Country: Germany

Frank Ocean Has Been Accused of Stealing the Art for His blondedRadio Show

(United States of America; Germany)

Joshua Espinoza, Complex, 8th Jun 2017.

How Two Top Collectors Avoided Germanys New Protectionist Art Law


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 2nd Jun 2017.

Lost Since World War II, Egyptian Artifact Returns to Germany

(Germany; United States of America; Egypt)

Megan Gannon, Live Science, 1st Jun 2017.

Why did the Nazis steal so many books?


Noah Charney, Salon, 28th May 2017.

Dozens of Māori and Moriori Remains Return to New Zealand from European Museums

(New Zealand; Germany)

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, 25th May 2017.

Pissarro painting in Gurlitt trove returned to heir of Max Heilbronn


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 23rd May 2017.

Dr. Oetker compensates Jewish heirs for silver windmill cup in collection


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 19th May 2017.

Tiara adorned with 367 diamonds stolen from German museum


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 8th May 2017.

Church regains three icons stolen from the north

(Cyprus; Germany)

Cyprus Mail, 5th May 2017.

Alex Katz Painting Stolen From Munich Gallery in Broad Daylight


Alyssa Buffenstein, ArtNet News, 2nd May 2017.

Wreck of Nazi ship believed to have been carrying priceless stolen artwork when it was sunk in 1943 by a submarine attack is discovered close to Crimea

(Russia; Ukraine; Germany)

Fionn Hargreaves, The Daily Mail, 28th Apr 2017.

Holocaust memory under siege in political and artworlds

(Germany; United States of America)

Stewart Ain, New Jersey Jewish News, 27th Apr 2017.

Bern museum awaits works from Gurlitt art collection in June

(Switzerland; Germany)

Associated Press, News 1130, 26th Apr 2017.

Search for stolen gold coin throws up plenty of clues but no suspect


German Press Agency, Daily Sabah, 26th Apr 2017.

German group appeals decision to allow lawsuit over Nazi art theft claims

(United States of America; Germany)

Reuters, 21st Apr 2017.

The Nazis didn't just burn Jewish books - they stole millions, too


Rafael Medoff, Haaretz, 20th Apr 2017.

Art provenance cases reveal complexities of Germany's record on restitution

(United States of America; Germany)

Stewart Ain, The Jewish Week, 20th Apr 2017.

Germany to appeal first ruling allowing Nazi-looted art claim against it in U.S. court

(United States of America; Germany)

Spencer S. Hsu, The Washington Post, 14th Apr 2017.

Germany to investigate mass plunder of works of art by Stasi in Cold War era


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 13th Apr 2017.

How the Nazi-Tainted Gurlitt Hoard Is Shaping documenta 14

(Germany; Greece)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 4th Apr 2017.

US court: Jewish descendants can sue Germany for return of Nazi-looted art

(United States of America; Germany)

The Jewish Post, The Jerusalem Post, 4th Apr 2017.

The Mystery of Lucian Freud's Missing 'Bacon'


Allison McNearney, The Daily Beast, 2nd Apr 2017.

Stolen Antiquities Returned from Munich Arrive at National Archaeological Museum in Athens

(Greece; Germany)

Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi, Greek Reporter, 1st Apr 2017.

Germany pays €1.2 million for Kirchner painting seized by Nazis


Reuters, Ynet News, 31st Mar 2017.

After the theft of the Big Maple Leaf


Gero Schliess, DW, 31st Mar 2017.

German art police target Munich show in early March


Jeff Starck, Coin World, 31st Mar 2017.

Thieves Take a Chunk of Change, All 221 Pounds of It, From a Berlin Museum

(Germany; Canada)

Melissa Eddy, The New York Times, 27th Mar 2017.

What Should You Do With Your Father's Nazi Keepsake?

(United States of America; Germany)

Kwame Anthony Appiah, The New York Times, 22nd Mar 2017.

German Art Collectors Face a Painful Past: Do I Own Nazi Loot?


Catherine Hickley, The New York Times, 14th Mar 2017.

Police Raid Artist's Berlin Studio, Confiscate Artwork


Isaac Kaplan, Artsy, 10th Mar 2017.

Dr. Oetker Is Showing the World What to Do with Nazi-Looted Art


Isaac Kaplan, Artsy, 8th Mar 2017.

Facing Germany's colonial heritage: It's 'detective work'


Julia Hitz, DW, 7th Mar 2017.

Nazi art theft: Germany helps Jewish collector's heirs hunt stolen works

(Germany; United States of America)

Kate Connolly, The Guardian, 7th Mar 2017.

Old fisherman still homesick

(Turkey; Germany)

Ozgen Acar, Hurriyet Daily News, 4th Mar 2017.

Bank's Kandinsky painting was looted by Nazis, says family

(United States of America; Germany)

Holly Watt, The Guardian, 3rd Mar 2017.

Ancient bronze statuette lost after the Second World War returns to Berlin

(Germany; United Kingdom)

Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 1st Mar 2017.

Sotheby's catalogue mistakenly includes work forged by Wolfgang Beltracchi

(Germany; United Kingdom)

Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 24th Feb 2017.

Stolen Gate Returned to Germany's Dachau Concentration Camp

(Germany; Norway)

Ken Schwartz, Voice of America, 24th Feb 2017.

Germany returns Adolph von Menzel drawing sold under Nazi persecution


Associated Press, CBC, 20th Feb 2017.

Markus Lüpertz Ditches His Düsseldorf Studio


Alyssa Buffenstein, ArtNet News, 16th Feb 2017.

Here's Your Chance to See Cornelius Gurlitt's Infamous Art Trove

(Switzerland; Germany)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 16th Feb 2017.

Stolen artifacts from Turkey found in Germany

(Turkey; Germany)

Ömer Erbil, Hurriyet Daily News, 14th Feb 2017.

Germany Arrests Alleged Mastermind Behind Bardo Museum Terror Attack

(Tunisia; Germany)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 9th Feb 2017.

Stunning portrait stolen by the Nazis finds a permanent home in Cambridge ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day

(United Kingdom; Germany)

Adam Care, Cambridge News, 27th Jan 2017.

Guatemala recupera 22 piezas arqueológicas en el extranjero

(Guatemala; Italy; Switzerland; Germany; United States of America; El Salvador)

Guatemala recovers 22 archaeological pieces from abroad

Marlyn Valddez De León, AGN, 24th Jan 2017.

Woman Accidentally Locked Inside a Museum in Germany


Alyssa Buffenstein, ArtNet News, 24th Jan 2017.

Colonial looting of our culture calls for justice

(Rwanda; Germany; Belgium)

The New Times, 19th Jan 2017.

German family firm to return Nazi-looted artwork to Jewish heirs


JTA, The Times of Israel, 13th Jan 2017.

Nazi-loot panel asks Sprengel Museum to return Schmidt-Rottluff work to heirs


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 10th Jan 2017.

David Chipperfield's Nazi-Era Renovation Plan of Munich's Haus der Kunst Sparks Outrage


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 29th Dec 2016.

Roman Antiquity Missing Since World War II Found in Russia Roman Antiquity Missing Since World War II Found in Russia

(Russia; Germany)

Hili Perlson, ArtNet News, 28th Dec 2016.

Modern fight over ancient library


David Rising, The Journal Gazette, 27th Dec 2016.

Tapestry returning to Germany

(Germany; United States of America)

Jamie Stengle, The Durango Herald, 17th Dec 2016.

The Tech behind Bitcoin Could Help Artists and Protect Collectors. So Why Won't They Use It?


Oscar Lopez, Artsy, 16th Dec 2016.

Gericht: Gurlitts Testament ist gültig

(Switzerland; Germany)

Court: Gurlitt's will is valid

Monopol, 15th Dec 2016.

Bavaria to get back tapestry taken by GI from Hitler's Eagle's Nest


The Japan Times, 15th Dec 2016.

German Panel Rules That a Rare Violin Was Looted by Nazis


Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 9th Dec 2016.

Heirs of Jewish art dealer sue German state for return of Nazi-looted artwork


JTA, The Times of Israel, 7th Dec 2016.

Heirs of Nazi-Persecuted Art Dealer Alfred Flechtheim Sue Bavarian Museums

(Germany; United States of America)

Nicholas O'Donnell, JD Supra, 7th Dec 2016.

Gate Stolen From Dachau Concentration Camp Recovered in Norway


Jason Daley, Smithsonian, 6th Dec 2016.

Stolen Dachau concentration camp gate may have been found in Norway


Karla Pequenino, CNN, 2nd Dec 2016.

Berlin returns Nazi-looted sculpture to Jewish publisher's family


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 2nd Dec 2016.

Divers looted wrecks of sunken ships in Scapa Flow: Men fined in "first of its kind" case

(United Kingdom; Germany)

Sarah Bruce, The Press and Journal, 30th Nov 2016.

Divers fined for raiding sunken German warships at Scapa Flow

(United Kingdom; Germany)

BBC News, 29th Nov 2016.

Iran Cancels Long-Awaited Exhibition of Shah Collection in Berlin

(Iran; Germany)

Caroline Elbaor, ArtNet News, 28th Nov 2016.

Germany to fund research into Nazis' 'degenerate art'


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 21st Nov 2016.

Germany appoints first Jewish members to Nazi-loot art panel


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 11th Nov 2016.

Possible 'first encounter' Aboriginal shield uncovered in Berlin

(Australia; Germany)

Lexi Metherell, The New Daily, 10th Nov 2016.

Germany returns ancient relics

(Germany; Peru)

Alvaro Tassano, Peru This Week, 9th Nov 2016.

Nobody Knows If These Nazi Home Movies Were Lost, Stolen or Destroyed at the National Archives

(Germany; United States of America)

Matt Novak, Gizmodo, 3rd Nov 2016.

German Frozen Pizza Maker Reveals Nazi Art Loot in Company Collection


The Jewish Press, 31st Oct 2016.

Ulay Remembers the Crime of a Lifetime 40 Years Later


Noah Charney, Observer, 26th Oct 2016.

Rukoro hints at reparation package

(Namibia; Germany)

New Era, 25th Oct 2016.

Mummy portraits stolen by Nazis, recovered, sell for over $300,000

(Switzerland; Germany)

Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of India, 25th Oct 2016.

Critics say Bavaria not doing enough on looted art


Jefferson Chase, DW, 13th Oct 2016.

When Art Thieves Target Treasures In Churches


Tobias Heimbach, World Crunch, 30th Sep 2016.

Cultural Property Protection Law Comes Under Fire in Germany


Conrad De Aenlle, The New York Times, 29th Sep 2016.

Anita Halpin among beneficiaries of Neue Galerie restitution


Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 28th Sep 2016.

Lawful Heir of Artworks Looted by Gestapo Files Lawsuit in DC Federal Court


The Jewish Voice, 28th Sep 2016.

Cologne to return Menzel drawing sold in 1939 to Hildebrand Gurlitt


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 27th Sep 2016.

Neue Galerie Returns Painting Seized by Nazis and Then Rebuys It in Settlement


Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 27th Sep 2016.

Germany's new cultural protection law welcomed abroad


Markus Hilgert, DW, 21st Sep 2016.

The memorial plaque for David Bowie in Berlin has been stolen


Press Association, 20th Sep 2016.

Battle of Jutland war graves 'vandalised' by illegal metal scavengers

(Denmark; United Kingdom; Germany)

Robert Booth, The Guardian, 18th Sep 2016.

Nazi treasure hunt: Spain wants return of 'Aryan' artifacts gifted to Third Reich in 1940s

(Spain; Germany)

RT, 30th Aug 2016.

From Timbuktu to Grimsby, heritage deserves to be restored and revered

(Mali; Bosnia; Iraq; Germany)

Simon Jenkins, The Guardian, 25th Aug 2016.

Rise of the Nazi-Grave Robbers

(Poland; Germany)

Thomas Rogers, Bloomberg, 23rd Aug 2016.

Prized painting stolen from Adolf Hitler comes to light 71 years later

(Germany; United States of America)

Vicky Smith, Mirror, 12th Aug 2016.

Pioneering war photographer Gerda Taro's images vandalised in Leipzig


Julia Michalska, The Art Newspaper, 12th Aug 2016.

90-Year-Old Vandalizes Crossword Artwork, Then Claims Copyright on the Result


Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 5th Aug 2016.

German culture minister promises to reform Limbach Commission after mounting criticism


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 5th Aug 2016.

Magnus app founder hits back at critics


Melanie Gerlis, The Art Newspaper, 4th Aug 2016.

Magnus Art-Pricing App Pulled from Apple Store Amid Evidence of Extensive Data Theft


Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 1st Aug 2016.

German tourists scale Colosseum in night time stunt

(Italy; Germany)

Alexandra Sims, The Independent, 1st Aug 2016.

Long-Lost Engraving by Albrecht Dürer Discovered at Flea Market

(France; Germany)

Hili Perlson, ArtNet News, 29th Jul 2016.

Cologne cathedral hires lawyer to stop Pokemon players


Associated Press, Catholic Herald, 27th Jul 2016.

Iran's National Library receives 2 rare Quran manuscripts

(Iran; Germany)

Mehr News Agency, 23rd Jul 2016.

Descendants of Jewish Owners Continue to Pursue Nazi-Stolen Art


Boruch Shubert, The Jewish Voice, 20th Jul 2016.

New Research Says Gurlitt Collection Could Include 91 Nazi-Looted Works

(Switzerland; Germany)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 19th Jul 2016.

Nazi Art Loot Returned... to Nazis


Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 15th Jul 2016.

Bavarian Parliament Will Investigate Claims that Looted Art Was Returned to Nazis


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 15th Jul 2016.

German Parliament passes controversial law to protect cultural heritage


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 9th Jul 2016.

Netanyahu unwittingly secreted original Auschwitz blueprints to Israel

(Israel; Poland; Germany)

JTA, The Times of Israel, 7th Jul 2016.

Nur die Museums-Pensionäre befinden sich im Widerstand


Retired museum professionals in opposition

Marcus Woeller, Die Welt, 4th Jul 2016.

German Museum Repurchases 19th-Century Painting Stolen by Nazis


Menachem Rephun, JP Updates, 30th Jun 2016.

Art Experts Blast Bavarian Museums' Attempt to Rebut Nazi Loot Claims


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 29th Jun 2016.

Bavaria Sold Nazi Looted Art Back to Nazis: Report


Guelda Voien, Observer, 28th Jun 2016.

What Germany's tough new law could mean for the antiquities market


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 27th Jun 2016.

Germany passes law to keep art of 'national value' in the country


DW, 23rd Jun 2016.

German warship wreckage protected

(Norway; Germany)

News in English, 17th Jun 2016.

Relic of Pope John Paul II stolen from Cologne Cathedral


Reuters, Business Insider, 5th Jun 2016.

Kraftwerk lose legal battle over their music being sampled


Reuters, The Guardian, 31st May 2016.

Germany Backtracks, Will Install Jewish Member in Committee on Nazi-looted Art


The Forward, Haaretz, 27th May 2016.

German Minister: Put Jew on Nazi art committee


Arutz Sheva, 26th May 2016.

First World War sea graves hit by 'industrial-scale looting'

(United Kingdom; Germany; Denmark)

Mark Duell, The Daily Mail, 23rd May 2016.

Berlin's lost Renaissance sculptures rediscovered in the Pushkin Museum

(Russia; Germany)

Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 19th May 2016.

Guelph Treasure Heirs Explain Why Case Belongs in U.S. Court

(United States of America; Germany)

Nicholas O'Donnell, JD Supra, 13th May 2016.

Fire at Rosemarie Trockel's House Ruins $34 Million Worth of Art


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 4th May 2016.

Gurlitt Exhibition Postponed Due to Relative's Legal Challenge

(Germany; Switzerland)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 21st Apr 2016.

11 Picasso Works Stolen from German Bank's Collection


Hili Perlson, ArtNet News, 18th Apr 2016.

Storm clouds gather over German art market


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 14th Apr 2016.

Documentary Examines US Soldier Who Stole Priceless Art

(United States of America; Germany)

Greg Flakus, Voice of America, 6th Apr 2016.

Swiss, German museums to show Nazi-era art hoard

(Switzerland; Germany)

AFP, 7 News, 5th Apr 2016.

Does My Family Own a Painting Looted by Nazis?

(Germany; Netherlands)

Eve M. Kahn, The New York Times, 5th Apr 2016.

Blind, 90-year-old son of Holocaust victims sues to find his family's art

(United States of America; Germany)

David D'Arcy, The Art Newspaper, 1st Apr 2016.

After 25 years, German doctor returns rare, ancient coin to Israel

(Israel; Germany)

The Canadian Jewish News, 30th Mar 2016.

German museum seeks funding to purchase looted Kirchner


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 18th Mar 2016.

Covert scan of museum's Nefertiti bust appears to be hoax

(Germany; Egypt)

Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing, 8th Mar 2016.

How to handle fakes, copyright and catalogues raisonnés: Berlin institute offers tips for artists' estates


Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 4th Mar 2016.

Germany to Continue Funding to Establish Provenance of Looted Art


Alison Smale, The New York Times, 3rd Mar 2016.

Symposium at MKG develops ideas for dealing with silver formerly owned by Jews in museums


Art Daily, 22nd Feb 2016.

Artists Covertly Scan Bust of Nefertiti and Release the Data for Free Online

(Germany; Egypt)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 19th Feb 2016.

Art Dealer Torsten Brohan Ordered To Disclose Proceeds Of 20th Century Sale To China


Artlyst, 19th Feb 2016.

Germany returns looted treasures to Poland

(Germany; Poland)

Radio Poland, 18th Feb 2016.

Egypt to recover two stolen artefacts from Germany

(Egypt; Germany)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 14th Feb 2016.

The Revelations of a Nazi Art Catalogue

(France; Germany)

Sarah Wildman, The New Yorker, 12th Feb 2016.

Is The Controversial Art Law Fueling Germany's Recent 'Art Drain'?


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 11th Feb 2016.

Germany's looted art probe efforts 'failing'


Toby Axelrod, The Jewish Chronicle, 25th Jan 2016.

Few Answers on True Owners of Art Found in Gurlitt Trove


Melissa Eddy, The New York Times, 14th Jan 2016.

Germany German task force finds five Nazi-looted works in Gurlitt trove


DW, 14th Jan 2016.

German team probing stolen Nazi art defends slow progress


AFP, The Times of Israel, 14th Jan 2016.

Fight 'Islamic State' by preventing illegal artifacts trade


DW, 13th Jan 2016.

Why the U.S. Wants Germany to Take Another Look in Its Museums

(Germany; United States of America)

Jas Chana, Haaretz, 7th Jan 2016.

New foundation takes over research into Gurlitt hoard


Flavia Foradini, The Art Newspaper, 4th Jan 2016.

Nuremberg: Germany's dilemma over the Nazis' field of dreams


Tony Paterson, The Independent, 2nd Jan 2016.

Just 5 Nazi-stolen works found in Gurlitt art haul


The Local, 22nd Dec 2015.

Is the German Cultural Property Protection Act to be welcomed?


Apollo, 21st Dec 2015.

Two Warhol Prints and an Otto Piene Artwork Stolen from Gallery Vehicle in Germany


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 18th Dec 2015.

Artworks Worth $1.1 Million Stolen From Markus Lüpertz's Potsdam Studio


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 9th Dec 2015.

Antiquities Dealer Leonardo Patterson Faces New Criminal Charges

(Germany; Mexico)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 8th Dec 2015.

Museum Sues Wikimedia for Hosting Copyrighted Photos of Its Public-Domain Artworks


Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, 8th Dec 2015.

German Panel Defends Effort to Trace Owners of Nazi-Looted Art


Melissa Eddy, The New York Times, 2nd Dec 2015.

Gurlitt task force identifies 5th work looted by Nazis


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 2nd Dec 2015.

The Black Years: how Nazi art came back to Berlin


Rob Sharp, The Guardian, 27th Nov 2015.

Task force investigating art trove inherited from Nazi collector achieved 'embarrassing' results


Philipp Jedicke, DW, 26th Nov 2015.

Colaboración entre el INAH, la SRE y la PGR, determinante en el fallo condenatorio en contra de Leonardo Patterson

(Germany; Mexico)

Collaboration between INAH, the SRE and the PGR, leads to conviction of Leonardo Patterson

INAH, 24th Nov 2015.

Nazi Art Case Tests Start Date Of Shoah

(Germany; United States of America)

Stewart Ain, The Jewish Week, 19th Nov 2015.

US lawmakers call from Bayern looted art

(Germany; United States of America)

OR Politics, 19th Nov 2015.

German man returns mummy mask to Egypt after 50 years away

(Egypt; Germany)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 18th Nov 2015.

German Art Museum Finds 18 Nazi-Looted Paintings in Collection


JTA, Forward, 17th Nov 2015.

German Cabinet Approves Controversial Cultural Export Bill


Blouin ArtInfo, 6th Nov 2015.

The Auction Gavel Finally Falls in the Wake of a 17-Year Battle Over Malevich Restitution

(United States of America; Germany; Russia)

Julie Baumgardner, Artsy, 6th Nov 2015.

Germany's Dating Of Start Of Holocaust Questioned

(Germany; United States of America)

Stewart Ain, The Jewish Week, 3rd Nov 2015.

2600 Jahre alte Weiheinschrift aus Babylon kehrt zurück in den Irak

(Iraq; Germany)

Consecration inscription form Babylon will return to Iraq

SPK, 28th Oct 2015.

Kunst hat einen Wert, nicht nur einen Preis


Art has a value and it isn't just price

Norbert Lammert, Die Welt, 23rd Oct 2015.

Nazi-looted art trove mysteries far from solved


Heike Mund, DW, 16th Oct 2015.

Unearthing the Spoils of War


Tobias Timm, Handelsblatt, 13th Oct 2015.

Jewish leader 'disappointed' about German art exhibit of potential Nazi loot


DW, 10th Oct 2015.

Jewish leader 'disappointed' about German art exhibit of potential Nazi loot


DW, 10th Oct 2015.

Germany returns idol stolen from Kashmir

(India; Germany)

Press Trust of India, The Hindu, 6th Oct 2015.

Germany returns Hindu statue to India

(India; Germany)

Dana Scherle, DW, 23rd Sep 2015.

Otto Krebs Collection: Spoils of War or Plunder in Peace?


Alex Boyle, Art Antiques Design, 20th Sep 2015.

German museum all set to return 9th century stolen Durga idol

(India; Germany)

Sobhana K Nair, Mumbai Mirror, 19th Sep 2015.

Vandals Smear Anti-Semitic Graffiti on Munich's Haus der Kunst


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 18th Sep 2015.

German culture ministry tones down controversial cultural property bill


Julia Michalska, The Art Newspaper, 15th Sep 2015.

German Police Crack Down On Booming Online Market for Dada Forgeries


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 8th Sep 2015.

Germany offers €50,000 grant to help restore Tutankhamun's mask

(Egypt; Germany)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 1st Sep 2015.

Stolen artefacts repatriated

(Cyprus; Germany)

Cyprus Mail, 28th Aug 2015.

Inside the search for the legendary 'Orpheus Clock' stolen by the Nazis


Joselin Linder, New York Post, 23rd Aug 2015.

What the Nazis Stole


Martin Rubin, The Wall Street Journal, 21st Aug 2015.

A Not-Quite-Great Documentary About the Greatest Art Forger of Our Time


Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, 21st Aug 2015.

Review: 'Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery' Tells How a Swindler Fooled the World


Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times, 18th Aug 2015.

Bronze 'Nazi Horse' at German School Draws Fire From Jewish Groups


Mary M. Lane, The Wall Street Journal, 18th Aug 2015.

The search for a family's art treasures stolen by the Nazis

(Germany; United Kingdom)

Simon Goodman, The Irish Times, 13th Aug 2015.

Sigmar Polke Estate Ordered to Return Allegedly Stolen Painting


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 12th Aug 2015.

Four-legged snake fossil sparks legal investigation

(Brazil; Germany)

Anastasia Christakou, Nature, 4th Aug 2015.

Criminal case opened on 'damaging world's oldest wooden statue'

(Russia; Germany)

The Siberian Times, 29th Jul 2015.

Das Werk von Gerhard Richter: Ich mal mir meine Welt


The work of Gerhard Richter: I paint my world

Bernhard Schulz, Der Tagesspiegel, 21st Jul 2015.

Baselitz removes art from Dresden gallery


DW, 17th Jul 2015.

The skull of famed horror film director is stolen; 'Satanists' suspected


Justin Wm. Moyer, The Washington Post, 15th Jul 2015.

Why Baselitz could be the first of many artists to 'bloodlet' Germany's museums


Peter Raue, DW, 14th Jul 2015.

Germany to gift stolen durga idol back to PM Modi

(India; Germany)

Mail Today, India Today, 14th Jul 2015.

German court studying Gurlitt will seeks psychiatric report


Associated Press, ABC United States, 10th Jul 2015.

Pläne der Bundesregierung: Scharfe Sanktionen beim Kunsthandel


Federal government plans tough sanctions against art trading

Spiegel Online, 3rd Jul 2015.

Second World War tank and anti-aircraft gun found hidden in basement of villa in Germany


Melanie Hall, The Telegraph, 3rd Jul 2015.

Did an Auction of Hitler's Art Go Too Far?


Erin Blakemore, Smithsonian, 25th Jun 2015.

Sleuth Work Leads to Discovery of Art Beloved by Hitler


Alison Smale, The New York Times, 25th Jun 2015.

Nazi-looted painting from Munich fetches close to $3m

(Germany; United Kingdom)

Ruth Holmes, The Times of Israel, 24th Jun 2015.

U-boat propeller returned to Germany

(United Kingdom; Germany)

Belfast Telegraph, 16th Jun 2015.

Giordano's Dürer Forgery—Too Late to Prosecute?


Blake Gopnik, ArtNet News, 8th Jun 2015.

Museum officials on hunt for lost Cranach


Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 2nd Jun 2015.

A Dark Niche Emerges in German Market: Nazi Art


Harriet Torry, The Wall Street Journal, 26th May 2015.

German Art Dealer Accused of Fraud in €55 Million China Academy of Art Design Deal

(China; Germany)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 26th May 2015.

Painting stolen by Nazis to be sold by rightful owner who saw it being seized from his uncle's home 80 years ago

(Germany; United States of America)

Hannah Furness, The Telegraph, 22nd May 2015.

First work from Gurlitt hoard goes under the hammer

(Germany; United States of America)

Julia Michalska, The Art Newspaper, 22nd May 2015.

Hitler's horse sculptures found by German police


Associated Press, The Telegraph, 21st May 2015.

Art acquired in WWII Germany returned by Montana brothers

(United States of America; Germany)

Liz Kearney, The Washington Times, 17th May 2015.

Matisse painting from Gurlitt's Nazi-looted art collection returned to owners


Associated Press, DW, 15th May 2015.

Two Nazi-Looted Paintings Set for Return to Heirs of Original Owners


Mary M. Lane, The Wall Street Journal, 12th May 2015.

Giacometti Forgery: Art Dealers Stand Trial


Artlyst, 11th May 2015.

Art Forger freed and making millions


Frankie McCamley, BBC News, 10th May 2015.

Should There be a Statute of Limitations on Nazi-Looted Art?

(Austria; United States of America; Germany)

Laura C. Mallonee, Hyperallergic, 8th Apr 2015.

Germany says Pissarro painting from Gurlitt trove to be returned


AFP, Yahoo News, 1st Apr 2015.

German Court Upholds Bequest of Gurlitt Collection to the Kunstmuseum Bern

(Germany; Switzerland)

Christopher D. Shea, The New York Times, 27th Mar 2015.

German Authorities Criticised For Bureaucratic "Bullying" Over Gurlitt Nazi Restitution Case


Artlyst, 24th Mar 2015.

German pensioner needs drill to dig for Nazi-looted Amber Room


Madeline Chambers, Reuters, 3rd Mar 2015.

Drunk German Soccer Fans Steal Emil Nolde Painting Worth Millions


Alexander Forbes, ArtNet News, 1st Dec 2014.

Swiss museum to accept Gurlitt 'Nazi art'


BBC News, 24th Nov 2014.

German Government To Create Department To Hunt For Stolen Nazi Art


Artlyst, 4th Nov 2014.

Nazi 'Arbeit Macht Frei' sign stolen from gate at Dachau concentration camp


Andrew Marszal, The Telegraph, 2nd Nov 2014.

Totem's Sound takes a cynical look at American colonialism


Chris Prisetman, Kill Screen Daily, 8th Oct 2014.

German Museum Rejects Restitution Claim


Hendrik Hansson, ArtNet News, 5th Aug 2014.

Germany Returns Greek Antiquities

(Greece; Germany)

Ioanna Zikakou, Greek Reporter, 8th Jul 2014.

German Museum Returns Two Greek Antiquities

(Greece; Germany)

Ioanna Zikakou, Greek Reporter, 6th Jun 2014.

Newly found files incriminate Nazi art giant


Heike Mund, DW, 4th Jun 2014.

German couple will return Egyptian artefact after learning it was stolen

(Egypt; Germany)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 4th Jun 2014.

Cornelius Gurlitt, hoarder of valuable art collection, dies


Matt Schudel, The Washington Post, 6th May 2014.

Hunt for Nazi art shows museum failings: former minister


Monica Raymunt, Reuters, 8th Apr 2014.

19th Century Schadow painting returned to Stern estate

(Canada; Germany)

James Adams, The Globe and Mail, 7th Apr 2014.

Cornelius Gurlitt: One lonely man and his hoard of stolen Nazi art


Stephen Evans, BBC News, 26th Mar 2014.

Back where they belong

(Nepal; Germany)

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German Couple Suspected of Holding Stolen Greek Antiquities

(Greece; Germany)

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The mysterious Munich recluse who hoarded €1bn of Nazis' stolen art


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Priceless Tibetan Buddha statue looted by Nazis was carved from meteorite

(Tibet; Germany)

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Will "Blind Edip" Sing?

(Switzerland; Germany; Turkey)

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Gods in exile

(Nepal; Germany; United States of America)

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Turkey wins back ancient coins from American millionaire

(Turkey; Germany; United States of America)

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The Case Of the Contested Coins: A Modern-Day Battle Over Ancient Objects

(Turkey; Germany; United States of America)

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Turks Haul Millionaire Into Court for Ancient Silver

(Turkey; Germany; United States of America)

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