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Articles for March 2016

319 articles found.

Destruction of Timbuktu sites shocked humanity, prosecutor tells ICC


AFP, The Guardian, 1st Mar 2016.

Moncton's Assumption Gallery has 2 paintings stolen


CBC, 1st Mar 2016.

What do we really know about Islamic State's role in illicit antiquities trade?

(Iraq; Syria)

Christina Ruiz, The Art Newspaper, 1st Mar 2016.

Gang may have stolen antiquities for Chinese market, says expert

(United Kingdom; China)

Jessica Elgot, The Guardian, 1st Mar 2016.

Museums spending too little to prevent artefacts being stolen from their collections, expert warns

(United Kingdom)

Cahil Milmo, The Independent, 1st Mar 2016.

Crash Courses Prepare Art Conservators for Catastrophic Disasters


James Harkin, Smithsonian, 1st Mar 2016.

Failed rhino heist brings Dead Zoo Gang to justice

(United Kingdom; China)

Leo Hornak, PRI, 1st Mar 2016.

The scenes of a crime: Kota Ezawa revisits the Gardner Museum theft

(United States of America)

Sharon Mizota, Los Angeles Times, 1st Mar 2016.

Fourteen men convicted of plotting to steal £57m of Chinese artefacts

(United Kingdom)

Pete Walker, The Guardian, 1st Mar 2016.

Museum raids: Cambridge Fitzwilliam unlikely to get jade back, says expert

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 1st Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The Temple of Bel


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 1st Mar 2016.

The Heroic Effort to Digitally Reconstruct Lost Monuments


Katie Nodjimbadem, Smithsonian, 1st Mar 2016.

Rs 1.58 L jewellery theft at Vaishno Devi temple


Pune Mirror, 1st Mar 2016.

Osuna restaurará el acueducto saqueado y pedirá a la Junta que lo declare BIC


Osuna to restore the aqueduct looted for stone and the Junta will declare it BIC

Andalucía Centro, 1st Mar 2016.

Stolen idol produced in court


Press Trust of India, Business Standard, 1st Mar 2016.

RETURNED: 30-years after being stolen from Wilberfore Museum, precious Barachin cup is back in Hull

(United Kingdom)

Tareq Haddad, Hull Daily Mail, 2nd Mar 2016.

Sotheby's halts auction of Detroit mosaics

(United States of America)

Louis Aguilar, The Detroit News, 2nd Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: Tell of Qarqur


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 2nd Mar 2016.

कुटी रोड के मंदिर से शिवलिंग चोरी


Amar Ujala, 2nd Mar 2016.

A theft in Old Believers' community in western Ukraine


Ukraine Today, 2nd Mar 2016.

Egypt struggles to halt sale of artifacts at Dutch auction house

(Netherlands; Egypt)

The Cairo Post, 2nd Mar 2016.

In icon centre, Uma Parmeshwari reunites with Nataraja after 8 years


Deccan Chronicle, 2nd Mar 2016.

Looted ancient sculptures found in Slovenia refugee tent


AFP, The Straits Times, 3rd Mar 2016.

Stolen Buddha Head Displayed at Museum of China in Beijing

(China; Taiwan)

Francis Eduard Ang, Yibada, 3rd Mar 2016.

'Stringent action in temple thefts must'


TNN, The Times of India, 3rd Mar 2016.

Justice still lags for Nazi victims

(United States of America)

Grace Meng, The Hill, 3rd Mar 2016.

The great Art hoax of Zagreb's Mimara Museum


Jonathan Rome, Examiner, 3rd Mar 2016.

Banksy lawyers delayed geographical profiling study

(United Kingdom)

Jonathan Webb, BBC News, 3rd Mar 2016.

Petrified Forest: Digging out of a rock and hard place

(United States of America)

Sara Cline, Arizona Sonora News, 3rd Mar 2016.

Police praised for museum thefts investigation

(United Kingdom; China)

Jonathan Knott, Museums Journal, 3rd Mar 2016.

Germany to Continue Funding to Establish Provenance of Looted Art


Alison Smale, The New York Times, 3rd Mar 2016.

Perú recupera valioso patrimonio cultural

(Peru; Argentina)

Ricardo Burgos, Noticieros Televisa, 3rd Mar 2016.

Lost painting found on steps of Cradley Library

(United Kingdom)

Sarah Cousin, Halesowen News, 3rd Mar 2016.

Egyptian 'Seven Sacred Oils' relief recovered from Switzerland

(Egypt; Switzerland)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 3rd Mar 2016.

Swiss under pressure over art that Jews were forced to sell


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 3rd Mar 2016.

US Returns Stolen Historic Documents to Russia

(Russia; United States of America)

Patrick Reevell, ABC United States, 3rd Mar 2016.

Stolen Abraham Barachin cup returned to Hull after 30 years

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 3rd Mar 2016.

Stolen sculpture prompts Cheltenham gallery appeal

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 3rd Mar 2016.

Feds Looking Into Maligned Swiss Art Dealer: Report

(United States of America)

Ryan Steadman, Observer, 3rd Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: Aleppo's minaret


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 3rd Mar 2016.

Austria Appeals $9 Million Compensation Verdict in Missing Klimt and Schiele Case


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 3rd Mar 2016.

Kennewick Man: Build bridges to prevent a repeat of ill will

(United States of America)

Chip Colwell, Seattle Times, 3rd Mar 2016.

Never Too Late: US Gives Back Historic Documents Stolen From Russia

(Russia; United States of America)

Sputnik News, 3rd Mar 2016.

Ancient Egypt tablet back after collector notified officials

(Egypt; Switzerland)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 3rd Mar 2016.

Christian hamlet in Syria bears scars of fierce fighting


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 3rd Mar 2016.

Cops crack Pimpri temple theft case, 3 in net


TNN, The Times of India, 4th Mar 2016.

French police seize painting attributed to Cranach, owned by the Prince of Liechtenstein

(France; Liechtenstein)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 4th Mar 2016.

How to handle fakes, copyright and catalogues raisonnés: Berlin institute offers tips for artists' estates


Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 4th Mar 2016.

Court Sides With Artist Against UPS Over Stolen Paintings

(United States of America)

Celia Ampel, Daily Business Review, 4th Mar 2016.

Scholarly debate will be stifled after Knoedler


Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 4th Mar 2016.

Social media posts lead police to Silva's bow tie

(United States of America)

Carlos Andres López, Las Cruces Sun-News, 4th Mar 2016.

A Plagiarism Scandal Is Unfolding In The Crossword World

(United States of America)

Oliver Roeder, FiveThirtyEight, 4th Mar 2016.

Collector Jose Mugrabi Breaks His Silence Over Christie's Non-Payment Complaint

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 4th Mar 2016.

Long battle rages over Franz West's estate


Rachel Corbett, The Art Newspaper, 4th Mar 2016.

Hacker Guccifer who leaked Bush paintings, racy Powell emails to be extradited to US

(United States of America; Romania)

Reuters, New York Post, 4th Mar 2016.

N.L. artist upset after painting sent through Canada Post is stolen


Andrew Sampson, CBC, 4th Mar 2016.

British tourist arrested in Peru for posing naked at ancient Machu Picchu site


John Shammas, Mirror, 4th Mar 2016.

Treasure hunters ravage temples


Ravi P. Benjamin, The Hans India, 4th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The Lion of al-Lat


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 4th Mar 2016.

Vaishno devi temple: Security guard, aides held for theft


Express News Service, The Indian Express, 4th Mar 2016.

5 held, ornaments stolen from temple recovered


Press Trust of India, Business Standard, 4th Mar 2016.

Roba iglesia de Creel; lo detiene la FGE


Nancy De León, Entre Líneas, 5th Mar 2016.

India's Lost Treasures

(India; United Kingdom; Pakistan)

Tripti Nath, The Free Press Journal, 5th Mar 2016.

Bid to smuggle antiquities foiled, two arrested


Sadia Qasim Shah, Dawn, 5th Mar 2016.

Priceless artifacts stolen from cellar of Islamic summit tower in Lahore


Fayyaz Hussain, Daily Pakistan, 5th Mar 2016.

Timbuktu Shrines Trial: Why the Destruction of Cultural Heritage is History Repeating Itself


John Darlington, Newsweek, 5th Mar 2016.

Panchaloha idol stolen from temple in TN


Web India 123, 5th Mar 2016.

Rs 5 lakh worth gold, silver looted from Odisha temple


Odisha Sun Times, 5th Mar 2016.

Valuables worth 1.5 lakhstolen from Maradu temple


The Times of India, 5th Mar 2016.

'The toilets were absolutely full of crucifixes': Two elderly people arrested over theft of religious items


AFP, The Journal, 6th Mar 2016.

Probe into Summit Minar Museum theft begins


Ashraf Javed, The Nation, 6th Mar 2016.

Police recover school's stolen artwork

(United States of America)

Paula Ann Solis, Juneau Empire, 6th Mar 2016.

How Many Human Skeletons Are in U.S. Museums?

(United States of America)

Samuel J. Redman, History News Network, 6th Mar 2016.

Jaro archbishop suspends priest over treasure hunt in ancient cemetery


Anne Fernandez, Inter Aksyon, 6th Mar 2016.

Temple burgled: idol and valuables stolen


The Hindu, 6th Mar 2016.

Tracing the Legacies of Postwar UK's Lost and Damaged Public Artworks

(United Kingdom)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 7th Mar 2016.

Van Gogh Legal Battle - From Soviet Union to Supreme Court

(United States of America; Russia)

Ingrid Burke, The Moscow Times, 7th Mar 2016.

Medieval Reliquary Discovered at Christian Monastery Looted by Treasure Hunters ahead of Archaeological Excavations


Ivan Dikov, Archaeology in Bulgaria, 7th Mar 2016.

Georgia Bill Would Exempt Construction Projects From Reporting Sacred Remains

(United States of America)

Amy Morris, Indian Country Today, 7th Mar 2016.

How French Art Police Are Hunting ISIS Antiquities Racket


Dominique Perrin, World Crunch, 7th Mar 2016.

Master and Commander coat stolen

(United States of America)

Daniel Powell, The San Diego Reader, 7th Mar 2016.

Egypt to send 293 artifacts to UK, historic lantern retrieved in London

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 7th Mar 2016.

The Battle for Picasso's Multi-Billion-Dollar Empire


Milton Esterow, Vanity Fair, 7th Mar 2016.

From the Elgin marbles to the Cambridge cockerel, it's time to return stolen goods

(United Kingdom)

Jonathan Glennie, The Guardian, 7th Mar 2016.

Elderly pair held after 3,000 French church objects found


Expatica, 7th Mar 2016.

The fall of Nelson's Column 50 years on


Billy O'Riordan, Irish Examiner, 7th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: Mar Elian Monastery


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 7th Mar 2016.

'This is living antiquity': the director of the Hermitage wants to rebuild Palmyra

(Syria; Russia)

Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 7th Mar 2016.

Upper Egypt's Mallawi Museum has recovered 91%of artifacts looted in 2013


The Cairo Post, 7th Mar 2016.

Temple Theft: Role of Migrant Workers in Crime Suspected


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 7th Mar 2016.

Priceless palm leaf manuscripts go missing at Odisha State Museum


Satyasundar Barik, The Hindu, 8th Mar 2016.

Kodiak Ancestral Remains to Return Home

(United States of America)

Kayla Desroches, KNBA, 8th Mar 2016.

Benin Bronze "permanently removed" from Jesus hall

(United Kingdom; Nigeria)

Stevie Hertz, The Cambridge Student, 8th Mar 2016.

Egyptian ambassador proposes plan to share Sekhemka

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 8th Mar 2016.

Rescue bid launched for Fonterra-trapped fish

(New Zealand)

Anne Gibson, The New Zealand Herald, 8th Mar 2016.

Profanaron y saquearon panteón y tumbas de sacerdotes


Graves of priests desecrated and robbed

Dalila Itriago, El Nacional, 8th Mar 2016.

Covert scan of museum's Nefertiti bust appears to be hoax

(Germany; Egypt)

Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing, 8th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The unacceptable poet


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 8th Mar 2016.

More than $250,000 in public art at Baltimore schools missing, stolen or destroyed

(United States of America)

Mallory Sofastaii, ABC United States, 8th Mar 2016.

Cambridge is considering returning a stolen 100-year-old bronze cockerel to Nigeria

(United Kingdom; Nigeria)

Lily Kuo, Quartz, 9th Mar 2016.

Museum has a history of theft, missing manuscripts


Satyasundar Barik, The Hindu, 9th Mar 2016.

This is what happened when Spain restored ancient castle


Jessica Jones, The Local, 9th Mar 2016.

Squatter admits trying to sell paintings stolen from SF mansion

(United States of America)

Jenna Lyons, SFGate, 9th Mar 2016.

The Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower. Twice.


Jeff Maysh, Smithsonian, 9th Mar 2016.

Precious Art Stolen from India Is Being Brought Back. Thanks to One Man and His Extraordinary Team


Tanaya Singh, The Better India, 9th Mar 2016.

The Da Vinci Markup? Europe's Art Scandal Comes to America

(United States of America)

Keri Geiger, Bloomberg, 9th Mar 2016.

Picasso's dealer Paul Rosenberg celebrated in show based on granddaughter's book


Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper, 9th Mar 2016.

El INAH olvida conservar las zonas arqueológicas del país: Auditoría


INAH failed to protect the archaeological sites of the country: audit

Nayeli Roldán, Animal Politico, 9th Mar 2016.

Saratoga man charged with selling art made of elephant ivory

(United States of America)

Jill Tucker, SFGate, 9th Mar 2016.

Chimpanzee in top hat and rhino head with fibreglass horn among TV props worth £100,000 stolen from taxidermy warehouse

(United Kingdom)

David Barrett, The Telegraph, 9th Mar 2016.

Buried Souls: How Ontario bulldozed through a rare Huron-Wendat burial site in Barrie


Kenneth Jackson, APTN, 9th Mar 2016.

INAH tolera destrucción de zona arqueológica en proyecto inmobiliario (fotos y video)


INAM allows the destruction of an archaeological site for a road projects

Sebastián Barragán, Sipse, 9th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The Genie of Nimrud


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 9th Mar 2016.

Cambridge college removes stolen Benin bronze cockerel

(United Kingdom; Nigeria)

The News, 9th Mar 2016.

Thai court orders ex-CIB commissioner's 25 million baht worth of assets seized


Thai Visa, 9th Mar 2016.

Secret flight path of the Parthenon statue

(United Kingdom; Russia; Greece)

Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 9th Mar 2016.

Stolen artworks and archaeological artifacts seized as Bullas resident is arrested


Murcia Today, 9th Mar 2016.

Over 100 antiquities stolen from monuments since 2000


Press Trust of India, Business Standard, 9th Mar 2016.

Temple theft case: police custody of main accused extended


TNN, The Times of India, 10th Mar 2016.

World War I message that told troops conflict was over is stolen

(United Kingdom)

Dean Kirby, The Independent, 10th Mar 2016.

UNESCO and French and Swiss heritage professionals stand up for the safeguarding of Syrian heritage

(Syria; France; Switzerland)

UNESCO, 10th Mar 2016.

Nefertiti 3-D Scanning Project in Germany Raises Doubts

(United States of America)

Charly Wilder, The New York Times, 10th Mar 2016.

Roban una pieza del paso de misterio del Ecce - Homo


Piece of the paso de misterio of Ecce-Homo stolen.

A. Cañadas, Cofrademania, 10th Mar 2016.

The Dream of Treasure Keeps Paraguayans Digging


Jonathan Gilbert, The New York Times, 10th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The Armenian church in Deir al-Zour


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 10th Mar 2016.

Landmark Fabergé loan show scuppered by rising political tensions

(United States of America; Russia)

Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 10th Mar 2016.

Man in court after stealing matchstick model of Darlington's covered market while drunk

(United Kingdom)

The Northern Echo, 10th Mar 2016.

ICE recovers stolen Indian artifacts from major auction house ahead of Asia Week New York

(United States of America; India)

ICE, 11th Mar 2016.

Antiquities: The Spoils of War

(Syria; Iraq)

Georgina Adam, Financial Times, 11th Mar 2016.

Egyptian embassy could buy Sekhemka statue and loan it to British Museum

(United Kingdom; Egypt)

Paul Lynch, Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 11th Mar 2016.

Escalating the War on Looting

(Syria; Iraq)

Celestine Bohlen, The New York Times, 11th Mar 2016.

Keeping it real in the art world


Jan Dalley, Financial Times, 11th Mar 2016.

Buddha's return belies tensions between Beijing and Taipei

(China; Taiwan)

Lucy Hornby, Financial Times, 11th Mar 2016.

To Fight ISIS, Art Dealers & Archaeologists Join Forces

(Syria; Iraq)

Catherine Chapman, Vice, 11th Mar 2016.

To solve the world's biggest art heist, engage a community's outrage


Stephen Kurkjian, Tampa Bay Times, 11th Mar 2016.

Federal Agents Raid Christie's, Seizing 2 Ancient Sculptures

(United States of America; India)

Colin Moynihan, The New York Times, 11th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: Looted Sumerian Seal


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 11th Mar 2016.

Cathedral reopens home of historic order after thefts

(United Kingdom)

Diane King, Edinburgh Evening News, 12th Mar 2016.

Repatriation of indigenous artefacts a hot topic for museums


Rosemary Neill, The Australian, 12th Mar 2016.

Soyinka calls for retrieval of Ife antiques


Okorie Uguru, The Nation, 12th Mar 2016.

Cómo se roban la historia siria


Juan David Torres Duarte, El Espectador, 12th Mar 2016.

Former teacher calls for valuable art to be returned for pupils

(United Kingdom)

Vanessa Thorpe, The Guardian, 12th Mar 2016.

One mystery leads to another

(United States of America)

John Wilkens, The San Diego Union-Tribune, 12th Mar 2016.

The man who blew up Nelson


BBC News, 12th Mar 2016.

The antiquities looting crisis in the Middle East


George Richards, Al Jazeera, 12th Mar 2016.

Temple theft case: two arrested

(India; Bangladesh)

The Hindu, 12th Mar 2016.

मूर्ति उठाने आए बदमाशों ने होमगार्ड पर झोंका फायर


Theft in temple, guard fired on

Amar Ujala, 12th Mar 2016.

Profanan funerario de Centro Arqueológico de Qotakalli a plena luz del día


Cemetery of the archaeological site of Qotakalli looted in broad daylight

La Republica, 12th Mar 2016.

Returning the hatchet: Governments are starting to return treasures to their neighbours


The Economist, 12th Mar 2016.

Quarry workers 'erasing history' in Antalya with soap, sponge


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 12th Mar 2016.

Violence, dead bufallo, stolen idol raise tensions in Agra district


TNN, The Times of India, 13th Mar 2016.

Graffiti artist destroys own work after his art was removed from original locations


Andrea Vogt, The Telegraph, 13th Mar 2016.

Córdoba rejects Catholic church's claim to own mosque-cathedral


Stephen Burgen, The Guardian, 13th Mar 2016.

Friends of Art offers amnesty for missing artworks

(United States of America)

M. Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 13th Mar 2016.

Francis Bacon Paintings Worth £23m 'Stolen'


Sky News, 13th Mar 2016.

The Copycat Economy


Helena Pike, Business of Fashion, 14th Mar 2016.

800gm silver articles stolen from temple


TNN, The Times of India, 14th Mar 2016.

Cementerios salitreros en alerta


Salitre cemeteries on alert

Alejandra Lobo, La Tercera, 14th Mar 2016.

Yves Bouvier pushes to have New York art consultant's dealings revealed in US court

(United States of America)

Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 14th Mar 2016.

La Iglesia de Jaén reza en desagravio tras el robo de la Custodia de Las Bernardas


The church of Jaén prays for help after the theft of the Custodia of Las Bernardas.

Javier López, ABC España, 14th Mar 2016.

'Worse Than Ruin Porn:' Detroit Writer on the West Side House Exported to Europe

(United States of America; Netherlands)

Alan Stamm, Deadline Detroit, 14th Mar 2016.

13 Maya Villagers Stand Trial in Belize


Danielle DeLuca, IC Magazine, 14th Mar 2016.

Paris auction porters go on trial for alleged 'pilfering' of thousands of items


Jon Henley, The Guardian, 14th Mar 2016.

A Life-or-Death Hunt for Tree Thieves


Jason Motlagh, National Geographic, 14th Mar 2016.

New York Trial Date Set and New Details Emerge in Picasso Sculpture Dispute

(United States of America)

Art Forum, 14th Mar 2016.

जौनपुर में मंदिर से मूर्तियां चोरी


Sculptures Stolen from Temple in Jaunpur

Navbharat Times, 14th Mar 2016.

6 out of 6: ALL of Syria's UNESCO Heritage Sites damaged or destroyed during civil war


RT, 15th Mar 2016.

Colombia y EE.UU. renuevan hasta 2021 su acuerdo sobre patrimonio cultural

(Colombia; United States of America)

Colombia and US renew their cultural heritage agreement until 2021

EFE, RCN, 15th Mar 2016.

Theft of ancient idol: Himachal trying to extradite suspect from Nepal

(India; Nepal)

IANS, Business Standard, 15th Mar 2016.

What It's Like Having a Rare Instrument Stolen

(United States of America)

Doyle Armbrust, Chicago Magazine, 15th Mar 2016.

Fire destroys roof of historic Wythenshawe Hall in Manchester

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 15th Mar 2016.

Were investors conned into buying rare manuscripts?


BBC News, 15th Mar 2016.

Federal Agents Seize What They Called an Illicit Antiquity Headed for Asia Week

(United States of America; Pakistan)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 15th Mar 2016.

Russian deputy culture minister detained on embezzlement charges


Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 15th Mar 2016.

EU Ready to Allocate 7.5 Million Euros for Preservation of Egyptian Heritage Sites


Egyptian Streets, 15th Mar 2016.

400 year-old ancient statues stolen from a temple in Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Bureau, Odisha Sun Times, 15th Mar 2016.

China Fights Losing Battle Against Tomb Raiders


Frank Fang, The Epoch Times, 16th Mar 2016.

American tourist sneaks into ancient Jerusalem cave in overnight treasure hunt


Alexander J. Apfel, Ynet News, 16th Mar 2016.

France and Britain prepare for battle over Joan of Arc's ring

(United Kingdom; France)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 16th Mar 2016.

The Trouble With the Maadana: Could an Israeli national symbol be a fake?


Daniel Estrin, New Republic, 16th Mar 2016.

Why Egypt is placing its pyramids under military protection


Safinaa Mounir, Al Monitor, 16th Mar 2016.

Son of Punk To Burn Multi-Million Pound Collection Of Sex Pistols Memorabilia

(United Kingdom)

Artlyst, 16th Mar 2016.

Ancient Statue Is Seized From Manhattan Gallery

(United States of America; Afghanistan)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 16th Mar 2016.

When it comes to ancient treasures, are we owners, thieves or caretakers?

(United Kingdom)

Lynne Mortimer, Eastern Daily Press, 16th Mar 2016.

Norwegian 'witch' books stolen by Nazis found

(Norway; Czech Republic)

The Local, 16th Mar 2016.

'Cols rouges' lawyers push for dismissal as long-awaited trial opens in Paris


Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, 16th Mar 2016.

Thai gardener whose $20 mn heist caused Blue Diamond Affair becomes monk

(Thailand; Saudi Arabia)

AFP, Hindustan Times, 17th Mar 2016.

Thousands of rare artefacts at risk, says archaelogy director


APP, Daily Times, 17th Mar 2016.

Calle sin pavimentar provoca saqueo de zona arqueológica


Unpaved street leads looting of archaeological site

Verónica De la Luz, E-consulta, 17th Mar 2016.

Alistan patrullaje intenso para proteger 50 sitios arqueológicos


Intensive patrols enlisted to protect 50 archaeological sites

RPP, 17th Mar 2016.

Rama idol stolen from Kashi temple


TNN, The Times of India, 17th Mar 2016.

Crooks swipe Joe DiMaggio's baseball bat and ball from Times Square attraction

(United States of America)

Tina More, New York Post, 17th Mar 2016.

How a promising musician stole a violin worth millions – and got away with it

(United States of America)

The Washington Post, The Times-Picayune, 17th Mar 2016.

Authorities debunk man's claim of grave-digging

(United States of America)

Carlos R. Munoz, Herald-Tribune, 17th Mar 2016.

Woman wanted for stealing Buddhist statues from temple

(United States of America)

Hoa Quach, My News LA, 17th Mar 2016.

Special squad of Italian art police crack case of Verona museum theft, arrest 13 suspects


Jenny Starrs, The Washington Post, 17th Mar 2016.

Art and activism collide at Iraqi artefact exhibition in Toronto

(Canada; Iraq)

Jillian D'Amours, Middle East Eye, 17th Mar 2016.

How The Isabella Gardner Art Heist Reveals the Difference Between an Answer and a Solution

(United States of America)

Madeleine D'Angelo, BC Heights, 17th Mar 2016.

Law Enforcement Focuses on Asia Week in Inquiry of Antiquities Smuggling

(United States of America; India; Pakistan; Afghanistan; Cambodia)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 17th Mar 2016.

TSA Confronts Age-old Question: Bomb or Abstract Art?

(United States of America)

Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic, 17th Mar 2016.

With Its Own Arts Center, Beast Jesus Rises Again


Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 18th Mar 2016.

Egyptian bid to buy Sekhemka statue back for £15m is 'unethical', says action group

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Paul Lynch, Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 18th Mar 2016.

Return Benin Bronze Cockerel, FG Pleads With British Govt

(Nigeria; United Kingdom)

Chika Okeke, Leadership, 18th Mar 2016.

Christie's Loses $700,000 Appeal in Superstorm Sandy Damages

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 18th Mar 2016.

German museum seeks funding to purchase looted Kirchner


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 18th Mar 2016.

Old law prevents preserving war sites


Imam Hossain, Prothom Alo, 18th Mar 2016.

Does one ethnic group own its cultural artefacts?


Tiffany Jenkins, Aeon, 18th Mar 2016.

The Plot Thickens in Bouvier Case, As Picasso Stepdaughter's Story Is Questioned


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 18th Mar 2016.

Another Gallery Is Raided in Antiquities Case

(United States of America; India; Cambodia)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 18th Mar 2016.

Maricopa man who claimed artifacts were stolen gets prison for insurance fraud

(United States of America)

Christopher Silavong, AZ Central, 18th Mar 2016.

Ramon Santiago art sales dispute goes to court

(United States of America)

David Andreatta, Democrat & Chronicle, 18th Mar 2016.

Centre Pompidou's stolen Picasso goes back on show after 15 years


Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, 18th Mar 2016.

Britain hands over warship artefacts to ATM

(Malaysia; United Kingdom)

The Sun Daily, 18th Mar 2016.

Samuel Andrew Hardy: archaeomafias traffic antiquities as well as drugs


Sam Hardy, UNESCO, 19th Mar 2016.

Convicted art thief who vandalised Monet painting apologises


Patrick O'Connell, Sunday World, 19th Mar 2016.

Suspect in Buddhist statue theft arrested in Santa Ana

(United States of America)

Chris Jennewein, My News LA, 19th Mar 2016.

Three arrested for 'stealing' panchaloha idols


The Hindu, 19th Mar 2016.

Cary arts group rethinks security measures after paintings stolen

(United States of America)

WRAL, 20th Mar 2016.

Theft of Aurangzeb-era Quran: HC directs IO's personal appearance


Marouf Ahmad Parray, Kashmir Reader, 20th Mar 2016.

Placer County Indian artifacts being returned to tribes

(United States of America)

Gus Thomson, Auburn Journal, 20th Mar 2016.

A question of morality


The Nation, 20th Mar 2016.

UK teens face theft charges in Poland over Auschwitz items

(Poland; United Kingdom)

Associated Press, The Times of Israel, 21st Mar 2016.

Protector left unprotected


M.T. Shiva Kumar, The Hindu, 21st Mar 2016.

Lawyer arrested for stealing books from Hyderabad HC


IANS, The Times of India, 21st Mar 2016.

Talk explores ties South American art collector had with Taranaki carvings

(New Zealand)

Deena Coster, Taranaki Daily News, 21st Mar 2016.

Benin royals applaud Cambridge move on "Okukor"

(Nigeria; United Kingdom)

Vanguard, 21st Mar 2016.

An Italian exhibition of Street Artist Banksy triggers controversies


Britaly Post, 21st Mar 2016.

Stolen artefacts stashed by British art dealer are returned to Italy

(Italy; United Kingdom)

AFP, The Guardian, 22nd Mar 2016.

7 kalasams stolen from temple in Pallavaram


TNN, The Times of India, 22nd Mar 2016.

Museums and public galleries in Brussels in lockdown in wake of terrorist attacks


Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 22nd Mar 2016.

Mystery over missing painting in Limerick


Fintan Walsh, Limerick Leader, 22nd Mar 2016.

10 «valiosas» obras robadas en el último gran expolio de arte sacro no aparecen


10 valuable works stolen in the recent large plundering of sacred are have not been found

I. Elices, Diario de Burgos, 22nd Mar 2016.

Antique dealer arrested for smuggling ancient sculpture

(United States of America; Pakistan)

Jamie Schram, New York Post, 22nd Mar 2016.

Stolen ancient Egyptian statue on its way back from Belgium

(Egypt; Belgium)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 22nd Mar 2016.

Flying saucer stolen in Roswell (really)

(United States of America)

Lauren Villagran, Albuquerque Journal, 22nd Mar 2016.

Panagal museum - now open to thieves, vandals


The Hans India, 22nd Mar 2016.

Rare advertising boards stolen from museum in Ramsey

(United Kingdom)

The Hunts Post, 22nd Mar 2016.

La diócesis estima que el 70%de las piezas sustraídas en este siglo han sido recuperadas


The diocese estimated that 70%of the pieces stolen in this century have been recovered

Diario de Burgos, 22nd Mar 2016.

World's most expensive plate seized in Turkey


Hurriyet Daily News, 22nd Mar 2016.

Trio of rare Viking artefacts reported stolen from church at Sockburn, near Darlington

(United Kingdom)

Charlotte Bowe, The Northern Echo, 23rd Mar 2016.

Will Florence's New App Help Curb Graffiti on Historic Landmarks?


Cait Munro, ArtNet News, 23rd Mar 2016.

Canadian military loses bizarre items including flute, hockey net, mannequins


Marie-Danielle Smith, Embassy, 23rd Mar 2016.

UFO crash site found! (Not really. Stolen spaceship dumped in ditch. Really.)

(United States of America)

Elise Kaplan, Albuquerque Journal, 23rd Mar 2016.

Beloved West Coast painting stolen

(New Zealand)

Joanne Carroll,, 23rd Mar 2016.

Bins set alight inside ancient Wemyss cave

(United Kingdom)

Lori Cormack, Fife Today, 23rd Mar 2016.

Shakespeare's skull 'probably stolen' from Stratford grave

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 23rd Mar 2016.

CCTV images released after theft of rare urn from fine art dealer in Stamford

(United Kingdom)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury, 23rd Mar 2016.

Smears, counterclaims and lawsuits—the tangled web surrounding Prince of Liechtenstein's Cranach

(Liechtenstein; France)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 24th Mar 2016.

Artistic censorship is on the rise, advocacy group reports


Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 24th Mar 2016.

Paintings and drawings worth £110,000 stolen from house in Falmouth

(United Kingdom)

W. B. Gayle, West Briton, 24th Mar 2016.

Faking Out Poachers With 3-D-Printed Sea Turtle Eggs


John R. Platt, Takepart, 24th Mar 2016.

Petition demands Navy stop removing Indian artifacts from 'Island of the Blue Dolphins'

(United States of America)

The Los Angeles Times, The Recorder, 24th Mar 2016.

Revealed: The bizarre items stolen from London's most popular museums

(United Kingdom)

Jamie Bullen, Evening Standard, 24th Mar 2016.

Yemeni authorities jail Jewish man over airlifted Torah

(Yemen; Israel)

Sandy Rashty, The Jewish Chronicle, 24th Mar 2016.

Lighten the bureaucracy so India's heritage can flourish


Jawhar Sircar, The Art Newspaper, 24th Mar 2016.

Mali rebel 'to admit' Timbuktu mausoleum destruction at ICC


BBC News, 24th Mar 2016.

Brussels Museum Reopens With Increased Security Following Terrorist Attacks


Rain Embuscado, ArtNet News, 24th Mar 2016.

Skulduggery at King's College Cambridge, as expensive 'library skull' goes missing

(United Kingdom)

Cambridge News, 24th Mar 2016.

Crooked antiques dealer dodges prison for smuggled $1M statue

(United States of America; Pakistan)

The Daily Chappaqua, 24th Mar 2016.

Pompeii recruits army of spies to root out Mafia corruption and shoddy renovation work at the ancient site


Michael Day, The Independent, 25th Mar 2016.

The Artist Who Moved a Detroit House to Europe Left a Mess Behind

(United States of America; Netherlands)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 25th Mar 2016.

Chinese man arrested on suspicion of planning to sell ancient artefacts he found in tomb buried in backyard


Catherine Wong, South China Morning Post, 25th Mar 2016.

Paris art handlers testify to taking '€220,000 in a plastic bag' among other revelations


Elenore Thery, The Art Newspaper, 25th Mar 2016.

'I don't think it was taken by an art collector'

(New Zealand)

Kate Pereyra Garcia, Radio New Zealand, 25th Mar 2016.

Stop the Roof Raiders: Lead thieves strike Boxted church as total hit by suspected gang reaches 16 in Suffolk

(United Kingdom)

Matt Reason, East Anglian Daily Times, 25th Mar 2016.

Yobs set fire to historic Prestwick church and burn ivy from ancient walls

(United Kingdom)

Stuart Wilson, Daily Record, 25th Mar 2016.

Market for Chinese Art Is Increasingly in China


Scott Reyburn, The New York Times, 25th Mar 2016.

Real artifacts stolen, replaced with fake ones at Peshawar museum


Dunya News, 26th Mar 2016.

Antiquities: Buying Tips


Carrie Coolidge, Barron's, 26th Mar 2016.

Restoring Syria's pearl of the desert: a reason for optimism amid the storm of terror


Maamoun Abdelkarim, The Guardian, 26th Mar 2016.

Man nabbed with stolen bronze idol in Tasmac shop


TNN, The Times of India, 27th Mar 2016.

Priceless Indian Artefacts With Australia; Will They Ever Come Back Home?

(Australia; India)

S. Vijay Kumar, Swarajya, 27th Mar 2016.

A Painted Heart Leaves a Black Mark on an Artist's Record

(United States of America)

Grace Notes, The New York Times, 27th Mar 2016.

Shakespeare's skull: New chapter in hunt for missing head

(United Kingdom)

Rebecca Woods, BBC News, 27th Mar 2016.

Lambayeque: Huaqueros se llevan vestigios Mochica del cerro Las Ánimas


Lambayeque: looter steal Mochica remains at the site of Las Ánimas

Perú21, 27th Mar 2016.

Egypt's Museum of Islamic Art regains its allure after two-year restoration


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 27th Mar 2016.

Utes, Navajo seek monument to preserve canyon

(United States of America)

Jim Mimiaga, The Cortez Journal, 27th Mar 2016.

Palmyra liberated: First images of ancient heritage site freed from ISIS (PHOTOS)


RT, 28th Mar 2016.

Yale Can Keep Van Gogh Masterpiece as Supreme Court Rejects Appeal

(United States of America; Russia)

Greg Stohr, Bloomberg, 28th Mar 2016.

Unemployed Iraqis join in looting of antiquities


Wassim Bassem, Al Monitor, 28th Mar 2016.

Calls for British Museum to surrender Indigenous Gweagal shield

(Australia; United Kingdom)

ABC Australia, 28th Mar 2016.

US museum returns ancient Hindu god statue to Cambodia

(Cambodia; United States of America)

BBC News, 28th Mar 2016.

Theft of historic painting shakes parish in old gold-mining town

(United States of America)

Zita Fletcher, Catholic Philly, 28th Mar 2016.

First Pictures Of Palmyra As IS Driven Out


Sky News, 28th Mar 2016.

Confederate jacket sparks dispute between Alabama collector, museum

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Times Free Press, 28th Mar 2016.

Teen arrested in theft of model spaceship from UFO museum

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Salon, 28th Mar 2016.

KP government introduces bill to protect, preserve antiquities


Business Recorder, 28th Mar 2016.

CAG holds Directorate of Arts & Culture guilty


The Shillong Times, 28th Mar 2016.

NGA keeping mum on 1000-year-old Indian goddess statue

(Australia; India)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 29th Mar 2016.

This Is Not a Banksy: BBC Radio 4

(United Kingdom)

Max Aantjes, Student Newspaper, 29th Mar 2016.

Delegado del INAH habla sobre el hallazgo en Altamura


Representative of the INAH speaks about the site in Altramura

Jasiel Camacho, Debate, 29th Mar 2016.

Family of deceased artist files suit over museum's claims

(South Korea)

Kwon Mee-yoo, Korea Times, 29th Mar 2016.

3 panchaloha idols stolen from temple


TNN, The Times of India, 30th Mar 2016.

Tracing The DNA Of Looted Artwork


WBUR, 30th Mar 2016.

Thieves steal statue from Orphan Train Museum in Opelousas

(United States of America)

Renee Allen, KLFY, 30th Mar 2016.

Why Palmyra is a pawn in Assad's game with the West


Sabine Oelze, DW, 30th Mar 2016.

Diamond miner halted after digging on ancient archaeological site

(South Africa)

Sue Blaine, BD Live, 30th Mar 2016.

"El Señor de Sipán": Un hito en la historia del Perú


"The Lord of Sipán": a milestone in the history of Perú

Paul Monzón, Periodista Digital, 30th Mar 2016.

Stolen Durga idol returns to Valley after 25 years


M Aamir Khan, The Tribune, 30th Mar 2016.

Billionaire Collector Dmitry Rybolovlev Wins Right to Hold Yves Bouvier Trial in Singapore


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 30th Mar 2016.

Waiting for Benin bronze from UK


Ozolua Uhakheme, The Nation, 30th Mar 2016.

Tabaré Vázquez expresó preocupación por robo de archivos sobre desaparecidos y la INDDHH denunció intencionalidad de entorpecer investigaciones


Tabaré Vázquez expressed concern about the theft of files about the disappeared and the INDDHH denied intent to hinder investigations

La Red 21, 30th Mar 2016.

After Brussels Attacks, Italy Announces $336 Million Anti-Terror Heritage Protection Plan


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 30th Mar 2016.

Ancient boulder to stay after villagers threatened to chain themselves to it to prevent move

(United Kingdom)

Oliver Pritchard, Mirror, 30th Mar 2016.

Four held; stolen idols recovered


The Hindu, 30th Mar 2016.

Idols stolen from streetside temple


The Hindu, 30th Mar 2016.

Special ceremony to mark return of valuable icons


Cyprus Mail, 30th Mar 2016.

Sirsi: Idol of Nandi stolen at Sirsi Temple.


Sahil Online, 30th Mar 2016.

After 25 years, German doctor returns rare, ancient coin to Israel

(Israel; Germany)

The Canadian Jewish News, 30th Mar 2016.

ISIS 'Department of Artifacts' document exposes antique loot trade via Turkey (RT EXCLUSIVE)

(Turkey; Syria)

RT, 31st Mar 2016.

Bulgaria's Customs Capture Nearly 700 Archaeological Artifacts, Coins at Sofia Airport


Ivan Dikov, Archaeology in Bulgaria, 31st Mar 2016.

Senior Bulgarian Civil Servant Caught with Diverse Collection of Archaeological Artifacts, Coins in Anti-Treasure Hunting Raid


Ivan Dikov, Archaeology in Bulgaria, 31st Mar 2016.

Man demands to know who's buying his parents' Nazi-looted art

(United States of America)

Julia Marsh, New York Post, 31st Mar 2016.

Looters, Tourism, and Racism: Controversy Surrounds 'Discovery' of Lost City in Honduras


Gabriela Gorbea, Vice, 31st Mar 2016.

89-year-old temple bell found in drainage canal


S. Prasad, The Hindu, 31st Mar 2016.

Jute-Sack Case Heats Up: Ibrahim Mahama Countersues Simchowitz, Ellis King

(United States of America)

Nate Freeman, ArtNews, 31st Mar 2016.

The Excruciating Legacy of NAGPRA

(United States of America)

Frances Madeson, Indian Country Today, 31st Mar 2016.

More looted antiquities welcomed home

(Cambodia; France)

Vong Sokheng, The Phnom Penh Post, 31st Mar 2016.

After Wakatak era coins, probe report vanishes


Vaibhav Ganjapure, The Times of India, 31st Mar 2016.