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Articles for April 2014

61 articles found.

The Strange Case of Space History Theft Ends with an Austin Auction

(United States of America)

Dianna Wray, Houston Press, 1st Apr 2014.

Stolen armour and weapony worth thousands returned to Stansted Mountfitchet castle

(United Kingdom)

Cambridge News, 1st Apr 2014.

Stolen Gauguin and Bonnard paintings recovered in Italy


France 24, AFP, 2nd Apr 2014.

Auction houses should do more to root out looted antiquities

(United Kingdom; United States of America)

Christos Tsirogiannis, Apollo, 2nd Apr 2014.

Stolen Gauguin painting 'hung on factory worker's wall'


BBC News, 2nd Apr 2014.

FBI seizes Native American, other artifacts at rural Indiana home

(United States of America)

CBS, 2nd Apr 2014.

Second Australian gallery removes stolen Indian artefact from display

(Australia; India)

IBN Live, 2nd Apr 2014.

Stolen Nepali statues gathering dust in Paris

(Nepal; France)

eKantipur, 2nd Apr 2014.

Ancient statues stolen from Sudan heritage site


AFP, The Sun Daily, 2nd Apr 2014.

Unique 600-year-old brass plaque stolen from Herefordshire church

(United Kingdom)

Hereford Times, 2nd Apr 2014.

Italy heritage sleuths launch stolen art app


AFP, Digital Journal, 2nd Apr 2014.

Stolen paintings hung on Italian factory worker's wall for almost 40 years

(Italy; United Kingdom)

Lizzy Davies, The Guardian, 2nd Apr 2014.

Knoedler Forgery Lawsuit Names Art Historian as Defendant

(United States of America)

Patricia Cohen, The New York Times, 2nd Apr 2014.

Tirthankara antique idol goes missing from Vellore


A Selvaraj, The Times of India, 2nd Apr 2014.

National Gallery Shiva statue return'should include gift of goodwill'

(Australia; India)

Andrew Taylor, The Canberra Times, 2nd Apr 2014.

FIR in idol theft case mandatory


A Sirvathsan, The Hindu, 3rd Apr 2014.

Egypt: Antiquities Minister, U.S. Official Discuss Efforts to Protect Egypt's Heritage

(Egypt; United States of America)

Egypt State Information Service, All Africa, 3rd Apr 2014.

Thebes: Ancient Priceless Coins Found in Burglar's House


Ioanna Zikakou, Greek Reporter, 3rd Apr 2014.

Hasta 12 años de cárcel por saquear monumentos


Up to 12 years in prison for looting monuments

Lourdes Aguilar, El Punto Critico, 3rd Apr 2014.

Art thief Kapoor's hand suspected in missing temple idol from Tamil Nadu


A Selvaraj, The Times of India, 3rd Apr 2014.

Tunisia plans to return stolen Mask of Gorgon to Algeria

(Tunisia; Algeria)

Middle East Online, 3rd Apr 2014.

Blogger gives crucial leads in idol hunt


TNN, The Times of India, 3rd Apr 2014.

'Panchaloha idols belong to 13 AD': Archaeologists


Pragit P, The Times of India, 3rd Apr 2014.

FBI working with artifact collector to return items

(United States of America)

Andy Proffet, The Shelbyville News, 3rd Apr 2014.

Stolen idols: Preservation and cataloguing must complement repatriation of stolen Nepali art


eKantipur, 4th Apr 2014.

Negligence, Corruption Threaten Tunisia's Heritage Sites


Afef Abrougui, Tunisia Alive, 4th Apr 2014.

Monuments men highlight WWII looting, but stealing culture has been around for ages


Melissa K. Byrnes, The Statesman, 5th Apr 2014.

Police Scotland chief in gold wreath legal wrangle

(United Kingdom)

Chris Marshall, The Scotsman, 5th Apr 2014.

Egyptian ministries working to get back stolen cartonnage


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 6th Apr 2014.

Italy's looted treasures found in Rome 'museum'


The Local, 7th Apr 2014.

Getty Museum to return 12th century New Testament to Greece monastery


David Ng, Los Angeles Times, 7th Apr 2014.

19th Century Schadow painting returned to Stern estate

(Canada; Germany)

James Adams, The Globe and Mail, 7th Apr 2014.

Profiling of Idols to Ward Off Smuggling Yet to Begin in State


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 7th Apr 2014.

National Gallery of Australia director Ron Radford reluctant to admit Dancing Shiva is stolen

(Australia; India)

Andrew Taylor, The Sydney Morning Herald, 7th Apr 2014.

Hunt for Nazi art shows museum failings: former minister


Monica Raymunt, Reuters, 8th Apr 2014.

'Panchaloha' idols of Sitarama, Lakshmana, Anjaneya seized


The Hindu, 8th Apr 2014.

What happened to Gaza's Apollo statue?


Lena Odgaard, Al Jazeera, 8th Apr 2014.

Treasure Salvage Licence Hopes Are 'Wrecked'


Natario McKenzie, Tribune 242, 8th Apr 2014.

FBI doesn't take all items from massive collection

(United States of America)

Donald Miller, RTV6, 9th Apr 2014.

FBI leaves scene of artifacts investigation, mum on details

(United States of America)

Paul Gable, The Shelbyville News, 9th Apr 2014.

Piden hasta 15 años de prisión por atentar contra patrimonio cultural


RPP, 9th Apr 2014.

International treasures missing


Judith Harris, Catholic Herald, 9th Apr 2014.

Taking on Art Looters on Twitter


Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 9th Apr 2014.

'Socrates' seeks Royals' help to return Elgin Marbles


Scoopit, 10th Apr 2014.

State-level idol records bureau mooted


A. Srivathsan, The Hindu, 10th Apr 2014.

Should ancient bones be up for sale? Shoppers in Dubai say yes!

(United Arab Emirates)

Laurie Balbo, Green Prophet, 10th Apr 2014.

Vancouver Island First Nation recovers historic blanket that turned up at Paris auction 100 years after it disappeared

(Canada; France)

Tristin Hopper, National Post, 10th Apr 2014.

Villagers questioned about stolen idol


A. Selvaraj, The Times of India, 10th Apr 2014.

Uncut diamond stolen from New Mexico museum

(United States of America)

Charles D. Brunt, Albuquerque Journal, 10th Apr 2014.

Reward offered over Henry Moore sculpture theft

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 11th Apr 2014.

Australia must return stolen Shiva statue to India: former diplomat from Natasha Chaku

(Australia; India)

DNA, 11th Apr 2014.

Overcoming looting and years of war, Iraq Museum moves to reopen


Jane Arraf, The Christian Science Monitor, 11th Apr 2014.

Use Diplomacy To Retrieve Stolen Artefacts - Adediran


Chika Okeke, Leadership, 11th Apr 2014.

Polish-Born Artist's Missing Paintings Discovered in Santa Rosa Storage Unit

(United States of America)

Jose Rosato Jr., NBC, 11th Apr 2014.

Looted marble Mask of Gorgon returned to Algeria


Garry Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 11th Apr 2014.

Drones: Archaeology's Newest Tool to Combat Looting


Paul Salopek, National Geographic, 11th Apr 2014.

Egyptian police confiscate three mummies from smuggling gang


Nevine El-Aref, Arahm Online, 12th Apr 2014.

Russian ministries set to return Scythian gold collection back to Crimean museums

(Russia; Ukraine)

Voice of Russia, 12th Apr 2014.

Letters: Archaeology and anti-looting laws

(United States of America)

Patty Gerstenblith, Los Angeles Times, 12th Apr 2014.

Vision of Home: Repatriated Works Back in Their Countries of Origin


Rachel Donadio, The New York Times, 17th Apr 2014.

Serendipity aids Egypt in struggle to recover stolen heritage

(Egypt; Belgium)

Stephen Kalin, Reuters, 23rd Apr 2014.