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Articles for February 2016

279 articles found.

Top US prosecutor has art market in his sights

(United States of America)

Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 1st Feb 2016.

Items Stolen From Roaring River State Park Recovered

(United States of America)

Grant Sloan, Ozarks First, 1st Feb 2016.

Tate director backs Art Fund's call for UK export licence reform after Rembrandt fiasco

(United Kingdom)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 1st Feb 2016.

Pizzeria's stolen R2-D2 painting returned with note from 'Darth Vader'

(United States of America)

Ben Hooper, UPI, 1st Feb 2016.

Stolen Camille Claudel Bronze Bust of Lover Auguste Rodin Recovered


Artlyst, 1st Feb 2016.

Hundreds of looted antiquities including mosaics from Pompeii and ancient sarcophagi are uncovered in Switzerland

(Switzerland; Italy; United Kingdom)

Hannah Roberts, The Daily Mail, 1st Feb 2016.

Disgraced British art dealer's priceless treasure trove discovered hidden in Geneva

(Switzerland; Italy; United Kingdom)

Nick Squires, The Telegraph, 1st Feb 2016.

Heidelberg police appeal to find owners of stolen painting of toddler


Laura Armitage, Heidelberg Leader, 1st Feb 2016.

Temporary Agreement Reached in Custody Battle Over Picasso Bust

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 1st Feb 2016.

Arts: le "Picasso" saisi en Turquie serait un faux


France 24, 1st Feb 2016.

Picasso painting seized in Turkey dismissed as fake


AFP, Hurriyet Daily News, 2nd Feb 2016.

Aratoi museum and local iwi buy back ancient Maori cloak after century in US

(New Zealand)

Rachel Thomas,, 2nd Feb 2016.

Para el padre Joaquín, el robo de la corona de la Virgen es "un mensaje"


For Father Joaquín, the theft of the crown of the Virgin is "a message"

El Liberal, 2nd Feb 2016.

Two held with stolen heritage furniture


The Tribune, 2nd Feb 2016.

Collector Sues over Native American Art Purchases

(United States of America)

Maine Antique Digest, 2nd Feb 2016.

Ecuador muestra 567 bienes patrimoniales repatriados de España y Argentina

(Ecuador; Argentina; Spain)

Ecuador displays 567 cultural objects repatriated from Spain and Argentina

AFP, Ecuavisa, 3rd Feb 2016.

Oregon Militia Standoff Spotlights Federal-Tribal Quandary over Artifacts

(United States of America)

Isaac Park, The American Prospect, 3rd Feb 2016.

Argentina returns 4,150 cultural heritage artifacts to Peru

(Argentina; Peru; Ecuador)

Hillary Ojeda, Living in Peru, 3rd Feb 2016.

'Short-sighted' council 'lost opportunity to put Northampton on the map' by selling Sekhemka

(United Kingdom)

Nick Bieber, Northants Herald & Post, 3rd Feb 2016.

Ornaments taken away from Gulvady temple


Ganesh Prabhu, The Hindu, 3rd Feb 2016.

Roban el sagrario barroco de la iglesia de Olveira y provocan un incendio en la sacristía


Baroque tabernacle from the church of Olveira solen and fire started in the sacristy

Javier Romero, La Voz de Galicia, 3rd Feb 2016.

Se roban a 'La Conchita' de Tonanitla


'La Conchita' of Tonanitla stolen

Juan Manuel Barrera, El Universal, 3rd Feb 2016.

Art Historian Jack Flam Bristles on the Stand at Knoedler Fraud Trial

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 3rd Feb 2016.

German teen faces life ban from Egypt after scaling Khufu pyramid


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 3rd Feb 2016.

Art Dealer Eric Spoutz Charged With Selling Dozens of Fakes of American Masters

(United States of America)

Alex Johnson, NBC, 3rd Feb 2016.

Mates have Banksy art stolen and flat trashed by Airbnb guests who left condoms and laughing gas

(United Kingdom)

Ollie McAteer, Metro, 3rd Feb 2016.

House panel looking into museum artefacts after 400 ancient coins replaced with fakes


Rana Husseini, The Jordan Times, 3rd Feb 2016.

Icon centres coming up


The Hindu, 3rd Feb 2016.

Interview with Ronald S. Lauder: 'Good faith alone doesn't make pictures clean'


World Jewish Congress, 3rd Feb 2016.

Conservator Found Rothko Painting in Knoedler Trial to Be a 'Deliberate Fake'

(United States of America)

Cait Munro, ArtNet News, 4th Feb 2016.

One museum's tribute to the murdered Syrian archaeologist, Khaled al-Asaad

(Syria; United States of America)

Phoebe Segal, Apollo, 4th Feb 2016.

Treasures Dug Up by Tomb Robbers Returned to Italy

(Italy; Switzerland; United Kingdom)

Megan Gannon, Live Science, 4th Feb 2016.

Thieves strike rural church, preacher shows them compassion

(United States of America)

Rolf Parker, Deerfield Valley News, 4th Feb 2016.

Rescatan Zonas Arqueológicas


Rescuing archaeological sites

Aarón Torres, AM, 4th Feb 2016.

Art Dealer Is Arrested on Charges of Selling Fake De Kooning Artworks

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 4th Feb 2016.

Billionaire Leon Black Revealed as Mystery Buyer for Contested Picasso Bust

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 4th Feb 2016.

Renowned Worcester builder's 'beehive' mausoleum targeted at Hope Cemetery

(United States of America)

Mark Sullivan, Telegram, 4th Feb 2016.

Fuerzan dos iglesias de Bande pero no se llevan ningún botín


Doors forced on two Bande churches but nothing was taken

Laura Fernández, La Region, 4th Feb 2016.

Icon centres coming up in Dindigul, Theni to protect idols


The Hindu, 4th Feb 2016.

Saving Yemen's heritage, 'heart and soul of classical Islamic tradition'


Amel Ahmed, Al Jazeera, 5th Feb 2016.

Old camcorder footage sparks fresh appeal over antique rail clock stolen in Nineties museum robbery

(United Kingdom)

Kirsten Elder, Belfast Telegraph, 5th Feb 2016.

FG Partners Diasfund To Establish First Africa Digital Museum


Chika Okeke, Leadership, 5th Feb 2016.

Why It's So Hard to Spot a Fake Rothko, Even for His Son

(United States of America)

Lizzie Crocker, The Daily Beast, 5th Feb 2016.

Knoedler asked forensic conservator to revise 'negative' report

(United States of America)

Laura Gilbert, The Art Newspaper, 5th Feb 2016.

Un trésor oublié depuis trente ans rendu á un peuple amérindien

(Colombia; France)

A treasure lost for 30 years is returned to a Native American community

Amaury Peyrach', Le Figaro, 5th Feb 2016.

Antoine Blanchard Painting Recovered 48 Years After Multimillion Theft

(United States of America)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 5th Feb 2016.

Saqueadores de sitios paleontológicos arriesgan multas de hasta $9 millones


Looters of palaeontological sites risk fines of up to $9,000,000

P. Sepúlveda, La Tercera, 5th Feb 2016.

Angola: Sindika Dokolo Foundation to Recover Two More Angolan Culture Artefacts


All Africa, 5th Feb 2016.

Detenidas en Ourense dos personas implicadas en 20 robos en iglesias


Two people implicated in 20 church robberies detained in Ourense.

Europa Press, 20 Minutos, 5th Feb 2016.

Antique dealer Kapoor produced in Kumbakonam court


Press Trust of India, Business Standard, 5th Feb 2016.

Youth found dead near temple, idols stolen


Press Trust of India, The Siasat Daily, 5th Feb 2016.

Vancouver artist a repeat victim of thieves targeting his paintings and art supplies


Stephanie Ip, The Province, 6th Feb 2016.

Karnak Amun-Re statue not recently restored as claimed


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 6th Feb 2016.

California A-G looks to reverse ruling over Nazi-stolen artwork

(United States of America; Spain)

I24 News, 6th Feb 2016.

Former Capitol cop accused of stealing state painting

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Journal Sentinel, 6th Feb 2016.

Three Arrested for 'Selling Pieces' of the Giza Pyramids for $32


Egyptian Streets, 6th Feb 2016.

Iran's Eight-Million-Year-Old Fossils Unveiled after Returning Home from US


Tasnim News Agency, 6th Feb 2016.

Esclarecen otros 3 robos de arte sacro en iglesias


Three other robberies of religious art from churches clarified

El Correo De Burgos, 6th Feb 2016.

Robos en iglesias, un patrimonio en peligro


Robberies in churches, heritage in danger

Fernando Pérez Ávila, Diario de Sevilla, 7th Feb 2016.

India Pride Project – How Smuggled Indian Art Is Brought Back Home


S. Vijay Kumar, Swarajya, 7th Feb 2016.

Former Dealer of Art Forgeries Exhibits His Own (Legal) Paintings

(United Kingdom)

Gabrielle Bruney, Vice, 7th Feb 2016.

Chinese artist retracts forgery claims about disputed Hairdressing paintings


Lisa Movius, The Art Newspaper, 7th Feb 2016.

Heritage table goes up in smoke


Amit Sharma, The Tribune, 7th Feb 2016.

Antiquities official blames journalists for harming tourism through pyramids stone selling video


Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 7th Feb 2016.

Knoedler Gallery Director Settles Lawsuit Over Fake Rothko

(United States of America)

Colin Moynihan, The New York Times, 7th Feb 2016.

Egyptian archaeologists call for tougher security measures after 'sale of pyramid pieces'


Ahram Online, 7th Feb 2016.

Sanctions Removal Will Help Iran Return Stolen Cultural Treasures


Sputnik News, 7th Feb 2016.

A 75-year-old archaeologist catches artefact smugglers sitting on his computer


Ashwin Aghor, Catch News, 8th Feb 2016.

2 Treasure Hunters Arrested While Destroying Ancient Roman City Ratiaria near Bulgaria's Archar


Ivan Dikov, Archaeology in Bulgaria, 8th Feb 2016.

'Buyer, Be Fair' Nonagenarian Warns Owner of Family Art Stolen in WW2


Ofer Aderet, Haaretz, 8th Feb 2016.

Destructive dig: Illegal dig at historic Fort Ellis prompts archaeological concerns

(United States of America)

Brett French, Billings Gazette, 8th Feb 2016.

The Bouvier Affair: How an art-world insider made a fortune by being discreet

(United States of America)

Sam Knight, The New Yorker, 8th Feb 2016.

Solving art history mysteries with open data


Suzette Lohmeyer, GCN, 8th Feb 2016.

राम जानकी मंदिर से मूर्ति चोरी


Ram Janaki temple idol theft

Amar Ujala, 8th Feb 2016.

Pakistan lays claim to the Koh-i-Noor diamond centrepiece to the Crown Jewels, claiming the gem was 'forcibly' taken by Britain

(United Kingdom; Pakistan; India)

Gianluca Mezzofiore, The Daily Mail, 8th Feb 2016.

Police investigating piece of glass art stolen from Chihuly museum

(United States of America)

The St. Petersburg Tribune, 8th Feb 2016.

Ancient coins were replaced with fakes between 2001-2002 — PM


Raed Omari, The Jordan Times, 9th Feb 2016.

Australia's Dancing Shiva legally exported, says Subhash Kapoor

(India; Australia)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 9th Feb 2016.

John Carroll University employee indicted on grand theft charges in museum jewel heist

(United States of America)

Jane Morice,, 9th Feb 2016.

Un comerciante vendía vasijas y columnas romanas por internet


A vendor was selling Roman columns and vases on the internet

La Verdad, 9th Feb 2016.

Knoedler Trial Breaks Unexpectedly Ahead of Key Witness Testimony

(United States of America)

Mostafa Heddaya, Blouin ArtInfo, 9th Feb 2016.

Morean Arts employee finds box with glass art stolen in Chihuly Collection heist

(United States of America)

Zachary T. Sampson, Tampa Bay Times, 9th Feb 2016.

Shkreli is sued over his $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album

(United States of America)

Jonathan Stempel, Reuters, 9th Feb 2016.

Vandals strike ancient archeological site near Tucson

(United States of America)

Barbara Grijalva, Tucson News Now, 9th Feb 2016.

Experts Say Ann Freedman Likely Settled Due to Surprisingly Damning Evidence

(United States of America)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 9th Feb 2016.

Da Vinci, van Gogh and now Chihuly: Art thieves strike everywhere

(United States of America)

Molly Moorhead, Tampa Bay Times, 9th Feb 2016.

वेंकटेश मंदिर से बेशकीमती मूर्तियां चोरी


Three ashtadhatu idols stolen from temple

Amar Ujala, 9th Feb 2016.

Hue loses large amounts of artifacts


Vietnam Net, 9th Feb 2016.

Tres detenidos por robar piezas de oro y plata de la parroquia de Aes (Cantabria)


Three arrested for theft of gold and silver pieces from the church of Aes (Cantabria)

Europa Press, El Diario, 9th Feb 2016.

Thieves caught robbing Jain temple on cam


TNN, The Times of India, 10th Feb 2016.

Nine idol smugglers arrested in Bihar


IANS, Mid-day, 10th Feb 2016.

Cheikhmous Ali: the Syrian archaeologist who doesn't take sides


Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 10th Feb 2016.

Wadsworth tomb ornaments suspected stolen

(United States of America)

Ben Beagle, Livingston County News, 10th Feb 2016.

Idol smugglers' gang busted, nine held in Bhagalpur


Kumar Rajesh, The Times of India, 10th Feb 2016.

Roban dos piezas del Museo Larreta


Two pieces stolen from the Larreta Museum

Ana Martínez Quijano, Ámbito Financiero, 10th Feb 2016.

From Artifice to Artefact

(United Kingdom)

Juliet Ceresole, V&A Blog, 10th Feb 2016.

Police release video of man sought for questioning in Chihuly theft

(United States of America)

Kristen Mitchell, The St. Petersburg Tribune, 10th Feb 2016.

Delincuentes roban joyas y objetos litúrgicos de iglesia


Delinquents steal jewelry and liturgical items from church

RPP, 11th Feb 2016.

FBI Deploying Art Crime Team to Investigate If Militants Desecrated Paiute Graves

(United States of America)

Lizzy Acker, Willamette Week, 11th Feb 2016.

Museum: dog statue stolen from grounds

(United States of America)

Elise Kaplan, Albuquerque Journal, 11th Feb 2016.

Two Klamath Falls residents sentenced in stolen Native American artifacts case

(United States of America)

Elizabeth Reickn, News 10, 11th Feb 2016.

Former Tory councillor convicted of stealing World War Two hero's bravery honour 'to pay mortgage' escapes jail

(United Kingdom)

Mike Lockley, Mirror, 11th Feb 2016.

Report: Ukraine "doing nothing" to recover stolen Dutch art

(Ukraine; Netherlands)

Janene Pieters, NL Times, 11th Feb 2016.

Stolen mosque lamps to return to Egypt as Cairo museum houses new database

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Tim Cornwell, The Art Newspaper, 11th Feb 2016.

Import restrictions extended, not expanded

(United States of America; Italy)

Richard Giedroyc, Numismaster, 11th Feb 2016.

Facebook removes image of Evelyne Axell's 'Ice Cream' because it is 'suggestive content'


Jack Shepherd, The Independent, 11th Feb 2016.

Egypt ups pyramids security after illegal stone sales


Ramadan Al Sherbini, Gulf News, 11th Feb 2016.

Is The Controversial Art Law Fueling Germany's Recent 'Art Drain'?


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 11th Feb 2016.

Idol lifters nabbed


The Hindu, 11th Feb 2016.

Roban imagen de Virgen Peregrina durante miércoles de ceniza en iglesia de Morelos


Statue of the Virgen Perefrina stolen on Ash Wednesday from Morelos church

SDP Noticias, 11th Feb 2016.

Three Valuable Islamic Lamps to Return to Cairo After Being Looted, Replaced With Fakes


Egyptian Streets, 11th Feb 2016.

Spray painted tomb to be cleaned by experts


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 11th Feb 2016.

Justin Bieber apologises for 'mooning' on ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico


Olivia Blair, The Independent, 12th Feb 2016.

Ganapati idol stolen from temple of Hoysala period


M.T. Shiva Kumar, The Hindu, 12th Feb 2016.

NGA wants to return buddha, but doesn't know where

(Australia; India)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 12th Feb 2016.

Fake Warhol Fake Rothko: Who Are The Losers Here

(United States of America)

Artlyst, 12th Feb 2016.

The Revelations of a Nazi Art Catalogue

(France; Germany)

Sarah Wildman, The New Yorker, 12th Feb 2016.

Top 9 Takeaways From Knoedler Forgery Trial

(United States of America)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 12th Feb 2016.

Roban Virgen Peregrina de iglesia de Tlaltenango


Diario de Morelos, 12th Feb 2016.

Spotting a fake fossil at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

(United States of America)

Sonu Wasu, Tucson News Now, 13th Feb 2016.

Landmark Judgment Returns Remains to Tribe

(United States of America)

Cynthia Coleman Emery, Indian Country Today, 13th Feb 2016.

Facebook Loses Gustave Courbet Nudity Case In French Appeal Court


Artlyst, 13th Feb 2016.

Investigations on in disappearence of 157 artefacts from Saqqara galleries


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 13th Feb 2016.

Britain must free the blood-soaked queen of diamonds Koh-i-Noor

(United Kingdom; Pakistan; India)

Ben MacIntyre, The Australian, 13th Feb 2016.

Cops bust gang that targetted 21 temples, stole jewellery, cash


Pune Mirror, 13th Feb 2016.

Thief arrested for stealing idols, other items from ISKCON temple


Daily Excelsior, 13th Feb 2016.

How cat hair brought down a pair of art forgers


Lizzie Wade, Science, 14th Feb 2016.

Alabama's modern-day Indiana Jones integral to the future of space archaeology

(United States of America)

Kelsey Stein,, 14th Feb 2016.

Colombia va perdiendo la batalla contra robo de tesoros culturales


El Tiempo, 14th Feb 2016.

Egypt to recover two stolen artefacts from Germany

(Egypt; Germany)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 14th Feb 2016.

Belgian museum in such poor repair the exhibits are being rained on


James Rothwell, The Telegraph, 14th Feb 2016.

75 años del regreso de la 'Dama de Elche'


Pedro Fernández Barbadillo, Libertad, 14th Feb 2016.

Burglary investigation underway at Harrisburg's National Civil War Museum

(United States of America)

Dave Marcheskie, ABC United States, 14th Feb 2016.

मुख्यमंत्री शहर में थी, इसलिए छिपाये रखा


Theft at Jain temple in Udaipur.

Rajasthan Patrika, 14th Feb 2016.

Drones for research: Use of the UAV in archaeology


Popular Archaeology, 14th Feb 2016.

More Than Money: Inside the Knoedler Art Fakes Scandal

(United States of America)

David Kahn, Observer, 15th Feb 2016.

Home at last: 39 historic artifacts from Anatolia returned


Burcu Calik, Daily Sabah, 15th Feb 2016.

$28K Worth of Art Misplaced During Botched Gallery Move

(United States of America)

Gwynn Hogan, DNA Info, 15th Feb 2016.

Looting prompts closures at mining sites in Joshua Tree

(United States of America)

Geoffrey Mohan, Los Angeles Times, 15th Feb 2016.

Angola: Culture Minister visits exhibition of recovered art works


Agencia Angola Press, 15th Feb 2016.

India must start working to reverse plunder of our national artistic heritage


Sanjeev Sanyal, The Economic Times, 15th Feb 2016.

Why the UK replica furniture market is about to be hit by new copyright laws

(United Kingdom)

Tim Willis, The Independent, 15th Feb 2016.

Guns stolen in curious burglary are 'one of a kind': National Civil War Museum official

(United States of America)

Christine Vendel, Penn Live, 15th Feb 2016.

20 idols stolen from 2 temples in Udaipur


TNN, The Times of India, 16th Feb 2016.

American Airlines and seven others sued over damage to Lucio Fontana sculpture

(United States of America)

Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 16th Feb 2016.

Hunt for Russia's missing Amber Room turns to Czech castle

(Czech Republic; Russia)

Derek Scally, The Irish Times, 16th Feb 2016.

Idol installed by President in Vrindavan temple stolen


Anuja Jaiswal, The Times of India, 16th Feb 2016.

New 'paper trail' rules to help crack down on metal thieves

(United Kingdom)

Greg Russell, The National, 16th Feb 2016.

Kanye West album 'pirated 500,000 times' already


Zoe Kleinman, BBC News, 16th Feb 2016.

The Art Loss Register locates two paintings stolen in a house burglary in Amsterdam in 2010

(Netherlands; Switzerland)

Art Daily, 16th Feb 2016.

Sarah Parcak to Use TED Prize Money for Crowdsourcing on Archaeological Sites


Ralph Blumenthal, The New York Times, 16th Feb 2016.

The Knoedler Gallery Settlement Is the Biggest Missed Opportunity for Greater Art Market Transparency in 100 Years


Leila Amineddoleh, Artsy, 16th Feb 2016.

Extradition to US for Spanish dealer in big art fraud case

(United States of America; Spain)

Alan Clendenning, Associated Press, 16th Feb 2016.

Italy sets up Unesco task force to protect antiquities in conflict areas


Associated Press, The Art Newspaper, 16th Feb 2016.

Unesco and Italy team up to protect art and artefacts from terrorists


Associated Press, The Guardian, 16th Feb 2016.

Bluestone is being chipped away on the Preseli Hills

(United Kingdom)

Sam Kurtz, Western Telegraph, 17th Feb 2016.

'Sparky' found in recycling yard

(United States of America)

Elise Kaplan, Albuquerque Journal, 17th Feb 2016.

National Gallery of Australia review finds 22 works of 'insufficient or questionable' provenance

(Australia; India)

Simon Thomen, Business Insider, 17th Feb 2016.

Judge Sentences Portland Artist to Jail for Forgery Scheme

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 17th Feb 2016.

Provenance of 22 Asian artworks at National Gallery of Australia in doubt

(Australia; India)

Shalailah Medhora, The Guardian, 17th Feb 2016.

Space Archaeologist Wants Your Help to Fight Looting


Heather Pringle, National Geographic, 17th Feb 2016.

To save their homeland, 25 tribes unite in the Southwest

(United States of America)

Stephen Trimble, High Country News, 17th Feb 2016.

Guns stolen in Civil War Museum heist came from NRA exhibit

(United States of America)

Christine Vendel, Penn Live, 17th Feb 2016.

Domenico De Sole Speaks About the Knoedler Fraud Trial

(United States of America)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 17th Feb 2016.

Paintings worth $10K grabbed from Deerfield business after persistent burglary, investigators say

(United States of America)

Erika Pesantes, Sun Sentinel, 17th Feb 2016.

These ISIS-Destroyed Artifacts Are Now Available to Download and 3-D Print


Casey Quackenbush, Observer, 17th Feb 2016.

Picasso thief signs away right to haul

(United Kingdom)

Midweek Herald, 17th Feb 2016.

Le Corbusier centre theft: Chandigarh Police cracks another case of heritage furniture theft, arrests 3


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 17th Feb 2016.

EDITORIAL: Restoring artifacts to their rightful owners

(United Kingdom; Australia)

Indiana Daily Student, 17th Feb 2016.

Govt faces challenges in protecting Bihar heritage sites


TNN, The Times of India, 18th Feb 2016.

Sex Pistols photographer accuses artist Elizabeth Peyton of copyright infringement

(United States of America)

Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 18th Feb 2016.

National Gallery  judged victim of fraud over Asian antiquities

(Australia; India)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 18th Feb 2016.

Provenance of Ros Packer buy shaping up as bull

(Australia; India)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 18th Feb 2016.

Painting reported stolen from Fine Arts Building gallery

(United States of America)

Victoria Cortez, The Shorthorn, 18th Feb 2016.

छपरा के सोनारप ी से चोरी करोड़ की अ धातु की ाचीन मू्ित यां बरामद


Stolen ancient idol from Chhapra recovered from pond

Jagran, 18th Feb 2016.

4 including temple security supervisor held in Vrindavan idol theft case


Anuja Jaiswal, The Times of India, 18th Feb 2016.

Oroville man sentenced for taking Native American artifacts

(United States of America)

Alan Marsden, Action News Now, 18th Feb 2016.

Police investigate Aboriginal artwork stolen from Fremantle home


Danielle Le Messurier, Perth Now, 18th Feb 2016.

Gang dealing in ancient coins busted


The Hindu, 18th Feb 2016.

Germany returns looted treasures to Poland

(Germany; Poland)

Radio Poland, 18th Feb 2016.

Stonehenge tourist bosses demand visitors stop chipping stones and selling them on eBay

(United Kingdom)

The Telegraph, 18th Feb 2016.

Thief impersonates monk to smuggle relics from ancient Burmese site


Asian Correspondent, 18th Feb 2016.

3 precious idols, valuables stolen from temple in UP


Press Trust of India, The Times of India, 18th Feb 2016.

BREAKING: Jesus College students vote to repatriate cockerel to Nigeria

(Nigeria; United Kingdom)

The Cambridge Student, 18th Feb 2016.

Artists Covertly Scan Bust of Nefertiti and Release the Data for Free Online

(Germany; Egypt)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 19th Feb 2016.

Athenians' Association Turns to the European Court of Human Rights for the Parthenon Marbles

(Greece; United Kingdom)

Evgenia Choros, Greek Reporter, 19th Feb 2016.

Roof Sculpture Missing in Forbidden City


Chu Yiming, CRIEnglish, 19th Feb 2016.

Art Dealer Torsten Brohan Ordered To Disclose Proceeds Of 20th Century Sale To China


Artlyst, 19th Feb 2016.

12 'Poorly Forged' Lee Ufan Paintings Spark Investigation in South Korea

(South Korea)

Rain Embuscado, ArtNet News, 19th Feb 2016.

Makers in Uproar over Poached Thingiverse Models on eBay


Hannah Augur, All 3D Print, 19th Feb 2016.

Panchaloha idol of Sri Ram stolen from Mudhol temple


The Hindu, 19th Feb 2016.

Navdurga temple priests oppose idol replacement


Herald Goa, 19th Feb 2016.

6 Amazing Oscar Heists and 5 Happy Endings


Olivia Rutigliano, Vanity Fair, 19th Feb 2016.

24-hour Strike on Monday Will Close Museums and Archaeological Sites Throughout Greece


Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi, Greek Reporter, 19th Feb 2016.

Watchman killed in attempted heist at archaeological site


Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 20th Feb 2016.

'Guilty' verdict on the spectacular 2010 Paris art theft


DW, 20th Feb 2016.

Idols found damaged in temple


Press Trust of India,, 20th Feb 2016.

Karkala: Thieves break into Shirlalu Basadi, decamp with valuable idols, ornaments


R B Jagadish, Daijiworld, 21st Feb 2016.

Idols, jewellery stolen from Jain Basadi


Raghava M., The Hindu, 22nd Feb 2016.

Ancient Buddha sculpture head to return to mainland after 20 years

(China; Taiwan)

Wang Fan, ECNS, 22nd Feb 2016.

Right-on students demand Cambridge removes bronze statue …because it was looted by Britain

(United Kingdom; Nigeria)

Charlie Peat, Express, 22nd Feb 2016.

Thief returns missing Waldo Water Tower painting to KC library with remorseful letter included

(United States of America)

Katie Banks, Fox, 22nd Feb 2016.

Get Ready for the Upcoming 'Beast Jesus' Documentary


Cait Munro, ArtNet News, 22nd Feb 2016.

Saquean zona arqueológica


Archaeological sites looted

Saraí Vargas Prieto, El Sol de León, 22nd Feb 2016.

Looters Kill Two Guards at Ancient Egyptian Necropolis


Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, 22nd Feb 2016.

Harrisburg to National Civil War Museum: Secure our artifacts or else

(United States of America)

Christine Vendel, Penn Live, 22nd Feb 2016.

Symposium at MKG develops ideas for dealing with silver formerly owned by Jews in museums


Art Daily, 22nd Feb 2016.

Guard Shot Dead by Looters at Archaeological Site in Egypt


Lorena Muñoz-Alonso, ArtNet News, 22nd Feb 2016.

Cambridge church community devastated by theft of 'priceless' stained glass window

(United Kingdom)

Freya Leng, Cambridge News, 23rd Feb 2016.

Suspect identified in Albuquerque museum dog statue theft

(United States of America)

Kayla Root, KRQE News, 23rd Feb 2016.

Treasure Hunters Destroy Ancient Roman Bridge near Bulgaria's Drangovo in Search of Legendary Gold Treasure


Ivan Dikov, Archaeology in Bulgaria, 23rd Feb 2016.

De robar vírgenes en León a plagiar la Gioconda


Stealing virgins in León to fake the Mona Lisa

Verónica Viñas, Diario de León, 23rd Feb 2016.

Where it is safe to do so, cultural artefacts should be repatriated


Dara Bramsos, The Economist, 23rd Feb 2016.

University of Oklahoma agrees to return Nazi-stolen painting

(United States of America)

Daniel C. Houston, Associated Press, 23rd Feb 2016.

Judge Swaps Vote on Iran Bank to Save Relics

(United States of America; Iran)

Adam Klasfeld, Courthouse News Service, 23rd Feb 2016.

Three Held for Temple Heist in Odisha


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 23rd Feb 2016.

Calangute theft probe draws blank


TNN, The Times of India, 24th Feb 2016.

To Detect Fakes, Art Meets Science


Jennifer Smith, The Wall Street Journal, 24th Feb 2016.

Denver museum to return last of looted Cambodian statues

(Cambodia; United States of America)

Sravanth Verma, Digital Journal, 24th Feb 2016.

Chelmsford Museum gold coin theft linked to national security alert

(United Kingdom)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 24th Feb 2016.

Theft of Tiffany window unsolved

(United States of America)

Liz Graves, Mount Desert Islander, 24th Feb 2016.

Archivan tras cinco años la mayor operación contra el expolio en décadas


Biggest operation against against plundering in decades shelved after five years

Juan Esteban Poveda, Ideal, 24th Feb 2016.

Temen saqueo de piezas arqueológicas en Sierra La Palma de Altamira


Archaeological pieces feared looted in Sierra La Palma, Altamira

Diana Alvarado, Hoy Tamaulipas, 24th Feb 2016.

Church congregation in shock after thieves steal priceless medieval stained glass window

(United Kingdom)

ITV News, 24th Feb 2016.

1000-year-old Idol Awaits 'Security Clearance'


Yogesh Kabirdoss, The New Indian Express, 24th Feb 2016.

Tucson gem show dinosaur smuggler convicted

(United States of America)

Curt Prendergast, Arizona Daily Star, 24th Feb 2016.

Police arrest suspect in stolen dog statue case

(United States of America)

Elizabeth Reed, KOB4, 25th Feb 2016.

Roban varias de las conchas de bronce que indican el Camino de Santiago en Valladolid


Some of the bronze shells that mark the Camino de Santiago in Valladolid are stolen

Víctor Vela, El Norte de Castilla, 25th Feb 2016.

Naughty Dog Apologizes For Stolen Artwork in Uncharted 4 Trailer


Steven Boggs, The Escapist, 25th Feb 2016.

Preservation Is a Civil Rights Issue

(United States of America)

Jonathan Bailey, Indian Country Today, 25th Feb 2016.

Alarm system disconnected at National Civil War Museum prior to burglary

(United States of America)

Christine Vendel, Penn Live, 25th Feb 2016.

Man charged with stealing $25,000 in rare video games

(United States of America)

Steven Henshaw, Reading Eagle, 25th Feb 2016.

Setback for Picasso's Daughter in Battle Over Sculpture


Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 25th Feb 2016.

New rewards offered in case of stolen championship boxing belts

(United States of America)

Localsyr, 25th Feb 2016.

Boy finds ancient figurine during Beit She'an outing


Times of Israel, The Times of Israel, 25th Feb 2016.

$5,000 statue stolen from Ottawa restaurant


Justin Samanski-Langille, Ottawa Sun, 25th Feb 2016.

'We think owl Kevin was stolen to order' – Baytree Owl Centre manager

(United Kingdom)

Spalding Guardian, 25th Feb 2016.

Rare $3 million painting by French master Jean-Léon Gérôme returned after 70 years


The Siberian Times, 25th Feb 2016.

Dolls Worth Rs 25 Lakh Stolen From Museum Warehouse In Rajkot


Press Trust of India, Scoop Whoop, 25th Feb 2016.

Police search for stolen 18th century prints

(United Kingdom)

East Grinstead Online, 25th Feb 2016.

Cultural Protection Law Revision Triggers Doubts as China's Economy Slows


Liyan Qi, The Wall Street Journal, 26th Feb 2016.

Native art goes missing from Juneau school

(United States of America)

Lisa Phu, Juneau Empire, 26th Feb 2016.

Cambodian warrior comes home: Denver Art Museum returns Khmer statue

(Cambodia; United States of America)

Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 26th Feb 2016.

Statue stolen from Mussolini's Roman villa to be returned

(Italy; United States of America)

Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 26th Feb 2016.

Birmingham Museum of Art wants painting gone, but who owns the artwork?

(United States of America)

Ken Faulk,, 26th Feb 2016.

Illicit antiquities chic? Faux decapitated Buddha heads as decor


Donna Yates, Anonymous Swiss Collector, 26th Feb 2016.

Richard Prince Moves to Dismiss Latest Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 26th Feb 2016.

Graffiti tagger destroys historical Smith Street feminist mural


Neelima Choahan, The Age, 26th Feb 2016.

Australian gallery identifies looted Indian treasures

(Australia; India)

Geoff Hiscock, Nikkei, 26th Feb 2016.

Old graveyard dug up and no one knows who's doing it


Sameer Mandhro, The Express Tribune, 26th Feb 2016.

Met clarifies 'pay what you wish' entry after legal settlement

(United States of America)

Helen Stoilas, The Art Newspaper, 26th Feb 2016.

U.S. will return stolen historical documents to Russia

(Russia; United States of America)

Yelena Chernenko, Russia Beyond the Headlines, 26th Feb 2016.

UK Imposes Export Ban on $2.9 Million Giacometti Sculpture

(United Kingdom)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 26th Feb 2016.

Some Asshole Stole This Gorgeous Piece of Batman Art Before It Reached Its New Owner

(United States of America)

James Whitbrook, io9, 26th Feb 2016.

How western art collectors are helping to fund Isis


Leila Amineddoleh, The Guardian, 26th Feb 2016.

Police seize 1 mln euros' worth of antiquities from three suspects


eKathimerini, 26th Feb 2016.

Taiwan Buddhist helps lost statue head home after 20 years

(China; Taiwan)

Shanghai Daily, 26th Feb 2016.

Stolen archaeological pieces seized in Qamishli


Syrian Radio & TV, 26th Feb 2016.

Art gallery owner admits keeping client's $2m


Selina Lum, The Straits Times, 27th Feb 2016.

Museum officials disagree over security issues that led to pistol theft

(United States of America)

Chris Davis, ABC United States, 27th Feb 2016.

Vandals destroy beloved Stirchley Park art mural by painting over Banksy-style images

(United Kingdom)

Alison Stacey, Birmingham Mail, 27th Feb 2016.

ఆలయంలో నంది విగ్రహం చోరీ


Nandi temple theft

Sakshi Post, 27th Feb 2016.

Some Take Massive Risks To Save Syria's Cultural Heritage


NPR, 28th Feb 2016.

ASI seeks info on provenance of idols


S. Prasad, The Hindu, 28th Feb 2016.

Why art galleries are quietly clearing out their vaults


Patricia Treble, McLean's, 28th Feb 2016.

Tel Aviv: Burglars indicted for heist of 17th Century manuscripts


Ben Hartman, The Jerusalem Post, 28th Feb 2016.

French cleaners scrub off street art


BBC News, 28th Feb 2016.

But is it art? NYPD cops seize $1m worth of marijuana disguised as art in New York's West Village

(United States of America)

James Wilkinson, The Daily Mail, 28th Feb 2016.

Romanian police seize stolen archaeological treasures


AFP,, 29th Feb 2016.

US Museum Returns Stolen Rama Statue

(Cambodia; United States of America)

Peter Ford, Cambodia Daily, 29th Feb 2016.

CC to Decide If Malian Teacher Will Face Charges for Destroying Timbuktu Artifacts


Vice, 29th Feb 2016.

Le collectionneur Sindika Dokolo remporte son bras de fer contre un galeriste parisien

(Angola; France)

Roxana Azimi, Le Monde, 29th Feb 2016.

Bible valued £2,000 stolen as church thefts go on the rise in Powys

(United Kingdom)

Robert Doman, News North Wales, 29th Feb 2016.

Decenas de joyas y obras de arte están perdidas por los robos en iglesias


Dozens of jewels and works of art are lost to robberies in churches

Antonio Botías, La Verdad, 29th Feb 2016.

Christie's Seeks Judgment Against Mugrabi Family for $32m Unpaid on Basquiat Painting

(United States of America)

Marion Maneker, Art Market Monitor, 29th Feb 2016.

Rathkeale Rovers: How an enthusiastic gardener and his Leylandii trimmings helped to bring gang leaders to justice

(United Kingdom)

Paul Peachey, The Independent, 29th Feb 2016.

Manannan Mac Lír statue back in place at Binevenagh

(United Kingdom)

Seamus McKinney, The Irish News, 29th Feb 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The Winged Bull of Nineveh


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 29th Feb 2016.

Antiquities: The long road home


Finbarr Toesland, The Africa Report, 29th Feb 2016.