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Articles for August 2016

261 articles found.

German tourists scale Colosseum in night time stunt

(Italy; Germany)

Alexandra Sims, The Independent, 1st Aug 2016.

Magnus Art-Pricing App Pulled from Apple Store Amid Evidence of Extensive Data Theft


Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 1st Aug 2016.

The Fight for Bears Ears National Monument

(United States of America)

Kelly Bastone, Backpacker, 1st Aug 2016.

How One Colorado Man Disappeared While Hunting For Hidden Treasure

(United States of America)

Robert Sanchez, 5280, 1st Aug 2016.

Trésors pillés : « La France doit répondre positivement á la demande du Bénin »

(France; Benin)

Pillaged Treasures: France must respond positively to Benin's demand

Le Monde, 1st Aug 2016.

Deities, not CM, to decide Raghunath temple's fate, says Maheshwar Singh


The Tribune, 1st Aug 2016.

Police Name Five More Suspects in North Sumatra Buddhist Temple Attacks


Jakarta Globe, 1st Aug 2016.

Police Name Twelve Suspects in North Sumatra Temple Attacks


Jakarta Globe, 1st Aug 2016.

Dacoit gang busted, 4 held


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 1st Aug 2016.

Heavy bronze plaques stolen from New Brunswick Museum


Rachel Cave, CBC, 2nd Aug 2016.

Himachal HC stays takeover of historic Kullu temple


IANS, The Hindu, 2nd Aug 2016.

Este fue el hombre que robó en el museo religioso de San Pedro de los Milagro


This is the man who robbed the religious museum of San Pedro de Milagro

Ana María Plata, Minuto 30, 2nd Aug 2016.

McDonald's advertising agency accused of plagiarising artist's viral cows video

(United Kingdom)

Kate Nelson, The Independent, 2nd Aug 2016.

Sospechan pobladores de posible saqueo de piezas arqueológicas en Totolapan


Locals suspected of possible looting of archaeological objects in Totolapan

Rosendo Álvarez, La Unión de Morelos, 2nd Aug 2016.

Ronald Lauder, Advocate of Art Restitution, Says His Museum Holds a Clouded Work

(United States of America)

Serge F. Kovaleski, The New York Times, 2nd Aug 2016.

Cops nab man for stealing copper idol from Hindu temple in Penang


Malay Mail, 2nd Aug 2016.

Brazen Thieves Take $10,000 Painting Off Gallery Wall in San Pedro and Walk Away With It; Reward Offered

(United States of America)

Kennedy Ryan, KTLA, 3rd Aug 2016.

Priceless stained glass window stolen from historic village church

(United Kingdom)

Harborough Mail, 3rd Aug 2016.

Utah Monument Fight Pits Native Americans Against Land-Use Militants

(United States of America)

Jason Mark, The American Prospect, 3rd Aug 2016.

The First Armed Art Heist in History Is Being Made Into a Movie

(United States of America)

Danny Lewis, Smithsonian, 3rd Aug 2016.

The foot of Zeus

(Afghanistan; Japan)

Llewelyn Morgan, Prospect Magazine, 3rd Aug 2016.

Returning the Elgin Marbles to Greece could ease Brexit negotiations

(Greece; United Kingdom)

Spear's, 3rd Aug 2016.

Public art cancelled in Rio due to cultural budget cuts


Gabriella Angeleti, The Art Newspaper, 3rd Aug 2016.

मंदिर से अष्टधातु की 4 मूर्तियां चोरी


4 ashtadhatu idols stolen from temple

Inextlive, 3rd Aug 2016.

How art detective Arthur Brand recovered two multi-million pound pieces of stolen art


Matilda Battersby, The Independent, 3rd Aug 2016.

The Government Just Won a Long Legal Battle Over Rare Coins

(United States of America)

Erin Blakemore, Smithsonian, 3rd Aug 2016.

100 Auction Houses Now Subscribing for Art Loss Register Due Diligence

(United Kingdom)

Fine Books Magazine, 3rd Aug 2016.

US returned only eight antiquities during PM Narendra Modi's visit: Govt

(India; United States of America)

Press Trust of India, The Indian Express, 3rd Aug 2016.

Historias que demuestran el oscuro amor de los ladrones de arte por el verano


Stories that demonstrate the curious love of art thieves for summer

Karina Sainz Borgo, Voz Populi, 4th Aug 2016.

What do auction house private sales mean for collectors and the art market?


Anna Brady, Apollo, 4th Aug 2016.

Magnus app founder hits back at critics


Melanie Gerlis, The Art Newspaper, 4th Aug 2016.

Ai Weiwei's Lawyer, Zhou Shifeng, Sentenced to Seven Years for 'Subversion'


Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 4th Aug 2016.

Why the booming contemporary art market is bad for art museums

(United States of America)

Robert Ekelund, The Washington Post, 4th Aug 2016.

Ukraine not letting go of stolen Dutch Art

(Ukraine; Netherlands)

Janene Pieters, NL Times, 4th Aug 2016.

Priceless Buri Ram lintel found in San Francisco

(Thailand; United States of America)

Ploenpote Atthakor, Bangkok Post, 4th Aug 2016.

Police detain 5 Wakf members for illegally renovating Dome of Rock


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 4th Aug 2016.

80%of Aleppo Old City square destroyed, residents lack tools to rebuild


Syria Direct, 4th Aug 2016.

Robaron imágenes de las estaciones del viacrucis de la catedral San Francisco de Asís


Stations of the cross from the Cathedral of San Francisco de Asisi stolen

Caracol Radio, 4th Aug 2016.

Robó en una ermita y fué detenido por querer venderles a los vecinos


Man robs chapel, is arrested trying to sell to neighbours.

Iguazu Noticias, 4th Aug 2016.

Theft of three retablos from Spanish Market shocks, saddens artists

(United States of America)

Andrew Oxford, Santa Fe New Mexican, 5th Aug 2016.

90-Year-Old Vandalizes Crossword Artwork, Then Claims Copyright on the Result


Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 5th Aug 2016.

Vandals attack ancient castle with fire

(United Kingdom)

Andrew Douglas, The Northern Echo, 5th Aug 2016.

German culture minister promises to reform Limbach Commission after mounting criticism


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 5th Aug 2016.

Rumblings in the Auction World

(United States of America)

Scott Reyburn, The New York Times, 5th Aug 2016.

Ancient Clay Figurine Repatriated to Cyprus from UK


Ioanna Zikakou, Greek Reporter, 5th Aug 2016.

Facebook credited with return of stolen $10,000 painting to San Pedro art gallery

(United States of America)

Donna Littlejohn, Daily Breeze, 5th Aug 2016.

Call for ancient lintel to be returned from US exhibition

(Thailand; United States of America)

The Nation, 5th Aug 2016.

WB govt wants to take over Nobel theft probe, to approach CBI


Press Trust of India, Business Standard, 5th Aug 2016.

'Pink Panther' jewel thief gang arrested after stealing £280MILLION in 380 armed robberies as they tried to escape wearing joke-shop wig and fake glasses


Harvey Day, The Daily Mail, 6th Aug 2016.

Daughter reveals motivation for Eddie Burrup art scandal


Victoria Laurie, The Australian, 6th Aug 2016.

'Vandals' damaging ancient ring fort


John Manning, Irish Independent, 6th Aug 2016.

Saquean zonas arqueológicas de los municipios de la Mixteca poblana


Archaeological sites looted in the municipalities of the Mixteca area

Brisselda Sarabia, El Sol de Puebla, 6th Aug 2016.

Dram raid: Rare bottles nicked from distillery made famous by movie The Angels' Share

(United Kingdom)

Stephen Stewart, Daily Record, 6th Aug 2016.

Tras 58 días detienen a 7 personas por ataque y destrucción a la Gratitud Nacional


After 58 days, 7 people arrested for destruction of the Gratitud Nacional

24 Horas, 6th Aug 2016.

Apollo 11 lunar samples bag the focus of legal dispute after it was stolen and sold by former Space Center director

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 6th Aug 2016.

Chile: robaron un hueso de Santa Teresa de Los Andes


Chile: Bone of Saint Teresa de los Andes stolen

Tiempo de San Juan, 6th Aug 2016.

Falta mayor consciencia para reportar fósiles


Greater awareness about reporting fossils is lacking

Gustavo Mendoza Lemus, Milenio, 7th Aug 2016.

Protecting Sacred Objects Bill Introduced In Senate

(United States of America)

Rick Kearns, Indian Country Today, 7th Aug 2016.

Ancient plaque welcoming visitors to Ayr's historic Auld Kirk vanishes

(United Kingdom)

Stephen Houston, Daily Record, 7th Aug 2016.

Tráfico de bienes culturales: Esto es un robo, señores


Trafficking of cultural property: This is theft, folks

Sergio Carreras, La Voz, 7th Aug 2016.

Partial return of looted collection


Jean Christou, Cyprus Mail, 7th Aug 2016.

Libya's Antiquities Department refutes UNESCO report on Lepits Magna


The Libya Observer, 7th Aug 2016.

Franz Kafka literary legal battle ends as Israel's high court rules in favor of library


AFP, The Guardian, 8th Aug 2016.

MKs turn to UNESCO to save prophet's tomb

(Iraq; Israel)

Roi Kais, Ynet News, 8th Aug 2016.

Forever 21 Under Fire Once Again For Allegedly Copying Indie Designs

(United States of America)

Ana Colon, Refinery 29, 8th Aug 2016.

Looking In: New Mexicans should support Bears Ears

(United States of America)

Garon Coriz, Santa Fe New Mexican, 8th Aug 2016.

Blood & Gold: Children Dying As Egypt's Treasures Are Looted


Owen Jarus, Live Science, 8th Aug 2016.

Charity saddened by theft of irreplaceable Tudor stained glass from Leicestershire chapel

(United Kingdom)

Dan J. Martin, Leicester Mercury, 8th Aug 2016.

'It's very poignant': Darwin gallery taps into Indigenous incarceration conversation


Emilia Terzon, ABC Australia, 8th Aug 2016.

Ministry to ask police to investigate allegations of missing antiquities made by Paphos mayor


Evie Andreou, Cyprus Mail, 8th Aug 2016.

How China Must Reclaim Its Lost Cultural Heritage


Peter Fuhrman, Frontera News, 8th Aug 2016.

Shambhala thief makes off with painting


Will Johnson, Nelson Star, 8th Aug 2016.

Indian Camp Ranch – America's First Archeological Subdivision

(United States of America)

Alex Jacobson, San Juan Independent, 8th Aug 2016.

Former Capitol police officer receives probation, jail for theft of painting, forgery

(United States of America)

Ed Treleven, Wisconsin State Journal, 8th Aug 2016.

Pilfered paintings get digital recreation: Korean art kept overseas animated as part of new exhibit going on at DDP

(South Korea)

Kim Hyung-Eun, Korea JoongAng Daily, 8th Aug 2016.

Artist Accused of Disowning a Painting Testifies

(United States of America)

Lori Rotenberk, The New York Times, 8th Aug 2016.

Top level bid to save ancient Wemyss caves

(United Kingdom)

Claire Warrender, The Courier, 8th Aug 2016.

All you need to know about the idol smuggling racket worth crores


Sandhya Ravishankar, Hindustan Times, 8th Aug 2016.

Ancient gold scam re-emerges


Queensland Police, 8th Aug 2016.

Still No Leads Finding Stolen Roger Maris Memorabilia

(United States of America)

Christian Aumell, AM770, 9th Aug 2016.

I Want My Art Back More Than My Van, Theft Victim Says

(United States of America)

Alisa Hauser, DNA Info, 9th Aug 2016.

On the Fine Line in Art Between Inspiration and Appropriation


Tobias Carroll, Signature, 9th Aug 2016.

Benin set to recover its cultural heritage from France

(Benin; France)

Africa News, 9th Aug 2016.

Spat over Paphos antiquities continues


Cyprus Mail, 9th Aug 2016.

Family of three charged over possession of illegal antiquities, drugs


eKathimerini, 9th Aug 2016.

Harry Potter exhibition sign 'magically' disappears from Devon attraction

(United Kingdom)

R. Dodd, The Herald, 10th Aug 2016.

El fraude de las figuras de Acámbaro


The fraud of the Acámbaro figures

Ivonne Lara, Hipertextual, 10th Aug 2016.

Robo, la cruz de la iglesia


Stolen, the cross of the church

J. Jesús Lemus, Reporte Indigo, 10th Aug 2016.

Theft Of Rolex Watch And Oil Paintings Prompts Police Warning For Isle Of Wight Residents

(United Kingdom)

Jamie White, Isle of White Radio, 10th Aug 2016.

China's Historical Relics to Be Preserved; Local Government Punishes Tomb Raiders Backed by Private Art Collectors


Ana Ablaza, Yibada, 10th Aug 2016.

The Forgery That Earned Michelangelo His First Roman Patron


Nora Landes, Artsy, 10th Aug 2016.

David Zwirner Sued for $2 Million Over Mystery Artwork by 'World-Renowned Artist'

(United Kingdom)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 10th Aug 2016.

Priest murdered, 'ashtadhatu' idols stolen


Arvind Chauhan, The Times of India, 10th Aug 2016.

Forensic examination reveals identity of Piltdown hoax prime suspect

(United Kingdom)

Tim Radford, The Guardian, 10th Aug 2016.

Video: Cackling Williamsburg Hipsters Run Off With Church's Sacred Jesus Statue

(United States of America)

John V. Santore, Williamsburg Patch, 10th Aug 2016.

Brea's 8-foot-tall public sculpture 'Selections' stolen, likely for its copper

(United States of America)

Angela Ratzlaff, The Orange County Register, 10th Aug 2016.

Uma discussão de há décadas

(Portugal; Angola)

A discussion for decades

Joana Gorjão Henriques, Publico, 10th Aug 2016.

Italian customs seize huge haul of Roman artefacts

(Italy; United States of America)

The Local, 10th Aug 2016.

Robbery at Neemuch Mata Temple; Cash and Crown stolen


Udaipur Times, 10th Aug 2016.

Supported by the UN cultural agency, Nepal's quake-damaged museums re-open


UN News Centre, 10th Aug 2016.

Ben Bradlee's Mausoleum Sets Off a Gossip-Laden Squabble

(United States of America)

Nicholas Fandos, The New York Times, 11th Aug 2016.

The 10 Most Hated Public Sculptures


Amah-Rose Abrams, ArtNet News, 11th Aug 2016.

The replica factor

(Italy; United Kingdom)

Brendan Cormier, Architecture Now, 11th Aug 2016.

'A national treasure': The tangled trail of a priceless moon rock memento from Apollo 11

(United States of America)

Ben Guarino, The Washington Post, 11th Aug 2016.

Life-size model of goat stolen from Sheffield allotment

(United Kingdom)

Dan Hobston, The Star, 11th Aug 2016.

Roban campana de iglesia en Hidalgo


Church bell stolen in Hidalgo

El Arsenal, 11th Aug 2016.

Grevena man arrested over hoard of 184 antiquities


eKathimerini, 11th Aug 2016.

Ancient breakwater in Istanbul broken


Hurriyet Daily News, 11th Aug 2016.

Zany Zebras: Angry artist Cara Sandys calls for better security

(United Kingdom)

Southern Daily Echo, 11th Aug 2016.

Dig for lost Nazi 'gold train' gets underway in Poland


DW, 12th Aug 2016.

Chilean filmmakers demand British repatriation of Easter Island statue

(Chile; United Kingdom)

AFP, 9 News, 12th Aug 2016.

The Potential Dark Side of China's Art and Antiquities Boom


Deborah Lehr, The Diplomat, 12th Aug 2016.

Artist Claims Topshop Ripped off His Designs

(United States of America)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 12th Aug 2016.

Two Detroit Artists Face Up to Four Years in Prison for Political Graffiti

(United States of America)

Matthew Irwin, Hyperallergic, 12th Aug 2016.

Prized painting stolen from Adolf Hitler comes to light 71 years later

(Germany; United States of America)

Vicky Smith, Mirror, 12th Aug 2016.

Lost and found: "What Was Ours"

(United States of America)

Casey Sanchez, Santa Fe New Mexican, 12th Aug 2016.

Pioneering war photographer Gerda Taro's images vandalised in Leipzig


Julia Michalska, The Art Newspaper, 12th Aug 2016.

Exploring the gray area between cultural appreciation and appropriation in Juneau

(United States of America)

Lisa Phu, Juneau Empire, 13th Aug 2016.

Historic boat vandalized in Solomons, Md. in Calvert County

(United States of America)

Martin Weil, The Washington Post, 13th Aug 2016.

Paint and Switch? Did Alec Baldwin Pay $190,000 for the Wrong Picture?

(United States of America)

Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 13th Aug 2016.

St Peter Mancroft memorial desecrated after "disgraceful" theft

(United Kingdom)

David Hannant, Eastern Daily Press, 13th Aug 2016.

Pueblo leaders: Patrimony legislation won't hurt art dealers

(United States of America)

Anne Constable, Santa Fe New Mexican, 13th Aug 2016.

Cathedral locking its doors between Masses in response to crime

(United States of America)

Madeline Fox, The Wichita Eagle, 14th Aug 2016.

Money laundering and the art world


Akhbar Satar, Asto Awani, 14th Aug 2016.

Opposing Corporate Theft of Mayan Textiles, Weavers Appeal to Guatemala's High Court


Jeff Abbott, Truthout, 14th Aug 2016.

Why Does Van Gogh's 'Poppy Flowers' Keep Getting Stolen?


Allison McNearny, The Daily Beast, 14th Aug 2016.

Burglars strike Park City arts fest overnight

(United States of America)

Jay Hamburger, Park Record, 14th Aug 2016.

Our Prayers Are Answered as Beast Jesus Stars in a Comic Opera


Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 15th Aug 2016.

Antlers Hunter S Thompson stole from Hemingway's home returned to family

(United States of America)

Alison Flood, The Guardian, 15th Aug 2016.

GAO: Art world wants US to better protect artifacts in Iraq, Syria

(Iraq; Syria; United States of America)

Rebecca Kheel, The Hill, 15th Aug 2016.

Appropriation In Art – Part of a Belief System


Edward Lucie-Smith, Artlyst, 15th Aug 2016.

Polynesian sculpture admired by Picasso and Henry Moore far older than previously thought

(French Polynesia; United Kingdom)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 15th Aug 2016.

Two men arrested over attempted theft of Banksy copy

(United Kingdom)

Matthew Weaver, The Guardian, 15th Aug 2016.

Sisi meets with antiquities minister for briefing on progress


Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 15th Aug 2016.

Decendant of Joseph Banks' servant supports repatriation of Gweagal artefacts

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Alasdair McDonald, Bega District News, 15th Aug 2016.

Mono County doctor pleads guilty to looting Native American artifacts from public lands

(United States of America)

Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times, 15th Aug 2016.

Trial Resumes for Man Accused of Defrauding Art Collecting Widow of $817,000

(Singapore; China)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 15th Aug 2016.

Temple managements told to tighten security


The Hindu, 15th Aug 2016.

It takes a hoaxer and a negligent hoaxed for a Piltdown Man

(United Kingdom)

David Aaronovitch, The Australian, 15th Aug 2016.

Tacna: Desconocidos vuelven a profanar huaca San Antonio y se llevan vestigios pre incas


Tacna: Unknown people desecrate huaca San Antonio again and takepre-Inca remains

Redacción Multimedia, Diario Correo, 15th Aug 2016.

Civil War Pistol Stolen From Nebraska City Museum

(United States of America)

News Channel Nebraska, 15th Aug 2016.

Search for Mythical Nazi Gold Train Resumes


Megan Gannon, Live Science, 16th Aug 2016.

Cardiff Giant: 'America's Biggest Hoax'

(United States of America)

Jessie Szalay, Live Science, 16th Aug 2016.

Por qué es fácil robar obras de arte en Córdoba


Why is it easy to steal artworks in Córdoba

Sergio Carreras, La Voz, 16th Aug 2016.

Peter Doig Testifies in Bizarre Authentication Trial, Calls Claim Against Him Unethical

(United States of America)

Dushko Petrovitch, ArtNet News, 16th Aug 2016.

EXCLUSIVE: Crook steals, then returns painting to Chelsea hotel

(United States of America)

Rocco Parascandola, Daily News, 16th Aug 2016.

Plea bargain in case of removal of Native American artifacts

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 16th Aug 2016.

US places import restrictions to protect Syrian artifacts

(Syria; United States of America)

AFP, The Daily Mail, 17th Aug 2016.

UK Museum Ethics Committee Rejects Allegations of Corruption in BP's Sponsorships

(United Kingdom)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 17th Aug 2016.

Norton Simon Museum can keep Cranachs, California judge decides

(United States of America)

David D'Arcy, The Art Newspaper, 17th Aug 2016.

It's time rock art was better protected


Paul Tacon, Apollo, 17th Aug 2016.

Nazi-looted artwork is discovered in museums in Sarasota, West Palm

(United States of America)

Nanette Crist, Florida Weekly, 17th Aug 2016.

Tomb raiders jailed in Liaoning Province


Xinhua, Shanghai Daily, 17th Aug 2016.

Artist Natalie White Arrested for Vandalism After Equal Rights Protest

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 17th Aug 2016.

Alec Baldwin, the Bait-and-Switch and 'Original Copies'

(United States of America)

Noah Charney, Observer, 17th Aug 2016.

'He's entering the cannon': Richard Diebenkorn Foundation will issue catalogue raisonné this fall with Yale

(United States of America)

M. H. Miller, Art News, 18th Aug 2016.

Jeff Koons Revealed as Mystery Artist at Heart of $6 Million Lawsuit Against David Zwirner

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 18th Aug 2016.

A Culture Returned


Mark Glickman, UTNE, 18th Aug 2016.

Racism and ruins – the plundering of Great Zimbabwe


Mawuna Koutonin, The Guardian, 18th Aug 2016.

Former French culture minister calls for halt to restoration of Galerie Vivienne


Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, 18th Aug 2016.

National Gallery returns drawing to heir of Holocaust victim

(United States of America)

Associated Press, WHIO, 18th Aug 2016.

Timbuktu attacks in focus as jihadi's International Criminal Court trial opens


AFP, The Japan Times, 19th Aug 2016.

Police appeal for information following silver theft from Gloucestershire church

(United Kingdom)

Alex Capon, Antiques Trade Gazette, 19th Aug 2016.

Brass ornaments stolen from Chelmondiston Church

(United Kingdom)

Ellis Barker, East Anglian Daily Times, 19th Aug 2016.

Brooklyn man charged with swiping $45K Diana Vreeland portrait

(United States of America)

Jamie Schram, Page Six, 19th Aug 2016.

Burglars steal brass from altar of Shipley church

(United Kingdom)

Steve Wright, Telegraph & Argus, 19th Aug 2016.

The Heist that Made the Mona Lisa Famous

(France; Italy)

Evan Andrews, History, 19th Aug 2016.

Newly restored Malawi Museum in Egypt's Minya to reopen in weeks


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 19th Aug 2016.

BFG Dream Jar that was set to raise thousands for Save the Children vandalised in Glasgow

(United Kingdom)

Catriona Stewart, Evening Times, 19th Aug 2016.

Surrey charity 'devastated' after life-sized fiberglass cow stolen in the middle of the night

(United Kingdom)

Chloe Chaplain, Evening Standard, 19th Aug 2016.

Smithsonian, other agencies protect artifacts in Iraq, Syria

(Syria; Iraq; United States of America)

Joe Davidson, The Washington Post, 19th Aug 2016.

Stolen Southampton zebra sculpture found in river

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 19th Aug 2016.

Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery under fire over Crimean loans in blockbuster show

(Russia; Ukraine)

Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 19th Aug 2016.

Bulgarian police arrest man over illegal possession of ancient coins


The Sofia Globe, 19th Aug 2016.

Ohio man who bought Native American remains gets probation

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Fox, 19th Aug 2016.

Stolen $65,000 sculpture returned after alleged ransom attempt


The West Australian, 19th Aug 2016.

Ica: Denuncian remoción de antiguo cementerio prehispánico


Ica: Removal of ancient Prehispanic cemetery condemned

Redacción Multimedia, Diario Correo, 19th Aug 2016.

Report chronicles vandalism and reckless off-road damage to Nevada's Gold Butte region

(United States of America)

The Wilderness Society, Yuba Net, 19th Aug 2016.

Suspected Tomb Raider Gets Raided in Costa Rica

(Costa Rica)

Jamie Lopez, The Costa Rica Star, 20th Aug 2016.

Commentary: U.S. must help safeguard tribal patrimony

(United States of America)

Martin Heinrich, Santa Fe New Mexican, 20th Aug 2016.

In the frame: We chat to 'art detective' Arthur Brand


Matilda Battersby, Belfast Telegraph, 20th Aug 2016.

El hermano mayor de la Fe da por perdidas las 37 piezas de joyería robadas pese a la detención del ladrón


The head of La Hermandad de la Fe give up as lost 37 pieces of jewellery stolen, despite the arrest of the thief

Europa Press, La Informacion, 20th Aug 2016.

Man who stole Diana Vreeland portrait says he was drunk

(United States of America)

Jennifer Bain, New York Post, 21st Aug 2016.

Security firm brought in to protect artwork after thieves target Southern Nature Art Exhibition

(United Kingdom)

Sian Davies, Southern Daily Echo, 21st Aug 2016.

6 panchaloha idols stolen from Tiruvotriyur temple


The Hindu, 21st Aug 2016.

Burglars strike in temple; loot gold, silver and cash


The Hindu, 21st Aug 2016.

Police recover 400-yr old stolen idols, ornaments


The Kathmandu Post, 21st Aug 2016.

Gold chains worth Rs 2.5 lakh stolen from deity of Bhadrachalam temple


B. Satyanarayana Reddy, The New Indian Express, 22nd Aug 2016.

On trial: the destruction of history during conflict


James Reinl, Al Jazeera, 22nd Aug 2016.

Cheltenham MP calls for inquiry into removal of Banksy's Spy Booth

(United Kingdom)

Mark Brown, The Guardian, 22nd Aug 2016.

Who's Got the Bones? Timeline Reveals Park Service Employees Covered Up Theft of Ancient Remains

(United States of America)

Frank Hopper, Indian Country Today, 22nd Aug 2016.

Security Guard Files Lawsuit Against Metropolitan Museum of Art After Being Fired for Vandalism

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 22nd Aug 2016.

Meet the woman who found priceless earring that was stolen from MFA

(United States of America)

Emily Sweeney, The Boston Globe, 22nd Aug 2016.

Islamist rebel apologises for destroying Timbuktu shrines at ICC trial


BBC News, 22nd Aug 2016.

SF church's holy relic stolen

(United States of America)

Steve Rubenstein, SFGate, 22nd Aug 2016.

Yaguarón: Rescatan candelabros robados del templo


Yugarón: Candelabras stolen from church returned

Ultima Hora, 22nd Aug 2016.

4 suspected tomb raiders held in Hebei


Shanghai Daily,, 22nd Aug 2016.

Iran to Reclaim Achaemenid Tablets from US after 80 Years

(Iran; United States of America)

Iranian Students News, Iran Front Page, 22nd Aug 2016.

Human Skulls Are Being Sold Online, But Is It Legal?


Kristin Hugo, National Geographic, 23rd Aug 2016.

Looters hit county's archaeological sites

(United States of America)

Lazaro Aleman, ECB Publishing, 23rd Aug 2016.

East Harlem Kenny Scharf Mural Stolen a Second Time

(United States of America)

Brendan Krisel, Patch, 23rd Aug 2016.

Rise of the Nazi-Grave Robbers

(Poland; Germany)

Thomas Rogers, Bloomberg, 23rd Aug 2016.

Victory for Gweagal man Rodney Kelly in fight to have artefacts returned from British museums

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Lucy McNally, ABC Australia, 23rd Aug 2016.

Tomb raiders pillaged ancient Kazakhstan pyramid leaving only skulls and pottery


Lara Rebello, International Business Times, 23rd Aug 2016.

Action urged for Yama lintel return

(Thailand; United States of America)

Ploenpote Atthakor, Bangkok Post, 23rd Aug 2016.

'Need to sensitise law enforcement agencies on heritage'


The Hindu, 23rd Aug 2016.

Will a $395,000 lawsuit make Craig Breedlove's damaged Spirit of America great again?

(United States of America)

Lisa Bertagnoli, Autoweek, 23rd Aug 2016.

Sacred Maori paintings taken from King Country trust boardroom

(New Zealand)

The New Zealand Herald, 23rd Aug 2016.

Myanmar earthquake kills three, damages scores of ancient temples


Shwe Yee Saw Myint, Reuters, 24th Aug 2016.

Israeli museum transfer sets 'dangerous precedent'

(Palestine; Israel)

Ylenia Gostoli, Al Jazeera, 24th Aug 2016.

Another artifact at US museum 'may have been stolen'

(Thailand; United States of America)

Ploenpote Atthakor, Bangkok Post, 24th Aug 2016.

Artist Peter Doig wins case over painting he said was not his work

(United States of America; Canada)

BBC News, 24th Aug 2016.

Almost 70%of smuggled objects seized in Syria and Lebanon are fakes, antiquities chief says


Tim Cornwell, The Art Newspaper, 24th Aug 2016.

Do Ancient Shipwrecks Stand a Chance?


Evan Lubodsky, Hakai, 24th Aug 2016.

Missing Torahs at Jersey City synagogue after back-to-back burglaries

(United States of America)

Terrence T. McDonald,, 24th Aug 2016.

Assisi basilica declared safe after fatal earthquake strikes central Italy


Hannah McGivern, The Art Newspaper, 24th Aug 2016.

Qatar's oil boom created the world's most extravagant art scene—and also led to its demise

(United Arab Emirates)

Mikolai Napieralski, Quartz, 24th Aug 2016.

The Big Business Of Looted Antiquities (Audio)


Tom Gjelten, The Diane Rehm Show, 24th Aug 2016.

Roban valiosos objetos de la iglesia de Taurisma


RPP, 25th Aug 2016.

Bagan After the Quake: Concerns Over Manhandling of Debris


Zarni Mann, The Irrawaddy, 25th Aug 2016.

Ottawa backs request for return of Beothuk remains from Scotland


Dean Beeby, CBC, 25th Aug 2016.

Antique Heist Leads To $50K Loss Of Rare Greek And Japanese Artifacts

(United States of America)

Jack Morse, SFist, 25th Aug 2016.

Guaquería, la historia oculta bajo tierra


Looting: the history hidden under the ground

Juliana Diosa Vargas, El Espectador, 25th Aug 2016.

75%increase in infringement on Egyptian monuments in Greece: Ministry of Religious Endowments

(Greece; Egypt)

Aisha Zidane, Daily News Egypt, 25th Aug 2016.

The Mammoth Pirates


Amos Chapple, Radio Free Europe, 25th Aug 2016.

From Timbuktu to Grimsby, heritage deserves to be restored and revered

(Mali; Bosnia; Iraq; Germany)

Simon Jenkins, The Guardian, 25th Aug 2016.

Valuable Ancient Jewelry Found in Private Home in Bulgaria's Nikopol


Novinite, 25th Aug 2016.

Artefacts stolen from Parliament Building


Nation News, 25th Aug 2016.

Myanmar President Visits Bagan to Survey Quake-Damaged Pagodas


Radio Free Asia, 25th Aug 2016.

Jharkhand: Authorities ensure Rs 2,500-cr Krishna idol is guarded well


B. Vijay Murty, Hindustan Times, 26th Aug 2016.

Why should a court decide the authenticity of a living artist's work?


Donna Yates, Apollo, 26th Aug 2016.

Gold Coast breakup ends in federal court, claims of art theft

(United States of America)

Kim Janssen, The Chicago Tribune, 26th Aug 2016.

Resignations at the Bronx Museum Over a Costly International Push

(United States of America)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 26th Aug 2016.

What is the Cost of Preserving the Past? (Audio)


BBC World Service, 26th Aug 2016.

Stolen shields: Native art stolen from elementary school

(United States of America)

Sam DeGrave, Juneau Empire, 27th Aug 2016.

Somerset man who claimed theft of expensive painting was 'drunken prank' escapes jail

(United Kingdom)

Somerset Live, 27th Aug 2016.

Richard Prince And Gagosian Sued By Makeup Artist Over Instagram Copyright infringement

(United States of America)

Artlyst, 28th Aug 2016.

Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2016 ends with call to save heritage endangered by war

(United Kingdom; Syria)

Phyllis Stephen, The Edinburgh Reporter, 28th Aug 2016.

The earthquake aftermath: 'Don't rush with restoration'


Libby Hogan, DVB, 29th Aug 2016.

Old Master recovered and gang arrested in Marbella


John Smith, EuroWeekly, 29th Aug 2016.

Feature: Greece strives to preserve underwater antiquities


Xinhua, 29th Aug 2016.

What we learned from the Knoedler fakes scandal

(United States of America)

Laura Gilbert, The Art Newspaper, 29th Aug 2016.

Juliaca: perpetran nuevo robo sacrílego en Templo Santa Catalina


Juliaca: New sacrilegious robbery perpetrated in Santa Catalina temple

Redacción, RPP, 29th Aug 2016.

Bid to steal panchaloha idols from temple


The Hindu, 29th Aug 2016.

Nazi treasure hunt: Spain wants return of 'Aryan' artifacts gifted to Third Reich in 1940s

(Spain; Germany)

RT, 30th Aug 2016.

Vegas Memorabilia House Accused of Fraud

(United States of America)

Mike Heuer, Courthouse News Service, 30th Aug 2016.

The truth about the Hemingway Heist

(United Kingdom)

David Mason, The Guardian, 30th Aug 2016.

Paintings presumed stolen from Dunkirk Museum

(United States of America)

Dave McKinley, WGRZ, 30th Aug 2016.

Bolton pub's ghost 'stolen' by Chinese artist

(United Kingdom; China)

Harry Readhead, Metro, 30th Aug 2016.

Cambridge artist's Gord Downie portrait stolen by T-shirt sellers


Lisa Rutledge, Cambridge Times, 30th Aug 2016.

11th century Bible recovered in central Turkey


Daily Sabah, 30th Aug 2016.

Balgopaleshwar Temple reconstruction suspended


My Republica, 30th Aug 2016.

Denuncian robos sacrílegos en el templo Santa Catalina de Juliaca


Sacrilegious theft in the Santa Catalina temple in Juliaca denounced

Correo Punto, Diario Correo, 30th Aug 2016.

Burglars steal 13 brass bells from century-old temple


The Times of India, 30th Aug 2016.

Udupi: Valuables stolen from Mukhyaprana temple


Daijiworld Media Network, Daijiworld, 30th Aug 2016.

Anselm Kiefer's Workshop Robbed for Raw Materials Again


Naomi Rea, ArtNet News, 31st Aug 2016.

Memorabilia heists in NY, NJ mirror Fargo Maris theft

(United States of America)

Dave Olson, Inforum, 31st Aug 2016.

Bagan pagodas to be repaired in 7-step process


Eleven, 31st Aug 2016.

Judge OKs return of Native American shield sent to Paris

(United States of America; France)

Mary Hudetz, Las Cruces Sun-News, 31st Aug 2016.

Artist Kevin Sharkey arrested over alleged art theft


David Kearns, Irish Independent, 31st Aug 2016.

Collector Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa: A code of practice must soon be formed for collectors


Vietnam Net, 31st Aug 2016.