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Articles for May 2016

253 articles found.

Can technoheritage be owned?


Sonia K. Katyal, The Boston Globe, 1st May 2016.

Forget the Kohinoor, could we have the Amaravati Stupa sculptures back please?

(India; United Kingdom)

Ruchika Sharma,, 1st May 2016.

'Warhol Uncanned' exhibit at Springfield Art Museum also a food drive

(United States of America)

Jackie Rehwald, The News Leader, 1st May 2016.

Grave destrucción de Zona Arqueológica


Serious destruction of archaeological site

Adrián Mendoza Salazar, Diario de Poza Rica, 1st May 2016.

Los ladrones asaltan los templos de Requejo, Barrios, Santa Colomba, San Miguel y Riego


Thieves attack the temples of Requejo, Barrios, Santa Colomba, San Miguel, and Riego

La Opinión de Zamora, 1st May 2016.

Centre refuses to share information on bringing back Kohinoor


Press Trust of India, The Indian Express, 1st May 2016.

Bronze statues stolen from Woodbury shopping center

(United States of America)

Mathias Baden, Duluth News Tribune, 2nd May 2016.

FOUND: Golden lion art installation stolen, dumped, and turned into police

(United States of America)

Denise Rosch, News 3, 2nd May 2016.

FBI searches property of man at center of Gardner heist case

(United States of America)

Shelley Murphy, The Boston Globe, 2nd May 2016.

Art installation stolen and vandalized at Las Vegas intersection

(United States of America)

Jami Seymore, News 3, 2nd May 2016.

Artwork valued at $15,000 stolen from Reed College

(United States of America)

Jim Ryan, Oregon Live, 3rd May 2016.

Cedar mask artwork stolen from Juneau Arts & Culture Center

(United States of America)

Paula Ann Solis, Juneau Empire, 3rd May 2016.

Thieves desecrate temple

(South Africa)

Kailene Pillay, News 24, 3rd May 2016.

IS Files Reveal Assad's Deals With Militants


Stuart Ramsey, Sky News, 3rd May 2016.

Detenido por robar dos candelabros de plata de la iglesia de la Victoria


Arrest for stealing two silver candelabras from the church of la Victoria

César Pérez Pacheco, Jerez Sin Fronteras, 3rd May 2016.

Stolen Reed College artwork found with $1,500 to $2,000 in damage, official says

(United States of America)

Jim Ryan, Oregon Live, 4th May 2016.

Stolen artefacts: Cops to raid another warehouse


TNN, The Times of India, 4th May 2016.

Aby Rosen To Pay $7 Million To Settle Art Tax Dodge Investigation

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 4th May 2016.

How Not to Buy Stolen, Looted or Forged Art


Noah Charney, Observer, 4th May 2016.

Hertfordshire Puddingstone stolen from museum site

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 4th May 2016.

Fire at Rosemarie Trockel's House Ruins $34 Million Worth of Art


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 4th May 2016.

Why the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's stolen art may never be found

(United States of America)

James Ratcliffe, Apollo, 4th May 2016.

Fifty-year-old Hindu idols stolen from Netrokona temple


BD News 24, 4th May 2016.

Roban el Sagrario de la Iglesia del Perpetuo Socorro


The tabernacle of the Church of Perpetual Sorrow stolen

Radio Huesca, 4th May 2016.

A fierce battle over who created a new Snapchat filter is tearing this community of artists apart


Charles Pulliam-Moore, Fusion, 4th May 2016.

Desarticulada una banda por robo con fuerza en iglesias


Gang busted for aggravated theft in churches

EFE, La Cronica de Badajoz, 5th May 2016.

Missing art not found at Robert Gentile's house

(United States of America)

WHDH, 5th May 2016.

Vandalized Bronx WWI Statue To Be Renovated and Returned to Post by 2017

(United States of America)

Eddie Small, DNA Info, 5th May 2016.

Headstones of Native Americans missing for decades returned to relatives

(United States of America)

Kate Thayer, The Chicago Tribune, 5th May 2016.

Major German Expressionist Painting Finds Its Way Home to VMFA

(United States of America)

Style Weekly, 5th May 2016.

If the Gardner Paintings Are Ever Found, How Damaged Will They Be?

(United States of America)

Ray Hardman, WNPR, 5th May 2016.

Uncontrolled Collecting: An Impulse Control Disorder?


Shirley Mueller, Physician's Money Digest, 5th May 2016.

The man who helped save Afghanistan's treasures from ravages of war


Sune Engel Rasmussen, The Guardian, 5th May 2016.

Las iglesias de Torres, Almendra y Almaraz, últimas "víctimas" de la oleada de robos


The churches of Torres, Almendra, and Almaraz, latest "victims" of theft spree

La Opinión de Zamora, 5th May 2016.

Roban objetos de incalculable valor histórico de la iglesia de Capiatá


Objects of incalculable historical value stolen from church of Capiatá

ABC Paraguay, 6th May 2016.

Dallas Holocaust Museum gets menorah taken from Europe in WWII

(United States of America)

JTA, The Times of Israel, 6th May 2016.

Bosnia Urged to Tackle Art Trafficking


Rodolfo Toe, Balkan Insight, 6th May 2016.

BLM wants to pay people who help find looters, vandals

(United States of America)

Brian Maffly, The Salt Lake Tribune, 6th May 2016.

Church raider jailed after stealing priceless relics, including ancient coffin

(United Kingdom)

Jeanette Oldham, Birmingham Mail, 6th May 2016.

Six items stolen from chapels still missing


Sarah Carabott, Times of Malta, 6th May 2016.

#ReturnTheMarbles campaign uses cheeky billboard to seek return of Parthenon sculptures

(Greece; United Kingdom)

Leah MacLennan, ABC Australia, 6th May 2016.

Art Demystified: Art Auctions and Minimum Price Guarantees


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 6th May 2016.

El robo en la necrópolis de Elorrio abre el debate sobre la protección del patrimonio


Theft in the necropolis of Elorrio starts debate about the protection of heritage

Alain Salterain, Deia, 6th May 2016.

Theft in temple in Siddapura


The Hindu, 6th May 2016.

Police make deal with suspected art thief, angering artist

(United States of America)

Rob Low, KDVR, 7th May 2016.

Art forger goes straight selling £5,000 fakes

(United Kingdom)

Robert Mendick, The Telegraph, 7th May 2016.

The Ins and Outs of Stolen Art, Explained

(United States of America)

Leila Amineddoleh, Artsy, 7th May 2016.

Getting back the bronzes of Sivapuram Natarajar temple


Latha Iyer, Performance Gurus, 8th May 2016.

The Heritage Warriors


Gargi Gupta, DNA, 8th May 2016.

Greece looks to international justice to regain Parthenon marbles from UK

(Greece; United Kingdom)

Helena Smith, The Guardian, 8th May 2016.

Stolen Three Century Old Violin Mysteriously Returned

(United States of America)

Steven Sukkau, Pembina Valley Online, 8th May 2016.

Nazi gold train hunters defy sceptics and begin digging for treasures


Matthew Day, The Telegraph, 9th May 2016.

La estrategia de Unesco para evitar nuevos saqueos como el del galeón San José


UNESCO strategy to prevent further looting at the galleon San Jose.

EFE, El Espectador, 9th May 2016.

France returns Nazi-stolen Degas drawing to rightful owners


Associated Press, CBC, 9th May 2016.

The Nazi Underground: Is treasure buried beneath the mountains of Poland?


Jake Halpern, The New Yorker, 9th May 2016.

Obama signs into law new restrictions on Syrian antiquities

(United States of America; Syria)

Bradley Klapper, Stars and Stripes, 9th May 2016.

Japanese vagina kayak artist found guilty of obscenity


Justin McCurry, The Guardian, 9th May 2016.

Ancient Egyptian statue of Sekhemka disappears into private collection in 'moral crime against world heritage'

(United Kingdom)

Ian Johnston, The Independent, 9th May 2016.

Lento proceso para el rescate arqueológico de la capital nonualca

(El Salvador)

Slow process for the archaeological rescue of the Nonualca capital

Mima Velásquez, La Prensa Grafica, 9th May 2016.

Painting worth £10,000 allegedly stolen from Somerset gallery

(United Kingdom)

Western Gazette, 9th May 2016.

Govt exploring ways to resolve Kohinoor issue with UK: Sharma

(India; United Kingdom)

Press Trust of India, Business Standard, 9th May 2016.

Tomb raiders: Far from the glamour of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, these are thieves with a history of being difficult to legislate against

(Hong Kong)

South China Morning Post, 9th May 2016.

Two charged in Chihuly statue theft

(United States of America)

Anna Lee, Greenville Online, 10th May 2016.

Syrian Antiquities Import Restrictions Are Law, But Will They Work?

(United States of America; Syria)

Owen Jarus, Live Science, 10th May 2016.

The Little Pool Hidden In The Desert Has Apparently Been Destroyed

(United States of America)

Juliet Bennet Rylah, LAist, 10th May 2016.

Antique dealer who plundered churches for profit jailed

(United Kingdom)

Steven Morris, The Guardian, 10th May 2016.

126-Year-Old Statue Destroyed by Man Taking Selfie


Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 10th May 2016.

UT departments told to prepare inventory of heritage furniture


Ramkrishan Upadhyay, The Tribune, 10th May 2016.

Attorney works to reclaim art stolen from Jews by Nazis

(United States of America)

Jean Hopfensperger, Star Tribune, 10th May 2016.

ಈಶ್ವರಮಂಗಲ: ಪಂಚಲಿಂಗೇಶ್ವರ ದೇವಸ್ಥಾನಕ್ಕೆ ಕಳ್ಳರ ಕನ್ನ


Isvaramangala: thieves break into the temple

Vijay Karnataka, 10th May 2016.

Pensioner wins payout from English Heritage for head injuries at Carisbrooke Castle

(United Kingdom)

Hugo Gye, The Daily Mail, 11th May 2016.

After theft of Lincoln's hand, museum to get security cameras

(United States of America)

Mike Frey, Daily Journal, 11th May 2016.

Maori skull returning to homeland after 133 years in Moray

(New Zealand; United Kingdom)

Chris Foote, STV, 11th May 2016.

Libya's ancient sites not exposed to same risk as in Syria, Iraq - experts


Aidan Lewis, Reuters, 11th May 2016.

Charity Whose Leader Was Attacked With Lye Closes

(United States of America)

Andy Newman, The New York Times, 11th May 2016.

Ancient Brahmayani statues stolen from Bhaktapur temple


Rastriya Samachar Samiti, The Himalayan Times, 11th May 2016.

Egypt's Sohag archaeological gallery was not subjected to blaze: Ministry


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 11th May 2016.

पुलिस ने मंदिर में चोरी का किया खुलासा, एक गिरफ्तार


Jhansi Police Solves a Temple Robbery Case

Patrika, 11th May 2016.

Life-sized zebra sculpture 'stolen' in Southampton

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 11th May 2016.

Ancient Persian seals returned by U.S. to go on display

(Iran; United States of America)

Tehran Times, 11th May 2016.

Ancient seal dated back to X century returns to Ukraine


Ukraine Today, 11th May 2016.

Así fue saqueado un cementerio indígena de Santander


Indigenous cemetery in Santander looted

Entorno Inteligente, 11th May 2016.

Chiclayo: Delincuentes roban iglesia por segunda vez


Chiclayo: Criminals rob church for second time

Perú21, 12th May 2016.

60 Maori and Moriori heads and skulls repatriated from UK and US

(New Zealand; United Kingdom; United States of America)

Kurt Bayer, The New Zealand Herald, 12th May 2016.

Egypt 'suppressing truth' over hidden chambers in Tutankhamun's tomb


Julian Borger, The Guardian, 12th May 2016.

Stolen mask mysteriously returned to artist

(United States of America)

Matt Miller, KTOO, 12th May 2016.

Burying Bones of Contention: Native Americans Close to Getting Ancestral Skeleton Back

(United States of America)

Zach Zorich, Scientific American, 12th May 2016.

Ukraine recovers 17 paintings stolen from Verona museum

(Ukraine; Italy)

Reuters, 12th May 2016.

Cuba Committed to the Underwater Heritage Convention at UNESCO


Prensa Latina, 12th May 2016.

Thefts of idols on rise in Bhaktapur


Himalayan News Service, The Himalayan Times, 12th May 2016.

Italy busts gang smuggling looted archaeological treasures


AKI, New Kerala, 13th May 2016.

Sword stolen from Tippecanoe Co. Courthouse statue

(United States of America)

Joseph Paul, JCOnline, 13th May 2016.

Key Libyan and international partners unite to adopt an action plan for Libya's heritage


UNESCO, 13th May 2016.

How Tomb Raiders Are Stealing Our History


Tom Mueller, National Geographic, 13th May 2016.

Zamora, en jaque por los continuos robos en su patrimonio religioso


Zamora held in check by continuous robberies of its religious heritage

Alberto Ferreras, ABC España, 13th May 2016.

Accused Knoedler Forgery Mastermind Gets Postponement for Extradition From Spain

(United States of America; Spain)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 13th May 2016.

Guelph Treasure Heirs Explain Why Case Belongs in U.S. Court

(United States of America; Germany)

Nicholas O'Donnell, JD Supra, 13th May 2016.

NU to seek legal opinion over filing FIR in missing coins case


Vaibhav Ganjapure, The Times of India, 13th May 2016.

Solapan en Kanasín saqueo arqueológico


Archaeological looting in Kanasín

Ana Hernández, Sipse, 13th May 2016.

Russia and Syria Use Palmyra as a Stage for Political Theater

(Syria; Russia)

Jennifer MacKenzie, Hyperallergic, 13th May 2016.

Mapuches pidieron al Museo de La Plata la restitución de los restos de cuatro caciques


Mapuches call on Museo de La Plata to return the remains for four caciques

Blanco Negro, Info Blanco Sobre Negro, 13th May 2016.

Man buys stolen World War I cannon without knowing

(United States of America)

Daniel Francis, Pulse, 14th May 2016.

CHTHO asks Iranians abroad to report smuggled artifacts


Tehran Times, 14th May 2016.

Estonia hands over stolen Viking-era sword to Ukraine (photos)

(Ukraine; Estonia; Russia; Belarus)

Ukraine Today, 14th May 2016.

La Bella Principessa: Still and Enigma

(United Kingdom)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 15th May 2016.

Police search for man who stole religious icon from Manhattan church

(United States of America)

Dray Clark, ABC United States, 15th May 2016.

Se dispara 1,000%robo arqueológico en el país


Archaeological theft in the country exceeded by 1000%

Alejandro Melgoza, El Universal, 15th May 2016.

Retired FBI agent shares insight on notorious Boston art heist

(United States of America)

Jim Sullivan, Portland Press Herald, 15th May 2016.

Roban campanario de iglesia en Tasquillo


Bells stolen from church in Tasquillo

El Sol de Hidalgo, 15th May 2016.

China Will Publicly Shame Vandals Who Tag Mount Everest Base Camp

(China; Tibet)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 16th May 2016.

In new crackdown, antiquities authorities tighten noose around dealers, thieves


Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 16th May 2016.

Palestinian Museum Prepares to Open, Minus Exhibits


James Glanz, The New York Times, 16th May 2016.

Police launch appeal after church silver worth more than £3,000 stolen from Cambridgeshire village

(United Kingdom)

Florence Sneed, Cambridge News, 16th May 2016.

Italian Mayor Refuses to Loan Piero della Francesca Masterpiece Fearing It Won't Be Returned


Amah-Rose Abrams, ArtNet News, 16th May 2016.

Lost and found: The twisted tale of Hobcaw Barony's stolen art

(United States of America)

Adam Parker, The Post and Courier, 16th May 2016.

Uncharted 4: is the looter-adventurer character a type of cultural appropriation?


Anna Turner, The Guardian, 16th May 2016.

'Fat woman' who repeatedly hit herself on the head helped steal paintings worth more than £1,000

(United Kingdom)

Dan Russell, Nottingham Post, 16th May 2016.

Stolen Southampton zebra sculpture found in garden

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 16th May 2016.

Newly-Revealed Documents Show Sotheby's Contacted Helly Nahmad About Modigliani Claim

(United States of America; Switzerland)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 16th May 2016.

Steal This Fork: An Artist Spent 15 Years Stealing Silverware Used by the 1%


DJ Pangburn, The Creator's Project, 16th May 2016.

Ante robos, INAH y Arquidiócesis de Xalapa elaboran catálogo de bienes religiosos


After robberies, INAH and Archdiocese of Xalapa prepare an inventory of religious art

Rogelio Hernández, El Democata, 16th May 2016.

मंदिर से नकदी सहित लाखों के आभूषण चोरी


Ornaments Cash Stolen From Temple In Bilaspur

Amar Ujala, 16th May 2016.

YouTube pranksters jailed after 'terrifying' fake art heist

(United Kingdom)

Court News, The Guardian, 16th May 2016.

Robo arqueológico se dispara en el país


Archaeological theft on the rise in the country

El Universal, El Diario, 16th May 2016.

Ukraine's first printed book stolen from library


Ukraine Today, 16th May 2016.

Los ladrones roban y provocan serios daños en el santuario de la Carballeda, en Rionegro


Thieves steal from and cause serious damage to the sanctuary of Carballeda in Rionegro

La Opinión de Zamora, 16th May 2016.

Legal battle between graffiti artist and fashion label back on

(United States of America)

Laura Gilbert, The Art Newspaper, 17th May 2016.

Art thief sentenced in 'Afghan Girl' heist

(United States of America)

Shane Benjamin, The Durango Herald, 17th May 2016.

Russia builds military camp near ancient site in Palmyra

(Syria; Russia)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 17th May 2016.

Egypt Repatriates 44 Stolen Archaeological Objects from France

(Egypt; France)

Egyptian Streets, 17th May 2016.

Protesters Disrupt a BP-Sponsored Exhibition at the British Museum

(United Kingdom)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 18th May 2016.

After 4 years, rare sarcophagi smuggled into Israel to be returned to Egypt

(Egypt; Israel)

Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 18th May 2016.

Iran Arrests Eight Models for Posting "Un-Islamic" Photos on Instagram


Carey Dunne, Hyperallergic, 18th May 2016.

Christie's auctions cardiologist Dr. Lahiri's artworks for $2,376,500


Rashmi Menon, The Economic Times, 18th May 2016.

Maori skull on its way back home after 130 years

(New Zealand; United Kingdom)

Martin Hannan, The National, 18th May 2016.

When Cultural Heritage Is Caught in the Cross Hairs


Andrew E. Kramer, The New York Times, 18th May 2016.

Tracking down Warhol's stolen 'Campbell's Soup' prints

(United States of America)

Laura Spencer, Marketplace, 18th May 2016.

Cops nab man accused of stealing church painting

(United States of America)

Gabrielle Fonrouge, New York Post, 18th May 2016.

Cuban suspected of major art theft to be extradited

(Cuba; Greece)

Yiannis Souliotis, eKathimerini, 18th May 2016.

PM Groysman orders audit of cultural artefacts after theft of incunabula


Ukrinform, 18th May 2016.

'Mindless' pranksters deface mural of Robert Burns with a Hitler moustache

(United Kingdom)

Claire Gilbody-Dickerson, Express, 18th May 2016.

Más de medio centenar de templos, asaltados desde el mes de marzo


More than 50 churches attacked since the month of March

Alejandro Bermudez, La Opinión de Zamora, 18th May 2016.

Stolen Chalice Remains Missing

(United Kingdom)

Rebecca Cain, Hereford Times, 19th May 2016.

Lust for Loot: Collecting Is Driving the Demand for Plunder


Sarah Parcak, National Geographic, 19th May 2016.

Malden man arrested in connection to stolen museum artifacts

(United States of America)

Allison Twaits, KFVS12, 19th May 2016.

Berlin's lost Renaissance sculptures rediscovered in the Pushkin Museum

(Russia; Germany)

Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 19th May 2016.

Nazis, Con Men, Forgers, Thieves: Art Crime in Postwar Cinema


Andrew Marzoni, ArtNews, 19th May 2016.

Hurtan pinturas en templo católico de Alegría, Usulután

(El Salvador)

Paintings stolen from catholic church of Alegría, Usulután

Carlos Segovia, El Salvador, 19th May 2016.

Greenpeace activists scale British Museum to protest BP sponsorship

(United Kingdom)

Adam Vaughan, The Guardian, 19th May 2016.

Dissident Artist Pyotr Pavlensky Found Guilty by Moscow Court


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 19th May 2016.

KGB prison doors given questionable cultural heritage status


Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 19th May 2016.

'Audacious' theft of £35,000 of jewellery from Mount Stewart

(United Kingdom)

News Letter, 19th May 2016.

Six middle-aged 'new-age travellers' arrested at Stonehenge over flaming torch incident Play Video Stonehenge protest New-age travellers protest at Stonehenge

(United Kingdom)

Salisbury Journal, 19th May 2016.

Diver fined for shipwreck plunder


YLE, 20th May 2016.

Virginia Arts Commissioners Threaten to Defund Museum Over "Anti-Christian" Paintings

(United States of America)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 20th May 2016.

While the world watches Palmyra, another of Syria's heritage sites risks destruction


Ross Burns, Apollo, 20th May 2016.

Urban Outfitters Wins Partial Victory Over Navajo Nation in Trademark Dispute

(United States of America)

Carey Dunne, Hyperallergic, 20th May 2016.

Another Milestone As France Returns 2 Nok Artefacts

(Nigeria; Togo; France)

Chika Okeke, Leadership, 20th May 2016.

Millions of dollars and dozens of works diverted in Ace Gallery bankruptcy case, accountant finds

(United States of America)

Jori Finkel, The Art Newspaper, 20th May 2016.

How a $1 million Patek Phillipe watch sparked a decades-long dispute

(Ethiopia; Sudan; Switzerland)

Hugo Miller, The Star, 20th May 2016.

Looting rife, heritage sites destroyed: The state of Syria's history


Lizzie Porter, Middle East Eye, 20th May 2016.

Buddha relics to head back to Oudong Mountain


Morn Vanntey, The Phnom Penh Post, 20th May 2016.

Inquiry report points out irregularities in Peshawar Museum


The News, 20th May 2016.

Special delegation visits Sheffield for skull repatriation

(New Zealand; United Kingdom)

The Star, 20th May 2016.

How Christie's helped to return a looted treasure to Afghanistan

(Afghanistan; United Kingdom)

Christie's, 20th May 2016.

Seven arrested after violent £2.7m art and jewellery heist at Bulmer family's Somerset home

(United Kingdom)

L. Churchill, Bristol Post, 20th May 2016.

NU finally lodges police complaint for missing coins


The Times of India, 20th May 2016.

Red list prepared for Syrian artifacts

(Syria; Turkey)

Hurriyet Daily News, 20th May 2016.

NU authorities blame Kumar for delay in missing coins probe


The Times of India, The Times of Israel, 21st May 2016.

Theft of Qur'an with Aurangzeb seal in 2003: HC seeks case records


D. A. Rashid, Greater Kashmir, 21st May 2016.

Israel returns to Egypt two stolen artefacts

(Egypt; Israel)

Reuters, Ahram Online, 22nd May 2016.

No fue Thomas Crown, fue un butronero: el perfil del ladrón de arte en España


Not Thomas Crown, but a hole-maker: the profile of an art thief in Spain

Rebeca Fernández, El Confidencial, 22nd May 2016.

No paran robos de campanas en Tasquillo


Robbery of bells in Tasquillo not stopped

El Sol de Hidalgo, 22nd May 2016.

Temple theft case: two arrested


Express News Service, The New Indian Express, 22nd May 2016.

Kids Smash Art at Glass Museum While Adults Stand by Filming


Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 23rd May 2016.

First World War sea graves hit by 'industrial-scale looting'

(United Kingdom; Germany; Denmark)

Mark Duell, The Daily Mail, 23rd May 2016.

Indignación en El Santuario por robo en parroquia Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá


Outrage in El Santuario because of robbery in the church of Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá

Carlos Mario Gómez, Colombiano, 23rd May 2016.

Ocultar los elementos de valor de los templos a partir de ahora, una de las soluciones


Hide the valuable items of the churches from now on, one of the solutions

Ángel García, Zamora 24 Horas, 23rd May 2016.

Guatemala reclama piezas arqueológicas robadas que se exhiben en el museo Tesak


Guatemala reclaims looted archaeological pieces and they are exhibited in the Tesak museum

María Luz Nóchez, El Faro, 23rd May 2016.

La Media Luna, 4 décadas de saqueos


Media Luna, 4 decades of looting

Alfredo Espinosa Estrada, El Sol de San Luis, 23rd May 2016.

Stolen artefacts recovered, date back to Mughal era


Nitesh Kumar Sharmal, The Times of India, 23rd May 2016.

El Gobierno admite el robo en 58 iglesias de Zamora entre febrero y mayo


The Government admits to robberies of 58 churches in Zamora between February and May.

I. Gómez, La Opinión de Zamora, 23rd May 2016.

Native Americans step up fight over sacred object auctions

(United States of America; France)

AFP, The Daily Mail, 24th May 2016.

China hopes to reunite "stolen" Buddhist relics in the virtual world


Atul Aneja, The Hindu, 24th May 2016.

Picasso vase worth $30K stolen from art gallery

(United States of America)

Tina Moore, New York Post, 24th May 2016.

Teenager, 15, charged over vandalism at historic Fife church

(United Kingdom)

Craig Smith, The Courier, 24th May 2016.

British Museum confirms provenance of looted Afghan Bowl

(United Kingdom)

Patrick Steel, Museums Journal, 24th May 2016.

Old Fort burglarized in Fort Madison, Iowa

(United States of America)

Jeff Whitten, KWQC, 24th May 2016.

Paintings stolen during East Lansing Art Festival

(United States of America)

R.J. Wolcott, Detroit Free Press, 24th May 2016.

New charges for target of Gardner heist probe

(United States of America)

Milton J. Valencia, The Boston Globe, 24th May 2016.

Lo condenan a un año de cárcel por robar campana de iglesia


Sentenced to one year in prison for stealing bell

El Pueblo, 24th May 2016.

Kuvempu Prathisthana seeks replica of stolen medal


The Hindu, 24th May 2016.

The Legal Feud Over 'Picasso Bust' Is Settled, but Who's the Mystery Owner?

(United States of America)

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso, ArtNet News, 24th May 2016.

$25,000 oil painting stolen from Suffield home

(United States of America)

Anthony Fay, WWLP, 25th May 2016.

John Tillmann's alleged threats against ex-wife prevent his full parole


Elizabeth Chiu, CBC, 25th May 2016.

Antique ivory poses no threat to elephant conservation: in fact, it needs protection itself


Martin Levy, Apollo, 25th May 2016.

Milton Keynes community rally to replace stolen singing frog statue

(United Kingdom)

OneMK, 25th May 2016.

Native Americans implore France to halt artifact sale: 'It harkens to slave auctions'

(United States of America; France)

David Smith, The Guardian, 25th May 2016.

Yankees fire Yankee Stadium security guard who stole memorabilia

(United States of America)

Nathaniel Vinton, Daily News, 25th May 2016.

Guccifer, Who Revealed George W. Bush's Secret Life as a Painter, Pleads Guilty to Hacking

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 25th May 2016.

Lock picker indicted in Love Locket vandalism

(United States of America)

David Ferrara, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 25th May 2016.

National plan to save Dead Sea Scrolls from thieves


Yoni Kempinski, Arutz Sheva, 25th May 2016.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Accused of Pastry Plagiarism

(United States of America)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 25th May 2016.

10 sandalwood trees stolen from Qutb Shahi tombs premises


The Hindu, 25th May 2016.

Priceless antiques missing from Peshawar museum: confrontation between ACE and Directorate of Archaeology


Daily Times, 25th May 2016.

Woman arrested for damaging idols in temple


TNN, The Times of India, 26th May 2016.

Enforcing the law, protecting resources: a day in the life of a BLM ranger

(United States of America)

Don Gilman, St George News, 26th May 2016.

Up to 40 antique wooden benches valued at more than $100K stolen from Springfield's Union Station

(United States of America)

Patrick Johnson, Mass Live, 26th May 2016.

Infamous artifact thief John Tillman granted day parole extension


Heide Pearson, Global News, 26th May 2016.

Heinrich: Halt French Auction of Sacred Native American Artifacts

(United States of America; France)

Martin Heinrich, KRWG, 26th May 2016.

German Minister: Put Jew on Nazi art committee


Arutz Sheva, 26th May 2016.

New evidence suggests Modigliani masterpiece was obtained in Nazi-forced sale

(United States of America; Panama)

Ronna Syed, CBC, 27th May 2016.

EU licences plan 'could hit London art market'

(United Kingdom)

Nicholas Cecil, Evening Standard, 27th May 2016.

Rare Indian Burial Ground Quietly Destroyed for Million Dollar Houses

(United States of America)

Sarah Zhang, Gizmodo, 27th May 2016.

Several pieces of art stolen from E.L. festival recovered

(United States of America)

RJ Wolcott, Lansing State Journal, 27th May 2016.

Roban las coronas de la patrona y la Esperanza de Hinojos


The crowns of the patron saint and the Esperanza of Hinojos stolen

José Javier Comas Rodríguez, Pasión en Sevilla, 27th May 2016.

Russian art historian cleared of fraud over forgery sale


Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 27th May 2016.

Germany Backtracks, Will Install Jewish Member in Committee on Nazi-looted Art


The Forward, Haaretz, 27th May 2016.

Silver crowns of deities stolen from Jatashankar Devalaya in Telangkhedi


Nagpur Today, 27th May 2016.

Police: $25K oil painting stolen from Connecticut home

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Washington Times, 27th May 2016.

The Latest: Officials say Acoma shield was stolen years ago

(United States of America; France)

Associated Press, Yahoo News, 27th May 2016.

Veterans sites in 3 states damaged ahead of Memorial Day

(United States of America)

CBS, 28th May 2016.

Smithsonian returns Maori remains to New Zealand

(New Zealand; United States of America)

Madison Park, CNN, 28th May 2016.

'An affront to the memory of people who fought': Looters dig up a Civil War battlefield

(United States of America)

Elahe Izadi, The Washington Post, 28th May 2016.

One of the World's Greatest Art Collections Hides Behind This Fence


Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 28th May 2016.

Civil War battlefield looted, described as 'crime scene'

(United States of America)

Andreas Preuss, CNN, 28th May 2016.

Spanish police make arrests over stolen Francis Bacon works


Nadia Khomami, The Guardian, 28th May 2016.

The mystery of the missing Great Miami Hurricane historical marker

(United States of America)

Jenny Staletovich, Miami Herald, 28th May 2016.

Art, coins and stamps snatched from Sydney property


The Daily Telegraph, 28th May 2016.

La Policía recupera un óleo de Berruguete del siglo XVI robado a una iglesia de Lantadilla (Palencia)


Police recover a 16th century Berruguete painting stolen from a Lantadilla church (Palencia)

EcoDiario, 29th May 2016.

Silver articles stolen from temple


The Hans India, 29th May 2016.

Archaeology Dept. ramps up security at Qutub Shahi Tombs, in the wake of Sandal Wood theft


The Siasat Daily, 29th May 2016.

Kiwanis Club seeks return of missing train items

(United States of America)

Sherese A. Gore, The News & Advance, 30th May 2016.

Rangers hunt looters who desecrated Civil War battlefield

(United States of America)

Bruce Leshan, WUSA, 30th May 2016.

Golden Eagle statue stolen in Delta, valued at $6 million


Cassidy Oliver, Vancouver Sun, 30th May 2016.

Missing: Horse skull from Yukon's Carcross desert


Paul Tukker, CBC, 30th May 2016.

Acoma shield being auctioned in Paris

(United States of America; France)

Michael Coleman, Albuquerque Journal, 30th May 2016.

Paris auction house cancels sale of Acoma shield

(United States of America; France)

Michael Coleman, Albuquerque Journal, 30th May 2016.

Shock after thieves behead angel statue in Cambridge graveyard

(United Kingdom)

Chris Elliott, Cambridge News, 30th May 2016.

Vandals damage headstones at Leslie Cemetery, Glenrothes

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 30th May 2016.

US hails 'small victory' as Paris auction withdraws Native American shield

(United States of America; France)

France 24, 30th May 2016.

Roban valiosa imagen en parroquia de Itá


Valuable icon stolen from the church of Itá

ABC Paraguay, 31st May 2016.

Ukranian art buyer hands back stolen Dutch masterpiece

(Ukraine; Netherlands)

AFP, 7 News, 31st May 2016.

Isil rampage: a threat to cultural heritage that belongs to all

(United States of America)

James Cuno, The Art Newspaper, 31st May 2016.

International graffiti artist who travelled to Melbourne to tag jailed for 6 months


Bianca Hall, The Age, 31st May 2016.

Tower Hamlets looking for safe place for 'Old Flo' after legal battle over who owns Moore's sculpture

(United Kingdom)

Mike Brooke, The Docklands & East London Advertiser, 31st May 2016.

Beloved 'little old lady' public art stolen from Hughes shops


Kim Lester, ABC Australia, 31st May 2016.

Is this Dutch Artist Accusing Duke Riley of Pigeon Plagiarism?

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 31st May 2016.

Kraftwerk lose legal battle over their music being sampled


Reuters, The Guardian, 31st May 2016.

Major haul of idols in Chennai city, 3 arrested


Web India 123, 31st May 2016.

How much money is ISIS actually making from looted art?

(Iraq; Syria)

Fiona Rose-Greenland, The Conversation, 31st May 2016.

Sale of Depression-era painting draws a federal lawsuit

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 31st May 2016.

Five Bronze Busts Stolen from Athens Cultural Center


Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi, Greek Reporter, 31st May 2016.