Country: Italy

Recuperan la reliquia de Don Bosco


"Periodista Digital", Periodista Digital, 16th Jun 2017.

Getty agrees to return 1st century BC sculpture to Italy

(Italy; United States of America)

Jessica Gelt, Los Angeles Times, 13th Jun 2017.

Catholic Saint's Brain Stolen From Italian Church


Ronel Puello, Latin Post, 7th Jun 2017.

Professor Helps Bust Italian Art Theft Ring


Brigit Katz, Smithsonian, 6th Jun 2017.

Roban reliquias de San Bosco en Turín


Relics of Saint Bosco stolen in Turin

El Debate, 3rd Jun 2017.

Notorious Italian art theft ring foiled by Swedish academic

(Italy; Sweden)

Andrea Vogt, The Telegraph, 28th May 2017.

Controversial Italian court ruling ousts five top museum directors


Hannah McGivern, The Art Newspaper, 26th May 2017.

Looted statues, pottery returned to Italy after probe in NYC

(Italy; United States of America)

Jennifer Peltz, ABC United States, 25th May 2017.

Rome authorities defend controversial stage built amidst ruins for rock musical


The Local, 24th May 2017.

Stolen Nigerian artifact found in Italy

(Nigeria; Italy)

The Cable, 18th May 2017.

Thieves steal 6th-century ornament from Pompeii


The Local, 18th May 2017.

Museum-Goers Beware: That Ancient Artifact May Be Stolen

(United Kingdom; Italy; Greece)

Nick Romeo, National Geographic, 1st May 2017.

Italian Art Dealer Swindled Out of Paintings by Rembrandt and Renoir Worth $30 Million


Alyssa Buffenstein, ArtNet News, 28th Apr 2017.

Rembrandt, Renoir paintings stolen in a 29-million-dollar heist in Italy


German Press Agency, Daily Sabah, 26th Apr 2017.

Peggy Guggenheim's great-grandchildren say New York exhibition violates her legacy

(Italy; United States of America)

Cristina Ruiz, The Art Newspaper, 20th Apr 2017.

Boston Public Library Returns Mistakenly Stolen Historical Artifacts To Italian Government

(United States of America; Italy)

Anthony Brooks, WBUR, 19th Apr 2017.

ICE HSI and Boston Public Library return cultural artifacts to Italy

(United States of America; Italy)

ICE, 19th Apr 2017.

Ecuadoran tourist cited for writing names on Roman Colosseum


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 11th Apr 2017.

Popular Mural by William Kentridge in Rome Defaced by Vandals


Lorena Muñoz-Alonso, ArtNet News, 3rd Apr 2017.

Italy wins G-7 backing for U.N. peacekeeping force for culture


Reuters, Japan Times, 2nd Apr 2017.

Art 'blue helmets' rescue Italy's treasures from rubble


Kelly Velasquez, Yahoo News, 1st Apr 2017.

3 Are Held on Suspicion of Plot to Attack Rialto Bridge in Venice


Elisabetta Povoledo, The New York Times, 30th Mar 2017.

Italy's 'Art Squad' charges hoarder of rare Roman coins


Catherine Edwards, The Local, 24th Mar 2017.

Serbia returns precious stolen violin to France

(Serbia; France; Italy)

AFP, Yahoo News, 23rd Mar 2017.

Photos of Guercino painting, rolled up like a rug by thieves, reveal extent of damage

(Morocco; Italy)

Emily Sharpe, The Art Newspaper, 22nd Mar 2017.

Long Lost Van Gogh Paintings Go On View in Amsterdam Amid Controversial New Documentary

(Netherlands; Italy)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 20th Mar 2017.

Thieves' smoke bombs spark panic in Venice's St Mark's Square


Associated Press, The Telegraph, 17th Mar 2017.

Stolen Etruscan Vessel to Be Returned to Italy

(Italy; United States of America)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 16th Mar 2017.

Italian anti-mafia raids target politicians and businessmen


BBC News, 15th Mar 2017.

Looted Iraqi Art, Since Recovered, Will Be Shown at the Venice Biennale

(Iraq; Italy)

Christopher D. Shea, The New York Times, 20th Feb 2017.

Ancient artefacts leave Iraq for the 57th Venice Biennale

(Iraq; Italy)

Colin Randall, The National, 20th Feb 2017.

Tourist Arrested For Vandalizing Colosseum With Ancient Coin


Glory Moralidad, Travelers Today, 18th Feb 2017.

Stolen Guercino found in Casablanca

(Morocco; Italy)

ANSA, 16th Feb 2017.

Italy Recovers 14 More Paintings, Including a Salvador Dalí, From Collection of Mafia Boss


Alyssa Buffenstein, ArtNet News, 13th Feb 2017.

Painting stolen by Nazis finally returned to heirs of Jewish art gallery

(United States of America; Canada; Italy)

Chris Perez, New York Post, 8th Feb 2017.

Italy restoring damaged art from Palmyra Italy restoring damaged art from Palmyra

(Italy; Syria)

ANSA, 7th Feb 2017.

Call for Italy's quake-stricken works to return home for treatment


Hannah McGivern, The Art Newspaper, 3rd Feb 2017.

Missing Paintings Stolen by Mobsters to Return to Van Gogh Museum

(Netherlands; Italy)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 2nd Feb 2017.

Angry Pompeii workers 'tear down part of ancient Roman house in clash with management'


Chris Kitching, Mirror, 1st Feb 2017.

Guatemala recupera 22 piezas arqueológicas en el extranjero

(Guatemala; Italy; Switzerland; Germany; United States of America; El Salvador)

Guatemala recovers 22 archaeological pieces from abroad

Marlyn Valddez De León, AGN, 24th Jan 2017.

Italy to return stolen Van Goghs to Dutch museum soon

(Netherlands; Italy)

AFP, 19th Jan 2017.

Tourist Returns Stolen Cobblestone to Rome With Apology Note


Lilit Marcus, Condé Nast Traveler, 19th Jan 2017.

Rome mulls no-go zone around Colosseum after acts of vandalism


Chiara Palazzo, The Telegraph, 17th Jan 2017.

In focus: Tehran museum puts on show newly recuperated relics

(Iran; Italy)

Tehran Times, 4th Jan 2017.

Facebook censors Renaissance statue of Neptune for 'explicit content'


Jen Mills, Metro, 2nd Jan 2017.

Italy plans new art crime law after Ukraine recovers stolen masterpieces

(Italy; Ukraine)

Alasdair Sandford, Euronews, 22nd Dec 2016.

Stolen Old Master paintings head back to Verona

(Italy; Ukraine)

Hannah McGivern, The Art Newspaper, 21st Dec 2016.

Stolen masterpiece paintings returned to Italy from Ukraine

(Italy; Ukraine)

Associated Press, The Guardian, 21st Dec 2016.

Napoleon's pillaged works of art on show in Rome


AFP, Shanghai Daily, 17th Dec 2016.

Restituyen al gobierno mexicano 12 piezas arqueológicas incautadas en Italia

(Mexico; Italy)

12 archaeological pieces seized in Italy are returned to the Mexican government

Periodico el Despertar, 14th Dec 2016.

ICE and CBP return cultural artifacts to Italy

(Italy; United States of America)

ICE, 9th Dec 2016.

The mystery of the stolen Klimt


Max Paradiso, BBC News, 8th Dec 2016.

Roman statue stolen from Mussolini is returning to Italy

(Italy; United States of America)

Jamie Schram, New York Post, 7th Dec 2016.

Museum heist gang sentenced to 30+ years


ANSA, 5th Dec 2016.

Art cops recover Roman statue


ANSA, 2nd Dec 2016.

Rome in shock as Bernini elephant statue vandalised


Agence France-Presse Chiara Palazzo, The Telegraph, 15th Nov 2016.

Verona-Kiev, one way

(Ukraine; Italy)

Danilo Elia, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso, 15th Nov 2016.

Did Michelangelo Start His Career as an Art Forger?


Hili Perlson, ArtNet News, 10th Nov 2016.

Italy returns scores of smuggled artifacts to Iran

(Iran; Italy)

Tehran Times, 9th Nov 2016.

Historic painting looted from church in Italy destroyed by earthquake


Allen Cone, UPI, 7th Nov 2016.

Terremoto, sparito un dipinto del '600, indagini per furto


Earthquake: Painting from 1600s disappears, investigated as theft

Rai News, 6th Nov 2016.

14th century Italian manuscript transferred to ICE following probe

(United States of America; Italy; Switzerland)

ICE, 4th Nov 2016.

Facebook Censors Caravaggio's Nude Cupid, Then Changes Mind


Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 2nd Nov 2016.

Are These Mobsters Hiding Van Goghs?

(Italy; Netherlands)

Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast, 29th Oct 2016.

Italy police recover stolen manuscript after 30 years


BBC News, 28th Oct 2016.

Italian Preservationists Save 900 Artworks From the Ruins of Earthquake-Struck Amatrice


Danny Lewis, Smithsonian, 25th Oct 2016.

Trucker nabbed smuggling antiquities from Patra port

(Greece; Italy)

eKathimerini, 19th Oct 2016.

Ritrovati tre quadri rubati a Roma nel 1983: "Opere di valore inestimabile"


Three paintings stolen from Rome in 1983 recovered: Priceless works

Roma Today, 14th Oct 2016.

Italia entrega a México piezas arqueológicas rescatadas del tráfico ilegal

(Mexico; Italy)

Italy delivers archaeological pieces recovered from illegal trafficking to Mexico

Tania Campos, Xataka, 12th Oct 2016.

Did The Mafia Steal Caravaggio's 'Nativity of St. Francis and St. Lawrence'?


Allison McNearny, The Daily Beast, 9th Oct 2016.

UNESCO-backed exhibit in Rome features 3 destroyed treasures

(Italy; Syria)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 6th Oct 2016.

Bull of Nimrud destroyed by Isis to be recreated in Rome

(Italy; Syria)

Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian, 6th Oct 2016.

More than a pretty picture: Mafia bosses said to bank big on art

(Italy; Netherlands)

Francesca Astorri, Al Arabiya, 4th Oct 2016.

Here's Why Art Thieves Steal Paintings They Can't Sell

(Italy; Netherlands)

Corky Siemaszko, NBC, 30th Sep 2016.

Russian collector repatriates 17th-century icon to Yaroslavl church

(Russia; Italy)

Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 30th Sep 2016.

Van Gogh paintings stolen from Amsterdam found in Italy

(Italy; Netherlands)

BBC News, 29th Sep 2016.

US tourist steals marble fragment from Pompeii


New Kerala, 19th Sep 2016.

Piano di Sorrento, nascondeva reperti archeologici in casa: medico denunciato


Piano di Sorrento: Archaeological finds hidden in home, doctor implicated

Il Mattino, 13th Sep 2016.

Assisi basilica declared safe after fatal earthquake strikes central Italy


Hannah McGivern, The Art Newspaper, 24th Aug 2016.

The Heist that Made the Mona Lisa Famous

(France; Italy)

Evan Andrews, History, 19th Aug 2016.

The replica factor

(Italy; United Kingdom)

Brendan Cormier, Architecture Now, 11th Aug 2016.

The Forgery That Earned Michelangelo His First Roman Patron


Nora Landes, Artsy, 10th Aug 2016.

Italian customs seize huge haul of Roman artefacts

(Italy; United States of America)

The Local, 10th Aug 2016.

German tourists scale Colosseum in night time stunt

(Italy; Germany)

Alexandra Sims, The Independent, 1st Aug 2016.

Italian police find €0.5 million of artefacts in art thieves' lair


The Local, 22nd Jul 2016.

Denmark returns stolen gold cart of Etruscan prince to Italy

(Denmark; Italy)

The Local, 6th Jul 2016.

Those Italian Artifacts Actually Were Looted, Danish Museum Now Says

(Denmark; Italy)

Elisabetta Povoledo, The New York Times, 5th Jul 2016.

Italian Consumer Group Files Complaint Against Christo's 'Floating Piers'


Lorena Muñoz-Alonso, ArtNet News, 27th Jun 2016.

Hoax? Rome firm claims new Modigliani but offers no evidence


Associated Press, KRQE News, 18th Jun 2016.

Stolen marble head of Rome's first emperor returns to Italy


Reuters, 14th Jun 2016.

Slot machine mobster's confiscated collection goes on show in Reggio


Hannah McGivern, The Art Newspaper, 14th Jun 2016.

Recovered Verona museum paintings put on show in Khanenko Museum in Kyiv

(Ukraine; Italy)

Interfax, 13th Jun 2016.

Arte Ritrovata showcases recovered art


ANSA, 8th Jun 2016.

Stolen Old Masters returned to Italy after discovery by British owner

(United Kingdom; Italy)

BT, 7th Jun 2016.

Italian Mayor Refuses to Loan Piero della Francesca Masterpiece Fearing It Won't Be Returned


Amah-Rose Abrams, ArtNet News, 16th May 2016.

Italy busts gang smuggling looted archaeological treasures


AKI, New Kerala, 13th May 2016.

Ukraine recovers 17 paintings stolen from Verona museum

(Ukraine; Italy)

Reuters, 12th May 2016.

Armi, droga e reperti archeologici nel "box delle meraviglie": arrestato 32enne denunciata la moglie


Weapons, drugs, and archaeological finds in "box of wonders": 32 year old arrested, implicates wife

Corriere Salentino, 29th Apr 2016.

Italy Recovers 3 Paintings Seized During World War II

(Italy; Luxembourg)

Associated Press, ABC United States, 18th Apr 2016.

Italy police stumble upon 'priceless' ancient artefacts


BBC News, 15th Apr 2016.

Italian police recover jewels stolen in €3m heist organised by Russian woman

(Italy; Russia)

AFP, The Guardian, 14th Apr 2016.

After Brussels Attacks, Italy Announces $336 Million Anti-Terror Heritage Protection Plan


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 30th Mar 2016.

Pompeii recruits army of spies to root out Mafia corruption and shoddy renovation work at the ancient site


Michael Day, The Independent, 25th Mar 2016.

Will Florence's New App Help Curb Graffiti on Historic Landmarks?


Cait Munro, ArtNet News, 23rd Mar 2016.

Stolen artefacts stashed by British art dealer are returned to Italy

(Italy; United Kingdom)

AFP, The Guardian, 22nd Mar 2016.

An Italian exhibition of Street Artist Banksy triggers controversies


Britaly Post, 21st Mar 2016.

Special squad of Italian art police crack case of Verona museum theft, arrest 13 suspects


Jenny Starrs, The Washington Post, 17th Mar 2016.

Graffiti artist destroys own work after his art was removed from original locations


Andrea Vogt, The Telegraph, 13th Mar 2016.

Statue stolen from Mussolini's Roman villa to be returned

(Italy; United States of America)

Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 26th Feb 2016.

Unesco and Italy team up to protect art and artefacts from terrorists


Associated Press, The Guardian, 16th Feb 2016.

Italy sets up Unesco task force to protect antiquities in conflict areas


Associated Press, The Art Newspaper, 16th Feb 2016.

Import restrictions extended, not expanded

(United States of America; Italy)

Richard Giedroyc, Numismaster, 11th Feb 2016.

Treasures Dug Up by Tomb Robbers Returned to Italy

(Italy; Switzerland; United Kingdom)

Megan Gannon, Live Science, 4th Feb 2016.

Hundreds of looted antiquities including mosaics from Pompeii and ancient sarcophagi are uncovered in Switzerland

(Switzerland; Italy; United Kingdom)

Hannah Roberts, The Daily Mail, 1st Feb 2016.

Disgraced British art dealer's priceless treasure trove discovered hidden in Geneva

(Switzerland; Italy; United Kingdom)

Nick Squires, The Telegraph, 1st Feb 2016.

US museum gives Italy back looted head of Greek statue

(Italy; United States of America)

Patrick Browne, The Local, 29th Jan 2016.

Italians Mock Cover-Up of Nude Statues for Iranian's Visit

(Vatican; Iran; Italy)

Elisabetta Povoledo, The New York Times, 27th Jan 2016.

Illegal dumping in Roman catacombs leaves precious ancient site polluted


Reuters, The Guardian, 26th Jan 2016.

Dipinti rubati recuperati dai Carabinieri del Nucleo Tutela Patrimonio di Ancona


Stolen paintings recovered by the Carabinieri Heritage Unit in Ancona

ETV Marche, 20th Jan 2016.

Switzerland returns stolen Etruscan treasures to Italy

(Switzerland; Italy)

Swiss Info, 15th Jan 2016.

For Italy's Art Police, An Ongoing Fight Against Pillage Of Priceless Works


Sylvia Poggioli, NPR, 11th Jan 2016.

Sophisticated art thieves network operating at Rome airport uncovered


Alice Philipson, The Telegraph, 30th Dec 2015.

'Stolen' sapphire pops up in Midtown pawn shop 19 years later

(United States of America; Italy)

Julia Marsh, New York Post, 22nd Dec 2015.

Museum of WWII stolen artwork raises attention in Italy


Marzia De Giuli, Xinhua, 18th Dec 2015.

Hanukkah at the Arch of Titus

(Israel; Italy)

Steven Fine, Yale University News, 15th Dec 2015.

'Restitution of a lost beauty': Caravaggio Nativity replica brought to Palermo


Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian, 10th Dec 2015.

Frescoes stolen from ancient tomb go on display in Italy


Reuters, 26th Nov 2015.

It is hard to overstate the gravity of the Castelvecchio thefts


Thomas Marks, Apollo, 25th Nov 2015.

Italian Politicians Outraged Over Verona Art Heist as Wild Theories Abound


Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 23rd Nov 2015.

Dio Mio! Thieves Steal Artworks Worth $16M in Italian Museum Heist


Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, 20th Nov 2015.

Former head of ancient Italian abbey accused of embezzling charitable funds


Nick Squires, The Telegraph, 12th Nov 2015.

$9M lawsuit over damage to Andy Warhol paintings: court papers

(United States of America; Italy)

Barbara Ross, New York Daily News, 6th Nov 2015.

Thief Demands $163,000 Ransom for Klimt Painting Stolen in 1997


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 5th Nov 2015.

Da Chicago a Trani: la Diocesi recupera 109 pergamene antiche


From Chicago to Trani: the diocese recovers 109 ancient parchments

Alessandra Vacca, Trani Viva, 29th Oct 2015.

Modern art installation removed by cleaners who thought it was party aftermath


Jen Mills, Metro, 25th Oct 2015.

Lebanon, Italy team up to tackle illegal antiquities trade

(Lebanon; Italy)

Mat Nashed, The Daily Star, 21st Oct 2015.

Christie's to Auction Off Painting Looted During WWII as Part of Deal With Jewish Heirs

(France; United Kingdom; Italy)

Haaretz, 20th Oct 2015.

Dispute over Venetian painting seized by Vichy regime resolved after more than 70 years

(France; United Kingdom; Italy)

Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 19th Oct 2015.

Pompeii's pilferers punished with a curse from the gods


Alice Philipson, The Telegraph, 14th Oct 2015.

Venice Mayor to Deaccession Klimt and Chagall Masterpieces to Pay Off City Debts


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 12th Oct 2015.

Drunken tourists strip off for Roman bath in famous Italian fountain


The Daily Telegraph, The New Zealand Herald, 30th Sep 2015.

French Court Tosses 'Guggenheim vs. Guggenheim' Lawsuit

(France; Italy; United States of America)

Laura C. Mallonee, Hyperallergic, 24th Sep 2015.

Dutch boy steals Pompeii relic to pay for iPhone


The Local, 11th Aug 2015.

Italy returns Iran's stolen antiques

(Iran; Italy)

Mehr News Agency, 1st Aug 2015.

New York University in legal saga over Villa La Pietra, half a world away in Italy

(Italy; United States of America)

Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The New York Times, 31st Jul 2015.

Italy's Artifacts Police Wage Global War, Recover 137,000 Objects


Frank Viviano, National Geographic, 19th Jun 2015.

Police recover painting looted by Nazis

(Italy; Poland)

ANSA, 19th Jun 2015.

Chichester artist's stolen painting is found in Italy


Chinchester Observer, 4th Jun 2015.

Chichester artist has giant painting stolen in Italy


Midhurst and Petworth Observer, 28th May 2015.

The Case of Italy's Stolen 1,800-Year-Old Sarcophagus Lid

(United States of America; Italy)

Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast, 27th May 2015.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts vase, other looted artifacts returned to Italy

(United States of America; Italy)

Mary Abbe, Star Tribune, 26th May 2015.

25 Looted Artifacts Return to Italy

(United States of America; Italy)

Elizabetta Povoledo, The New York Times, 26th May 2015.

US finds Pompeii frescoes robbed in 1950s

(Italy; United States of America)

The Local, 26th May 2015.

Guggenheim vs Guggenheim in French court over art treasures housed in Venice

(Italy; France)

AFP, Art Daily, 18th May 2015.

Priceless Raphael painting damaged by humidity as Italian museum fails to repair broken air-conditioning system


Nick Squires, The Telegraph, 14th May 2015.

Italy recovers lost Picasso from retired frame maker


Steve Scherer, Reuters, 27th Mar 2015.

Why Italy should sell the 5,000 antiquities recovered by the police


Anna Summers Cocks, The Art Newspaper, 25th Mar 2015.

Saving Italy's cultural heritage by modern means


Rosie Scammell, The Guardian, 19th Mar 2015.

Hunt for missing Pompeii artwork includes stop in Boise

(United States of America; Italy)

Katy Moeller, Idaho Statesman, 18th Mar 2015.

Mother Goddess auction: Christie's halts sale of 'stolen' $1m Bronze Age pagan icon after Sardinia campaigns for its return

(Italy; United States of America)

Michael Day, The Independent, 2nd Dec 2014.

Catholic church to clamp down on religious art theft


Andrea Vogt, The Telegraph, 28th Nov 2014.

Grottarossa, scoperta "casa-museo" con reperti rubati: nei guai avvocato


Paola Ambrosino, Roma Capitale News, 25th Nov 2014.

Met Wins Latest Round in Clash Over Ancient Sicilian Silver

(United States of America; Italy)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 3rd Sep 2014.

Coin smuggler foiled at Cairo Airport

(Egypt; Italy)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 6th Aug 2014.

Italian high court's ruling on 'Getty Bronze' faces a long delay

(United States of America; Italy)

Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, 5th Jun 2014.

Italian court's ruling on 'Getty Bronze' is delayed until Thursday

(United States of America; Italy)

Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, 4th Jun 2014.

Sorry, Italy, the 'Getty Bronze' belongs in L.A

(United States of America; Italy)

The Times Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times, 2nd Jun 2014.

Can Getty keep prized 'Bronze'? Italy's high court delays ruling

(United States of America; Italy)

Mike Bohem, Los Angeles Times, 8th May 2014.

Italian high court asked to order return of ancient statue

(United States of America; Italy)

Gazzetta del Sud, 7th May 2014.

The Getty's 'Victorious Youth' is subject of a custody fight

(United States of America; Italy)

Mike Bohem, Los Angeles Times, 7th May 2014.

Euphronios' Kylix comes home after 40 years

(United States of America; Italy)

ANSA, 6th May 2014.

Vision of Home: Repatriated Works Back in Their Countries of Origin


Rachel Donadio, The New York Times, 17th Apr 2014.

International treasures missing


Judith Harris, Catholic Herald, 9th Apr 2014.

Italy's looted treasures found in Rome 'museum'


The Local, 7th Apr 2014.

Stolen paintings hung on Italian factory worker's wall for almost 40 years

(Italy; United Kingdom)

Lizzy Davies, The Guardian, 2nd Apr 2014.

Stolen Gauguin and Bonnard paintings recovered in Italy


France 24, AFP, 2nd Apr 2014.

Stolen Gauguin painting 'hung on factory worker's wall'


BBC News, 2nd Apr 2014.

Italy heritage sleuths launch stolen art app


AFP, Digital Journal, 2nd Apr 2014.

Pompeii Made It Through a Volcano, but Can It Survive Vandals?


Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast, 22nd Mar 2014.

Thieves steal section of fresco from Pompeii


Mid-day, 19th Mar 2014.

Gustav Klimt theft case reopens in Italy 17 years on


Lizzy Davies, The Guardian, 16th Mar 2014.

Last stolen cultural objects returned to Italy

(Switzerland; Italy)

Swiss Info, 6th Mar 2014.

Stolen paintings recovered in Rome 40 years after art heist


Tom Kington, The Guardian, 9th Mar 2012.

Rome Trial of Ex-Getty Curator Ends

(Italy; United States of America)

Elisabetta Povoledo, The New York Times, 13th Oct 2010.

Italy Focuses on a Princeton Curator in an Antiquities Investigation

(Italy; United States of America)

Hugh Eakin, The New York Times, 2nd Jun 2010.

Italy Presses Its Fight for a Statue at the Getty

(Italy; United States of America)

Elisabetta Povoledo, The New York Times, 15th Jan 2010.

Cleveland Museum of Art strikes deal with Italy to return 14 ancient artworks

(Italy; United States of America)

Steven Litt,, 19th Nov 2008.

Italian loan puts marbles pressure on British Museum

(Greece; United Kingdom; Italy)

Fiachra Gibbons, The Guardian, 13th Dec 2002.

The Past in Peril: Buying, Selling, Stealing History

(United States of America; Turkey; Italy)

Mike Toner, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 19th Sep 1999.