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Articles for October 2016

269 articles found.

'Moriarty of the Old Master' pulls off the art crime of the century: Market in crisis as experts warn £200m of paintings could be fakes

(United Kingdom; Liechtenstein)

Adam Luck, The Daily Mail, 1st Oct 2016.

I Used My House Key to Break Into the DMA's Vault

(United States of America)

Peter Simek, D Magazine, 1st Oct 2016.

No deathbed confession in Gardner heist

(United States of America)

Shelley Murphy, The Boston Globe, 1st Oct 2016.

Mobster said to know location of art in biggest US heist near death, attorney says

(United States of America)

Reuters, The Guardian, 1st Oct 2016.

Es un sacrilegio: Diócesis


Crystyan Vinagre, Tabasco Hoy, 1st Oct 2016.

Northampton Sekhemka statue sale: Council 'warned by lawyers'

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 1st Oct 2016.

Five stolen Tamil Nadu idols in Oz on radar for return

(Australia; India)

Yogesh Kabirdoss, The Times of India, 1st Oct 2016.

India takes possession of stolen 12th-century Brahma sculpture

(Australia; India)

Eastern Eye, 1st Oct 2016.

Advierten saqueo y daño a patrimonio arqueológico en Zanatepec


Averting looting and damage to archaeological heritage in Zanatepec

Martín Vargas, Istmo Press, 1st Oct 2016.

Four Panchaloha idols stolen from temple


Web India 123, 1st Oct 2016.

En el abandono están los sitios arqueológicos de Comayagua y La Paz


The archaeological sites of Comayagua and La Paz are abandoned

Juan César Díaz, El Heraldo, 2nd Oct 2016.

How Indie Artists Can Protect Designs From Unauthorized Retail Use in the Digital Age


Ronda Majure, Apparel, 2nd Oct 2016.

Chile debe devolver libros saqueados


Chile must retrieve looted books

Denis Merino, Diario Uno, 2nd Oct 2016.

Raza's missing 'Bindu' traced to city


TNN, The Times of India, 3rd Oct 2016.

Art detectives track down stolen 12th-century Indian sculpture

(India; United Kingdom)

Richard Morris, India GB News, 3rd Oct 2016.

Exclusive: Under the Russians' noses, looters continue to plunder treasures of Palmyra


Magdy Samaan, The Telegraph, 3rd Oct 2016.

India needs to bring heritage-criminals to justice


Anuraag Saxena, Sunday Guardian Live, 3rd Oct 2016.

Ancient 'Kennewick Man' remains returned to Columbia River tribes

(United States of America)

Megan Thomas, CBC, 3rd Oct 2016.

Egypt retrieves 4 Pharaonic artifacts from the US

(Egypt; United States of America)

Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 3rd Oct 2016.

Congress Condemns Trafficking of Native American Objects

(United States of America)

Laura Morales, Arizona Public Media, 3rd Oct 2016.

ISIS destroys, loots archaeological sites near Kirkuk


Amir Abdallah, Iraqi News, 3rd Oct 2016.

Cultural ownership and responsibility is not just a fad


Esther Anatolitis, Eureka Street, 3rd Oct 2016.

Denuncia el INAH saqueo de piezas prehispánicas en Asientos


INAH denounces the looting of prehispanic archaeological pieces in Asientos

Hidro Calido, 3rd Oct 2016.

Why so little of Hong Kong's underwater heritage has been preserved

(Hong Kong)

South China Morning Post, 3rd Oct 2016.

Egypt recovers 5 stolen artifacts from US

(Egypt; United States of America)

State Information Service, 3rd Oct 2016.

'We Are a Big Family': Dealers Unite Against Thefts of Rare Books

(United States of America)

Sarah Maslin Nir, The New York Times, 4th Oct 2016.

Stolen brazier leaves artist dissapointed

(New Zealand)

Carly Gooch,, 4th Oct 2016.

Indie Artist Lili Chin Is Suing Kohl's for Allegedly Ripping Off Her 'Doggie Language' Designs

(United States of America)

Madeleine Davies, Jezebel, 4th Oct 2016.

Gold Butte two years after the Bundy standoff

(United States of America)

Lyndsey Gilpin, The Journal, 4th Oct 2016.

Idols, donation box stolen from Jain temple in Mumbai


Anurag Kamble, Mid-day, 4th Oct 2016.

How a Nazi-Looted Painting Made its Way to University of Oklahoma

(United States of America)

Max Kutner, Newsweek, 4th Oct 2016.

Former Port Hope art curator's fraud sentence delayed in Peterborough court

(United Kingdom)

Jessica Nyznik, Northumberland Today, 4th Oct 2016.

Heritage for sale: Stop the loot of India's past


Anuraag Saxena, Sunday Guardian Live, 4th Oct 2016.

Should It Be Illegal To Buy And Sell Purple Hearts? One Congressman Thinks So

(United States of America)

Sarah Sicard, Task and Purpose, 4th Oct 2016.

More than a pretty picture: Mafia bosses said to bank big on art

(Italy; Netherlands)

Francesca Astorri, Al Arabiya, 4th Oct 2016.

Angelina Jolie's Divorce Lawyer Embroiled in Dispute Over '$100 Million Pollock'

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 4th Oct 2016.

Bears Ears named one of nation's most 'endangered' places

(United States of America)

Amy Joi O'Donoghue, Deseret News, 4th Oct 2016.

Statue stolen from ancient pagoda


Vietnam Net, 4th Oct 2016.

Greek police bust 'antiquities smuggling ring'


AFP, 7 News, 5th Oct 2016.

Prague centre plans permanent exhibition of Nazi-confiscated art

(Czech Republic)

ČTK, Prague Daily Monitor, 5th Oct 2016.

Lost and found: 5 pieces of Dutch Golden Age art have been recovered after a 10 year hunt

(Ukraine; Netherlands; Russia)

Susannah Polk, CNN, 5th Oct 2016.

Dash Snow's Estate Sues McDonald's for Copyright Infringement

(United States of America)

Carey Dunne, Hyperallergic, 5th Oct 2016.

Raiders of the Lost Archive: How Newly Discovered Manuscripts of Afghanistan Ended Up in Israel

(Afghanistan; Israel)

Michael Press, Hyperallergic, 5th Oct 2016.

Lebanese activists fight to save Beirut's architectural heritage


Changiz M. Varzi, Equal Times, 5th Oct 2016.

Police in Greece arrest 26 in bust of alleged antiquities smuggling ring


Helen Stoilas, The Art Newspaper, 5th Oct 2016.

Paintings That Bear the Scars of War


Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 5th Oct 2016.

Bay State director tapped to write screenplay for art heist film

(United States of America)

Mark Shanahan, The Boston Globe, 5th Oct 2016.

Human Eyes Might Not Notice a Good Forgery, But Computers Could


Natalie Zarrelli, Atlas Obscura, 5th Oct 2016.

Old Master market reels from Sotheby's fake assessment

(United Kingdom)

James Pickford, Financial Times, 5th Oct 2016.

Egypt's Own: Repatriation of Antiquities Proves to be a Mammoth Task


Sarah El Shaarawi, Newsweek, 5th Oct 2016.

Gandhi's signature spectacle stolen, UG authorities fear theft of statue


Austin Brakopowers, My Joy Online, 5th Oct 2016.

Banksy fake fools local art fans

(United Kingdom)

Cai Griffiths-Sturge, JMU Journalism, 5th Oct 2016.

Greenpoint's USS Monitor trail marker stolen

(United States of America)

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 5th Oct 2016.

French minister says stolen art may fund terror via 'free ports'


AFP, Yahoo News, 6th Oct 2016.

Man Charged With Stealing Rare Books Worth $20,000 From Manhattan Dealer

(United States of America)

Sarah Maslin Nir, The New York Times, 6th Oct 2016.

If treasure is found in my garden, can I keep it?

(United Kingdom)

Becky Shaw, Financial Times, 6th Oct 2016.

Damaged Bagan Temples Under Detailed Assessment


Tin Htet Paing, The Irrawaddy, 6th Oct 2016.

Ministry seeks law to fight art forgery crimes

(South Korea)

Kwon Mee-yoo, Korea Times, 6th Oct 2016.

Treasures of the Black Sea turn into political hostages

(Ukraine; Netherlands; Russia)

Stas Sokolov, DW, 6th Oct 2016.

Antiquities ministry receives golden mummy mask from French-Egyptian citizen

(Egypt; France)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 6th Oct 2016.

Following the Ghent Altarpiece, the World's Most Stolen (and Well-Traveled) Artwork


Kathleen Rellihan, CN Traveler, 6th Oct 2016.

Treasure hunter believes he's closing in on lost Nazi loot

(Czech Republic)

Toronto Sun, 6th Oct 2016.

Ancient Assyrian site graffitied with Kurdish flag to be restored


Paul Antonopoulos, AMN, 6th Oct 2016.

Bull of Nimrud destroyed by Isis to be recreated in Rome

(Italy; Syria)

Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian, 6th Oct 2016.

The future of 'Scythian gold' to be finally decided on Dec. 14

(Ukraine; Netherlands; Russia)

Ukraine Today, 6th Oct 2016.

UNESCO-backed exhibit in Rome features 3 destroyed treasures

(Italy; Syria)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 6th Oct 2016.

Ancient Egyptian artefacts and old weapons stolen from museum at Biel House, Stenton

(United Kingdom)

East Lothian Courier, 6th Oct 2016.

Debate simmers over name of Devils Tower monument in Wyoming

(United States of America)

Bob Moen, Casper Star Tribune, 7th Oct 2016.

To recover history from peril: on the dealer Paul Rosenberg and the Nazi seizure of Modern art

(Belgium; France)

Garry Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 7th Oct 2016.

St Louis Museum Embroiled in Controversy as Staff Member Reputedly Attacked, Boycott Underway

(United States of America)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 7th Oct 2016.

After 185 Years, Nat Turner's Alleged Skull Returned to Family

(United States of America)

Justin Fornal, National Geographic, 7th Oct 2016.

Five Paintings Stolen in 2005 Return to Dutch Museum

(Netherlands; Ukraine)

Nina Siegal, The New York Times, 7th Oct 2016.

Nine suspects charged with smuggling rare Torah manuscripts into Israel

(Egypt; Israel)

Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 7th Oct 2016.

Machu Picchu wall painted red


Alvaro Tassano, Peru This Week, 7th Oct 2016.

"La corona ya no está en Tabasco"


"The Crown is not in Tabasco"

José Vázquez, Tabasco Hoy, 7th Oct 2016.

Cosgrove Hall fire: 18th Century country mansion gutted

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 7th Oct 2016.

Chinese Contemporary Art Collector Guy Ullens Draws Fire for Allegedly Profit-Seeking Moves


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 7th Oct 2016.

Crime & The Courts: Stolen Nazi flag's value not just historical

(United States of America)

Kimball Perry, The Columbus Dispatch, 8th Oct 2016.

Cambridge under pressure to return looted Benin bronze cockerel - but won't return it in case it gets stolen again

(Nigeria; United Kingdom)

Colin Freeman, The Telegraph, 8th Oct 2016.

Basra Museum: How Saddam's palace was given to the people


BBC News, 8th Oct 2016.

El Sucre protege a sus restos arqueológicos


El Sucre protects its archaeological remains

José Miguel Castillo, El Telégrafo, 8th Oct 2016.

What It Takes to Recover a Stolen Work of Art


Leila Amineddoleh, Artsy, 8th Oct 2016.

Meadows Museum Solves Mystery of Murillo Paintings' Provenance

(United States of America)

Artfix Daily, 8th Oct 2016.

Thieves target Khermai temple, decamp with jewellery worth 1.5 lakh


The Hitavada, 8th Oct 2016.

Temple politics in Kullu


Dipender Manta, The Tribune, 9th Oct 2016.

Heritage crimes: Let's get our past back


Anuraag Saxena, Sunday Guardian Live, 9th Oct 2016.

Did The Mafia Steal Caravaggio's 'Nativity of St. Francis and St. Lawrence'?


Allison McNearny, The Daily Beast, 9th Oct 2016.

Advocates, scientists building the case to connect Kennewick Man with modern tribes

(United States of America)

Annette Cary, Yakima Herald, 10th Oct 2016.

Beware Red-Eyed internet detectives


Jaime Laya, Manila Bulletin, 10th Oct 2016.

Beleaguered Yves Bouvier defends himself and freeport system


Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 10th Oct 2016.

Are These New Dead Sea Scrolls the Real Thing?


Owen Jarus, Live Science, 10th Oct 2016.

To Whomever Stole this Totem Pole – Bring it Back!

(United States of America)

Daedalus Howell, Argus Courier, 10th Oct 2016.

Freeports Come Under Scrutiny by UNESCO as Havens for Stolen Cultural Property


Caroline Elbaor, ArtNet News, 10th Oct 2016.

Stolen art piece to raise awareness of homelessness replaced

(United States of America)

Scott Burton, KTOO, 10th Oct 2016.

Mummy Crowdfunder Leaves Archaeologists Fuming

(United Kingdom)

Kristina Killgrove, Forbes, 10th Oct 2016.

Buddha stolen from Me So Pagoda returned


Vietnam Net, 10th Oct 2016.

Terrorism fears see DCMS museums and galleries lose a million visitors

(United Kingdom)

Patrick Steel, Museums Journal, 11th Oct 2016.

Pub manager appeals for help to recover father's war medals after raid on The Aviator at Queenborough Corner

(United Kingdom)

Chloe Holmwood, Kent Online, 11th Oct 2016.

Emerald lingam missing from TN temple locker


TNN, The Times of India, 12th Oct 2016.

Local government attempts to restore Great Wall end up damaging landmark


Li Yan, ECNS, 12th Oct 2016.

Italia entrega a México piezas arqueológicas rescatadas del tráfico ilegal

(Mexico; Italy)

Italy delivers archaeological pieces recovered from illegal trafficking to Mexico

Tania Campos, Xataka, 12th Oct 2016.

Organisers of dance party at Karnak temple referred to prosecutors for investigation


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 12th Oct 2016.

Roban arte sacro en Tecamachalco


Sacred art stolen in Tecamachalco

José Sánchez, El Popular, 12th Oct 2016.

Why Taking Photographs Is Banned in Many Museums and Historic Places


Jay L. Zagorsky, Observer, 12th Oct 2016.

Khalifa issues law on cultural heritage objects

(United Arab Emirates)

Gulf News, 12th Oct 2016.

The Caravaggio work at the centre of the Wildenstein money-laundering trial

(United States of America)

Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, 12th Oct 2016.

Critics say Bavaria not doing enough on looted art


Jefferson Chase, DW, 13th Oct 2016.

Lawsuit shows difficulties of authentication and repair

(United States of America)

Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 13th Oct 2016.

Man jailed 2 years for possessing stolen N.B. Museum plaques


Jericho Knopp, CBC, 13th Oct 2016.

Have you seen this larger-than-life Transformers sculpture that was stolen from an LIC studio?

(United States of America)

Angela Matua, QNS, 13th Oct 2016.

Pakistani Claim Over the Dancing Girl Has No Standing

(India; Pakistan)

Vasant Shinde, The Quint, 13th Oct 2016.

Sohag police arrest three suspected 'tomb raiders' with 15 stolen artifacts


Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 13th Oct 2016.

Suman ocho robos a iglesias de la región de Tecamachalco


Eight robberies in churches in the region of Tecamachalco

Javier Rodríguez, Diario Cambio, 13th Oct 2016.

What makes a piece of artwork valuable?


David Brancaccio, Marketplace, 13th Oct 2016.

Egyptian man dies while digging for artefacts in Alexandria


Ahram Online, 13th Oct 2016.

Roban campana a templo católico en Santiago

(Dominican Republic)

Bell stolen from Catholic church in Santiago

Ricardo Rodríguez Rosa, Diario Digital, 14th Oct 2016.

Police Recover 300 Million Yuan Worth of Stolen Sichuan Relics


Teng Jing Xuan, Caixin Online, 14th Oct 2016.

Why thieves have and continue to walk away with India's antiques


Gargi Gupta, DNA, 14th Oct 2016.

Trafficking is neglected because people associate antiquities with Egypt, Greece, Rome. Only recently India


Donna Yates, DNA, 14th Oct 2016.

Mayan vase subject of latest provenance inquiry at NGA

(Australia; Guatemala)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 14th Oct 2016.

New old masters reshape the contemporary art market


Mary Childs, Financial Times, 14th Oct 2016.

Friday essay: war crimes and the many threats to cultural heritag


Ian Lilley, The Conversation, 14th Oct 2016.

Virtual reality tells Indigenous story in London as bones set to return to Australia

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Nick Miller, The Sydney Morning Herald, 14th Oct 2016.

The Curious Case of Mohenjo Daro: Whose Civilisation Is It Anyway?

(Pakistan; India)

Hansa Malhortra, The Quint, 14th Oct 2016.

Nigeria: Jesus College under Pressure to Return Okukur

(Nigeria; United Kingdom)

Max Ndianaefo, CP Africa, 14th Oct 2016.

Roban la campana de la iglesia de Quintana del Pino


Loreto Velázquez, El Correo De Burgos, 14th Oct 2016.

Ritrovati tre quadri rubati a Roma nel 1983: "Opere di valore inestimabile"


Three paintings stolen from Rome in 1983 recovered: Priceless works

Roma Today, 14th Oct 2016.

Versailles Staffers Caught Selling Counterfeit Tickets


Alyssa Buffenstein, ArtNet News, 14th Oct 2016.

Prosecutor recommends four-year prison sentence and €250m fine for Guy Wildenstein in Paris trial


Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, 14th Oct 2016.

Explainer: The NGA looted antiquities scandal

(Australia; India)

The Australian, 14th Oct 2016.

Help! My Goldie's missing!

(New Zealand)

Natasha Thompson, The Gisborne Herald, 14th Oct 2016.

Mystery shrouds emerald lingam robbery


Ajay Kanth, The New Indian Express, 15th Oct 2016.

Reclaiming our Gods: Why India must reverse the plunder of its artistic heritage


S. Vijay Kumar, DNA, 15th Oct 2016.

Why has idol theft been neglected?


Donna Yates, DNA, 15th Oct 2016.

Remains of 13 Aboriginals will be returned to Australia

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Jacqueline Magnay, The Australian, 15th Oct 2016.

Northampton Council Sekhemka statue 'now in US'

(United Kingdom; United States of America; Egypt)

BBC News, 15th Oct 2016.

NU delays filing FIR in ancient coins case


Sarfaraz Ahmed, The Times of India, 16th Oct 2016.

Coleccionistas conservaron reliquias arqueológicas pese a ser ilegal

(Costa Rica)

Collectors preserve archaeological relics despite them being illegal

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Copias de arte prehispánico son tan exactas que hacen dudar a traficantes

(Costa Rica)

Copies of Preshispanic art are so exact that they cast doubt on traffickers

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Costa Rica solo protege con ley al arte prehispánico

(Costa Rica)

Costa Rican only protects Prehispanic art by law

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Guerrero de piedra de Limón se subastó en $865.000 en París

(Costa Rica)

Stone warrior from Limón was auctioned for $865,000 in Paris

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Joyas prehispánicas a la deriva por falta de dinero para repatriarlas

(Costa Rica)

Prehispanic treasures left adrift due to a lack of money to repatriate them.

Lorenzo Pirovano, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

La sombra nazi de Harry Mannil, el coleccionista de jaguares

(Costa Rica)

The Nazi shadow of Harry Mannil, the collector of stone jaguars

Lorenzo Pirovano, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Leonardo Patterson, el comerciante de arte siempre bajo sospecha

(Costa Rica)

Leonardo Patterson, the art dealer always under suspician

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

¿Tiene piezas precolombinas en sus manos? Entréguelas al Museo Nacional

(Costa Rica)

Do you have Precolumbian pieces on your hands? Bring them to the National Museum.

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Traficante envió un cuadro robado de Picasso desde Heredia a Washigton

(Costa Rica; United States of America; France)

Trafficker sent a stolen Picasso painting from Heredia to Washington

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Traficantes ticos suplen arte precolombino a ilícito mercado mundial

(Costa Rica)

Precolumbian traffickers supply Precolumbian art to the global illicit market

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Educators find silver lining in Fort Ellis looting

(United States of America)

Lewis Kendall, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 16th Oct 2016.

Doña Neria, la mujer que rescató 560 piezas mayas de saqueadores


Doña Neria, the woman who rescued 560 Maya pieces from looters

Soy 502, 16th Oct 2016.

Maninag temple heist: Stolen jewellery found


Orissa Post, 16th Oct 2016.

Police crack 4-yr-old temple theft case, 2 held


TNN, The Times of India, 17th Oct 2016.

Saint Jerome once owned by controversial collector Giulano Ruffini sent for technical tests

(United States of America)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 17th Oct 2016.

Massive Art Forgery Ring Reinforces Need For Vigilance Among Buyers


Claire Brown, Wealth Management, 17th Oct 2016.

Burrell's world tour struggles to get beyond Glasgow

(United Kingdom)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 17th Oct 2016.

AGNSW's Indian sculptures feared stolen

(Australia; India)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 17th Oct 2016.

Alec Baldwin lawsuit is helping dealer sell more art

(United States of America)

Richard Johnson, Page Six, 17th Oct 2016.

Steve McQueen painting stolen from Belfast bar

(United Kingdom)

ITV News, 17th Oct 2016.

Sólo se recupera 1 de cada 100 bienes culturales robados en México


Only 1 in 100 cultural objects stolen in Mexico are recovered

Tania L. Montalvo, Animal Politico, 17th Oct 2016.

Wall Street Dealmaker Says Professor Took Him for a Ride

(United States of America)

Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 17th Oct 2016.

Heritage furniture theft: Cops to quiz hostel staff


The Tribune, 17th Oct 2016.

Qatar Museums opens 'Fragments' exhibition in Katara

(United Arab Emirates)

QNA, GDN Online, 18th Oct 2016.

Emirati Police Holding 3 Foreigners Trying to Sell Artifacts

(United Arab Emirates)

Associated Press, ABC United States, 18th Oct 2016.

The Marker Where Emmett Till's Body Was Found Has Been Riddled With Bullet Holes for Years

(United States of America)

Jeremy Stahl, Slate, 18th Oct 2016.

Some looted Idlib National Museum artifacts resurface, fate of others a mystery amidst 'thriving black market trade'


Noura Hourani, Syria Direct, 18th Oct 2016.

Black Market for Latin American Cultural Heritage Revealed


TeleSur, 18th Oct 2016.

U.S. Senators are pushing for Native American Artifact legislation

(United States of America)

Justin Matthews, KOAT, 18th Oct 2016.

Idol case: Four arrested in Ramanathapuram


The Hindu, 18th Oct 2016.

Roban ornamentos religiosos y joyas en la iglesia de Santa María en Ocaña


Religious ornaments and jewellery stolen from the church of Santa María in Ocaña

ABC España, 18th Oct 2016.

Texas man busted at border with Mexican artifacts

(United States of America)

Brett Barrouquere, Chron, 18th Oct 2016.

Police arrest five for theft at Kateel temple priest's house


Deccan Herald, 18th Oct 2016.

Why India Must Counter The Heritage Plunder


Creative India, Swarajya, 18th Oct 2016.

Find the artifact thief and win


Pakistan Today, 18th Oct 2016.

Four sent to judicial custody for stealing 4-century-old Buddha idols


The Himalayan Times, 19th Oct 2016.

Forgery fiction: literature's fascination with fake art


Maggie Cao, The Guardian, 19th Oct 2016.

Framed: art crime in focus

(New Zealand)

Rebecca Fox, Otago Daily Times, 19th Oct 2016.

Arrested men smuggled many idols out of TN: Police


TNN, The Times of India, 19th Oct 2016.

Art Dealer Claims Monet in 1MDB Scandal

(Monaco; Switzerland; Malaysia)

Kelly Crow, The Wall Street Journal, 19th Oct 2016.

Udall Leads Senate Hearing On Action To Prevent Theft, Illegal Possession, Sale Of Tribal Cultural Items

(United States of America)

Chris Clark, Los Alamos Daily Post, 19th Oct 2016.

Loopholes in U.S. Laws Allow Trafficking in Sacred Tribal Artifacts

(United States of America)

Mary Hudez, AllGov, 19th Oct 2016.

Stolen Artifacts! Drunk Teens! And More True Tales of Florida's First State Archaeologist

(United States of America)

Sarah Laskow, Atlas Obscura, 19th Oct 2016.

EWS Former Knoedler director settles lawsuit with casino billionaire over fake Rothko

(United States of America)

Laura Gilbert, The Art Newspaper, 19th Oct 2016.

European Parliament bungles shipment of Nazi artifacts


Tara Palmeri, Politico, 19th Oct 2016.

The Mysterious Reason Tourists Keep Mailing Rocks Back To Hawaii

(United States of America)

Carla Herreria, Huffington Post, 19th Oct 2016.

Belfast police take hour to respond to art theft at Bullitt hotel - station is just metres away

(United Kingdom)

Claire McNeilly, Belfast Telegraph, 19th Oct 2016.

Swiss field just two claims in seven decades


Swiss Info, 19th Oct 2016.

Trucker nabbed smuggling antiquities from Patra port

(Greece; Italy)

eKathimerini, 19th Oct 2016.

Sellers of ancient coins in Tamil Nadu make a killing online


TNN, The Times of India, 20th Oct 2016.

Picking Apart 18th-Century French Furniture to Detect Forgery


Eve M. Kahn, The New York Times, 20th Oct 2016.

Israel's antiquities chief compares UNESCO to Islamic State

(Israel; Palestine)

Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 20th Oct 2016.

Baby Jesus statue in Canada turns heads with artists' 'shocking' restoration


Ashifa Kassam, The Guardian, 20th Oct 2016.

The art of deception

(United Kingdom)

Dalya Alberge, Financial Times, 20th Oct 2016.

Looters exploit the political chaos in Libya


Tim Cornwell, The Art Newspaper, 20th Oct 2016.

The ICC's Al-Mahdi Ruling Protects Cultural Heritage, But Didn't Go Far Enough


Lucas Lixinski, The Wire, 20th Oct 2016.

Measures needed to protect antique relics


Vietnam Net, 20th Oct 2016.

Photographer Sues Trump for Copyright Infringement Over Skittles Image

(United States of America; United Kingdom)

Carey Dunne, Hyperallergic, 21st Oct 2016.

Art stolen from Steinberg heir likely to go to organized crime: expert


Paul Cherry, Montreal Gazette, 21st Oct 2016.

A tale of Vermeers, art experts, and the most notorious- forger of the 20th century

(Israel; Netherlands)

Maya Margit, I24 News, 21st Oct 2016.

Billionaire Art Dealer Is Awaiting Verdict in Tax Fraud Case


Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 21st Oct 2016.

Divers steal a bronze gun from 'at risk' shipwreck site on Dunwich Bank

(United Kingdom)

Richard Cornwell, Ipswich Star, 21st Oct 2016.

Antiquities ministry trying to stop sale of Egyptian artefacts at New York auction

(Egypt; United States of America)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 21st Oct 2016.

Danish bog mummy's missing toe returned after 60 years


The Local, 21st Oct 2016.

Tourists in Dubrovnik Damaged an Invaluable Monument


Daniel Rogulj, Total Croatia News, 23rd Oct 2016.

Stolen Jesus head returned to Sudbury church


Inside Ottawa Valley, 23rd Oct 2016.

'Destroying damaged ancient sculptures a crime'


TNN, The Times of India, 24th Oct 2016.

Kirk Goes After Artifacts Plundered By ISIS

(United States of America)

Nick Gale, WLS, 24th Oct 2016.

Tennessee Commission Rejects City's Request to Remove Monument to First Grand Wizard of KKK

(United States of America)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 24th Oct 2016.

Why it's boom time for the art insurance sector


Anna Brady, Apollo, 24th Oct 2016.

Swiss Hotelier Fined Over $4 Million for Dodging Import Tax on Artworks

(Switzerland; United Kingdom)

Amah-Rose Abrams, ArtNet News, 24th Oct 2016.

Killer of Oxford rare books dealer given 34-year jail sentence

(United Kingdom)

Esther Addley, The Guardian, 24th Oct 2016.

Fossil poaching threatens scientific study, says University of Alberta researcher


Clare Clancy, Edmonton Journal, 24th Oct 2016.

Art theft from Vancouver church shocks local fabric artists


Karin Larsen, CBC, 24th Oct 2016.

TEFAF's Old Master Dealers Weigh In on the Unfolding $255 Million Forgery Scandal


Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 24th Oct 2016.

Art expert slams Toledo museum on sale of antiquities

(United States of America; Egypt; Cyprus; Greece)

Wynne Everett, The Toledo Blade, 24th Oct 2016.

Culture Held Captive—Tribal Members Want Patrimony Returned

(United States of America)

Stephanie Woodard, Indian Country Today, 24th Oct 2016.

These Sifrei Torah made it through hard times in Poland, Iraq, Portugal, Russia and elsewhere, before being reborn in new communities.

(Israel; Iraq; Poland; Portugal; Czech Republic; Russia)

The Jerusalem Post, 24th Oct 2016.

First maple syrup, now fir resin subject of lucrative heist


CBC, 25th Oct 2016.

Museum makes plea for missing maritime trail signs

(Cayman Islands)

Jewel Levy, Cayman Compass, 25th Oct 2016.

Mummy portraits stolen by Nazis, recovered, sell for over $300,000

(Switzerland; Germany)

Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of India, 25th Oct 2016.

Italian Preservationists Save 900 Artworks From the Ruins of Earthquake-Struck Amatrice


Danny Lewis, Smithsonian, 25th Oct 2016.

Police Seek Help Identifying Suspect In Ali Center Art Theft

(United States of America)

Lex18, 25th Oct 2016.

Gallery Files Lawsuit Against Agnes Martin Authentication Committee

(United States of America; United Kingdom; Canada)

Amah-Rose Abrams, ArtNet News, 25th Oct 2016.

Cyprus demands auction be stopped

(United States of America; Cyprus)

Roberta Gedert, The Toledo Blade, 25th Oct 2016.

Denuncian robo en zona arqueológica de El Rosario, en SJR


Theft in archaeological site of El Rosario denounced

Karen Mungula, Codice Informativo, 25th Oct 2016.

Rukoro hints at reparation package

(Namibia; Germany)

New Era, 25th Oct 2016.

Respected GP Jill Purce says theft of £15k Steve McQueen print from Belfast hotel was 'moment of madness'

(United Kingdom)

Christopher Woodhouse, Belfast Telegraph, 25th Oct 2016.

Paintings by executed Bali Nine inmate Sukumaran stolen in Adelaide


Tom Richardson, In Daily, 25th Oct 2016.

Theft at Savina Jain Temple, Precious idols stolen


Udaipur Times, 25th Oct 2016.

Thieves steal idols, jewels from 3 temples


TNN, The Times of India, 26th Oct 2016.

Maryland caretaker admits selling stolen art in N.J.

(United States of America)

Paul Milo,, 26th Oct 2016.

Hundreds of pounds worth of First World War memorabilia stolen from museum

(United Kingdom)

Steph Brawn, Lancashire Telegraph, 26th Oct 2016.

Ancient Hebrew Papyrus Seized from Looters, But Is It Authentic?


Owen Jarus, Live Science, 26th Oct 2016.

How the Townley Venus's thumb was knocked off at the British Museum

(United Kingdom)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 26th Oct 2016.

Ownership questions trigger NGV action on antiquities

(Australia; Guatemala)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 26th Oct 2016.

Rare Toledo museum items sold despite protests

(United States of America)

Roberta Gedert, The Toledo Blade, 26th Oct 2016.

'Afghan Girl' in 1985 National Geographic Photo Is Arrested in Pakistan

(Afghanistan; Pakistan)

Christine Hauser, The New York Times, 26th Oct 2016.

Art goes mysteriously missing from lodge

(United States of America)

Emily Mieure, Jackson Hole News & Guide, 26th Oct 2016.

Ulay Remembers the Crime of a Lifetime 40 Years Later


Noah Charney, Observer, 26th Oct 2016.

Smuggler's aide held in idol theft case


The Hindu, 26th Oct 2016.

Ancient idols worth Rs 50 crore seized, 1 held


Web India 123, 26th Oct 2016.

Idol smuggler held, eleven panchaloha idols recovered


TNN, The Times of India, 27th Oct 2016.

Temple doors found open but all valuables intact


TNN, The Times of India, 27th Oct 2016.

Valuable hockey cards stolen from OHHOF


CKWS, 27th Oct 2016.

Zimmerli displays counterfeit coins as part of Roman collection

(United States of America)

Mary Berko, The Daily Targum, 27th Oct 2016.

A goodwill gesture: India loans ancient statue to Bhutan

(Bhutan; India)

Gargi Gupta, DNA, 27th Oct 2016.

Gallery Owner Accuses Alec Baldwin of Dodging Tax in Disputed Art Purchase

(United States of America)

Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 27th Oct 2016.

Controversial auctioning of artifacts ends

(United States of America)

Roberta Gedert, The Toledo Blade, 27th Oct 2016.

Photographer Steve McCurry speaks out against arrest of Sharbat Gula, the 'Afghan girl with green eyes'

(Afghanistan; Pakistan)

Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper, 27th Oct 2016.

Lessons from the Unfolding Old Masters Forgery Scandal


Olivia McEwan, Hyperallergic, 27th Oct 2016.

Smuggling racket busted, 11 idols seized


S Prasad, The Hindu, 27th Oct 2016.

Christie's Had 'Doubts' About Frans Hals Forgery and Declined to Sell


Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 27th Oct 2016.

पाकुड़ में चौथी बार एक ही मंदिर में हुई चोरी, चुराए मां काली के गहने


Thieves steal ornames of idol in Pakur

Live Hindustan, 27th Oct 2016.

Card thefts prompt Hall of Fame to reduce hours, add security cameras


CKWS, 28th Oct 2016.

Thief in Waiouru medal heist that 'shocked the nation' denied parole

(New Zealand)

Josh Fagan,, 28th Oct 2016.

Corruption central: The plundering of Egypt's relics


Amr Khalifa, Middle East Eye, 28th Oct 2016.

Italy police recover stolen manuscript after 30 years


BBC News, 28th Oct 2016.

Pondy art galleries under scanner after idol theft


Bosco Dominique, The Times of India, 28th Oct 2016.

Meet The Artist Selling Human Skulls Online

(United States of America)

Daniel Littlewood, Vocativ, 28th Oct 2016.

Idol smuggler's grandson in DRI net, antiques seized


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 28th Oct 2016.

Crown worth 4 Lakh stolen in Bagulamukhi temple


TNN, The Times of India, 29th Oct 2016.

Show sheds light on WWII efforts to salvage priceless antiquities


Iota Sykka, eKathimerini, 29th Oct 2016.

Egypt wants sanctions against museum for selling antiquities

(United States of America; Egypt)

Roberta Gedert, The Toledo Blade, 29th Oct 2016.

Are These Mobsters Hiding Van Goghs?

(Italy; Netherlands)

Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast, 29th Oct 2016.

National Gallery will 'robustly defend' itself against claims it has stolen Matisse portrait in its collection

(United Kingdom)

Hannah Furness, The Telegraph, 29th Oct 2016.

Long-lost Toledo sword returns home

(United States of America)

Ignazio Messina, The Toledo Blade, 30th Oct 2016.

Iraqi heritage sites again at risk in Mosul operation


AFP, The Daily Mail, 31st Oct 2016.

Former Harrisburg mayor's trial pushed to 2017

(United States of America)

Emily Previti, WITF, 31st Oct 2016.

'Activists held' at King Cyrus tomb in Iran


BBC News, 31st Oct 2016.

The Scots noble stolen from his grave

(United Kingdom)

The Scotsman, 31st Oct 2016.

German Frozen Pizza Maker Reveals Nazi Art Loot in Company Collection


The Jewish Press, 31st Oct 2016.