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Articles for June 2017

131 articles found.

Fences erected near historic Red House linked to Sun Yat-sen, as residents fear for future

(Hong Kong)

Kris Cheng, Hong Kong Free Press, 1st Jun 2017.

Lost Since World War II, Egyptian Artifact Returns to Germany

(Germany; United States of America; Egypt)

Megan Gannon, Live Science, 1st Jun 2017.

Hopis Hoping to Recover Katsina Friends

(United States of America; France)

John Christian Hopkins, Lake Powell Life, 1st Jun 2017.

Ontario Gov't Overpaying For Giant Counterfeit Of My Rubber Duck: Artist


Zi-Ann Lum, Huffington Post, 2nd Jun 2017.

One of S Koreas Most Famous Paintings, but by Whom?

(South Korea)

Haeryun Kang, Korea Exposé, 2nd Jun 2017.

Museum urged to return body of Beothuk chief to Canada

(United Kingdom; Canada)

Chris Foote, STV, 2nd Jun 2017.

Artist sets up six cameras to catch thieves of shark-themed art in Chatham

(United Kingdom)

Steve Annear, The Boston Globe, 2nd Jun 2017.

Millions at stake as Chinese villagers take collector to court over "man in the Buddha"

(China; Netherlands)

John Hooper, AFR, 2nd Jun 2017.

Illegal metal detectors damage 3,000-year-old wooden road


Ryan Nugent, Irish Independent, 2nd Jun 2017.

Paintings stolen from Nepean gallery


Elise von Scheel, CBC, 2nd Jun 2017.

Ideas about art sometimes cause real damage to people

(United States of America)

Paul Stolen, Star Tribune, 2nd Jun 2017.

Selfies Add to Museum Hazards


Denise Johnson, Claims Journal, 2nd Jun 2017.

Auction house pulls 'stolen' leaders' autographs from Spain

(Serbia; Spain)

Outlook, 2nd Jun 2017.

How Two Top Collectors Avoided Germanys New Protectionist Art Law


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 2nd Jun 2017.

Banksy thief reveals how he stole street artist's work in new documentary

(United Kingdom)

Jessie Thompson, Evening Standard, 2nd Jun 2017.

ISIS militants battered Syria's ancient Palmyra, but signs of splendor still stand


Patrick J. McDonnell, Los Angeles Times, 2nd Jun 2017.

Police to seek documents from Australian authorities

(India; Australia)

The Hindu, 2nd Jun 2017.

Priceless regalia stolen in Pendleton

(United States of America)

East Oregonian, 2nd Jun 2017.

Swiss capital beefs up research team for Nazi-looted art


Catherine Hickley, 3rd Jun 2017.

Roban reliquias de San Bosco en Turín


Relics of Saint Bosco stolen in Turin

El Debate, 3rd Jun 2017.

Former Contractor Sues Dale Chihuly, Claiming He Helped Create Artwork

(United States of America)

Colin Moynihan, The New York Times, 3rd Jun 2017.

Gallery owner alleges major US Western art sale defamed him

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 3rd Jun 2017.

Solapur: Idol robbery in ancient Jain temple


Maharashtra Today, 3rd Jun 2017.

Police: '$2 million in paintings' stolen from Abilene motel

(United States of America)

Jamie Burch, KTXS, 5th Jun 2017.

Skip the fake, snag the masterpiece

(United States of America)

Colleen Walsh, Harvard Gazette, 5th Jun 2017.

World's most prolific Star Wars collector appeals to fans after 'devastating' theft

(United States of America)

John M. Glionna, The Guardian, 5th Jun 2017.

Owner of stolen Colourist paintings expresses disgust at collapse of court case

(United Kingdom)

Phil Miller, The Herald, 5th Jun 2017.

900-year-old Antique Buddha Idol Stolen From Tawang, Recovered in Delhi


Nitisha Kashyap, News 18, 5th Jun 2017.

Photographer Sues Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters over Use of Tupac Image

(United States of America)

Jessica Meiselman, Artsy, 5th Jun 2017.

Rs 200-crore ancient idols, seized from thieves, rot at museum


Yogesh Kabirdoss, The Times of India, 5th Jun 2017.

"Cattle Thief" Rustles Calf Statue From Yard On North Side

(United States of America)

CBS, 6th Jun 2017.

Professor Helps Bust Italian Art Theft Ring


Brigit Katz, Smithsonian, 6th Jun 2017.

Ancient artifacts from Mosul Museum found in IS home


G. H. Renaud, K24, 6th Jun 2017.

Banksys Plan to Sway UK Voters With Free Art Got Nixed Because It Was Totally Illegal

(United Kingdom)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 6th Jun 2017.

Ancient Skulls to be given to M'Chigeeng First Nation


Rocco Franfione, My Espanola Now, 6th Jun 2017.

Bern museum sells part of controversial inheritance


SwissInfo, 6th Jun 2017.

About 100 stolen antique idols are untraceable in Telangana


Siddharth Tadepalli, The Times of India, 6th Jun 2017.

Taubman show goes on despite art theft

(United States of America)

Mike Allen, The Roanoke Times, 7th Jun 2017.

Temperature rises by almost one degree at ancient Altamira cave


Jessica Jones, iNews, 7th Jun 2017.

Arunachal: Divorce, tale of revenge and greed behind theft of 900-yr-old statue


Shiv Sunny, Hindustan Times, 7th Jun 2017.

United States and Peru extend MoU on archaeological heritage protection

(Peru; United States of America)

Andina, 7th Jun 2017.

The fine art of forgery to be on display

(New Zealand)

Alister Browne, Manawatu Standard, 7th Jun 2017.

Mumbai Jain temple theft: Thief turned off CCTVs to steal gold strips


Anurag Kamble, Mid-day, 7th Jun 2017.

Catholic Saint's Brain Stolen From Italian Church


Ronel Puello, Latin Post, 7th Jun 2017.

Mathiatis residents fear gold mining will destroy ancient site


Evie Andreou, Cyprus Mail, 7th Jun 2017.

Roban imagen de 55 años de antigüedad en la parroquia de Las Choapas


55-year-old sculpture stolen from the church of Las Choapas

Janeth Cardona, Presencia, 7th Jun 2017.

Former Sothebys Specialist Faces Extradition to US Over Ponzi Scheme Worth Millions

(United States of America; United Kingdom)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 7th Jun 2017.

Will a $10 million reward solve the world's biggest art heist?

(United States of America)

Noah Charney, CNN, 7th Jun 2017.

Cops: Trio used art as distraction in wallet theft at Roswell gallery

(United States of America)

Mitchell Northam, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 7th Jun 2017.

Police launch investigation after a fire at the SeaCity museum in Southampton

(United Kingdom)

Maria Zaccaro, Daily Echo, 7th Jun 2017.

Vandalism at ancient Clava Cairns burial site

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 7th Jun 2017.

The art born of destruction


Prospero, The Economist, 7th Jun 2017.

The scalp from Sand Creek

(United States of America)

Chip Colwell, Aeon, 8th Jun 2017.

What Distinguishes Cultural Exchange from Cultural Appropriation?


Rivka Galchen, The New York Times, 8th Jun 2017.

Frank Ocean Has Been Accused of Stealing the Art for His blondedRadio Show

(United States of America; Germany)

Joshua Espinoza, Complex, 8th Jun 2017.

Anger after ancient Highland burial site vandalised

(United Kingdom)

Jamie Mckenzie, Press and Journal, 8th Jun 2017.

Nazi loot hunter Richard Aronowitz on the darkness of past and present

(United Kingdom)

The Irish News, 8th Jun 2017.

6th-century priest sculpture stolen from museum in southwestern Turkey


Doğan News Agency, Daily Sabah, 8th Jun 2017.

Roban las campanas de Villacibio


Bells of Villacibio stolen

El Norte de Castilla, 8th Jun 2017.

Abilene PD brushes off value of stolen paintings

(United States of America)

Brooke Crum, Abilene Reporter-News, 9th Jun 2017.

Art Worth Thousands Stolen From Portland Exhibit

(United States of America)

Jacob Dean, KXL, 9th Jun 2017.

Discovery or Hoax? News Site Claims Caravaggio Painted Leonardo's Portrait

(United States of America)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 9th Jun 2017.

117 years later: SEE stolen artifacts Britain returned to Nigeria

(Nigeria; United Kingdom)

Chika Jones, NAIJ, 9th Jun 2017.

How this exam artwork was stolen from a car, dumped by bins and later mysteriously returned to its owner

(United Kingdom)

Melissa Jones, Gloucestershire Live, 9th Jun 2017.

Judge gives controversial Cliffords Tower visitor centre the green light

(United Kingdom)

York Mix, 9th Jun 2017.

Will Bears Ears Remain a National Monument?

(United States of America)

Jake Bullinger, The Atlantic, 9th Jun 2017.

China's 'stolen' cultural relics: why the numbers just don't add up

(China; United Kingdom)

Peter Neville-Hadley, Post Magazine, 9th Jun 2017.

Institute of Archaeology says cultural heritage being destroyed in Corozal


Breaking Belize News, 9th Jun 2017.

Ancient carved tusks stolen from Karen village

(Thailand; Myanmar)

Assawin Pinitwong, Bangkok Post, 10th Jun 2017.

ICOM to draw up Iranian antiquities 'red list'


Tehran Times, 10th Jun 2017.

Picón se muestra "disgustado" por el robo y "preocupado" por los desprendimientos


Picón "disgusted" by theft and "worried" by landslides

Burgos Conecta, 10th Jun 2017.

Agency returning tribal artifacts

(United States of America)

Jaime Adame, Arkansas Online, 11th Jun 2017.

'You've got to be joking': Brazen art theft in Swan Valley caught on CCTV


Hannah Barry, WA Today, 11th Jun 2017.

Agnes Gund Sells a Lichtenstein to Start Criminal Justice Fund

(United States of America)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 11th Jun 2017.

Miscreants target temple, flee with five crowns, donation box


The Hitavada, 11th Jun 2017.

Police locate centuries-old carved elephant tusks stolen from Karen village

(Thailand; Myanmar)

Somjit Rungjamrasrassamee, The Nation, 11th Jun 2017.

David Choe's Controversial Bowery Mural Tagged with Giant Letters

(United States of America)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 12th Jun 2017.

World War II Veteran Robbed Of Priceless Military Memorabilia

(United States of America)

CBS, 12th Jun 2017.

Renewed demand made to Scotland for return of stolen native American skulls

(Canada; United Kingdom)

Cahal Milmo, iNews, 12th Jun 2017.

Imaging helps to spot fake ancient daggers


Springer, Science Daily, 12th Jun 2017.

Judge Declines To Dismiss Art Forgery Case Involving Former Franklin Pierce Professor

(United States of America)

Todd Bookman, New Hampshire Public Radio, 12th Jun 2017.

Uganda: Ivory Scam - Shame As Uganda Apologises to China

(Uganda; China)

Sadab Kitatta, All Africa, 12th Jun 2017.

Israel Nabs 'Antiquities Pirates' at Archaeological Site


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 12th Jun 2017.

Man attempts painting theft at WA winery


Sky News, 12th Jun 2017.

En Las Choapas, recuperan imagen de la virgen de la maternidad


In Las Choapas, statue of the Virgin of Maternity recovered

Hernán Villarreal, Presencia, 12th Jun 2017.

Paris Louvre Museum Evacuated (Again) After Security Scare


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 12th Jun 2017.

2 arrested for trying to smuggle out antique idol


Millennium Post, 12th Jun 2017.

Evidence in Gardner Museum thefts that might bear DNA is missing

(United States of America)

Shelley Murphy, The Boston Globe, 12th Jun 2017.

Romanian police recover Dacian and Roman coins stolen from Hunedoara fortresses

(Romania; Czech Republic)

Romania Insider, 12th Jun 2017.

Stolen tusks returned but suspected 'hermit' thief still at large

(Thailand; Myanmar)

Somjit Rungjamrasrassamee, The Nation, 12th Jun 2017.

Carving honouring man's late wife stolen from Burnaby home


CTV, 13th Jun 2017.

Getty agrees to return 1st century BC sculpture to Italy

(Italy; United States of America)

Jessica Gelt, Los Angeles Times, 13th Jun 2017.

Fine art insurance market: "Insurers are knocking on our doors"


Sam Boyer, Insurance Business Magazine, 13th Jun 2017.

Native American artifacts worth thousands stolen from Durango storage

(United States of America)

Jonathan Romeo, Durango Herald, 13th Jun 2017.

AUC hands over Egyptian artefacts from 1964 excavation in Fustat


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 13th Jun 2017.

Art pieces created for the Taubman, stolen and recovered in NYC

(United States of America)

Caitlin Francis, WDBJ, 13th Jun 2017.

Historian Allegedly Stole WWII Dog Tags From National Archives

(United States of America)

Tyler Waldman, WBAL, 13th Jun 2017.

El Gobierno entrega siete obras del siglo XVIII a Taraco


Government returns seven work from the 18th century to Taraco

Página Siete, 13th Jun 2017.

Replica of iconic car in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' stolen

(United States of America)

Associated Press, 570 News, 13th Jun 2017.

Inside the Multi-million-dollar World of Eel Trafficking

(United States of America)

National Geographic, 13th Jun 2017.

Teenagers rescued from Paris catacombs after three-day ordeal


AFP, The Guardian, 14th Jun 2017.

Sculpture Stolen From Edina Park Found In Richfield Yard

(United States of America)

CBS, 14th Jun 2017.

R12m to fix vandalised museum

(South Africa)

Rochelle de Kock, Herald Live, 14th Jun 2017.

Diamond in the bluff: Koh-i-noor stories lose their shine

(India; United Kingdom)

Michael Safi, The Guardian, 14th Jun 2017.

Nader Shah's sword stolen from Russian museum

(Iran; Russia)

Tehran Times, 14th Jun 2017.

Row over bronze age bracelet found in Meon Valley

(United Kingdom)

Hampshire Chronicle, 14th Jun 2017.

Man charged with WA winery painting theft


AAP, 15th Jun 2017.

In a Historic First, Australia Agrees to Return Ainu Remains to Japan

(Japan; Australia)

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, 15th Jun 2017.

Historical sign missing from Buffalo waterfront

(United States of America)

Jeff Preval, WGRZ, 15th Jun 2017.

Encroachments made since 2011 removed from Egypt's Dahshur Necropolis


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 15th Jun 2017.

NOPD arrests reputed art forger wanted in New York

(United States of America)

Jed Lipinski, The Times-Picayune, 15th Jun 2017.

Vandals daub anti-christian messages on Tamworth's St Editha's Church

(United Kingdom)

Tamworth Herald, 15th Jun 2017.

Historian Charged In Federal Court With Theft Of Government Records From The National Archives

(United States of America)

Southern Maryland News Net, 15th Jun 2017.

Aboriginal man demands Cambridge University return his ancestor's spears

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Raymond Brown, Cambridge News, 16th Jun 2017.

Art thief swipes $12M in paintings from Queens storage unit

(United States of America)

Catherina Gioino, Daily News, 16th Jun 2017.

Recuperan la reliquia de Don Bosco


"Periodista Digital", Periodista Digital, 16th Jun 2017.

FG to reward whistleblowers of stolen artifacts – Minister


Nurudeen Oyewole, Daily Trust, 16th Jun 2017.

U.S. Moves to Seize Diamonds, a Picasso and Hollywood Films in Malaysian Case

(United States of America; Malaysia)

Richard C. Paddock, The New York Times, 16th Jun 2017.

Son attempted to sell painting stolen from mother's Portland home to N.Y. art gallery for $60,000, feds allege

(United States of America)

Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian, 16th Jun 2017.

Mumbai: Vandalism threat looms over restored Mulji Jetha Fountain


Fiona Fernandez, Mid-day, 16th Jun 2017.

Demonstrators Rally Against the Destruction of Banksy's Iconic Brexit Mural

(United Kingdom)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 16th Jun 2017.

Officials start fencing seized stone idols at Egmore govt museum


TNN, The Times of India, 17th Jun 2017.

A month later, burglar caught in Ulhasnagar with jewellery stolen from Challiaha temple


Pradeep Gupta, The Times of India, 17th Jun 2017.

Qurans from Ottoman era seized at Cairo International Airport

(Egypt; Ethiopia)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 17th Jun 2017.

The forger who fooled the art world

(United Kingdom)

Christopher Hawtree, The Spectator, 17th Jun 2017.

Audit report shows 227 artefacts missing from Bahawalpur museum


Majeed Gill, Dawn, 18th Jun 2017.

Koh-i-Noor: The History of the World's Most Infamous Diamond – review

(India; United Kingdom)

Anthony Sattin, The Guardian, 18th Jun 2017.

Egypt's sunken antiquities threatened by ship waste


TRT World, 18th Jun 2017.

Religious figures returned


Nepali Times, 18th Jun 2017.

Thief arrested, stolen items recovered


Daily Excelsior, 18th Jun 2017.

484 antiques were returned to Egypt: Anany


Daily News Egypt, 18th Jun 2017.