Country: Romania

Romanian police recover Dacian and Roman coins stolen from Hunedoara fortresses

(Romania; Czech Republic)

Romania Insider, 12th Jun 2017.

Documentary on the looting of 2000 year-old Dacian bracelets premiers at the Bucharest's National History Museum


Romania Insider, 23rd Jan 2017.

Hacker Guccifer who leaked Bush paintings, racy Powell emails to be extradited to US

(United States of America; Romania)

Reuters, New York Post, 4th Mar 2016.

Romanian police seize stolen archaeological treasures


AFP,, 29th Feb 2016.

Two Dacian gold coins recovered in Poland

(Romania; Poland)

ActMedia, 8th Jul 2015.

Gold Looted From Ancient Empire Returned to Romania


Andrew Curry, National Geographic, 20th Mar 2015.

Dutch art heist trial adjourned in Bucharest with fate of paintings unclear

(Netherlands; Romania)

Maev Kennedy, The Guardian, 13th Aug 2013.

Dutch art heist paintings may have been burned by suspect's mother

(Netherlands; Romania)

Associated Press, The Guardian, 17th Jul 2013.

Stolen Picasso 'burned in stove' in Romania

(Romania; Netherlands)

Associated Press, The Guardian, 17th Jun 2013.

Three Romanians admit stealing paintings from Dutch museum

(Netherlands; Romania)

Associated Press, The Guardian, 22nd Oct 2012.