Country: Libya

Libyan authorities issue international circular on looted antiquities from Libya


Safa Alharathy, The Libya Observer, 15th May 2017.

Nueve obras de arte confiscadas de Siria, Yemen y Libia se exponen en Suiza

(Switzerland; Syria; Yemen; Libya)

Nine artworks from Syria, Yemen, and Libya exhibited in Switzerland

EFE, El Diario, 14th Mar 2017.

Swiss seize 9 relics allegedly stolen from Libya, Palmyra

(Switzerland; Libya; Syria)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 2nd Dec 2016.

Looters exploit the political chaos in Libya


Tim Cornwell, The Art Newspaper, 20th Oct 2016.

Plea for holiday photos to help preserve world heritage

(Syria; Libya; Afghanistan)

Kirsteen Paterson, The National, 9th Sep 2016.

Protecting antiquities in Syria and Libya from Islamic State

(Libya; Syria)

Nick Miller, The Sydney Morning Herald, 4th Sep 2016.

Libya's Antiquities Department refutes UNESCO report on Lepits Magna


The Libya Observer, 7th Aug 2016.

UNESCO deplores damage to Aleppo National Museum; warns five Heritage Sites in Libya are in danger

(Syria; Libya)

UN News Centre, 14th Jul 2016.

Libya's archaeological heritage among the world's most endangered


Libya Herald, 14th Jul 2016.

Central Security Department in Tripoli retrieves artifacts stolen from Tripoli's Old Town


The Libya Observer, 24th Jun 2016.

Police discover Qadafi's looted ivory dagger in Istanbul

(Libya; Turkey; Saudi Arabia)

Yeni Şafak, 13th Jun 2016.

Key Libyan and international partners unite to adopt an action plan for Libya's heritage


UNESCO, 13th May 2016.

Libya's ancient sites not exposed to same risk as in Syria, Iraq - experts


Aidan Lewis, Reuters, 11th May 2016.

Libya's threatened ancient history, and why it is significant


Susan Walker, Apollo, 15th Jan 2016.

ICOM releases red list of Libyan antiquities at risk


Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 15th Dec 2015.

Libya's cultural heritage 'being destroyed and plundered by Isis'


Associated Press, The Guardian, 15th Dec 2015.

Concern for Libya UNESCO site after Islamic State said to take over


AFP, The Times of Israel, 12th Dec 2015.

£1.5m ancient Greek statue looted from Libyan heritage site 'must be returned'

(Libya; United Kingdom)

David Mercer, The Independent, 2nd Sep 2015.

Court sits at British Museum for first time as judge studies looted Libyan sculpture

(United Kingdom; Libya)

Victoria Ward, The Telegraph, 30th Mar 2015.

Vandals destroy prehistoric rock art in Libya's lawless Sahara


Ulf Laessing, Reuters, 3rd Jun 2014.

Looting of Libyan treasure highlights illicit antiquities trade


Laura Allsop, CNN, 11th Nov 2011.

Treasure of Benghazi bank vault raided


Nick Meo, The Telegraph, 30th Oct 2011.