El 'saqueo' de las momias guanches

(The looting of the Guanche mummies)

EFE (2016). El 'saqueo' de las momias guanches. RTVC. 19 December.

Title El 'saqueo' de las momias guanches
Title (translated) The looting of the Guanche mummies
Publication Date 19th Dec 2016
Source RTVC
Country Spain
Region Europe
Art type Human Remains
Subject Theft, Preservation, Destruction
Comments The Canary Island mummies have been taken and have ended up in museums around the world.
Link http://www.rtvc.es/noticias/el-saqueo-de-las-momias-guanches-158941.aspx
Permalink https://web.archive.org/web/20161220015133/http://www.rtvc.es/noticias/el-saqueo-de-las-momias-guanches-158941.aspx#.WFiOyU-KQyc