dec 2016.

David Chipperfield's Nazi-Era Renovation Plan of Munich's Haus der Kunst Sparks Outrage


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 29th Dec 2016.

New 'Red List' for West Africa helps to protect art, cultural antiquities


Africa Times, 29th Dec 2016.

Man charged in replica, artifact thefts from Fort Dobbs

(United States of America)

Record & Landmark, 29th Dec 2016.

Suit alleging Notre Dame has pilfered art collection is transferred to Indiana

(United States of America)

Torsten Ove, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 30th Dec 2016.

China Bans Its Ivory Trade, Moving Against Elephant Poaching


Edward Wong, The New York Times, 30th Dec 2016.

Aurangzeb-era Quran stolen from Kashmir in 2003 may be with New Delhi museum, hints CBI


M. A. Parray, Kashmir Reader, 30th Dec 2016.

The 10 Biggest International Art Scandals of 2016


Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 30th Dec 2016.

Cash, silver stolen from Ludhiana temple


TNN, The Times of India, 31st Dec 2016.

PGR investiga robo de Niño Dios en iglesia de Tlaxcala


PGR investigating the theft of the Baby Jesus from the church of Tlaxcala

Antonio Morán, Televisa, 31st Dec 2016.

After Islamic State institutionalized looting in Syria, the market for fake antiquities is booming


Nibih Bulous, Los Angeles Times, 31st Dec 2016.

Turning Iraq history to rubble, leaving mess to looters


Lori Hinnant, The Detroit News, 31st Dec 2016.

Obama leaves 'phenomenal legacy' of protecting historic and natural land

(United States of America)

Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian, 31st Dec 2016.

2 women charged following Drew County Museum audit

(United States of America)

Brandon Lawrence, My Arklamiss, 31st Dec 2016.

राधा कृष्ण मंदिर हनुमान की मूर्ति चुरायी


Hanuman Idol Stolen

Live Hindustan, 31st Dec 2016.