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Articles for September 2016

226 articles found.

Author says New Zealanders need to watch out for art crime

(New Zealand)

Mahvash Ali,, 1st Sep 2016.

Saquean tumbas prehispánicas en Totimehuacan


Prehispanic tombs looted in Totimehuacan

Pilar Pérez, El Sol de Puebla, 1st Sep 2016.

Art crime in New Zealand - there's more than you think

(New Zealand)

Eleanor Black,, 1st Sep 2016.

Art Heist Suspect Robert Gentile Wants Release From Prison Because Of Failing Health

(United States of America)

Edmund H. Mahony, Hartford Courant, 1st Sep 2016.

Robaron la corona de la Virgen de Peña en Tartagal


The crown of the Virgen de Peña stolen in Tartagal

El Tribuno, 1st Sep 2016.

Perú recibe de Guatemala restos de la Cultura Paracas

(Peru; Guatemala)

Peru receives Paracas culture remains from Guatemala

Redacción, RPP, 1st Sep 2016.

Tourist Sues Manhattan Gallery for $100,000 Sale of Allegedly Fake Art Deco Sculptures

(United States of America)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 1st Sep 2016.

Audit Office raids Paphos museum and sites


Cyprus Mail, 1st Sep 2016.

Stolen 116-year-old notebook puts focus on pioneer museum in Chilliwack


Chilliwack Times, 1st Sep 2016.

Unesco concerned about inappropriate rebuilding of Ranipokhari


The Kathmandu Post, 1st Sep 2016.

Stolen Buddhist painting to be returned from U.S.

(South Korea)

Yonhap News Agency, 1st Sep 2016.

Roban las joyas de la Virgen en la ermita de Tiagua


Jewels of the Virgin of the hermitage of Tiagua stolen

La Voz de Lanzarote, 1st Sep 2016.

Hawkins woman heads north to retrieve valuable stolen 'reborn doll' heads

(United States of America)

Jeff Bobo, Times News, 2nd Sep 2016.

SFPD searching for stolen ivory relics, arrest made

(United States of America)

KTVU, 2nd Sep 2016.

Mystery of the missing Mary: Police recover church's stolen statue in river

(United States of America)

Edward Damon, Berkshire Eagle, 2nd Sep 2016.

How Yemen's past is being erased, one air strike at a time


Peter Osborne, Middle East Eye, 2nd Sep 2016.

Federal judge in Oregon standoff case rules on what evidence can be introduced at trial

(United States of America)

Maxine Bernstein, Oregon Live, 2nd Sep 2016.

Major art theft in Harborough district

(United Kingdom)

Harborough Mail, 2nd Sep 2016.

Ancient artifact smugglers arrested in south Lebanon


The Daily Star, 3rd Sep 2016.

Vandals steal Nelson Park lobster sculpture

(United States of America)

Emily Clark, WCVB, 3rd Sep 2016.

Ancient capital of Israel site beset by vandalism

(Palestine; Israel)

Assaf Kamar, Ynet News, 3rd Sep 2016.

Woman seeks return of late husband's $85,000 horse sculpture

(United States of America)

Kyndell Nunley, 3 News, 3rd Sep 2016.

200-year-old priceless bibles returned to church after break-in

(United Kingdom)

Ben Philip, Daily Record, 3rd Sep 2016.

Robo frustrado de noche en la iglesia de Santa María de Laredo


Theft thwarted in the night at the church of Santa María de Laredo

Abel Verano, El Diario Montañes, 3rd Sep 2016.

Protecting antiquities in Syria and Libya from Islamic State

(Libya; Syria)

Nick Miller, The Sydney Morning Herald, 4th Sep 2016.

UNESCO Director-General condemns the destruction of a 9th century old mosque of Bani Matar in Yemen


UNESCO, Malaysia Sun, 4th Sep 2016.

Roban figuras religiosas desde iglesia jesuita en Calera de Tango


Religious statues stolen from the Jesuit church in Calera de Tango

24 Horas, 4th Sep 2016.

He Denied Blacks Citizenship. Now a City Is Deciding His Statue's Fate.

(United States of America)

Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times, 4th Sep 2016.

Santa Fe art dealer, Harvard reach deal over book's photos

(United States of America)

Anne Constable, Santa Fe New Mexican, 4th Sep 2016.

V&A director's decision to quit hastened by Brexit vote

(United Kingdom)

Mark Brown, The Guardian, 5th Sep 2016.

MUNA construction damaging ancient remains


Alvaro Tassano, Peru This Week, 5th Sep 2016.

Suspect in Colombo National Museum theft further remanded

(Sri Lanka)

Daily News, 5th Sep 2016.

VIDEO: Vandals destroy ancient Oregon's landmark

(United States of America)

United Press International, Gephardt Daily, 5th Sep 2016.

ICE-rescued ancient fossil on display at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

(United States of America; China)

ICE, 6th Sep 2016.

French auction workers convicted in vast theft scam


Philippe Sotto, CTV, 6th Sep 2016.

15 ancient pagodas in Bagan suffer severe damage


Eleven, 6th Sep 2016.

Sen. Cornyn replaces military medals of late WWII POW stolen from his family in Fort Worth

(United States of America)

Liz Farmer, Dallas News, 6th Sep 2016.

Call for action as Battle of Kinsale tourist signs stolen


Eoin English, Irish Examiner, 6th Sep 2016.

Paris auction workers jailed over theft scam


BBC News, 6th Sep 2016.

Fake antiquities flood out of Syria as smugglers fail to steal masterpieces amid the chaos of war


Patrick Cockburn, The Independent, 6th Sep 2016.

Turkish government shuts down important archaeological dig, apparently to punish Austria

(Turkey; Austria)

Erik Stokstad, Science, 6th Sep 2016.

Roban copones con hostias consagradas de iglesia en Bucaramanga


Cups and consecrated hosts stolen from church in Bucaramanga

Vanguardia, 6th Sep 2016.

Verdict expected in vast theft scam at French auction house


Associated Press, Salon, 6th Sep 2016.

Amman hosts conference to launch regional task force to combat cultural racketeering


Petra, 6th Sep 2016.

Egypt bans statues that do not have official government approval


AFP, The Guardian, 7th Sep 2016.

500 seized coins date back to ancient times: Customs dept


G.S. Paul, Tribune India, 7th Sep 2016.

Thief steals $50,000 in art from Naples gallery

(United States of America)

Devin Turk, NBC, 7th Sep 2016.

US Judge Approves Warrant for Acoma Shield Listed for Sale by Paris Auction House

(United States of America; France)

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, 7th Sep 2016.

Piden al INAH frenar saqueo en zona arqueológica de Totimehuacán


INAH asked to prevent looting at the archaeological site of Totimehuacán

Víctor Hugo Juárez, El Sol de Puebla, 7th Sep 2016.

Greta Moll's Heirs Say Stolen Portrait Is at London Museum

(United Kingdom; United States of America)

Erik Larson, Bloomberg, 7th Sep 2016.

Egyptian statuette recovered from Mexico is authentic: Antiquities ministry

(Egypt; Mexico)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 7th Sep 2016.

Why a growing number of museum veterans are crossing over to the commercial sector


Julia Halpern, The Art Newspaper, 7th Sep 2016.

London's National Gallery sued in NY over alleged stolen Matisse

(United Kingdom; United States of America)

Jonathan Stempe, The Daily Mail, 7th Sep 2016.

Ponytailed Man in Tie-Dye Shirt Caught on Video Stealing Art Mural from East River Waterfront Esplanade

(United States of America)

NBC New York, NBC, 7th Sep 2016.

Caregiver Charged With Theft Of 600+ Pieces Of Art

(United States of America)

CBS, 8th Sep 2016.

£1,000 painting stolen from Ripley gallery found in Bradford

(United Kingdom)

Hollie Bone, Harrogate Advertiser, 8th Sep 2016.

Digital Troves, Providing Insights and Reuniting Antiquities


Eve M. Kahn, The New York Times, 8th Sep 2016.

Kuwaiti official urges end to theft of Arab culture


KUNA, Kuwait News Agency, 8th Sep 2016.

New twist in fake antique furniture scandal overshadows opening of Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris


Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 8th Sep 2016.

The Disappearance and Return of the Original Ground Zero Flag

(United States of America)

J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic, 8th Sep 2016.

Bronze book stolen from Borders poet's memorial

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 8th Sep 2016.

Plea over missing 1986 Sir Antony Gormley sculpture

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 8th Sep 2016.

Jho Low Used Goldman Sachs to Illicitly Buy Van Gogh Work

(United States of America; Malaysia)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 8th Sep 2016.

AG to decide about antiquities irregularities


George Psyllides, Cyprus Mail, 8th Sep 2016.

Letters I: Elgin Marbles dispute can be resolved by making 3D marbles of artifacts then returning them to Greece

(Greece; United Kingdom)

The National, 8th Sep 2016.

Reputed Mobster In Hospital After Prison Fall, Trial Delayed

(United States of America)

CBS, 9th Sep 2016.

The Amateur Tomb Raiders Pilfering China's Artifacts


Wang Chao, Sixth Tone, 9th Sep 2016.

Suspect detained in Taipei after theft of science artifacts


Chun-fu Chiu, Taipei Times, 9th Sep 2016.

Plymouth teen charged with stealing lobster statue

(United States of America)

Emily Clark, The Patriot News, 9th Sep 2016.

Raghunath Trust to strengthen security & management shrine: CM


M. L. Verma, Himvani, 9th Sep 2016.

Opera Gallery Wins $2.4 Million Decision Against Infamous Art Dealer

(United States of America; Belgium)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 9th Sep 2016.

Two British schoolboys appear in Polish court accused of stealing buttons, shards of glass and a hair clipper belonging to former Auschwitz prisoners


Corey Charlton, The Sun, 9th Sep 2016.

Plea for holiday photos to help preserve world heritage

(Syria; Libya; Afghanistan)

Kirsteen Paterson, The National, 9th Sep 2016.

KP lacks archaeological experts to preserve priceless heritage


Pakistan Observer, 9th Sep 2016.

Thieves break into temple, steal antiques worth crores


TNN, The Times of India, 10th Sep 2016.

25 kilo laddu stolen from Ganesh pandal


Mahesh Buddil, The Times of India, 10th Sep 2016.

Art collector Lance Dane's 'so-called' adopted son refused relief by the Bombay High Court


Mustafa Plumber, DNA Info, 10th Sep 2016.

Rhinos being killed for horn's value as collectible, study finds


Karin Brulliard, Portland Press Herald, 10th Sep 2016.

Police searching stolen vehicle finds 2nd century tomb in Bursa


Daily Sabah, 10th Sep 2016.

Robbed of our antiquities


Alan Wade, The Chronicle Journal, 11th Sep 2016.

Police seeking information for 9/11 monument theft

(United States of America)

Michelle Gaitan, Standard-Times, 11th Sep 2016.

Sacramento art groups bounce back after thefts

(United States of America)

Ryan Lillis, The Sacramento Bee, 11th Sep 2016.

Robo de figuras religiosas: PDI da consejos para facilitar la búsqueda de piezas valiosas


Theft of religious statues: PDI gives suggestions to help facilitate the locating of valuable pieces

Lilian Olivares, Economía y Negocios, 11th Sep 2016.

The search is on for Britain's lost public sculptures as Historic England protects five more artworks

(United Kingdom)

Culture 24, 11th Sep 2016.

Thirty works of art recovered in Torrevieja


The Leader, 11th Sep 2016.

Aboriginal artefacts in Sotheby's auction prompt questions over provenance

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Debbie Cuthbertson, The Sydney Morning Herald, 11th Sep 2016.

Donald Trump Used His Foundation's Money to Buy a Painting of Himself

(United States of America)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 12th Sep 2016.

Native American Students Fight to Remove Colonial Imagery from University of New Mexico

(United States of America)

Matthew Irwin, Hyperallergic, 12th Sep 2016.

Alec Baldwin Files Suit Accusing Art Dealer of Fraud

(United States of America)

Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 12th Sep 2016.

El museo de La Plata restituirá restos de cuatro lonkos mapuches


The museum of La Plata restitutes remains of four Mapuche lonkos

Sergio Marilaf, La Izquierda Diario, 12th Sep 2016.

Karnataka yet to get proper inventory report on 14 heritage cities


Yathiraju, The New Indian Express, 12th Sep 2016.

Museum hopeful stolen paintings in Ukraine will be home soon

(Ukraine; Netherlands)

Dutch News, 12th Sep 2016.

When Artwork Survives Catastrophe

(United States of America)

Kara Weisenstein, The Creator's Project, 12th Sep 2016.

US government sues over Michigan, Maine lighthouse lenses

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 12th Sep 2016.

Rani Pokhari reconstruction to resume this week


The Kathmandu Post, 12th Sep 2016.

B.C. allocates $2 million for First Nations repatriation efforts


CBC, 13th Sep 2016.

Police probe Marrache art collection theft


Brian Reyes, Gibralter Chronicle, 13th Sep 2016.

Art. Passion. Politics.

(United States of America; Russia)

Edward Goldman, Huffington Post, 13th Sep 2016.

Piano di Sorrento, nascondeva reperti archeologici in casa: medico denunciato


Piano di Sorrento: Archaeological finds hidden in home, doctor implicated

Il Mattino, 13th Sep 2016.

23 cultural assets damaged after quake in ancient capital

(South Korea)

Yonhap News Agency, 13th Sep 2016.

Vandals daub bizarre message on cathedral's 900 year old walls

(United Kingdom)

The Plymouth Herald, 13th Sep 2016.

Saquean Jaina... pero es 'cliente frequente': INAH


Looting Jania... it is a 'frequent customer': INAH

El Expreso, 14th Sep 2016.

Bring back vigango to their rightful locations


Nancy Jumwa Ngowa, Daily Nation, 14th Sep 2016.

Missing Coltsville Plaque Found Chopped Into Nearly Two Dozen Pieces

(United States of America)

Kenneth R. Gosselin, Hartford Courant, 14th Sep 2016.

Arqueólogos intentan hacer de Afganistán un museo entre saqueos


Archaeologists intend to make Afghanistan a museum despite looting

Panorama, 14th Sep 2016.

Araiji calls for new antiquities law


Lebanese Republic, National News Agency, 14th Sep 2016.

Roban medallas de la Virgen en la iglesia de Zumpango


Medals of the Virgin of the church of Zumpango robbed

El Siglo de Torreón, 14th Sep 2016.

5 members of gang involved in temple thefts in Karnataka held


Press Trust of India, India Today, 15th Sep 2016.

Yobs 'mindlessly' smash historic stained-glass window in 12th-century Rye church

(United Kingdom)

Adrian Imms, The Argus, 15th Sep 2016.

Senate panel approves Nazi-stolen art recovery bill

(United States of America)

Tim Devaney, The Hill, 15th Sep 2016.

Russia critics, museums square off over Senate artwork bill

(United States of America)

Isaac Arnsdorf, Politico, 15th Sep 2016.

An 18th-Century Temple Buddha Painting Returns to Korea after an Epic Journey

(South Korea)

Alexxa Gotthardt, Artsy, 15th Sep 2016.

Preventing the plunder of Asean's heritage

(Cambodia; Thailand; Myanmar)

Curtis S. Chin, The Straits Times, 16th Sep 2016.

Se salvó gran parte de obras de arte más importantes de San Sebastián


Large portion of the most important works of art of San Sebastián saved.

Andina, 16th Sep 2016.

Trust appealing for return of stolen tribute to Borders poet

(United Kingdom)

Darin Hutson, Harwick News, 16th Sep 2016.

Ukraine hands back stolen paintings to Dutch museum

(Ukraine; Netherlands)

Reuters, 16th Sep 2016.

City cops nab gang involved in 13 temple thefts in Karnataka


Nishikant Karlikar, The Times of India, 16th Sep 2016.

The man stuffed and displayed like a wild animal

(Botswana; Spain)

Frank Westerman, BBC News, 16th Sep 2016.

Should the art market be more transparent?


Ivan Macquisten, Apollo, 16th Sep 2016.

Teesdale mayfly stone carving stolen

(United Kingdom)

Kate Richardson, The Northern Echo, 16th Sep 2016.

Sector Cultura adopta medidas urgentes tras incendio en iglesia de San Sebastián


Cultural sector adopts emergency measures after the fire in the San Sebastián church

Radio Nacional, 16th Sep 2016.

Moll Heirs Response to Statement from the National Gallery Regarding Suit for Return of Stolen Matisse Portrait of Greta Moll

(United States of America; United Kingdom)

Rowland & Associates, MMD Newswire, 16th Sep 2016.

Will Victims of Nazi Art Thieves Finally Get Justice?

(United States of America)

Liz Mair, The Daily Beast, 17th Sep 2016.

Battle of Jutland war graves 'vandalised' by illegal metal scavengers

(Denmark; United Kingdom; Germany)

Robert Booth, The Guardian, 18th Sep 2016.

"Die Schatzsucher sind die Hunnen von heute"


"Treasure Hunters are Today's Huns"

Balazs Csekö, Der Standard, 18th Sep 2016.

Stolen art piece was intended to raise awareness of homelessness in Juneau

(United States of America)

Scott Burton, KTOO, 18th Sep 2016.

Iraq struggles to stop antiquities smuggling


Adnan Abu Zeed, Al Monitor, 19th Sep 2016.

Looting? $283 Million Flow of Artifacts to US Revealed

(Turkey; Syria; United States of America)

Owen Jarus, Live Science, 19th Sep 2016.

Replicas now sit where items were stolen from Roger Maris Museum

(United States of America)

Ashley Bishop, Valley News, 19th Sep 2016.

Pre-Columbian sculpture recovered at London auction house after mysterious disapperance

(Colombia; United Kingdom)

Richard Emblin, The City Paper, 19th Sep 2016.

Ancient artifact hidden in sock by Belgium tourist proves very costly


David Strege, GrindTV, 19th Sep 2016.

Progress in Protecting Stolen Antiquities Is Real — But Challenges Remain


Michelle ForCruz, Asia Society, 19th Sep 2016.

Banksy artwork removed from Liverpool street to enter street art museum

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 19th Sep 2016.

US tourist steals marble fragment from Pompeii


New Kerala, 19th Sep 2016.

Slick Replica of Palmyra's Triumphal Arch Arrives in New York, Prompting Questions

(Syria; United States of America)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 20th Sep 2016.

Kohinoor our property, govt tells Supreme Court


Bhadra Sinha, Hindustan Times, 20th Sep 2016.

Replica of Syrian arch destroyed by Isis unveiled in New York City

(United States of America)

Raya Jalabi, The Guardian, 20th Sep 2016.

Buddha statue theft from temple treated as hate crime

(United Kingdom)

Jenny Thomson, STV, 20th Sep 2016.

Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes into Museum of Broken Relationships, Injuring Two

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 20th Sep 2016.

How the Mona Lisa became so overrated


Phil Edwards, Vox, 20th Sep 2016.

Artist Wants Thieves Who Stole Translucent Child Sculpture Punished

(United States of America)

Leslie Albrecht, DNA Info, 20th Sep 2016.

Police on the hunt for stolen buffalo statue, thief in Oklahoma City

(United States of America)

Bill Schammert, Fox, 20th Sep 2016.

The memorial plaque for David Bowie in Berlin has been stolen


Press Association, 20th Sep 2016.

Youth arrested for thefts in 8 temples


TNN, The Times of India, 21st Sep 2016.

How the journey of a Rembrandt masterpiece ended here in the North Country

(United States of America; Russia)

Brian Mann, North County Public Radio, 21st Sep 2016.

Saudi strikes raze ancient Yemen towers

(Yemen; Saudi Arabia)

Bel Trew, The Times, 21st Sep 2016.

François Hollande announces $100m fund to protect cultural heritage in the Middle East


David D'Arcy, The Art Newspaper, 21st Sep 2016.

Rough Riders replace stolen plaque honoring their namesake

(United States of America)

Paul Guzzo, Tampa Bay Times, 21st Sep 2016.

Over 1,200 Archaeologists and Museum Staff Condemn Destruction Wrought by Dakota Pipeline

(United States of America)

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, 21st Sep 2016.

UK to crack down on illegal ivory sales

(United Kingdom)

John Vidal, The Guardian, 21st Sep 2016.

Battle for Ben Franklin manuscripts could be settled soon

(United States of America)

Bridget Murphy, Newsday, 21st Sep 2016.

The Ancient One Takes Another Step Toward Home

(United States of America)

Richard Walker, Indian Country Today, 21st Sep 2016.

Royal Canadian Mint employee allegedly smuggled $140,000 worth of gold in his butt


Ben Guarino, The Washington Post, 21st Sep 2016.

Last two remaining 'Indian Bridge' figures stolen from city storage yard


Reg Clayton, Kenora Daily Miner and News, 21st Sep 2016.

Germany's new cultural protection law welcomed abroad


Markus Hilgert, DW, 21st Sep 2016.

Have You Seen This Artist's Converted Metermaid Vehicle, Stolen Yesterday?

(United States of America)

Caleb Pershan, SFist, 21st Sep 2016.

UK ivory ban threat: 'government WILL consult antiques industry'

(United Kingdom)

Noelle McElhatton, Antiques Trade Gazette, 21st Sep 2016.

Booker urges 'justice' in reclaiming stolen art

(United States of America)

New Jersey Jewish News, 21st Sep 2016.

Court Orders Marina Abramović to Pay Ulay and Give Him Credit for Their Art


Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 22nd Sep 2016.

St Albans military collector Alan Tissington avoids jail after ammunition discovered at his home

(United Kingdom)

Debbie White, The Herts Advertiser, 22nd Sep 2016.

Who stole naked Trump statue? Police want to ask this guy about it The naked Donald Trump statue first made an appearance on a Wynwood billboard last week. In Wynwood, a nude Donald Trump is no more, and Miami Police have a suspect. The naked Donald Trump statue first made an appearance on a Wynwood billboard last week. The naked Donald Trump statue first made an appearance on a Wynwood billboard last week. In Wynwood, a nude Donald Trump is no more, and Miami Police have a suspect.

(United States of America)

Alex Harris, Miami Herald, 22nd Sep 2016.

Egypt's Malawi Museum inaugurated


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 22nd Sep 2016.

Treasure trove' of war photos, medals and memorabilia found among stolen loot in a thief's house - as police seek help to find the owners


Ollie Gillman, The Daily Mail, 22nd Sep 2016.

Theft of Aurangzeb-era Quran: HC orders CBI prob


M. A. Parray, Kashmir Reader, 22nd Sep 2016.

Paintings recovered in Leeuwarden storage unit 17 years after theft


Janene Pieters, NL Times, 22nd Sep 2016.

Stolen painting recovered in Leeuwarden is a fake


Janene Pieters, NL Times, 22nd Sep 2016.

Stolen Artifacts Found in Siem Reap


Mom Kunthear, Khmer Times, 22nd Sep 2016.

Heir to art-dealing estate in court in major French fraud trial


Kim Willsher, The Guardian, 22nd Sep 2016.

Freeports boom highlights risks of shady activities


Silke Koltrowitz, Reuters, 22nd Sep 2016.

Dismay over 'crude' repairs to ancient section of Great Wall of China


Associated Press, The Guardian, 22nd Sep 2016.

Exhibition with antiquities from occupied Cyprus opens on September 23


Famagusta Gazette, 22nd Sep 2016.

Egypt's Mallawi Museum reopens with looted collection mostly restored


Garry Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 23rd Sep 2016.

Could you return that Declaration of Independence your family stole? Please?

(United States of America)

Gene Marks, The Washington Post, 23rd Sep 2016.

Police find 'Emperor Has No Balls' statue depicting naked Donald Trump

(United States of America)

Marcine Joseph, ABC United States, 23rd Sep 2016.

University of Utah police seeking info over art theft

(United States of America)

Abigail Norton, KUTV, 23rd Sep 2016.

Art meets history in homage to legendary French Jewish dealer

(Belgium; France)

Catherine Bennett, The Times of Israel, 23rd Sep 2016.

Robert Soros in Divorce Battle Over $7.7 Million Christopher Wool Painting

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 23rd Sep 2016.

Naked Trump statue in downtown Las Vegas vandalized

(United States of America)

Lawren Lineham, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 23rd Sep 2016.

Antiques dealers arrested and $4.5m worth of ivory seized in New York

(United States of America)

Gabriella Angeleti, The Art Newspaper, 23rd Sep 2016.

Unsupervised digs and illicit ticket sales rampant at historc sites


Angelos Anastasiou, Cyprus Mail, 23rd Sep 2016.

Popular art gallery owner shot, killed

(United States of America)

Atlanta Journal Constitution, 23rd Sep 2016.

The ghost of Vaman Ghiya is rising

(India; United Kingdom)

Vijay Kumar, DNA, 24th Sep 2016.

Art of the past


Zainab Fakhar, Pakistan Today, 24th Sep 2016.

The Gweagal shield and the fight to change the British Museum's attitude to seized artefacts

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Paul Daley, The Guardian, 25th Sep 2016.

Un tapiz robado multiplica por diez su precio tras 'perder' el nombre


A stolen tapestry that's price multiplied by ten after 'losing' its name.

Eduardo Bayona, Publico, 25th Sep 2016.

Ulay vs. Marina Abramović: How the epic legal battle between art-world giants went down


Noah Charney, Salon, 25th Sep 2016.

Detenidos por saquear piedras arqueológicas


Arrests for looting of archaeological stones

Tribuna, 25th Sep 2016.

Benin City: A Stunning Metropolis Annihilated By the British Empire


Daryl Worthington, New Historian, 25th Sep 2016.

La «misteriosa» desaparición de los restos de Diego Colón


The "mysterious" disappearance of the remains of Diego Columbus

Mónica Arrizabalaga, ABC España, 25th Sep 2016.

Roban campana en Huichapan


Bell stolen in Huichapan

El Sol de Hidalgo, 25th Sep 2016.

New International Group to Amp Up Parthenon Marbles Reunification Campaign

(Greece; United Kingdom)

Mary Harris, Greek Reporter, 26th Sep 2016.

Cyprus to spearhead war on illicit trafficking of cultural property


Famagusta Gazette, 26th Sep 2016.

The United Nations Doubles Down on Protecting Cultural Sites


Akshan de Alwis, Diplomatic Courier, 27th Sep 2016.

New York Congressman Co-Sponsors Bill to Save Stolen Holocaust Art

(United States of America)

Jason Cohen, JP Updates, 27th Sep 2016.

Neue Galerie Returns Painting Seized by Nazis and Then Rebuys It in Settlement


Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 27th Sep 2016.

Revealed: how senior Laos officials cut deals with animal traffickers


Nick Davies, The Guardian, 27th Sep 2016.

Denuncian corrupción en parques arqueológicos


Corruption at archaeological sites denounced

William Gularte, El Periódico, 27th Sep 2016.

Cologne to return Menzel drawing sold in 1939 to Hildebrand Gurlitt


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 27th Sep 2016.

Una carta anónima desvela el robo de cuatro campanas en la Casa del Chavo


An anonymous letter reveals the theft of four bells from the Casa del Chavo C

Javier Martínez, Las Provincias, 27th Sep 2016.

Judge 'Stupefied' by Arguments on Day One of Wildenstein Tax Fraud Trial


Robert Williams, ArtNet News, 27th Sep 2016.

For First Time, Destruction Of Cultural Sites Leads To War Crime Conviction


Camila Domonoske, NPR, 27th Sep 2016.

Feds 'Paying a Lot of Attention' to International Repatriations; Is It Enough?

(United States of America)

Kim Baca, Indian Country Today, 28th Sep 2016.

Vandalism of Dirty Corner sculpture at Versailles an 'inside job', claims Kapoor


Cristina Ruiz, The Art Newspaper, 28th Sep 2016.

Peeved Protester Throws Pee at Censored Photo Show in Moscow


Carey Dunne, Hyperallergic, 28th Sep 2016.

Anita Halpin among beneficiaries of Neue Galerie restitution


Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 28th Sep 2016.

Man pleads guilty in New Brunswick Museum plaque theft case


Jericho Knopp, CBC, 28th Sep 2016.

Saquean con trascabo tumbas prehispánicas en Totimehuacan


Prehispanic tombs at Titimehuacan looted with bulldozer

Francisco Sánchez, Intolerancia Diario, 28th Sep 2016.

Police: Ex-girlfriend stole $10 million in art from Lantana home

(United States of America)

Hannah Winston, Palm Beach Post, 28th Sep 2016.

Lawful Heir of Artworks Looted by Gestapo Files Lawsuit in DC Federal Court


The Jewish Voice, 28th Sep 2016.

New California Law Will Make Signed Books & Art Harder to Sell

(United States of America)

Rebecca Rego Barry, Fine Books Magazine, 29th Sep 2016.

Cultural Property Protection Law Comes Under Fire in Germany


Conrad De Aenlle, The New York Times, 29th Sep 2016.

Why the Terrorist Who Destroyed Palmyra Won't Face Justice


Russell Goldman, The New York Times, 29th Sep 2016.

Temple looted


The Hindu, 29th Sep 2016.

Mexico returns remains of US soldiers from 1846 war

(Mexico; United States of America)

BBC News, 29th Sep 2016.

Van Gogh paintings stolen from Amsterdam found in Italy

(Italy; Netherlands)

BBC News, 29th Sep 2016.

A guardian of Syria's imperiled cultural heritage


Giota Mirtsioti, eKathimerini, 29th Sep 2016.

Theft in Hebri temple


The Hindu, 29th Sep 2016.

US-France court battle tied to Picasso comes to a head

(United States of America; France)

Sébastien Blanc, Art Daily, 30th Sep 2016.

Roban corona de Virgen de la Asunción


Crown of the Virgen de la Asunción stolen

Leobardo Pérez Marín, El Universal, 30th Sep 2016.

Met Picasso Belonged to Family That Fled Nazis, Suit Says

(United States of America)

Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 30th Sep 2016.

Spanish thieves find easy source of loot: unprotected churches


Jordi Pérez Colomé, El País, 30th Sep 2016.

Trial Offers Rare View of Wildenstein Family and Fortune


Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 30th Sep 2016.

When Art Thieves Target Treasures In Churches


Tobias Heimbach, World Crunch, 30th Sep 2016.

Here's Why Art Thieves Steal Paintings They Can't Sell

(Italy; Netherlands)

Corky Siemaszko, NBC, 30th Sep 2016.

Se roban una virgen en municipio de Ocotepeque


Virgin stolen from the municipality of Ocotepeque

Ariel Trigueros, Tiempo, 30th Sep 2016.

Russian collector repatriates 17th-century icon to Yaroslavl church

(Russia; Italy)

Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 30th Sep 2016.