Country: Kenya

Bring back vigango to their rightful locations


Nancy Jumwa Ngowa, Daily Nation, 14th Sep 2016.

What Central Africa's War on Poaching Can Teach Us About Fighting the Plunder of Antiquities

(Tanzania; South Africa; Kenya)

Christopher Jones, Hyperallergic, 5th Jul 2016.

Kenya Set for Record Ivory Burning


Heidi Vogt, The Wall Street Journal, 29th Apr 2016.

The Right to Own Living Memorials


Stephen E. Nash, Sapiens, 29th Apr 2016.

Water Is Life uses stolen art to raise money for a good cause


Minda Smiley, The Drum, 4th Nov 2015.

Community forced to pay tax to reclaim its stolen treasures


Patrick Beja, The Counties, 9th Aug 2015.

Is Art Theft and Copyright Infringement On the Rise?


Nduta Waweru, All Africa, 29th Jul 2015.