Country: Liechtenstein

Debate intensifies over 'Venus' attribution to Cranach


Alex Capon, Antiques Trade Gazette, 4th Nov 2016.

'Moriarty of the Old Master' pulls off the art crime of the century: Market in crisis as experts warn £200m of paintings could be fakes

(United Kingdom; Liechtenstein)

Adam Luck, The Daily Mail, 1st Oct 2016.

Smears, counterclaims and lawsuits—the tangled web surrounding Prince of Liechtenstein's Cranach

(Liechtenstein; France)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 24th Mar 2016.

French police seize painting attributed to Cranach, owned by the Prince of Liechtenstein

(France; Liechtenstein)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 4th Mar 2016.

Lichtenstein Investigated Yves Bouvier


Darren Isner, The News Hub, 19th Dec 2015.