Country: Belgium

Prominent Art Family Entangled in ISIS Antiquities-Looting Investigations

(Switzerland; Syria; Lebanon; Belgium; France; United States of America)

Benoit Foucon, The Wall Street Journal, 31st May 2017.

Belgians face decade in prison for Auschwitz theft

(Poland; Belgium)

AFP, The Times of Israel, 31st Jan 2017.

The museum director, the culture minister, and more trouble in Brussels


Ian Mundell, Apollo, 23rd Jan 2017.

Colonial looting of our culture calls for justice

(Rwanda; Germany; Belgium)

The New Times, 19th Jan 2017.

Director of Belgian Royal Museums Files Criminal Complaint Against Secretary of State


Alyssa Buffenstein, ArtNet News, 23rd Dec 2016.

London church to be reunited with stolen 16th-century carving

(United Kingdom; Belgium)

Dalya Alberge, The Guardian, 21st Dec 2016.

To recover history from peril: on the dealer Paul Rosenberg and the Nazi seizure of Modern art

(Belgium; France)

Garry Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 7th Oct 2016.

Paintings That Bear the Scars of War


Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 5th Oct 2016.

Art meets history in homage to legendary French Jewish dealer

(Belgium; France)

Catherine Bennett, The Times of Israel, 23rd Sep 2016.

Opera Gallery Wins $2.4 Million Decision Against Infamous Art Dealer

(United States of America; Belgium)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 9th Sep 2016.

Egypt retrieves ancient statue from Belgium

(Egypt; Belgium)

State Information Service, 24th Apr 2016.

Belgium eliminates federal taskforce to fight trafficking in cultural property


Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, 15th Apr 2016.

Brussels Museum Reopens With Increased Security Following Terrorist Attacks


Rain Embuscado, ArtNet News, 24th Mar 2016.

Museums and public galleries in Brussels in lockdown in wake of terrorist attacks


Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 22nd Mar 2016.

Stolen ancient Egyptian statue on its way back from Belgium

(Egypt; Belgium)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 22nd Mar 2016.

Belgian museum in such poor repair the exhibits are being rained on


James Rothwell, The Telegraph, 14th Feb 2016.

Would the real Manneken Pis please stand up?


AFP, The Telegraph, 5th Aug 2015.

Egypt repatriates 35,000-year-old skeleton from Belgium

(Egypt; Belgium)

Rany Mostafa, The Cairo Post, 4th Aug 2015.

Serendipity aids Egypt in struggle to recover stolen heritage

(Egypt; Belgium)

Stephen Kalin, Reuters, 23rd Apr 2014.