Subject: Market

Fine art insurance market: "Insurers are knocking on our doors"


Sam Boyer, Insurance Business Magazine, 13th Jun 2017.

Agnes Gund Sells a Lichtenstein to Start Criminal Justice Fund

(United States of America)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 11th Jun 2017.

Nazi loot hunter Richard Aronowitz on the darkness of past and present

(United Kingdom)

The Irish News, 8th Jun 2017.

Bern museum sells part of controversial inheritance


SwissInfo, 6th Jun 2017.

Police to seek documents from Australian authorities

(India; Australia)

The Hindu, 2nd Jun 2017.

Hopis Hoping to Recover Katsina Friends

(United States of America; France)

John Christian Hopkins, Lake Powell Life, 1st Jun 2017.

Prominent Art Family Entangled in ISIS Antiquities-Looting Investigations

(Switzerland; Syria; Lebanon; Belgium; France; United States of America)

Benoit Foucon, The Wall Street Journal, 31st May 2017.

From the moon to Kansas to Sotheby's: Bag could bring $2 million-plus at auction

(United States of America)

Scott Canon, The Kansas City Star, 29th May 2017.

American Space Race Artifact Stolen and Put Up for Auction

(United States of America)

Erin Rubin, Nonprofit Quarterly, 26th May 2017.

GST impact: Auction of coins, stamps on hold


Sharath S. Srivatsa, The Hindu, 23rd May 2017.

Numismatics—acquiring old coins—outperforms other investments

(United States of America)

The Economist, 18th May 2017.

Picasso painting stolen by Nazis sells for $45 million

(United States of America)

Allyssia Alleyne, CNN, 16th May 2017.

Smuggled Anatolian idol sold in US

(Turkey; United States of America)

Hurriyet Daily News, 30th Apr 2017.

Turkey seeks return of 5,000-year-old marble figure

(Turkey; United States of America)

Hurriyet Daily News, 29th Apr 2017.

Auction of Soviet art triggers probe; art market on guard


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 27th Apr 2017.

'It's not for moral reasons': Owner withdraws Nazi-looted painting from auction after receiving threats


Nina Siegal, National Post, 27th Apr 2017.

Black Market Art: How To Restore Ethics To The Antiquities World


Liza Oliver, WBUR, 24th Apr 2017.

A painting stolen by Nazis is up for auction despite a Jewish familys demand for its return


Cleve Wootson, The Washington Post, 24th Apr 2017.

Nazi-looted painting to be auctioned as owners' heirs fail to halt sale


Kate Connolly, The Guardian, 23rd Apr 2017.

Alec Baldwin's Lawsuit Against Mary Boone Heads to Trial

(United States of America)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 20th Apr 2017.

Ohio museum continues with public sales of ancient artifacts

(United States of America)

The Toledo Blade, The Crescent-News, 17th Apr 2017.

NASA 'sting' operation against 74-year-old widow of Apollo engineer draws court rebuke

(United States of America)

Fred Barbash, The Washington Post, 14th Apr 2017.

Q&A: Art Theft and Its Impact on the Insurance Industry


Elizabeth Blosfield, Insurance Journal, 11th Apr 2017.

Online ad leads Vienna couple to buy ancient Jewish headstone for $300


JTA, 7th Apr 2017.

Toledo Museum of Art selling off over 140 pieces

(United States of America)

Roberta Gedert, The Toledo Blade, 5th Apr 2017.

Fake Dead Sea Scrolls Sold In The US: Products Of Sophisticated Archeological Forgeries

(Israel; United States of America)

Regin Olimberio, The Science Times, 4th Apr 2017.

28 New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Sold in US

(Israel; United States of America)

Owen Jarus, Live Science, 4th Apr 2017.

Controversial tribal artifacts sale lures few bidders

(New Caledonia; France)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 4th Apr 2017.

Protecting Clients' On-The-Wall Assets: Fine Art


Fran O'Brien, Think Advisor, 3rd Apr 2017.

Who Should Pay Artists? Christie's Fights Back in France Over New Resale Rules


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 31st Mar 2017.

Expert Opinion or Elaborate Ruse? Scrutiny for Scholars' Role in Art Sales

(Cambodia; United States of America)

Ralph Blumenthal, The New York Times, 30th Mar 2017.

Selling precious artefacts could top up Egypt's coffers


Patrick Werr, The National, 29th Mar 2017.

Danish auction house in hot water again over sale of stolen painting


Stephen Gadd, CPH Post, 28th Mar 2017.

Solicitan al INAH detener subasta de piezas mexicanas en Francia

(Mexico; France)

INAH requests halt to auction of Mexican pieces in France

Información Excélsior, Sistema Michoacano, 28th Mar 2017.

Venta de piecas arqueológicas 'disgusta' al INAH


Sale of archaeological pieces "disgusts" INAH

Idalia Carrillo, Sipse, 26th Mar 2017.

$100M in ancient artifacts shipped from Egypt and Turkey to the U.S. in 2016

(United States of America; Egypt; Turkey)

Owen Jarus, CBS, 21st Mar 2017.

Christie's Dubai Yanks Iraqi Painting From Sale Over Smuggling Allegations

(United Arab Emirates; Iraq)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 17th Mar 2017.

Why everyone's talking about forensics in the art market


Stephanie Dieckvoss, Apollo, 15th Mar 2017.

Cleaning house: Russian oligarch loses $150million selling four paintings from his famous art collection after bulldozing the $95million Palm Beach estate he bought from Donald Trump


Jennifer Smith, The Daily Mail, 9th Mar 2017.

Will New York Get Its Own Freeport for Art? ARCIS Plans a Tax Haven in Harlem

(United States of America)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 2nd Mar 2017.

Peter Guber Sues His Insurance Broker Over Stolen Bronze Head

(United States of America)

Gene Maddaus, Variety, 2nd Mar 2017.

Records Point to Dealer's Role in Artifact Theft

(Cambodia; Thailand)

Ben Paviour, The Cambodia Daily, 22nd Feb 2017.

How the Met's Sale of a Max Beckmann Painting Changed US Museums

(United States of America)

Josh Niland, Hyperallergic, 19th Feb 2017.

Has the Art Market Become an Unwitting Partner in Crime?


Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 19th Feb 2017.

Pontormo Failure Prompts Calls for Tighter UK Heritage Protection Rules

(United Kingdom)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 17th Feb 2017.

The Islamic State's 'business model' is failing, study says

(Syria; Iraq)

Rick Noack, The Washington Post, 17th Feb 2017.

Stolen artifacts from Turkey found in Germany

(Turkey; Germany)

Ömer Erbil, Hurriyet Daily News, 14th Feb 2017.

Why auctioneers are buying into forensics


Melanie Gerlis, The Art Newspaper, 13th Feb 2017.

Ethics code and transparency are key in protecting image of art market


Laura Chesters, Antiques Trade Gazette, 8th Feb 2017.

Major Art Market Players Band Together to Shake Industry's "Shady" Image


Anna Louie Sussman, Artsy, 7th Feb 2017.

National Gallery's £30m Pontormo bid rejected owing to sterling slump

(United Kingdom)

Nicola Slawson, The Guardian, 6th Feb 2017.

Geneva Art World Pens Anti-Money-Laundering Guide Amid Scandals


Hugo Miller, Bloomberg, 25th Jan 2017.

The strange case of the ancient Assyrian curse and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police

(Syria; United Kingdom; Switzerland; Lebanon)

Patrick Sawer, The Telegraph, 21st Jan 2017.

Greek Archaeologist Prevents Illicit Sale of Antiquity in New York

(Greece; United States of America)

Philip Chrysopoulos, Greek Reporter, 17th Jan 2017.

How Art and Law Can Work Together Beyond the Marketplace


Sonia K. Katyal, Hyperallergic, 13th Jan 2017.

Richard Prince Just Showed Artists a Way to Fight Trump. And May Have Cracked Open a New Contemporary Art Code Too.

(United States of America)

Jerry Saltz, Vulture, 13th Jan 2017.

Withers attorney analyzes New York antiquities scandal

(United States of America)

Macaela J. Bennett, Greenwich Time, 12th Jan 2017.

After Islamic State institutionalized looting in Syria, the market for fake antiquities is booming


Nibih Bulous, Los Angeles Times, 31st Dec 2016.

Kirklees council considers selling Francis Bacon painting

(United Kingdom)

Nazia Parveen, The Guardian, 28th Dec 2016.

Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller, 'gentleman collector' of ethnographic art, has died aged 86


The Art Newspaper, 26th Dec 2016.

Web of smugglers linked to New York art gallery

(United States of America; India)

T.K. Rohit, The Hindu, 24th Dec 2016.

Angkorian Artifact Dealer Arrested in New York

(United States of America; Cambodia)

Ben Paviour, The Cambodia Daily, 23rd Dec 2016.

Art dealer Nancy Wiener who sold stolen Buddha to NGA arrested

(United States of America; India; Cambodia; Australia)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 22nd Dec 2016.

New York Art Dealer Charged With Trafficking Illegal Antiquities

(United States of America; India; Cambodia; Australia)

Lisa Bannon, The Wall Street Journal, 21st Dec 2016.

Prominent Antiquities Dealer Accused of Selling Stolen Artifacts

(United States of America; India; Australia; Cambodia)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 21st Dec 2016.

This Wiyot Tool Dug Up 86 Years Ago by a Notorious Grave Robber is Being Sold in an Online Auction

(United States of America)

Ryan Burns, Lost Coast Outpost, 21st Dec 2016.

The Tech behind Bitcoin Could Help Artists and Protect Collectors. So Why Won't They Use It?


Oscar Lopez, Artsy, 16th Dec 2016.

Luxembourg Freeport Director David Arendt Quits


Hili Perlson, ArtNet News, 16th Dec 2016.

Young artists involved in creating Stik mural in Gdansk call for its return

(Poland; United Kingdom)

Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 14th Dec 2016.

Heritage Auction House Sues Christie's and Collectrium Over Data Theft

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 13th Dec 2016.

How Egypt intends to stop sale of its relics around the world


George Mikhail, Al Monitor, 11th Dec 2016.

How the antiquities black market thrives on Syria: 'We have the collapse of state institutions and the society holding them all together'


Syria Direct, 8th Dec 2016.

Painting stolen by Nazis set to break record at auction

(United Kingdom)

Vanessa Conneely, TRTWorld, 8th Dec 2016.

Sotheby's in 'fake' Fabergé row with billionaire Russian art collector

(United Kingdom)

Adam Sherwin, i News, 6th Dec 2016.

Profile: Art no-one can see - the story of the Geneva free port


Nan Spowart, The National, 5th Dec 2016.

Sotheby's Hires Fraud Expert to Start New Research Department

(United States of America)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 5th Dec 2016.

Geneva Free Port: The greatest art collection no-one can see


Will Gompertz, BBC News, 1st Dec 2016.

Crowns, necklaces of Rampur Nawabs up for auction; family says no clue how it reached London


Faisal Fareed, Two Circles, 30th Nov 2016.

Why the Indian antiquities market is important to Contemporary art


Rosalyn DMello, Vogue, 30th Nov 2016.

Ancient Coin News – Metal Detectorist Challenges Alton Hoard Value

(United Kingdom)

Everett Millman, Coin Week, 28th Nov 2016.

Why a sleeping hermaphrodite is causing a stir at Christie's

(United Kingdom)

Susan Moore, Apollo, 28th Nov 2016.

Sotheby's Tries to Block Suit Over a Leonardo Sold and Resold at a Big Markup

(United States of America)

Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 28th Nov 2016.

Egyptian antiquities again offered for sale in London

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 23rd Nov 2016.

Demonetisation will not affect the auction market, say Saffronart owners


Vandana Kalra, The Indian Express, 14th Nov 2016.

Treasures worth billions 'hidden in free ports to fund Isis'


Cahal Milmo, i News, 13th Nov 2016.

El saqueo de nuestra riqueza arqueológica y cultural


The plundering of our archaeological and cultural wealth

Vanguardia, 7th Nov 2016.

Outcry after Toledo Museum of Art sells ancient Greek and Egyptian objects at auction

(United States of America; Egypt; Cyprus)

Aimee Dawson, The Art Newspaper, 5th Nov 2016.

Egypt bans cooperation with Toledo Museum over antiquities' sale

(Egypt; United States of America)

Middle East Monitor, 1st Nov 2016.

Egypt wants sanctions against museum for selling antiquities

(United States of America; Egypt)

Roberta Gedert, The Toledo Blade, 29th Oct 2016.

Pondy art galleries under scanner after idol theft


Bosco Dominique, The Times of India, 28th Oct 2016.

Lessons from the Unfolding Old Masters Forgery Scandal


Olivia McEwan, Hyperallergic, 27th Oct 2016.

Christie's Had 'Doubts' About Frans Hals Forgery and Declined to Sell


Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 27th Oct 2016.

Controversial auctioning of artifacts ends

(United States of America)

Roberta Gedert, The Toledo Blade, 27th Oct 2016.

Ownership questions trigger NGV action on antiquities

(Australia; Guatemala)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 26th Oct 2016.

Rare Toledo museum items sold despite protests

(United States of America)

Roberta Gedert, The Toledo Blade, 26th Oct 2016.

Mummy portraits stolen by Nazis, recovered, sell for over $300,000

(Switzerland; Germany)

Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of India, 25th Oct 2016.

Cyprus demands auction be stopped

(United States of America; Cyprus)

Roberta Gedert, The Toledo Blade, 25th Oct 2016.

Why it's boom time for the art insurance sector


Anna Brady, Apollo, 24th Oct 2016.

TEFAF's Old Master Dealers Weigh In on the Unfolding $255 Million Forgery Scandal


Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 24th Oct 2016.

Art expert slams Toledo museum on sale of antiquities

(United States of America; Egypt; Cyprus; Greece)

Wynne Everett, The Toledo Blade, 24th Oct 2016.

Antiquities ministry trying to stop sale of Egyptian artefacts at New York auction

(Egypt; United States of America)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 21st Oct 2016.

Sellers of ancient coins in Tamil Nadu make a killing online


TNN, The Times of India, 20th Oct 2016.

Art Dealer Claims Monet in 1MDB Scandal

(Monaco; Switzerland; Malaysia)

Kelly Crow, The Wall Street Journal, 19th Oct 2016.

Black Market for Latin American Cultural Heritage Revealed


TeleSur, 18th Oct 2016.

Saint Jerome once owned by controversial collector Giulano Ruffini sent for technical tests

(United States of America)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 17th Oct 2016.

Massive Art Forgery Ring Reinforces Need For Vigilance Among Buyers


Claire Brown, Wealth Management, 17th Oct 2016.

Traficantes ticos suplen arte precolombino a ilícito mercado mundial

(Costa Rica)

Precolumbian traffickers supply Precolumbian art to the global illicit market

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

La sombra nazi de Harry Mannil, el coleccionista de jaguares

(Costa Rica)

The Nazi shadow of Harry Mannil, the collector of stone jaguars

Lorenzo Pirovano, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Leonardo Patterson, el comerciante de arte siempre bajo sospecha

(Costa Rica)

Leonardo Patterson, the art dealer always under suspician

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Guerrero de piedra de Limón se subastó en $865.000 en París

(Costa Rica)

Stone warrior from Limón was auctioned for $865,000 in Paris

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Coleccionistas conservaron reliquias arqueológicas pese a ser ilegal

(Costa Rica)

Collectors preserve archaeological relics despite them being illegal

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Northampton Council Sekhemka statue 'now in US'

(United Kingdom; United States of America; Egypt)

BBC News, 15th Oct 2016.

New old masters reshape the contemporary art market


Mary Childs, Financial Times, 14th Oct 2016.

Explainer: The NGA looted antiquities scandal

(Australia; India)

The Australian, 14th Oct 2016.

Mayan vase subject of latest provenance inquiry at NGA

(Australia; Guatemala)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 14th Oct 2016.

What makes a piece of artwork valuable?


David Brancaccio, Marketplace, 13th Oct 2016.

The Caravaggio work at the centre of the Wildenstein money-laundering trial

(United States of America)

Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, 12th Oct 2016.

Mummy Crowdfunder Leaves Archaeologists Fuming

(United Kingdom)

Kristina Killgrove, Forbes, 10th Oct 2016.

Are These New Dead Sea Scrolls the Real Thing?


Owen Jarus, Live Science, 10th Oct 2016.

Freeports Come Under Scrutiny by UNESCO as Havens for Stolen Cultural Property


Caroline Elbaor, ArtNet News, 10th Oct 2016.

Beleaguered Yves Bouvier defends himself and freeport system


Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 10th Oct 2016.

Crime & The Courts: Stolen Nazi flag's value not just historical

(United States of America)

Kimball Perry, The Columbus Dispatch, 8th Oct 2016.

Chinese Contemporary Art Collector Guy Ullens Draws Fire for Allegedly Profit-Seeking Moves


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 7th Oct 2016.

French minister says stolen art may fund terror via 'free ports'


AFP, Yahoo News, 6th Oct 2016.

Old Master market reels from Sotheby's fake assessment

(United Kingdom)

James Pickford, Financial Times, 5th Oct 2016.

Should It Be Illegal To Buy And Sell Purple Hearts? One Congressman Thinks So

(United States of America)

Sarah Sicard, Task and Purpose, 4th Oct 2016.

Northampton Sekhemka statue sale: Council 'warned by lawyers'

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 1st Oct 2016.

The ghost of Vaman Ghiya is rising

(India; United Kingdom)

Vijay Kumar, DNA, 24th Sep 2016.

Freeports boom highlights risks of shady activities


Silke Koltrowitz, Reuters, 22nd Sep 2016.

UK to crack down on illegal ivory sales

(United Kingdom)

John Vidal, The Guardian, 21st Sep 2016.

UK ivory ban threat: 'government WILL consult antiques industry'

(United Kingdom)

Noelle McElhatton, Antiques Trade Gazette, 21st Sep 2016.

Should the art market be more transparent?


Ivan Macquisten, Apollo, 16th Sep 2016.

Aboriginal artefacts in Sotheby's auction prompt questions over provenance

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Debbie Cuthbertson, The Sydney Morning Herald, 11th Sep 2016.

Why a growing number of museum veterans are crossing over to the commercial sector


Julia Halpern, The Art Newspaper, 7th Sep 2016.

US Judge Approves Warrant for Acoma Shield Listed for Sale by Paris Auction House

(United States of America; France)

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, 7th Sep 2016.

Judge OKs return of Native American shield sent to Paris

(United States of America; France)

Mary Hudetz, Las Cruces Sun-News, 31st Aug 2016.

Collector Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa: A code of practice must soon be formed for collectors


Vietnam Net, 31st Aug 2016.

Human Skulls Are Being Sold Online, But Is It Legal?


Kristin Hugo, National Geographic, 23rd Aug 2016.

Commentary: U.S. must help safeguard tribal patrimony

(United States of America)

Martin Heinrich, Santa Fe New Mexican, 20th Aug 2016.

Pueblo leaders: Patrimony legislation won't hurt art dealers

(United States of America)

Anne Constable, Santa Fe New Mexican, 13th Aug 2016.

The Potential Dark Side of China's Art and Antiquities Boom


Deborah Lehr, The Diplomat, 12th Aug 2016.

Prized painting stolen from Adolf Hitler comes to light 71 years later

(Germany; United States of America)

Vicky Smith, Mirror, 12th Aug 2016.

'A national treasure': The tangled trail of a priceless moon rock memento from Apollo 11

(United States of America)

Ben Guarino, The Washington Post, 11th Aug 2016.

Apollo 11 lunar samples bag the focus of legal dispute after it was stolen and sold by former Space Center director

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 6th Aug 2016.

Rumblings in the Auction World

(United States of America)

Scott Reyburn, The New York Times, 5th Aug 2016.

Why the booming contemporary art market is bad for art museums

(United States of America)

Robert Ekelund, The Washington Post, 4th Aug 2016.

What do auction house private sales mean for collectors and the art market?


Anna Brady, Apollo, 4th Aug 2016.

100 Auction Houses Now Subscribing for Art Loss Register Due Diligence

(United Kingdom)

Fine Books Magazine, 3rd Aug 2016.

An Exodus at Christie's

(United States of America)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 28th Jul 2016.

Undermined by silence: lack of provenance is devastating flaw of al-Sabah collection catalogue


Jane Jakeman, The Art Newspaper, 26th Jul 2016.

A Prized Stettheimer Painting, Sold Under the Radar by a University

(United States of America)

Susan Mulcahy, The New York Times, 26th Jul 2016.

Evidence mounts two National Gallery of Australia sculptures may have been looted

(Australia; India)

ABC Australia, 4th Jul 2016.

Two more antiquities may have to be returned by the National Gallery of Australia to India

(Australia; India)

Sally Pryor, The Sydney Morning Herald, 4th Jul 2016.

Stolen paintings found in Wicklow ditch to be auctioned in London

(Ireland; United Kingdom)

Michael Parsons, The Irish Times, 24th Jun 2016.

Detrás del tráfico ilegal de piezas arqueológicas opera un círculo vicioso de poder: Renfrew


A vicious circle operates behind the illegal trafficking of archaeological objects: Renfrew

Paula Carrizosa, La Journada de Oriente, 21st Jun 2016.

Export ban placed on £225,000 Burges vase to keep it in UK

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 17th Jun 2016.

Does it pay to invest in art? Returns in fine art have been overestimated

(General), 15th Jun 2016.

Legal ivory sale drove dramatic increase in elephant poaching, study shows


Damian Carrington, The Guardian, 13th Jun 2016.

British doubts over Joan of Arc's ring

(United Kingdom; France)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 9th Jun 2016.

Non-profit for late caricaturist Al Hirschfeld sues NY gallery

(United States of America)

Jonathan Stempel, Metro, 8th Jun 2016.

Experts help Geneva free port crack down on stolen loot


Swiss Info, 8th Jun 2016.

'Misleading' Modigliani Case Shows Need for Free Port Disclosure


Bloomberg, Swiss Info, 8th Jun 2016.

Editorial: Acoma shield closer to home

(United States of America; France)

Albuquerque Journal, 5th Jun 2016.

Spoils of War: Black market robust for military artifacts stolen from public displays

(United States of America)

Cristina Corbin, Fox, 4th Jun 2016.

Antique dealers say the new federal ivory ban will cost them up to $12 billion

(United States of America)

Darryl Fears, The Washington Post, 2nd Jun 2016.

Isil rampage: a threat to cultural heritage that belongs to all

(United States of America)

James Cuno, The Art Newspaper, 31st May 2016.

US hails 'small victory' as Paris auction withdraws Native American shield

(United States of America; France)

France 24, 30th May 2016.

Paris auction house cancels sale of Acoma shield

(United States of America; France)

Michael Coleman, Albuquerque Journal, 30th May 2016.

Acoma shield being auctioned in Paris

(United States of America; France)

Michael Coleman, Albuquerque Journal, 30th May 2016.

One of the World's Greatest Art Collections Hides Behind This Fence


Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 28th May 2016.

EU licences plan 'could hit London art market'

(United Kingdom)

Nicholas Cecil, Evening Standard, 27th May 2016.

The Latest: Officials say Acoma shield was stolen years ago

(United States of America; France)

Associated Press, Yahoo News, 27th May 2016.

Heinrich: Halt French Auction of Sacred Native American Artifacts

(United States of America; France)

Martin Heinrich, KRWG, 26th May 2016.

Native Americans implore France to halt artifact sale: 'It harkens to slave auctions'

(United States of America; France)

David Smith, The Guardian, 25th May 2016.

Native Americans step up fight over sacred object auctions

(United States of America; France)

AFP, The Daily Mail, 24th May 2016.

Christie's auctions cardiologist Dr. Lahiri's artworks for $2,376,500


Rashmi Menon, The Economic Times, 18th May 2016.

Ancient Egyptian statue of Sekhemka disappears into private collection in 'moral crime against world heritage'

(United Kingdom)

Ian Johnston, The Independent, 9th May 2016.

Art Demystified: Art Auctions and Minimum Price Guarantees


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 6th May 2016.

Uncontrolled Collecting: An Impulse Control Disorder?


Shirley Mueller, Physician's Money Digest, 5th May 2016.

How Not to Buy Stolen, Looted or Forged Art


Noah Charney, Observer, 4th May 2016.

The Freeport Scandal That Isn't … a Scandal


Marion Maneker, Art Market Monitor, 29th Apr 2016.

Art Collectors Start to Quit Geneva as Scandals Dent Reputation


Bloomberg, Swiss Info, 29th Apr 2016.

How transparent is the art market?


Georgina Adam, Financial Times, 28th Apr 2016.

Francis Bacon Controversy: Unauthenticated Drawings Go On Sale

(United Kingdom)

Paul Black, Artlyst, 21st Apr 2016.

How do you buy Indigenous Australian art ethically?


Brigid Delaney, The Guardian, 18th Apr 2016.

Crown of the Andes sold on the cheap?

(Colombia; United States of America)

Richard Emblin, The City Paper, 14th Apr 2016.

Storm clouds gather over German art market


Catherine Hickley, The Art Newspaper, 14th Apr 2016.

Panama Papers Shed Light on the Shadowy Art Market


Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, 12th Apr 2016.

How offshore firm helped billionaire change the art world for ever


Juliette Garside, The Guardian, 7th Apr 2016.

Private collectors fuel demand for looted Mideast antiquities


Barbara Slavin, Al Monitor, 7th Apr 2016.

Explosive 'Panama Papers' Highlight Art's Role in Lives of Tax-Dodging Superrich


Ben Davis, ArtNet News, 4th Apr 2016.

Sekhemka to leave the UK as export licence deadline passes

(United Kingdom; United Arab Emirates; Egypt)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 1st Apr 2016.

This Is Not a Banksy: BBC Radio 4

(United Kingdom)

Max Aantjes, Student Newspaper, 29th Mar 2016.

NGA keeping mum on 1000-year-old Indian goddess statue

(Australia; India)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 29th Mar 2016.

Antiquities: Buying Tips


Carrie Coolidge, Barron's, 26th Mar 2016.

Market for Chinese Art Is Increasingly in China


Scott Reyburn, The New York Times, 25th Mar 2016.

Egyptian bid to buy Sekhemka statue back for £15m is 'unethical', says action group

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Paul Lynch, Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 18th Mar 2016.

Former teacher calls for valuable art to be returned for pupils

(United Kingdom)

Vanessa Thorpe, The Guardian, 12th Mar 2016.

Antiquities: The Spoils of War

(Syria; Iraq)

Georgina Adam, Financial Times, 11th Mar 2016.

Federal Agents Raid Christie's, Seizing 2 Ancient Sculptures

(United States of America; India)

Colin Moynihan, The New York Times, 11th Mar 2016.

ICE recovers stolen Indian artifacts from major auction house ahead of Asia Week New York

(United States of America; India)

ICE, 11th Mar 2016.

Egyptian embassy could buy Sekhemka statue and loan it to British Museum

(United Kingdom; Egypt)

Paul Lynch, Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 11th Mar 2016.

Egyptian ambassador proposes plan to share Sekhemka

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 8th Mar 2016.

Egypt struggles to halt sale of artifacts at Dutch auction house

(Netherlands; Egypt)

The Cairo Post, 2nd Mar 2016.

Gang may have stolen antiquities for Chinese market, says expert

(United Kingdom; China)

Jessica Elgot, The Guardian, 1st Mar 2016.

Christie's Seeks Judgment Against Mugrabi Family for $32m Unpaid on Basquiat Painting

(United States of America)

Marion Maneker, Art Market Monitor, 29th Feb 2016.

Why art galleries are quietly clearing out their vaults


Patricia Treble, McLean's, 28th Feb 2016.

UK Imposes Export Ban on $2.9 Million Giacometti Sculpture

(United Kingdom)

Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 26th Feb 2016.

Australian gallery identifies looted Indian treasures

(Australia; India)

Geoff Hiscock, Nikkei, 26th Feb 2016.

How western art collectors are helping to fund Isis


Leila Amineddoleh, The Guardian, 26th Feb 2016.

Provenance of Ros Packer buy shaping up as bull

(Australia; India)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 18th Feb 2016.

National Gallery  judged victim of fraud over Asian antiquities

(Australia; India)

Michaela Boland, The Australian, 18th Feb 2016.

National Gallery of Australia review finds 22 works of 'insufficient or questionable' provenance

(Australia; India)

Simon Thomen, Business Insider, 17th Feb 2016.

Provenance of 22 Asian artworks at National Gallery of Australia in doubt

(Australia; India)

Shalailah Medhora, The Guardian, 17th Feb 2016.

The Knoedler Gallery Settlement Is the Biggest Missed Opportunity for Greater Art Market Transparency in 100 Years


Leila Amineddoleh, Artsy, 16th Feb 2016.

Top 9 Takeaways From Knoedler Forgery Trial

(United States of America)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 12th Feb 2016.

Billionaire Leon Black Revealed as Mystery Buyer for Contested Picasso Bust

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 4th Feb 2016.

'Short-sighted' council 'lost opportunity to put Northampton on the map' by selling Sekhemka

(United Kingdom)

Nick Bieber, Northants Herald & Post, 3rd Feb 2016.

Tate director backs Art Fund's call for UK export licence reform after Rembrandt fiasco

(United Kingdom)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 1st Feb 2016.

Van Gogh's Garden at Auvers, once labelled a fake, gets its day in the sun at Royal Academy

(United Kingdom)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 30th Jan 2016.

The Modern Hobby of Ancient Coins – A CoinWeek Exclusive with Harlan J. Berk

(United States of America)

Coin Week, 28th Jan 2016.

The arrival and success of Indian curio shops in Tempe

(United States of America)

Jay Mark, The Arizona Republic, 28th Jan 2016.

Stolen art tracking companies ALR and ARG embroiled in 'bizarre' legal row

(United Kingdom)

Nick Clark, The Independent, 28th Jan 2016.

Art Loss Register faces competition complaint from Art Recovery Group

(United Kingdom)

Melanie Gerlis, The Art Newspaper, 26th Jan 2016.

Sotheby's Announces Significant Losses in Its Historic Taubman Sale

(United States of America)

Cait Munro, ArtNet News, 25th Jan 2016.

Welcome to the 'Academy Awards' of Coin Collecting

(United States of America; Iraq; Syria)

Kabir Sehgal, Fortune, 16th Jan 2016.

Te Pahi's medal among Waitangi treasures

(New Zealand)

Lois Williams, Radio New Zealand, 14th Jan 2016.

Assam: Government asked to stop auction of Jahangir's 400-year-old golden hookah


Hindustan Times, The Northeast Today, 14th Jan 2016.

Local councils resist temptation to cash-in on their art—for the time being

(United Kingdom)

Javier Pes, The Art Newspaper, 13th Jan 2016.

Picasso Bust at Center of Custody Battle Between Gagosian and Qatar Royal Family

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 12th Jan 2016.

Up for Auction: Real Art, Owned by a Seller of Forgeries

(United States of America)

Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 8th Jan 2016.

Can Hobby Lobby Buy the Bible?

(United States of America)

Joel Baden, The Atlantic, 7th Jan 2016.

St. Louis archaeologists still split over last year's controversial antiquities sale

(United States of America)

Willis Ryder Arnold, St. Louis Public Radio, 4th Jan 2016.

New York Comes Down on Art Collectors

(United States of America)

Stacy Perman, Barron's, 1st Jan 2016.

'Lost' £30m masterpiece now at risk of leaving UK

(United Kingdom)

DCMS, UK Government, 23rd Dec 2015.

Royal Ontario Museum caught up in looted antiquities investigation

(Canada; India)

Nazim Baksh, CBC, 21st Dec 2015.

Christie's to sell 2,000 photographs seized by US government in biodiesel fraud

(United States of America)

Helen Stoilas, The Art Newspaper, 10th Dec 2015.

Christie's Withdraws Potentially Looted Dagger from Antiquities Auction

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 10th Dec 2015.

Statement on Paris Auction of Native American Objects

(United States of America; France)

Evan Ryan, United States Department of State, 4th Dec 2015.

The Real Value of the ISIS Antiquities Trade

(Iraq; Syria)

Ben Taub, The New Yorker, 4th Dec 2015.

Secretary Jewell Advances Discussion on Repatriation of Tribal Sacred Objects with French Authorities

(United States of America; France)

United States Department of the Interior, 2nd Dec 2015.

Tunisia's Culture Ministry Blocks Auction of Looted Antiquities


Coline Milliard, ArtNet News, 24th Nov 2015.

UK still a safe haven for dirty money, study finds

(United Kingdom)

Jim Armitage, The Independent, 23rd Nov 2015.

Scholars gain insight from the geographical and cultural movement of artifacts


Susan Bell,, 20th Nov 2015.

Greek New Testament Papyrus Is Discovered on eBay

(United States of America)

Jennifer Schuessler, The New York Times, 20th Nov 2015.

In France, Fears that Rare Book and Manuscript Fund is a €500m Fraud


Marion Maneker, Art Market Monitor, 19th Nov 2015.

Sotheby's offers voluntary redundancies to cut costs

(United Kingdom; United States of America)

Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 17th Nov 2015.

Worries of Market Chill at Sotheby's Auction of Ex-Chief's Collection

(United States of America)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 5th Nov 2015.

Alfred Taubman's $500m art trove goes under the hammer

(United States of America)

Maev Kennedy, The Guardian, 4th Nov 2015.

A New Battleground for 'Classic Art'

(United States of America)

Scott Reyburn, The New York Times, 30th Oct 2015.

Royal Institution to sell 'non-core' items

(United Kingdom)

Antiques Trade Gazette, 28th Oct 2015.

Christie's Withdraws Portrait Gifted By Richard Avedon After Foundation Complains

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 26th Oct 2015.

Art Collectors Find Safe Harbor in Delaware's Tax Laws

(United States of America)

Graham Bowley, The New York Times, 25th Oct 2015.

Stashing Your Art in a Tax Haven Can Be Dicey


Stacy Perman, Barron's, 24th Oct 2015.

Kunst hat einen Wert, nicht nur einen Preis


Art has a value and it isn't just price

Norbert Lammert, Die Welt, 23rd Oct 2015.

Collecting Art for Love, Not Money


Gully Wells, The New York Times, 13th Oct 2015.

Venice Mayor to Deaccession Klimt and Chagall Masterpieces to Pay Off City Debts


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 12th Oct 2015.

You Can't Sell What's Not Yours

(United States of America)

Josh Logue, Inside Higher Ed, 7th Oct 2015.

Action group says DCMS lobbied it to fundraise for Sekhemka

(United Kingdom)

Patrick Steel, Museums Journal, 7th Oct 2015.

Chandigarh Architect's Artefacts Fetch Millions Abroad


IANS, Deccan Herald, 6th Oct 2015.

National Treasure or Disputes of Heritage


AMA, 2nd Oct 2015.

Association of Art Museum Directors Establish New Protocol for Protecting Antiquities

(United States of America)

Art Forum, 2nd Oct 2015.

Marion True Does Not Deserve Our Sympathy


Justin St. P. Walsh, Hyperallergic, 2nd Oct 2015.

Serious intention to raise funds to save Sekhemka Egyptian statue

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 2nd Oct 2015.

A Tug of War Over Art-Sales Transparency


Scott Reyburn, The New York Times, 25th Sep 2015.

This is bad news for people who spend millions on art


Stacy Perman, Fortune, 24th Sep 2015.

Oligarchs and Orchestras: Inside Luxembourg's Secretive Low-Tax 'Fortress of Art' Warehouse


John Letzing, The Wall Street Journal, 21st Sep 2015.

Sale of Sacred Object Stopped By Museum and Native Leaders

(United States of America)

Frank Hopper, Indian Country Today, 19th Sep 2015.

Lights, Camera, Antiquities


Christie's, 14th Sep 2015.

The revised mission of the Green family's Museum of the Bible

(United States of America)

Noah Charney, Tulsa World, 13th Sep 2015.

Britain has a 'hidden' art collection worth £3.5bn

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 4th Sep 2015.

How to buy antiquities


Kathryn Tully, Financial Times, 4th Sep 2015.

Auction for bargain hunters! Bonhams puts 'cheaper' items under the hammer to attract new collectors


Lana Lam, South China Morning Post, 30th Aug 2015.

Third Piece Of Legendary "Christ Trilogy" To Be Removed From Debrecen Museum After Talks Collapse With National Bank

(Hungary; United States of America)

Hungary Today, 27th Aug 2015.

Can the Market Help Preserve Threatened Antiquities?


Leila Amineddoleh, The Wall Street Journal, 27th Aug 2015.

Disgraced Getty Curator Marion True Roars Back With Tell-All Memoir

(United States of America)

Alanna Martinez, Observer, 25th Aug 2015.

Statue 'might never be seen in public again'

(United Kingdom; Egypt)

Ian Johnston, IOL, 24th Aug 2015.

Egypt in crowd-funding campaign to save ancient statue sold by UK museum

(United Kingdom; Egypt)

Ian Johnston, The Independent, 23rd Aug 2015.

One of the world's most respected curators vanished from the art world. Now she wants to tell her story.

(United States of America)

Geoff Edgers, The Washington Post, 22nd Aug 2015.

Egypt's antiquities ministry urges Egyptians to donate to buy ancient statue sold by museum

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Maram Mazen, Star Tribune, 22nd Aug 2015.

Marion True, the exiled curator, in her own words

(United States of America)

Geoff Edgers, The Washington Post, 20th Aug 2015.

The China Collectors by Karl E. Meyer & Shareen Blair Brysac [Review]


Donna Yates, Anonymous Swiss Collector, 14th Aug 2015.

Government extends Sekhemka export bar

(United Kingdom)

Patrick Steel, Museums Journal, 11th Aug 2015.

This Buried Treasure Could Be Yours: Mel Fisher's Amazing Shipwreck Finds

(United States of America)

Justin Jones, The Daily Beast, 5th Aug 2015.

Bernini bust at Getty Museum prompts criminal complaint in Slovakia

(Slovakia; United States of America)

David Ng, Los Angeles Times, 3rd Aug 2015.

Sotheby's primed for battle over John Olsen copyright


Michaela Boland, The Australian, 31st Jul 2015.

Startup wants to catalogue every piece of artwork ever


James Tarmy, Financial Review, 29th Jul 2015.

Sekhemka statue export: PM David Cameron urged to "intervene"

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 26th Jul 2015.

Das Werk von Gerhard Richter: Ich mal mir meine Welt


The work of Gerhard Richter: I paint my world

Bernhard Schulz, Der Tagesspiegel, 21st Jul 2015.

Sacred Indian art is seen more as "Art" than as "Sacred" in the art market: Dr. Donna Yates


Nithin Sridhar, NewsGram, 14th Jul 2015.

Meet the 'Sherlock Holmes' of the art world

(United Kingdom)

Jessica Berthereau, Yahoo News, 10th Jul 2015.

Collector Fights for African Art


Raphael Minder, The New York Times, 9th Jul 2015.

Father-son caught red-handed trying to sell several ivory artifacts online

(India; Sri Lanka)

Bangalore Mirror, Chetan R, 7th Jul 2015.

Looted in Syria – and sold in London: the British antiques shops dealing in artefacts smuggled by Isis

(United Kingdom; Syria)

Rachel Shabi, The Guardian, 3rd Jul 2015.

Gov't Restrictions Block Ways for Chinese Relics to Return Home


CRIEnglish, 3rd Jul 2015.

Looted treasures open door to a dark Nazi past


Richard Morrison, The Australian, 2nd Jul 2015.

Did an Auction of Hitler's Art Go Too Far?


Erin Blakemore, Smithsonian, 25th Jun 2015.

Christie's sale of Russborough paintings postponed


Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 25th Jun 2015.

La vente d'art kanak suspendue

(New Caledonia; Switzerland)

Sale of Kanak Art Suspended

Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes, 13th Jun 2015.

How provenance became sexy


Gina Fairley, Visual Arts Hub, 12th Jun 2015.

Trece piezas subastadas en EE.UU. salieron del Perú ilegalmente

(Peru; United States of America)

Thirteen pieces auctioned in the U.S. left Peru illegally

El Comercio, 12th Jun 2015.

Des objets d'art kanak « volés » présentés lors d'une grande vente aux enchères en Suisse ?

(New Caledonia; Switzerland)

Stolen Kanak art objects offered at a large auction in Switzerland?

Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes, 10th Jun 2015.

Hopi Tribe Makes Another Attempt At Halting French Auction

(France; United States of America)

Aaron Granillo, KNAU, 9th Jun 2015.

Stolen art? Why no one can say for sure


Charlotte Burns, The Art Newspaper, 2nd Jun 2015.

Sotheby's Cancels Auction of Stolen Aivazovsky Painting

(Russia; United Kingdom)

Asbarez, 2nd Jun 2015.

Calls to open looted-art archives grow louder


Melanie Gerlis, The Art Newspaper, 2nd Jun 2015.

Sotheby's puts famous Russian painting on sale despite claims it was stolen

(Russia; United Kingdom)

RT, 31st May 2015.

Russia asks Britain to block auction of 'stolen' painting


Reuters, 30th May 2015.

Selling Private Collection of Artifacts Requires Special Care


Paul Sullivan, The New York Times, 29th May 2015.

Hopis seek federal help to stop katsina auctions

(United States of America; France)

Dennis Wagner, AZ Central, 27th May 2015.

A Dark Niche Emerges in German Market: Nazi Art


Harriet Torry, The Wall Street Journal, 26th May 2015.

Who Are the Rightful Owners of Artifacts of Oppression?

(United States of America)

Aaminah Shakur, Hyperallergic, 7th May 2015.

Egypt urged to expedite efforts to keep Sekhemka statue on display

(United Kingdom; Egypt)

Marwan Sultan, Ahram Online, 11th Apr 2015.

How Alan Turing's secret notebook could disappear forever

(United Kingdom)

Rob Crilly, The Telegraph, 11th Apr 2015.

Export bar on ancient Egyptian treasure sold by Northampton council

(United Kingdom)

Caroline Davies, The Guardian, 30th Mar 2015.

Q. and A.: Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac on 'The China Collectors'


Jane Perlez, Sinosphere, 26th Mar 2015.

Why Italy should sell the 5,000 antiquities recovered by the police


Anna Summers Cocks, The Art Newspaper, 25th Mar 2015.

Trade in Native American antiques can be tricky

(United States of America)

David Murray, Great Falls Tribune, 15th Mar 2015.

Fake Ancient Egyptian artefact used by Tsar Alexander III of Russia sold to buyer from Denmark at Folkestone auction

(United Kingdom; Russia; Denmark)

Matt Leclere, Kent Online, 3rd Mar 2015.

Iraq: 'Bidders vie' for Saddam Hussein execution rope


BBC News, 4th Feb 2015.

Ofrecen 'arqueología' online


'Archaeology' offered online

Agencia Reforma, AM, 2nd Feb 2015.

Wanganui expert fights to ban moa trade

(New Zealand)

Zaryd Wilson, Wanganui Chronicle, 9th Jan 2015.

Ancient Kyrgyz Jewelry Sold At Auction Not Officially Exported

(Kyrgyzstan; United Kingdom)

Radio Free Europe, 4th Dec 2014.

Greek Professor Chasing Antiquity Thieves Around the World


Ioanna Zikakou, Greek Reporter, 2nd Dec 2014.

Mother Goddess auction: Christie's halts sale of 'stolen' $1m Bronze Age pagan icon after Sardinia campaigns for its return

(Italy; United States of America)

Michael Day, The Independent, 2nd Dec 2014.

St Louis society attempts second sale of antiquities

(United States of America)

Garry Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 6th Nov 2014.

Spoiled Antique Medical- Kit Auction Prompts Suit

(United States of America)

Nick Divito, Courthouse News Service, 7th Oct 2014.

Egyptian Sekhemka Statue: Trials and Tribulations of Northampton Museum Private Auction Row

(United Kingdom)

Mary-Ann Russon, Yahoo News, 7th Oct 2014.

Dinosaur Fossil Smuggled Into U.S. As Replica Is Actually Real: Feds

(United States of America)

Erik Ortiz, NBC, 5th Sep 2014.

Investments in Antiquities Pay Off in Museum in the South of France

(France; United Kingdom)

Geraldine Fabrikant, The New York Times, 2nd Sep 2014.

Are county's historic archives for sale? Council denies speculation

(United Kingdom)

Tom Edwards, Worcester News, 8th Aug 2014.

Sale of Egyptian Statue By English Museum Draws Criticism

(United Kingdom; Egypt)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 11th Jul 2014.

How do you smuggle a dinosaur? And 7 other questions about the fossil black market


Dara Lind, Vox, 11th Jul 2014.

Egypt fails to retrieve ancient statue before sale at UK auction

(United Kingdom; Egypt)

Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 11th Jul 2014.

Dodgy eBay Sellers Peddle Tall Tales and Fake Art

(United States of America)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 9th Jul 2014.

Egyptian bid to stop Northampton's ancient statue sale

(United Kingdom; Egypt)

BBC News, 8th Jul 2014.

Stolen Ethiopian Saint John Turns Up at Paris Auction

(Ethiopia; France)

ArtNet news, ArtNet News, 7th Jul 2014.

As fakes unnerve India's art market, the trade is pushing for an antiquated solution


Girish Shahane, Quartz, 6th Jul 2014.

Serendipity aids Egypt in struggle to recover stolen heritage

(Egypt; Belgium)

Stephen Kalin, Reuters, 23rd Apr 2014.

Should ancient bones be up for sale? Shoppers in Dubai say yes!

(United Arab Emirates)

Laurie Balbo, Green Prophet, 10th Apr 2014.

What happened to Gaza's Apollo statue?


Lena Odgaard, Al Jazeera, 8th Apr 2014.

The Strange Case of Space History Theft Ends with an Austin Auction

(United States of America)

Dianna Wray, Houston Press, 1st Apr 2014.

Sudan denies selling artifacts to Qatar

(Sudan; United Arab Emirates)

APA, Star Africa, 30th Mar 2014.

The Mystery of the 'Only Camera to Come Back from the Moon'

(United States of America)

Alex Pasternack, Vice, 25th Mar 2014.

China's Purchase Of Chinese Looted Artifacts: An Example For Other States?


Kwame Opoku, Eurasia Review, 24th Mar 2014.

Private buyers from Hunan recover ancient bronze vessel, the Min Fanglei


Xo Donghuan, South China Morning Post, 22nd Mar 2014.

Christie's CEO Was "Panicked" Over Chinese Buyer Default, Leading to Private Sale of Ancient Bronze


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 21st Mar 2014.

Chinese Collectors Secure 'Min' Fanglei at Christie's, Auction Cancelled, Sale Price Exceeds $20 million


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 19th Mar 2014.

Idol talk? Kapoor loot was huge, sold across world


A. Selvaraj, The Times of India, 17th Mar 2014.

Getty Villa's 'Heaven and Earth' a blockbuster show of Byzantium art

(United States of America; Greece)

Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, 14th Mar 2014.

Art experts struggle to distinguish real from a very good fake


Namita Devidayal, The Times of India, 9th Mar 2014.

Antiquities dealers liven up the London art scene

(United Kingdom)

Susan Moore, Financial Times, 7th Mar 2014.

Egypt challenges a UK auctioneer over 200 'stolen' antiquities

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Ahram Online, 1st May 2013.

Christie's removes stolen Nepal artworks

(Nepal; United States of America)

Kunda Dixit, Nepali Times, 22nd Mar 2013.

Peru regains lost heritage: Govt returns 2000-year-old stolen shroud

(Australia; Peru)

Helen Thew, AAP, 24th Oct 1989.

Wrong Mantle, Claims Gallery

(Australia; Peru)

Peter Cochrane, The Sydney Morning Herald, 26th Sep 1988.