Country: Lebanon

Prominent Art Family Entangled in ISIS Antiquities-Looting Investigations

(Switzerland; Syria; Lebanon; Belgium; France; United States of America)

Benoit Foucon, The Wall Street Journal, 31st May 2017.

Surprenantes fragrances romaines au BIEL...


Surprising Roman fragrances at Biel...

May Makarem, L'Orient Le Jour, 28th Apr 2017.

The strange case of the ancient Assyrian curse and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police

(Syria; United Kingdom; Switzerland; Lebanon)

Patrick Sawer, The Telegraph, 21st Jan 2017.

Lebanon first to return looted Syria artifacts

(Lebanon; Syria)

Federica Marsi, The Daily Star, 16th Jan 2017.

Lebanese activists fight to save Beirut's architectural heritage


Changiz M. Varzi, Equal Times, 5th Oct 2016.

Araiji calls for new antiquities law


Lebanese Republic, National News Agency, 14th Sep 2016.

Ancient artifact smugglers arrested in south Lebanon


The Daily Star, 3rd Sep 2016.

Lebanese authorities backtrack over high-profile curator's passport renewal


Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper, 25th Jan 2016.

Curator Christine Tohmé Denied Passport by Lebanese Authorities


Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic, 22nd Jan 2016.

Odyssey Explorer: Cyprus to examine suspect cargo of antiquities from offshore supply ship

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Cahal Milmo, The Independent, 16th Jan 2016.

Salvage Vessel Detained Over Antiquities Possession

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

The Maritime Executive, 29th Dec 2015.

Cyprus seeks Lebanese expertise on seized treasures

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Ya Libnan, 28th Dec 2015.

Cypriot Authorities Found 18th Century Antiquities on Board an American Ship

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Anastassios Adamopoulos, Greek Reporter, 24th Dec 2015.

Antiquities on board seized vessel 'not unique to Cyprus'

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Andria Kades, Cyprus Mail, 24th Dec 2015.

Treasure hunters seized in Limassol

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Elias Hazou, Cyprus Mail, 24th Dec 2015.

Report suggests Daesh is smuggling antiquities through Lebanon

(Lebanon; Syria)

Albawaba, 23rd Dec 2015.

Ship with stolen artefacts docks at Limassol port

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

In Cyprus, 23rd Dec 2015.

Box fresh: Suha Traboulsi and Walid Raad's elegy to stolen art at Aïshti


TF Chan, Wallpaper, 4th Nov 2015.

Lebanon, Italy team up to tackle illegal antiquities trade

(Lebanon; Italy)

Mat Nashed, The Daily Star, 21st Oct 2015.

Race against the raiders of Syrian antiquities

(Lebanon; Syria)

Chloé Domat, Middle East Eye, 14th Oct 2015.

Canada returns seized Phoenician artifact to Lebanon

(Lebanon; Canada)

Dean Beeby, CBC, 5th Sep 2015.

Looters find path to export antiquities via Lebanon


Al Monitor, 31st Jul 2015.

Lebanon safeguards region's cultural heritage


Elise Knutson, The Daily Star, 12th Jun 2015.

Syrian authorities seize 6,000 looted antiquities

(Syria; Lebanon)

Associated Press, The Times of Israel, 9th May 2015.

Lebanon wages war on antiquities smuggling


India Stoughton, The Daily Star, 8th May 2015.

Syria's past is being obliterated

(Syria; Lebanon)

Journal Pioneer, 4th May 2014.