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Articles for March 2014

102 articles found.

Brazil clamps down on illegal fossil trade


Elizabeth Gibney, Nature, 4th Mar 2014.

How art forgeries became celebrated as masterpieces


Spear's, 4th Mar 2014.

Treasures deserve protection as monument

(United States of America)

Las Cruches Sun-News, Las Cruces Sun-News, 4th Mar 2014.

National Gallery of Australia defends practices despite admitting it may have been conned into buying stolen Indian art

(Australia; India)

Anna Maria Nicholson, ABC Australia, 5th Mar 2014.

Art theft experts offer to help Cuba recover missing works


David Quinones, The Daily Star, 5th Mar 2014.

Historical shackles nearly sold off at auction

(New Zealand)

Wepiha Te Kanawa, Maori Television, 5th Mar 2014.

Thieves target 'priceless' Golden Spike at Railroad Museum

(United States of America)

David Bienick, KCRA, 6th Mar 2014.

Athorities raid storage locker filled with antiquities

(United States of America)

AFA News, 6th Mar 2014.

Papyrus, Provenance and Looting 2 March 2014, New York Times UN Agencies Launch New Anti-trafficking Campaign

(Egypt; General)

Douglas Boin, RTT News, 6th Mar 2014.

Last stolen cultural objects returned to Italy

(Switzerland; Italy)

Swiss Info, 6th Mar 2014.

Artifact vandalism near Moab a growing problem

(United States of America)

Alex Cabrero, Desert News, 6th Mar 2014.

Castro replaces his culture minister


Havana Times, 6th Mar 2014.

Theft! The tragedy at El Calvario and the painting of Tomás de Merlo


Benjamin Patrick Reeves, Revue Guatemala, 6th Mar 2014.

US returns Tang Dynasty stone coffin to China

(China; United States of America)

Li Yan, ECNS, 7th Mar 2014.

NOPD searching for man suspected of trying to steal Banksy painting

(United States of America)

WVUE, 7th Mar 2014.

Among the Wounded in Syria's War: Ancient History


Alissa J. Rubin, The New York Times, 7th Mar 2014.

Cambodian relics 'found in New York'

(Cambodia; United States of America)

Stuart White, The Phnom Penh Post, 7th Mar 2014.

Antiquities dealers liven up the London art scene

(United Kingdom)

Susan Moore, Financial Times, 7th Mar 2014.

Ex-BBC man attempted to sell artefact plundered in Arab Spring

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Paul Peachey, The Independent, 7th Mar 2014.

US probing whether Ganesha museum idol was stolen

(United States of America; India)

Press Trust of India, Business Standard, 7th Mar 2014.

Town prays for its stolen god Shiva to return


Michaela Boland, The Australian, 8th Mar 2014.

Claim flawed, Australian gallery is keeping stolen idol


A. Srivathsan, The Hindu, 9th Mar 2014.

SAFE Beacon honours Egyptian archaeologist Monica Hanna


Thoraia Abou Bakr, Daily News Egypt, 9th Mar 2014.

Art experts struggle to distinguish real from a very good fake


Namita Devidayal, The Times of India, 9th Mar 2014.

Christie's Postpones Basquiat Sale After Suit Alleges Some Works Are Fakes

(United States of America)

Ellen Gamerman, The Wall Street Journal, 9th Mar 2014.

Authorities Confiscate Stolen Archaeological Artifacts in Palmyra


FNA, Fars News Agencys, 10th Mar 2014.

Book proves Tweed man's $50m Cezanne painting is real


Nolan Verheij-Full, My Daily News, 10th Mar 2014.

Leiden Researchers Robbed of Syrian Artifacts

(Syria; Netherlands)

Maxime Zech, NL Times, 11th Mar 2014.

Rendlesham: Nighthawks may have raided Saxon treasure at Suffolk's 'village of the kings'

(United Kingdom)

Richard Cornwell, Ipswich Star, 11th Mar 2014.

Origin of Gold Country coins remains a mystery

(United States of America)

Samantha Schaefer, Los Angeles Times, 11th Mar 2014.

Missing Cuban artworks valued at close to $1.5 million

(Cuba; United States of America)

Patrick Oppmann, CNN, 12th Mar 2014.

German archaeologist suggests British Museum's Warren Cup could be forgery

(United Kingdom)

Dalya Alberge, The Guardian, 12th Mar 2014.

Newly-discovered Anglo-Saxon village 'stripped of valuable artefacts by thieves'

(United Kingdom)

Bill Gardner, The Telegraph, 12th Mar 2014.

Relic theft at temple in capital


Cheang Sokha, The Phnom Penh Post, 12th Mar 2014.

Egypt: Antiquities Minister Meets U.S. Officials


All Africa, 13th Mar 2014.

El museo de Astra continúa siendo saqueado y dañado


Astra museum continues to be looted and damaged

El Patagónico, Patagónico, 13th Mar 2014.

Relic Hunt Continues


Khouth Sophak Chakrya, The Phnom Penh Post, 13th Mar 2014.

Alcalde de Isla de Pascua pide devolver moái que está en museo de Viña


Mayor of Easter Island begins campaign for the return of moai statues

Pura Noticia, 14th Mar 2014.

Rockwell painting stolen from Maspeth recovered

(United States of America)

Wall Street Journal, Times Ledger, 14th Mar 2014.

Egypt Asks U.S. to Impose Sharp Curbs on Importing of Antiquities


Egypt State Information Service, The New York Times, 14th Mar 2014.

1,500-year-old tomb in Mongolia saved from looters


The History Blog, 14th Mar 2014.

Getty Villa's 'Heaven and Earth' a blockbuster show of Byzantium art

(United States of America; Greece)

Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, 14th Mar 2014.

BBC art experts make mistake over 'Constable'

(United Kingdom)

The Telegraph, 16th Mar 2014.

In pictures: Stolen Egyptian artefacts recovered from the US

(Egypt; United States of America)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 16th Mar 2014.

Gustav Klimt theft case reopens in Italy 17 years on


Lizzy Davies, The Guardian, 16th Mar 2014.

Delaware lawyer, firm caught up in tale of lost treasure

(United States of America)

Maureen Milford, Delaware Online, 16th Mar 2014.

Officials keeping people away from new Wanapum shoreline

(United States of America)

Associated Press, KIMA, 17th Mar 2014.

Two Panchaloha Idols found in well


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 17th Mar 2014.

Idol talk? Kapoor loot was huge, sold across world


A. Selvaraj, The Times of India, 17th Mar 2014.

US museum ready to return stolen Ganesha

(United States of America; India)

M. Kalyanaraman, The Times of India, 18th Mar 2014.

The New Stolen-Art Tracker Opens Its Doors

(United Kingdom)

Judith A. Dobrzynski, Real Clear Arts, 18th Mar 2014.

Wooing the Public to Recover Art


Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 18th Mar 2014.

The National Gallery of Australia dances into trouble with Shiva

(Australia; India)

Rachel Kleinman, The Sydney Morning Herald, 18th Mar 2014.

Thieves steal section of fresco from Pompeii


Mid-day, 19th Mar 2014.

Chinese Collectors Secure 'Min' Fanglei at Christie's, Auction Cancelled, Sale Price Exceeds $20 million


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 19th Mar 2014.

2 Utah men plead guilty, avoid jail for ruining ancient rock formation

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 19th Mar 2014.

Perú ha repatriado más de 8,000 bienes culturales en últimos 7 años


Peru has had more than 8000 cultural works repatriated in the past 7 years

Andina, 20th Mar 2014.

Filling the colonial mind: Napoleon and the looting of the Orient

(France; Egypt)

Jonathan Gornall, The National, 20th Mar 2014.

Egypt's Heritage Plundered Anew

(Egypt; United States of America)

The New York Times, 20th Mar 2014.

Whereabouts and future of Gaza Apollo still unclear


Haaretz, 21st Mar 2014.

Van Gogh Painting Stolen In Russian Revolution Won't Go Back To Original Owners

(United States of America)

Patrick Frye, Inquisitr, 21st Mar 2014.

Christie's CEO Was "Panicked" Over Chinese Buyer Default, Leading to Private Sale of Ancient Bronze


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 21st Mar 2014.

After T-Rex Troubles, Dinosaurs Stay on the Rez

(United States of America)

Christina Rose, Indian Country Today, 21st Mar 2014.

Shiva swap involves National Gallery of Australia in international art looting case

(Australia; India)

Andrew Taylor, The Sydney Morning Herald, 21st Mar 2014.

National Gallery Director Steps Down As Cloud Remains Over $5M Indian Sculpture

(Australia; India)

Simon Thomsen, Business Insider, 21st Mar 2014.

Pompeii Made It Through a Volcano, but Can It Survive Vandals?


Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast, 22nd Mar 2014.

Private buyers from Hunan recover ancient bronze vessel, the Min Fanglei


Xo Donghuan, South China Morning Post, 22nd Mar 2014.

Britain urged to sign up to shipwreck treaty to protect underwater heritage

(United Kingdom)

Dalya Alberge, The Guardian, 23rd Mar 2014.

Norwegian museum agrees to return looted Matisse


Associated Press, Haaretz, 23rd Mar 2014.

China's Purchase Of Chinese Looted Artifacts: An Example For Other States?


Kwame Opoku, Eurasia Review, 24th Mar 2014.

NGA refuses to return $US5m Shiva statue despite evidence it was stolen from Indian temple

(Australia; India)

Andrew Taylor, The Sydney Morning Herald, 24th Mar 2014.

The Mystery of the 'Only Camera to Come Back from the Moon'

(United States of America)

Alex Pasternack, Vice, 25th Mar 2014.

Institutions should moderate their rule on looted objects

(Syria; Iraq)

Stephanie Dalley, The National, 25th Mar 2014.

Peruvian police arrest 60 Israeli tourists for partying with drugs on ancient Incan site


The Post, The Jerusalem Post, 25th Mar 2014.

Hungary buys back Roman"family silver" for $20 million

(Hungary; United Kingdom)

Marton Dunai, Reuters, 26th Mar 2014.

Cornelius Gurlitt: One lonely man and his hoard of stolen Nazi art


Stephen Evans, BBC News, 26th Mar 2014.

At Risk: Egypt's Heritage and Our Own


Deborah Lehr, Huffington Post, 26th Mar 2014.

NGA removes Dancing Shiva from display

(Australia; India)

Andrew Taylor, The Sydney Morning Herald, 26th Mar 2014.

House Of Representatives Votes To Gut Antiquities Act

(United States of America)

Kurt Repanshek, National Parks Traveler, 26th Mar 2014.

Ancient Roman Seuso-treasure repatriated to Hungary

(Hungary; United Kingdom)

Prime Minister's Office, Hungarian Government, 26th Mar 2014.

Amsterdam museum uncertain where to send back exhibits from Crimean museums

(Netherlands; Ukraine)

APA, 27th Mar 2014.

Crimean museums fear loss of ancient treasures

(Ukraine; Netherlands)

AFP, Global Times, 27th Mar 2014.

Sevso treasure items repatriated by Hungarian government after UK sale

(Hungary; United Kingdom)

Dalza Alberge, The Guardian, 27th Mar 2014.

Authorities confiscate antiquities stolen from several sites archeological


Syrian Radio, 27th Mar 2014.

The loaded image: when art is politicised


Art Media Agency, 27th Mar 2014.

Art Theft Scandal Widens As Art Gallery of NSW Removes Statue India Wants Back

(Australia; India)

Simon Thomsen, Business Insider, 27th Mar 2014.

India wants looting scandal statues including Dancing Shiva returned in 30 days

(Australia; India)

Andrew Taylor, The Sydney Morning Herald, 27th Mar 2014.

A Tiny Renoir, Stolen In The '50s, Finally Comes Home To Baltimore Museum

(United States of America)

Elizabeth Blair, WWNO, 28th Mar 2014.

Tate to return Constable painting looted by Nazis

(Hungary; United Kingdom)

Padraic Flanagan, The Telegraph, 28th Mar 2014.

Authorities Confiscate Archaeological Pieces from Cusco Stores


Peruvian Times, 28th Mar 2014.

Stolen Czech Ark Cover Returned to Prague Musuem

(Czech Republic)

JTA, The Jewish Daily Forward, 28th Mar 2014.

Fury over the National Geographic channel historians digging up Second World War graves

(United Kingdom; Poland; Latvia)

Guy WalterS, The Daily Mail, 28th Mar 2014.

TV Series Is Criticized in Handling of Deceased

(United Kingdom; Poland; Latvia)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 28th Mar 2014.

Museum porcelain may have been looted by Nazis

(United Kingdom)

David Sanderson, The Times, 29th Mar 2014.

Sudan denies selling artifacts to Qatar

(Sudan; United Arab Emirates)

APA, Star Africa, 30th Mar 2014.

Hearings in Croatia-Serbia case before ICJ to end on Tuesday

(Croatia; Serbia)

Dalje, 31st Mar 2014.

National Geographic Channel Pulls 'Nazi War Diggers' Series

(United States of America)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 31st Mar 2014.

Barbed wire from Auschwitz found in tourists' suitcase


Edward Wight, The Times of Israel, 31st Mar 2014.

Village keeps its faith as it awaits Nataraja's return


A. Selvaraj, The Times of India, 31st Mar 2014.

Sevso Just Beginning for Hungary's Central Bank Art Purchase Program


Marion Maneker, Art Market Monitor, 31st Mar 2014.

Police confiscate ancient coffins from tomb raiders in Jerusalem


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 31st Mar 2014.

Three Kapoor statues from Tamil Nadu still with NGA


M. Kalyanaraman, The Times of India, 31st Mar 2014.