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Articles for September 2015

202 articles found.

Germany offers €50,000 grant to help restore Tutankhamun's mask

(Egypt; Germany)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 1st Sep 2015.

Police investigating suspicious east Jerusalem tunnel adjacent to Rockefeller Museum


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 1st Sep 2015.

More than 3,000 artifacts seized in Istanbul raid


Daily Sabah, 1st Sep 2015.

Who stole two Steele artworks

(New Zealand)

NZ Catholic, 1st Sep 2015.

Mysuru's Srikanteshwara Temple to get hi-tech security


B.K. Lakshmikantha, The Times of India, 1st Sep 2015.

£1.5m ancient Greek statue looted from Libyan heritage site 'must be returned'

(Libya; United Kingdom)

David Mercer, The Independent, 2nd Sep 2015.

Artifact rescuer says world must protect antiquities

(Iraq; Syria)

Daniel Estrin, The Times of Israel, 3rd Sep 2015.

Rock art allegedly vandalized by college geology students

(United States of America)

Faith Heaton Jolley, KSL, 3rd Sep 2015.

Reforzarán seguridad de iglesia tras robo


Church security reinforced after robbery

El Siglo de Torreón, 3rd Sep 2015.

Ancient Greek Coin to Be Sent Back to Greece from Switzerland

(Greece; Switzerland)

Anastassios Adamopoulos, Greek Reporter, 3rd Sep 2015.

Rare Sarcophagus Discovered at Ashkelon Building Site


Artuz Sheva, Arutz Sheva, 3rd Sep 2015.

Trailer full of artwork stolen in Palm Springs

(United States of America)

Anna Rumer, The Desert Sun, 4th Sep 2015.

How to buy antiquities


Kathryn Tully, Financial Times, 4th Sep 2015.

Diver jailed for fraudulently selling three cannon found in UK waters

(United Kingdom; United States of America)

Steven Morris, The Guardian, 4th Sep 2015.

Richmond man pleads guilty to complex Chinese treasure 'gold' scam

(Canada; China)

Jennifer Saltman, The Province, 4th Sep 2015.

Urge que fuerzas federales cuiden vestigios encontrados en Altamira


Federal forces needed to safeguard remains found in Altamira

Diana Alvarado, Hoy Tamaulipas, 4th Sep 2015.

Britain has a 'hidden' art collection worth £3.5bn

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 4th Sep 2015.

Alamo guide acted quickly to stop vandalism

(United States of America)

Scott Huddleston, San Antonio Express-News, 4th Sep 2015.

Canada's biggest art theft still unsolved


Marc Montgomery, Radio Canada International, 4th Sep 2015.

New Digital Archaeology Effort Attempts to Capture Cultural Heritage Before It's Gone


Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic, 4th Sep 2015.

Roban piezas de orfebrería de la Virgen del Carmen en la Iglesia del Santo Ángel


Jewelry pieces stolen from the Virgen del Carmen in the church of Santo Ángel

ABC España, 4th Sep 2015.

Bail Plea of Idol smuggler Subhash Kapoor rejected


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 4th Sep 2015.

Canada returns seized Phoenician artifact to Lebanon

(Lebanon; Canada)

Dean Beeby, CBC, 5th Sep 2015.

Utah park wants to educate, not prosecute, after defacing

(United States of America)

Mary Mogan Edwards, The Columbus Dispatch, 5th Sep 2015.

Woman dressed as nurse wanted for art theft

(United Kingdom)

ITV News, 5th Sep 2015.

Banner over OU football stadium to push return of stolen painting

(United States of America)

Randy Krehbiel, Tulsa World, 5th Sep 2015.

Millions of pounds worth of paintings stolen from the country mansion of cider heir found by 'The Scream' sleuth

(United Kingdom)

Ian Gallagher, The Daily Mail, 6th Sep 2015.

Vandals trash ancient leper hospital ruins

(United Kingdom)

Clacton Gazette, 6th Sep 2015.

Poland treasure hunters 'expelled from local history society'


Matthew Day, The Telegraph, 7th Sep 2015.

Iglesias en Venezuela modifican horarios de sus prácticas religiosas ante el auge de la criminalidad


Churches in Venezuela modify the hours of their religious practices in response to rise in crime

NTN24, 7th Sep 2015.

Weak security plagues Egypt's archaeological sites


Khalid Hassan, Al Monitor, 7th Sep 2015.

Urwali rękę Chrystusowi, okradli kościół


The hand of the statue of Christ was stolen

Tomasz Jó\'zwiak, Miedziowe, 7th Sep 2015.

Destrucción de acervo en Huapalcalco


Destruction of heritage at Huapalcalco

María Antonieta Islas Tulancingo, Criterio, 7th Sep 2015.

This Ethiopian prince was kidnapped by Britain – now it must release him

(Ethiopia; United Kingdom)

Maaza Mengiste, The Guardian, 7th Sep 2015.

Anish Kapoor's Versailles Sculpture Vandalized With Anti-Semitic Slurs


Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic, 7th Sep 2015.

'Documentation can combat illicit trafficking of cultural heritage'


Odisha Sun Times, 7th Sep 2015.

Painting stolen from church

(United Kingdom)

The Beverly Guardian, 7th Sep 2015.

Antiquities robbers destroy 1,400-year-old church mosaic


Yori Yalon, Israel Hayom, 8th Sep 2015.

The International Fight Over Marcel Duchamp's Chess Set

(France; United States of America)

Quinn Norton, The Atlantic, 8th Sep 2015.

It's Gonna Cost at Least $110,000 to Repair King Tut's Damaged Mask


George Dvorsky, io9, 8th Sep 2015.

MU professor and research specialist head to trial over stolen artifacts

(United States of America)

Allyson Sherwin, The Maneater, 8th Sep 2015.

Art owner discovers his original Andy Warhol prints of Jews worth $350,000 have been stolen from wall of LA movie studio and replaced with fakes

(United States of America)

Corey Charlton, The Daily Mail, 8th Sep 2015.

German Police Crack Down On Booming Online Market for Dada Forgeries


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 8th Sep 2015.

Metal Detector Charged With Selling Artifacts From Murcia Via Internet


Murcia Today, 8th Sep 2015.

The religious and cultural heritage being ruined by Yemen's war


N.P., The Economist, 9th Sep 2015.

9 Andy Warhol prints stolen from an L.A. business and replaced with fakes

(United States of America)

Veronica Rocha, Los Angeles Times, 9th Sep 2015.

Treasure-hunter obsessed by search for Nazi gold in Polish town dies after falling into a tomb he thought was packed with loot


Ed Wight, The Daily Mail, 9th Sep 2015.

Sculptures 'disappear' from Sir Antony Gormley's lake installation in Australia


Jonathan Pearlman, The Telegraph, 9th Sep 2015.

Artist draws £15k art theft suspect from memory in bid to track her down

(United Kingdom)

Melanie Adams, Southern Daily Echo, 10th Sep 2015.

Why Scientists and Scholars Can't Get Their Facts Straight


Joel Baden, The Atlantic, 10th Sep 2015.

Cultural objects lent to National Museum of Australia to have extra protection


Clare Colley, The Canberra Times, 10th Sep 2015.

Bid to kill criminal counts against ex-Mayor Stephen Reed is 'premature,' AG spokesman says

(United States of America)

Matt Miller, Penn Live, 10th Sep 2015.

Painting of Royal Pavilion stolen from homeless artist

(United Kingdom)

Rachel Millard, The Argus, 10th Sep 2015.

History Museum volunteer accused of stealing artifacts

(United States of America)

Joanna Pasceri, WKBW, 10th Sep 2015.

British Panel Urges Tate to Return Looted Constable Painting, Again

(United Kingdom)

Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 10th Sep 2015.

Art collector files to take Honolulu Museum of Art's $880K lawsuit to federal court

(United States of America)

Lorin Eleni Gill, Pacific Business News, 11th Sep 2015.

Artwork stolen, vandalised at upmarket Auckland office building

(New Zealand)

Maria Slade,, 11th Sep 2015.

Thieves make off with museum's medieval coins

(United Kingdom)

John Connell, Edinburgh Evening News, 11th Sep 2015.

Rosslyn Chapel panel 'stolen from Great Tapestry of Scotland'

(United Kingdom)

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, 11th Sep 2015.

A Petition to Stop "Irresponsible" Restoration of Chartres Cathedral


Laura C. Mallonee, Hyperallergic, 11th Sep 2015.

Stolen church windows to be returned to Queenstown estate

(United States of America)

Mary Carole McCauley, The Baltimore Sun, 11th Sep 2015.

Algunas piezas robadas en museo de la UNSA eran de Camaná


Some items stolen from UNSA Museum were from Camana

Augusto Valdivia, Diario Correo, 11th Sep 2015.

On eve of Exhibition, historic medals stolen


Kevin Rothbauer, Cowichan Valley Citizen, 11th Sep 2015.

Ancient artifacts yield a modern dilemma: What can be collected legally?

(United States of America)

Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times, 12th Sep 2015.

Mecca crane collapse: Saudi inquiry into Grand Mosque disaster

(Saudi Arabia)

BBC News, 12th Sep 2015.

U.S. judge fines Russia $43.7 million in diplomatic feud over Jewish collection

(Russia; United States of America)

Spencer S. Hsu, The Washington Post, 13th Sep 2015.

Digging for antiquities, a dream to get rich fast in Upper Egypt


Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 13th Sep 2015.

The revised mission of the Green family's Museum of the Bible

(United States of America)

Noah Charney, Tulsa World, 13th Sep 2015.

Se protegen con cámaras de vigilancia las iglesias de Villahermosa


Security cameras to protect the churches of Villahermosa

Presente, 13th Sep 2015.

Activists occupy British Museum over BP sponsorship

(United Kingdom)

Kevin Rawlinson, The Guardian, 13th Sep 2015.

Priest, Five Others Held for Idol Theft


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 13th Sep 2015.

43 artefacts smuggled out of T in 2014: NCRB


TNN, The Times of India, 14th Sep 2015.

Swiss dealer faces charges as judge investigates €36m Picasso sales


Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 14th Sep 2015.

Wrexham sheep sculptures look for new home after two are stolen

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 14th Sep 2015.

Roba Virgen de Iglesia


Theft of Church's Virgin

Gerardo González, Plaza de Armas, 14th Sep 2015.

Lights, Camera, Antiquities


Christie's, 14th Sep 2015.

Theft of Medieval Coins From Scottish Museum Linked to Strikes

(United Kingdom)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 14th Sep 2015.

Dennis the Menace statue stolen ten years ago shows up across country

(United States of America)

David Pescovitz, BoingBoing, 14th Sep 2015.

California wildfires reveal artifacts; state officials working to stop looters

(United States of America)

Associated Press, San Jose Mercury News, 14th Sep 2015.

Beauty, not folklore, may have been tapestry thief's main motivation

(United Kingdom)

Craig Smith, The Courier, 15th Sep 2015.

Couple Wants Money Back for Stolen Art

(United States of America)

Nick Divito, Courthouse News Service, 15th Sep 2015.

Tutankhamun's mask to undergo restoration in October


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 15th Sep 2015.

La Laguna, de las zonas con mayor robo de piezas en museos: INAH


La Laguna, among the areas with the most robberies of museum pieces: INAH

Belem Hernández, El Sol de Durango, 15th Sep 2015.

Denuncian robo de siete piezas de plata de la Iglesia de Villa Aspiazu


Robbery of seven pieces of silver from the Church of Villa Aspiazu

Giannina Machicado, La Prensa, 15th Sep 2015.

German culture ministry tones down controversial cultural property bill


Julia Michalska, The Art Newspaper, 15th Sep 2015.

Uncorking wine fraud without opening the bottle


Erika Szymanski, Palate Press, 15th Sep 2015.

Reception to welcome back stolen artefacts


Cyprus Mail, 15th Sep 2015.

Gallery 'sold artist's paint spattered carpet' as her own work

(United Kingdom)

The Telegraph, 15th Sep 2015.

Tradition of vandalizing China's treasures endures at Palace Museum


Want China Times, 15th Sep 2015.

Lead Stolen from Church Roof

(United Kingdom)

Suffolk Constabulary, 15th Sep 2015.

Tapestry panel theft slammed in Borders

(United Kingdom)

The Southern Reporter, 15th Sep 2015.

Smuggling India's Antiquities


Neeta Lal, The Diplomat, 16th Sep 2015.

Temple antiques up for grabs


Manish Kumar, Orissa Post, 16th Sep 2015.

Why Are People Looting Clear Lake?

(United States of America)

Madeleine Thomas, Pacific Standard, 16th Sep 2015.

Judge probes use of four fake Goyas to fund Madrid hospital


Esther Sánchez, El País, 16th Sep 2015.

Thwarting Book Thieves

(United States of America)

Megan Cottrell, American Libraries Magazine, 16th Sep 2015.

Chalices, Bass Guitar and Cross with Saint's Bone Stolen from St. Anthony of Padua Church in San Francisco

(United States of America)

Bay City News, NBC, 16th Sep 2015.

Three arrested for stealing artifacts

(Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Gazette, 16th Sep 2015.

Retired FBI Agent Recounts the Tale of a Stolen Meteorite From U-M Museum

(United States of America)

Deadline Detroit, 16th Sep 2015.

Bristol council to keep Renoir painting sold at Nazi-organised auction

(United Kingdom)

Press Assocaition, The Guardian, 16th Sep 2015.

4 theft cases reported in Capital


The Himalayan Times, 16th Sep 2015.

Bulgaria aims at improving legislation against artefacts smuggling: culture minister


Focus Information Agency, 16th Sep 2015.

Antique Madera farm equipment stolen

(United States of America)

Jim Guy, The Fresno Bee, 17th Sep 2015.

Tapestry panel stolen from Kirkcaldy Galleries has yet to be found

(United Kingdom)

Fiona Dobie, Fife Today, 17th Sep 2015.

Church roof lead thieves labelled 'callous' after fifth Suffolk incident since end of August

(United Kingdom)

Ellis Barker, Ipswich Star, 17th Sep 2015.

Kennewick Man: a never-ending nightmare for tribes

(United States of America)

Knute Berger, Crosscut, 17th Sep 2015.

War medals stolen from 90 year-old man in Shoeburyness burglary

(United Kingdom)

ITV News, 17th Sep 2015.

Church bell found after missing for months

(United States of America)

Kaitlyn Loyacano, KNOE, 17th Sep 2015.

Two Maine men accused of museum thefts after drunken wheelchair spree

(United States of America)

Dawn Gagnon, Bangor Daily News, 18th Sep 2015.

Prague's Titian loan show delayed after insurers refuse to ship works

(Czech Republic)

Simon Hewitt, The Art Newspaper, 18th Sep 2015.

Works of art — handle with care


Dalya Alberge, Financial Times, 18th Sep 2015.

Beach Boys surfboard stolen from Calgary-area casino returned safe


Bill Kaufmann, Calgary Sun, 18th Sep 2015.

राधा-कृष्ण मंदिर से करोड़ों की मूर्तियां चोरी


Radha-Krishna temple statues stolen

Inextlive, 18th Sep 2015.

Vandals Smear Anti-Semitic Graffiti on Munich's Haus der Kunst


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 18th Sep 2015.

German museum all set to return 9th century stolen Durga idol

(India; Germany)

Sobhana K Nair, Mumbai Mirror, 19th Sep 2015.

'We are heavy hearted' — Great Tapestry of Scotland stitchers speak out after panel is stolen

(United Kingdom)

Craig Smith, The Courier, 19th Sep 2015.

Sale of Sacred Object Stopped By Museum and Native Leaders

(United States of America)

Frank Hopper, Indian Country Today, 19th Sep 2015.

Putin and Berlusconi in Crimea wine row


BBC News, 19th Sep 2015.

Inseguridad pega a templos católicos e instalan alarmas


Insecurity plagues Catholic temples, and they are installing alarms

Carlos Marí, Terra, 20th Sep 2015.

Otto Krebs Collection: Spoils of War or Plunder in Peace?


Alex Boyle, Art Antiques Design, 20th Sep 2015.

Arbitration claim over Korean pagoda ends in failure

(North Korea; Japan)

The Japan Times, 20th Sep 2015.

Tate's Constable masterpiece, once Nazi loot, now set to leave UK

(United Kingdom)

Jamie Doward, The Guardian, 20th Sep 2015.

A Market Transcendent: Demand for Himalayan Bronze Is on the Rise

(Nepal; Tibet; China)

Lucian Harris, Blouin ArtInfo, 20th Sep 2015.

Legal settlement with Armenian church lets Getty Museum keep prized medieval Bible pages

(Armenia; United States of America)

Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, 21st Sep 2015.

Precious treasure from the Shipwreck The London - could return to Southend

(United Kingdom)

Suzi Muston, Yellow Advertiser, 21st Sep 2015.

Lake County Cracks Down on Looting of Native American Artifacts

(United States of America)

Farida Jhabvala Romero, KQED, 21st Sep 2015.

Oligarchs and Orchestras: Inside Luxembourg's Secretive Low-Tax 'Fortress of Art' Warehouse


John Letzing, The Wall Street Journal, 21st Sep 2015.

Robo al Museo Arqueológico del Huila, un caso que quedó en la impunidad


Robbery of the Archaeological museum of Huila, a case that has gone unpunished

Laura Marcela Perdomo, Diario del Huila, 21st Sep 2015.

Thieves turn to stealing stone from roofs and graveyards to feed fashion for expensive home makeovers

(United Kingdom)

Sean Poulter, The Daily Mail, 21st Sep 2015.

Treasure hunters ravage temples in Chittoor district


K. Umashankar, The Hindu, 21st Sep 2015.

Alarm prevents idol theft


The Hindu, 22nd Sep 2015.

Rampant Illicit Cultural property trafficking- security details move in


Mafriq, Mafriq Music Factory, 22nd Sep 2015.

French collector returns gold artifacts to China

(China; France)

Xinhua, 22nd Sep 2015.

Building owner deals with fame of alleged Fairey art

(United States of America)

Louis Aguilar, The Detroit News, 22nd Sep 2015.

Muralist victim in Capitol Hill art heist

(United States of America)

Jseattle, Capitol Hill Seattle, 22nd Sep 2015.

Police seek paintings stolen from Vineyard home

(United States of America)

Cape Cod Today, 22nd Sep 2015.

100,000-year-old animal bones stolen

(United Kingdom)

North Devon Journal, 22nd Sep 2015.

Hastings museum mascot missing

(United Kingdom)

Hastings & St. Leonards Observer, 22nd Sep 2015.

Bozeman police on lookout for missing statue

(United States of America)

Judith Retana, NBC, 23rd Sep 2015.

Germany returns Hindu statue to India

(India; Germany)

Dana Scherle, DW, 23rd Sep 2015.

Police launch nationwide appeal to trace stolen Hertfordshire artwork

(United Kingdom)

Michael Steward, Dunmow Broadcast, 23rd Sep 2015.

The Billionaire, the Picassos and a $30 Million Gift to Shame a Middleman

(France; Monaco; Singapore; Hong Kong)

Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 23rd Sep 2015.

'Beef up security at Daulatabad Fort'


Ranjana Diggikar, The Times of India, 23rd Sep 2015.

Museum to return tainted art objects

(United States of America; India)

Natalie Trusso Cafarello, The Toledo Blade, 23rd Sep 2015.

Geneva orders Roman relic returned to Turkey

(Switzerland; Turkey)

The Local, 23rd Sep 2015.

Cambridge academic David Barrowclough jailed for six years after stealing £238k in lottery fraud

(United Kingdom)

Cambridge News, 23rd Sep 2015.

México recupera en París una pieza olmeca robada hace más de 40 años

(Mexico; France)

Mexico recuperates from Paris an Olmec piece stolen more than 40 years ago

EFE, La Opinión, 24th Sep 2015.

Mt Surprise gem owner offers $20,000 reward for return of stolen stones


Grace Uhr, The Cairns Post, 24th Sep 2015.

Statue stolen from Little Flower basilica

(United States of America)

Greta Kaul, My San Antonio, 24th Sep 2015.

There Is No Romance in Art Fraud


Anthony M. Amore, Huffington Post, 24th Sep 2015.

México recupera bajorrelieve monumental

(Mexico; France)

Mexico recovers monumental relief

INAH, 24th Sep 2015.

Criminal probe into misplaced BPL artwork quietly ends

(United States of America)

Meghan E. Irons, The Boston Globe, 24th Sep 2015.

This is bad news for people who spend millions on art


Stacy Perman, Fortune, 24th Sep 2015.

Russian billionaire hands two 'stolen' Picassos to French authorities


Henry Samuel, The Telegraph, 24th Sep 2015.

Missing Sioux City Statue

(United States of America)

Jetske Wauran, Siouxland News, 24th Sep 2015.

150.000-Euro in Offerings Stolen from Greek Orthodox Church in Paros


Ioanna Zikakou, Greek Reporter, 24th Sep 2015.

French Court Tosses 'Guggenheim vs. Guggenheim' Lawsuit

(France; Italy; United States of America)

Laura C. Mallonee, Hyperallergic, 24th Sep 2015.

Stolen wooden statuette to be repatriated to Egypt from France

(Egypt; France)

The Cairo Post, 24th Sep 2015.

Ancient carving stolen more than 40 years ago in Mexico found in France

(Mexico; France)

Associated Press, Fox, 24th Sep 2015.

Stolen Picasso painting found in New Jersey makes its way back to Paris museum

(France; United States of America)

Associated Press, CTV, 24th Sep 2015.

Expert Says M.C. Escher Museum Is Full of Replicas


Clare Voon, Hyperallergic, 25th Sep 2015.

Treasures... Beware of artful codgers


Eleanor Flegg, Irish Independent, 25th Sep 2015.

A Tug of War Over Art-Sales Transparency


Scott Reyburn, The New York Times, 25th Sep 2015.

Turkey major conduit for Syrian 'blood antiquities'

(Turkey; Syria)

Pinar Tremblay, Al Monitor, 25th Sep 2015.

Stevenage Art Society's stolen mural found abandoned by 12-year-old schoolboy

(United Kingdom)

Oliver Pritchard, The Comet, 25th Sep 2015.

Se enfrenta a prisón por robar el cepillo la iglesia y la corona de la Virgen


Prison sentence for theft of the crown of the Virgin

P. García-Baquero, ABC España, 25th Sep 2015.

Hanoians worry about more deadly collapses of colonial houses


Thanh Nien News, 25th Sep 2015.

Egypt FM warns of suicide groups threats to antiquities


Egypt Independent, 25th Sep 2015.

Man arrested with antiquities


In Cyprus, 26th Sep 2015.

Robados dos 'goyas' de una casa de Madrid


Two Goyas stolen from a house in Madrid

Manuel Morales, El País, 26th Sep 2015.

ICC arrests rebel accused of attacking ancient Timbuktu monuments


Thomas Escritt, Reuters, 26th Sep 2015.

Lot-et-Garonne: 700 objets découverts chez les pilleurs d'églises


Lot-et-Garonne : 700 objects found in the home of church robbers

Sud Ouest, 26th Sep 2015.

Painting lost in WWII returns to Poland

(Poland; United States of America)

Radio Poland, 26th Sep 2015.

Icon centres to protect prized ancient idols


R. Rajaram, The Hindu, 27th Sep 2015.

How a long-lost Polish painting, likely stolen by Nazis, ended up in Ohio

(United States of America; Poland)

Elahe Izadi, The Washington Post, 28th Sep 2015.

Las iglesias se blindan tras sufrir casi 60 robos este año


Churches protect themselves after suffering more almost 60 thefts this year

M. Oliva, Atlántico, 28th Sep 2015.

Cultural property trafficking: Army says ready to help


Anna Chibamu, New Zimbabwe, 28th Sep 2015.

Vanishing artefacts: China's cultural treasures stolen or destroyed from lack of resources


Reuters, South China Morning Post, 28th Sep 2015.

'Kitchen-grade' marble used in the restoration of ancient city of Aspendos


BGN News, 28th Sep 2015.

For Norwegian Museum, a Loss Produces a Gain


Julia Gronnevet, The New York Times, 28th Sep 2015.

Man charged with breaking $120,000 Chihuly at Tacoma Art Museum

(United States of America)

Adam Lynn, The News Tribune, 29th Sep 2015.

Deity's headgear stolen from Miao Li Temple


The Borneo Post, 29th Sep 2015.

Court Remands Scrap Dealer For Stealing Ancient Church Bell


Adu Gyamfi Ameyaw, Peace FM, 29th Sep 2015.

Forever 21 Is Being Accused Of Stealing An Artist's Design For A Crop Top

(United States of America)

Stephanie McNeal, BuzzFeed, 29th Sep 2015.

Possible Nazi Tunnels Fuel Treasure Seekers in Poland


Joanna Berendt, The New York Times, 29th Sep 2015.

Theft Strikes Chicago Art Fair as Paintings Are Stolen From Local Artist

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 29th Sep 2015.

Nazi 'gold train': Polish Army start digging but men who originally claimed find say efforts are 'pointless'


Rose Troup Buchanan, The Independent, 29th Sep 2015.

திருவண்ணாமலை அருகே கோயிலில் ஐம்பொன் சிலைகள் திருட்டு


Statue theft at temple near Thiruvannamalai

Tamil Murasu, 29th Sep 2015.

Cop dilemma over antique or fake


Bangalore Mirror, 29th Sep 2015.

Information that leads to the significant disruption of Trafficking in Oil and Antiquities Benefiting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)

(United States of America)

Rewards for Justice, 29th Sep 2015.

Body found in London canal identified as Italian national

(United Kingdom)

Jessica Elgot, The Guardian, 30th Sep 2015.

Hermann Goering's 'full catalogue' of looted Nazi art published for first time


Henry Samuel, The Telegraph, 30th Sep 2015.

ISIS Raid Netted Stolen Treasure Trove of Ancient Artifacts


Christopher Dickey, The Daily Beast, 30th Sep 2015.

The Most Frequently Stolen Artwork in History Is…On the High Line?

(United States of America)

Noah Charney, Observer, 30th Sep 2015.

Atacan una iglesia y profanan el sagrario en Bigastro


Lola González Giraldós, Infovaticana, 30th Sep 2015.

Trevor Noah calls Isis 'capitalist hypocrites' for selling stolen artifacts to the US

(United States of America; Iraq; Syria)

Justin Carissimo, The Independent, 30th Sep 2015.

Where Do ISIS-Looted Antiquities Go?

(Iraq; Syria)

Kathleen Caulderwood, Vice, 30th Sep 2015.

3 tomb raiders die from lack of air while attempting to rob ancient grave in central China


Associated Press, Fox, 30th Sep 2015.

Turkey's Culture Ministry defends restoration at Aspendos


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 30th Sep 2015.

Iraqi historian claims 'Jewish mafia' behind antiquities theft in Middle East


The Jerusalem Post, 30th Sep 2015.

Drunken tourists strip off for Roman bath in famous Italian fountain


The Daily Telegraph, The New Zealand Herald, 30th Sep 2015.

Uniting Against Threats to Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Syria

(United States of America; Iraq; Syria)

United States Department of State, 30th Sep 2015.