Country: Poland

Wracają nieliczne utracone dzieła sztuki


Few lost artworks returned

Gra\.zyna Zawadka, Rzeczpospolita, 18th May 2017.

Holocaust Survivors in Poland Find Restitution Claims 'Like a Carousel'


Nina Siegal, The New York Times, 10th May 2017.

Poland recovers artwork looted in World War II


Roberto Galea, Poland Radio, 22nd Apr 2017.

Two British teenagers found guilty of stealing objects from Auschwitz during school trip

(Poland; United Kingdom)

Matthew Day, The Telegraph, 29th Mar 2017.

11 arrested for desecrating Auschwitz


Ben Ariel, Arutz Sheva, 24th Mar 2017.

Performance artists living in exile in the UK might be forced to return to Poland

(Poland; United Kingdom)

Rob Shap, The Art Newspaper, 24th Mar 2017.

Why it's so hard to return art stolen by Nazis


Weston Williams, The Christian Science Monitor, 28th Feb 2017.

Son of Nazi governor returns art stolen from Poland during second world war


Uki Goñi, The Guardian, 26th Feb 2017.

Auschwitz Museum offers confidentiality to Nazi war criminals Auschwitz Museum offers confidentiality to Nazi war criminals


Arutz Sheva, Israel National News, 5th Feb 2017.

Belgians face decade in prison for Auschwitz theft

(Poland; Belgium)

AFP, The Times of Israel, 31st Jan 2017.

"Królowa Korony Polskiej" wróci do kraju?


"Queen of the Polish Crown" will return to the country?

Łukasz Gazur, Dziennik Polski, 27th Jan 2017.

Young artists involved in creating Stik mural in Gdansk call for its return

(Poland; United Kingdom)

Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 14th Dec 2016.

New Exhibition Shows Poland Using Jewish Gravestones to Build Walls, Sidewalks, Playgrounds

(Poland; United States of America)

JNi.Media, The Jewish Press, 13th Dec 2016.

Police recover painting stolen 19 years ago


Radio Poland, 24th Nov 2016.

These Sifrei Torah made it through hard times in Poland, Iraq, Portugal, Russia and elsewhere, before being reborn in new communities.

(Israel; Iraq; Poland; Portugal; Czech Republic; Russia)

The Jerusalem Post, 24th Oct 2016.

Two British schoolboys appear in Polish court accused of stealing buttons, shards of glass and a hair clipper belonging to former Auschwitz prisoners


Corey Charlton, The Sun, 9th Sep 2016.

Rise of the Nazi-Grave Robbers

(Poland; Germany)

Thomas Rogers, Bloomberg, 23rd Aug 2016.

Search for Mythical Nazi Gold Train Resumes


Megan Gannon, Live Science, 16th Aug 2016.

Dig for lost Nazi 'gold train' gets underway in Poland


DW, 12th Aug 2016.

Another attempt to find Amber Room fails in Poland

(Russia; Poland)

TASS, 12th Jul 2016.

Netanyahu unwittingly secreted original Auschwitz blueprints to Israel

(Israel; Poland; Germany)

JTA, The Times of Israel, 7th Jul 2016.

Amber Room not found in Poland so far — explorers

(Poland; Russia)

TASS, 15th Jun 2016.

Auschwitz Museum lost, then found 16,000 belongings of Holocaust victims


Ben Rosen, The Christian Science Monitor, 8th Jun 2016.

'Stolen' painting returns to presidential palace


Radio Poland, 6th Jun 2016.

Nazi gold train hunters defy sceptics and begin digging for treasures


Matthew Day, The Telegraph, 9th May 2016.

The Nazi Underground: Is treasure buried beneath the mountains of Poland?


Jake Halpern, The New Yorker, 9th May 2016.

Polish historian hopes crumbling bunker hides Amber Room


Justin Huggler, The Telegraph, 22nd Apr 2016.

UK teens face theft charges in Poland over Auschwitz items

(Poland; United Kingdom)

Associated Press, The Times of Israel, 21st Mar 2016.

Germany returns looted treasures to Poland

(Germany; Poland)

Radio Poland, 18th Feb 2016.

Two British teens to face trial over Auschwitz theft

(Poland; United Kingdom)

AFP, Yahoo News, 30th Dec 2015.

British Teens Indicted for Stealing Artifacts From Auschwutz-Birkenau Museum

(Poland; United Kingdom)

JTA, Haaretz, 30th Dec 2015.

Lost Nazi-Looted Jean-Antoine Houdon Bust Returns to Poland after 75 Years

(Poland; Austria)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 21st Dec 2015.

Found: 'Priceless' 18th century 'Bust of the Goddess Diana' looted by the Nazis in WWII returned to Warsaw's Royal Lazienki Palace

(Poland; Austria)

Ed Wight, The Daily Mail, 18th Dec 2015.

Nazi gold train: 'No evidence' of discovery in Poland


BBC News, 15th Dec 2015.

'Nazi gold train' investigators start surveying site in Poland


Alex Duval Smith, The Guardian, 8th Nov 2015.

Looted marble bust returned to Poland

(Poland; Austria)

Julia Michalska, The Art Newspaper, 2nd Nov 2015.

Looters dig up Holocaust victims' graves at Nazi death camp Sobibor in hunt for gold


Ed Wight, The Daily Mail, 2nd Nov 2015.

Saving an Ancestral Cemetery


Lara Ehrlich, BU Today, 26th Oct 2015.

Nazi claims spur fight between Vienna and Krakow over Bruegel

(Poland; Austria)

Henry Foy, Financial Times, 21st Oct 2015.

Polish painting looted by Nazis makes triumphant return after decades in Ohio

(Poland; United States of America)

Alex Duval Smith, The Guardian, 13th Oct 2015.

Possible Nazi Tunnels Fuel Treasure Seekers in Poland


Joanna Berendt, The New York Times, 29th Sep 2015.

Nazi 'gold train': Polish Army start digging but men who originally claimed find say efforts are 'pointless'


Rose Troup Buchanan, The Independent, 29th Sep 2015.

How a long-lost Polish painting, likely stolen by Nazis, ended up in Ohio

(United States of America; Poland)

Elahe Izadi, The Washington Post, 28th Sep 2015.

Painting lost in WWII returns to Poland

(Poland; United States of America)

Radio Poland, 26th Sep 2015.

Treasure-hunter obsessed by search for Nazi gold in Polish town dies after falling into a tomb he thought was packed with loot


Ed Wight, The Daily Mail, 9th Sep 2015.

Urwali rękę Chrystusowi, okradli kościół


The hand of the statue of Christ was stolen

Tomasz Jó\'zwiak, Miedziowe, 7th Sep 2015.

Poland treasure hunters 'expelled from local history society'


Matthew Day, The Telegraph, 7th Sep 2015.

Death bed confession in Nazi gold hunt


Matthew Day, Irish Independent, 29th Aug 2015.

Tourists Flock to Ksiaz Castle in Poland as Underground Nazi Gold Train Discovered


Jim Dobson, Forbes, 29th Aug 2015.

'Nazi train' filled with treasure reportedly found in Poland


DW, 19th Aug 2015.

NY judge rejects extradition to Poland of Russian art dealer accused of having Nazi-stolen art

(Poland; United States of America)

Larry Neumeister, Star Tribune, 3rd Aug 2015.

Two Dacian gold coins recovered in Poland

(Romania; Poland)

ActMedia, 8th Jul 2015.

Two British public schoolboys freed after arrest on suspicion of stealing items at Auschwitz


Matthew Day, The Telegraph, 23rd Jun 2015.

Police recover painting looted by Nazis

(Italy; Poland)

ANSA, 19th Jun 2015.

Poland: Headstones Removed from Lodz Jewish Cemetery to be Returned


Arutz Sheva, 6th Oct 2014.

Visitors to Auschwitz Are Stealing 'Souvenirs'


Hannah Dreyfus, Tablet, 6th May 2014.

Barbed wire from Auschwitz found in tourists' suitcase


Edward Wight, The Times of Israel, 31st Mar 2014.

Fury over the National Geographic channel historians digging up Second World War graves

(United Kingdom; Poland; Latvia)

Guy WalterS, The Daily Mail, 28th Mar 2014.

TV Series Is Criticized in Handling of Deceased

(United Kingdom; Poland; Latvia)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 28th Mar 2014.