Country: Brazil

Brazil suffers biggest rare book heist in national history


Plus55, 1st May 2017.

The $20 Million Heist at the Biggest Party in the World


Allison McNearney, The Daily Beast, 26th Feb 2017.

Israeli paintings stolen in Brazil

(Brazil; Israel)

Arutz Sheva, 26th Jan 2017.

Public art cancelled in Rio due to cultural budget cuts


Gabriella Angeleti, The Art Newspaper, 3rd Aug 2016.

Brazil's Museum of Stolen Beauty


Mac Margolis, Bloomberg, 22nd Jul 2016.

Brazil: Fire engulfs Portuguese language museum in Sao Paulo, one killed


International Business Times, 22nd Dec 2015.

Four-legged snake fossil sparks legal investigation

(Brazil; Germany)

Anastasia Christakou, Nature, 4th Aug 2015.

Brazil Would Like Its Four Legged Snake Fossil Back


Maddie Stone, Gizmodo, 4th Aug 2015.

US judge halts release of massive Brazilian emerald

(United States of America; Brazil)

Stephen Ceasar, The Sydney Morning Herald, 26th Jun 2015.

Obras de arte de ex-dono do Banco Santos são trazidas de volta ao Brasil

(Brazil; United States of America)

Art belonging to ex owner of Banco Santos returned to Brazil

Globo, 18th Jun 2015.

Brazil clamps down on illegal fossil trade


Elizabeth Gibney, Nature, 4th Mar 2014.

Stolen Picasso recovered undamaged in Brazil


Tom Phillips, The Guardian, 10th Jan 2008.