Region: West and Central Asia

Nader Shah's sword stolen from Russian museum

(Iran; Russia)

Tehran Times, 14th Jun 2017.

Imaging helps to spot fake ancient daggers


Springer, Science Daily, 12th Jun 2017.

Israel Nabs 'Antiquities Pirates' at Archaeological Site


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 12th Jun 2017.

ICOM to draw up Iranian antiquities 'red list'


Tehran Times, 10th Jun 2017.

6th-century priest sculpture stolen from museum in southwestern Turkey


Doğan News Agency, Daily Sabah, 8th Jun 2017.

Ancient artifacts from Mosul Museum found in IS home


G. H. Renaud, K24, 6th Jun 2017.

ISIS militants battered Syria's ancient Palmyra, but signs of splendor still stand


Patrick J. McDonnell, Los Angeles Times, 2nd Jun 2017.

Prominent Art Family Entangled in ISIS Antiquities-Looting Investigations

(Switzerland; Syria; Lebanon; Belgium; France; United States of America)

Benoit Foucon, The Wall Street Journal, 31st May 2017.

Bulgaria recovers over 5,000 antiquities in joint anti-smuggling op with Turkey, France

(Bulgaria; France; Turkey)

AFP, Daily Sabah, 26th May 2017.

Ancient tomb seized from treasure hunters in central Turkey


Anadolu Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 26th May 2017.

UAE's federal council passes antiquities draft law

(United Arab Emirates)

Samir Salama, Zawya, 24th May 2017.

A Digital Database for Threatened Archaeological Sites in the Middle East and North Africa


Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 24th May 2017.

National Museum to help Syria restore ancient artefacts

(Syria; Czech Republic)

Prague Daily Monitor, 16th May 2017.

Police recover stolen ancient coins, lamps, other antiquities near Hebron


Jacob Magid, The Times of Israel, 12th May 2017.

Ancient stele turns out to be fake


Hurriyet Daily News, 11th May 2017.

How Jews and Arabs Collaborate on Antiquities Theft in the West Bank

(Palestine; Israel)

Yotam Berger, Haaretz, 5th May 2017.

Carpet stolen by Armenians from Karabakh, taken to US to be exhibited in Baku

(Azerbaijan; Armenia; United States of America)

News.Az, 5th May 2017.

At least 89 stolen artifacts returned to Syria: director


Leith Fadel, AMN News, 4th May 2017.

Damascus Museum shows ancient treasures rescued from war


NRT, 4th May 2017.

Official launch of public database of 'at risk' archaeological sites

(General), 1st May 2017.

Hatra: IS damage to ancient Iraqi city less than feared


BBC News, 1st May 2017.

Ancient mummies rot as Yemen war vexes even the dead


Noah Browning, Reuters, 1st May 2017.

Smuggled Anatolian idol sold in US

(Turkey; United States of America)

Hurriyet Daily News, 30th Apr 2017.

Turkey seeks return of 5,000-year-old marble figure

(Turkey; United States of America)

Hurriyet Daily News, 29th Apr 2017.

Illegal excavations stir reaction in Myndos


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 29th Apr 2017.

Surprenantes fragrances romaines au BIEL...


Surprising Roman fragrances at Biel...

May Makarem, L'Orient Le Jour, 28th Apr 2017.

Stolen Second Temple period antiquities recovered in Samaria

(Palestine; Israel)

Ido Ben Porat, Arutz Sheva, 25th Apr 2017.

Smuggled Torah, artifacts seized in Turkey's northwest


Anadolu Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 25th Apr 2017.

Initiative to return missing pieces from "Gypsy Girl" mosaic in Turkey's Gaziantep


Daily Sabah, 20th Apr 2017.

Goldplated ancient Torah seized by Turkish security forces in antismuggling drive


Daily Sabah, 17th Apr 2017.

Tehran Gallerists Charged with Trying to Overthrow Iranian Government


Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, 13th Apr 2017.

Jewish family renews fight for Passover manuscript


Daniel Estrin, The China Post, 12th Apr 2017.

Humanity's heritage under threat from treasure hunters


Ahmet Günhan, Daily Sabah, 10th Apr 2017.

Surprising twists in story behind return of artwork stolen by Nazis

(Israel; United States of America)

Aron Heller, Seattle Times, 7th Apr 2017.

How Palestine is working to stop antiquities theft


Aziza Nofal, Al Monitor, 6th Apr 2017.

Turkish gendarmerie confiscate smuggled Picasso painting in Erzurum


Daily Sabah, 6th Apr 2017.

Fake Dead Sea Scrolls Sold In The US: Products Of Sophisticated Archeological Forgeries

(Israel; United States of America)

Regin Olimberio, The Science Times, 4th Apr 2017.

28 New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Sold in US

(Israel; United States of America)

Owen Jarus, Live Science, 4th Apr 2017.

Professor uses satellites to study damage to Iraq, Syria ruins

(Syria; United States of America)

Gabrielle Russon,, 4th Apr 2017.

Culture on the frontline: Penn Museum shows artefacts curators are fighting to save in Syria and Iraq

(Syria; United States of America)

Julia Halperin, The Art Newspaper, 3rd Apr 2017.

Calls for support as destroyed Mosul Museum seeks to rebuild


Adnan Abu Zeed, Al Monitor, 30th Mar 2017.

Israel Arrests Temple Mount Officials After Assault on Archaeologists


Nir Hasson, Haaretz, 29th Mar 2017.

Lawyer: Art dealer accepts prized coffin's return to Turkey

(Turkey; Switzerland)

Jamey Keaten, The Tribune, 28th Mar 2017.

3 arrested for selling ancient artifacts in Istanbul


Daily Sabah, 27th Mar 2017.

Ancient sarcophagus to be returned to Turkey nearly 60 years after it was stolen

(Turkey; Switzerland)

Daily Sabah, 24th Mar 2017.

Turkish Artist Zehra Doğan Sentenced to Prison for Painting of Kurdish Town Attack


Perwana Nazif, ArtNet News, 24th Mar 2017.

Red list of Iraqi artifacts available in Turkish

(Iraq; Turkey)

Hurriyet Daily News, 23rd Mar 2017.

150 historic Palestinian coins seized in Cairo airport

(Egypt; Palestine; Israel)

Middle East Monitor, 22nd Mar 2017.

6,000-year-old relic handed to Saudi government

(Saudi Arabia)

Arab News, 21st Mar 2017.

Replica of artefact destroyed by ISIS announced as London's next Fourth Plinth installation

(United Kingdom; Iraq)

Alice Morby, Dezeen, 21st Mar 2017.

$100M in ancient artifacts shipped from Egypt and Turkey to the U.S. in 2016

(United States of America; Egypt; Turkey)

Owen Jarus, CBS, 21st Mar 2017.

Saving Syria's heritage: Archaeologists discover invisible solution


Frank Gardner, BBC News, 21st Mar 2017.

UAE pledges $15m to protect heritage sites in conflict areas

(United Arab Emirates)

The Gulf Today, 20th Mar 2017.

Donors urged to guard heritage threatened by war, extremism

(France; Syria; Iraq)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 20th Mar 2017.

Law of Return


Jonathan Kandell, Art & Antiques, 17th Mar 2017.

Art Trafficking

(Syria; Iraq)

Tania Rakhmanova, Al Jazeera, 17th Mar 2017.

Christie's Dubai Yanks Iraqi Painting From Sale Over Smuggling Allegations

(United Arab Emirates; Iraq)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 17th Mar 2017.

Diving Robbers Are Looting Underwater Treasures, Archaeologists Wail


Philippe Bohstrom, Haaretz, 15th Mar 2017.

Nueve obras de arte confiscadas de Siria, Yemen y Libia se exponen en Suiza

(Switzerland; Syria; Yemen; Libya)

Nine artworks from Syria, Yemen, and Libya exhibited in Switzerland

EFE, El Diario, 14th Mar 2017.

Scars of looting, destruction all that remain at Mosul museum


Kawa Omar, Reuters, 11th Mar 2017.

A Shelter for Art Caught in the Crossfire

(France; Syria)

Claudia Barbieri, The New York Times, 11th Mar 2017.

A Painting and News Report Land a Turkish Artist in Prison


Seph Rodney, Hyperallergic, 9th Mar 2017.

Antiquities agency chief says Jordan Codices fake


The Jordan Times, 9th Mar 2017.

Ancient book stolen in Syria seized in Turkey


Hurriyet Daily News, 8th Mar 2017.

As Dubai's Skyline Adds a Trophy, the Architect Calls It Stolen

(United Arab Emirates)

Peter S. Goodman, The New York Times, 8th Mar 2017.

Photos reveal ISIL's destruction to antiquities museum in Mosul


Associated Press, The National, 8th Mar 2017.

Antiquities theft from second temple period prevented in central Israel

(Israel; Palestine)

Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 6th Mar 2017.

Old fisherman still homesick

(Turkey; Germany)

Ozgen Acar, Hurriyet Daily News, 4th Mar 2017.

Less damage to ancient Palmyra than feared, Syrian antiquities chief says


Reuters, 3rd Mar 2017.

Palmyra: Syrian forces 'completely retake' IS-held town


BBC News, 2nd Mar 2017.

Jordan demands Israel halts works at Jerusalem's Umayyad Palaces


The Jordan Times, 1st Mar 2017.

Previously untouched 600BC palace discovered under shrine demolished by Isil in Mosul


Josie Ensor, The Telegraph, 28th Feb 2017.

Archaeologist: Kuwait keen to safeguard relics


Khaled Al-Jabbar, KUNA, 27th Feb 2017.

In Mosul, a long-term battle to repair Iraq's heritage


AFP, The Jordan Times, 26th Feb 2017.

Azerbaijan to appeal to UNESCO over illegal archaeological activity in occupied lands

(Azerbaijan; Armenia)

APA, 24th Feb 2017.

Turkish Publisher Shuts Down Magazine for Printing Moses Cartoon


Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic, 23rd Feb 2017.

Iraq hopes to reclaim heritage lost to Islamic State group


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 23rd Feb 2017.

The Monk Who Saves Manuscripts From ISIS

(Iraq; Syria)

Matteo Fagotto, The Atlantic, 23rd Feb 2017.

Minister offers Turkish mayor elephants for ancient Hebrew inscription

(Israel; Turkey)

Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 23rd Feb 2017.

Priceless 18th century icon seized in car trunk in Turkey's Adana

(Turkey; Syria)

Fatih Karacali, Hurriyet Daily News, 22nd Feb 2017.

An Artful Robbery


Yvonne Dewerne, Harpers Bazaar, 21st Feb 2017.

Looted Iraqi Art, Since Recovered, Will Be Shown at the Venice Biennale

(Iraq; Italy)

Christopher D. Shea, The New York Times, 20th Feb 2017.

Family catches antiquity thief in the act


Arutz Sheva, 20th Feb 2017.

Palestinian nabbed at crossing with sack of ancient coins

(Israel; Palestine; Jordan)

Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 20th Feb 2017.

Ancient artefacts leave Iraq for the 57th Venice Biennale

(Iraq; Italy)

Colin Randall, The National, 20th Feb 2017.

Israeli authorities foil ancient Roman coin smuggling attempt

(Israel; Palestine; Jordan)

Ido Ben Porat, Arutz Sheva, 20th Feb 2017.

The Islamic State's 'business model' is failing, study says

(Syria; Iraq)

Rick Noack, The Washington Post, 17th Feb 2017.

In West Bank, Israeli And Palestinian Archaeologists Both Lay Claim To Heritage

(Palestine; Israel)

WKNO, 16th Feb 2017.

The Ancient Syrian City ISIS Is Destroying, Preserved Online


Jason Farago, The New York Times, 15th Feb 2017.

New Dead Sea Scrolls Find May Help Detect Forgeries


Michelle Z. Donahue, National Geographic, 14th Feb 2017.

Stolen artifacts from Turkey found in Germany

(Turkey; Germany)

Ömer Erbil, Hurriyet Daily News, 14th Feb 2017.

South Korea ex-culture minister charged over artist blacklist

(South Korea)

AFP, Art Daily, 11th Feb 2017.

Why We Need to Fight to Save Mosul's Cultural Heritage


Katharyn Hanson, Smithsonian, 9th Feb 2017.

Urartu-era antiquities found in a truck in Hungary

(Hungary; Turkey; Armenia; Lithuania)

PanArmenian, 9th Feb 2017.

New Dead Sea Scrolls cave filled with ancient artefacts discovered for first time in 60 years


Bethan McKernan, The Independent, 9th Feb 2017.

5 detained in Turkey for attempting to sell painting claimed to be Picasso's work


Daily Sabah, 9th Feb 2017.

Iran displays ancient Persian artifacts returned from the US

(Iran; United States of America)

Amir Vahdat,, 8th Feb 2017.

Police seize 1 billion liras worth of Hellenistic jewelry in western Turkey


Daily Sabah, 7th Feb 2017.

Antiquities robber caught red-handed in a Byzantine site

(Israel; Palestine)

Elisha Ben Kimon, Ynet News, 7th Feb 2017.

Najaf Police confiscates 35 artifacts hidden inside vehicle


Loaa Adel, Iraqi News, 5th Feb 2017.

Stacks of Stolen Historic Artifacts Seized in Acre


David Israel, The Jewish Press, 30th Jan 2017.

Israeli paintings stolen in Brazil

(Brazil; Israel)

Arutz Sheva, 26th Jan 2017.

Ancient Assyrian artefacts discovered in raid on Islamic State safe house in Mosul


ABC Australia, 26th Jan 2017.

Looted Syrian antiquities for sale in Denmark: police

(Denmark; Syria)

The Local, 24th Jan 2017.

Terror fear hits Troy


Hurriyet Daily News, 24th Jan 2017.

Smugglers captured trying to sell ancient artifacts


Ihlas News Agency, Daily Sabah, 23rd Jan 2017.

A no-strike list may shield Yemen's ancient treasures from war


Aisling Irwin, New Scientist, 23rd Jan 2017.

Europol: Nearly 250 arrests in Operation Bosphorus against smuggling of Turkish pistols via Bulgaria

(Bulgaria; Turkey)

The Sofia Globe, 23rd Jan 2017.

The strange case of the ancient Assyrian curse and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police

(Syria; United Kingdom; Switzerland; Lebanon)

Patrick Sawer, The Telegraph, 21st Jan 2017.

ISIS Destroys Ancient Theater, Tetrapylon In Palmyra, Syria Says


Camila Domonoske, NPR, 20th Jan 2017.

Caught red-handed: 11 grave robbers arrested at northern ruins


Arutz Sheva, 19th Jan 2017.

Syria: Islamic State group 'kills 12' in Palmyra


BBC News, 19th Jan 2017.

British woman returns 4,500 year-old Yortan jug to Turkey

(Turkey; United Kingdom)

Nurbanu Kizil, Daily Sabah, 19th Jan 2017.

Ghost churches near Jordan River baptism site await reclamation


Ori Lewis, Reuters, 18th Jan 2017.

Iraqi artist recreates ancient works destroyed by IS


Dawn, 17th Jan 2017.

Lebanon first to return looted Syria artifacts

(Lebanon; Syria)

Federica Marsi, The Daily Star, 16th Jan 2017.

Official laments smuggling of invaluable Shia manuscripts


Mehr News Agency, 12th Jan 2017.

Karak Castle reopens its gates after December attack


The Jordan Times, 5th Jan 2017.

In focus: Tehran museum puts on show newly recuperated relics

(Iran; Italy)

Tehran Times, 4th Jan 2017.

Restitution of Persepolis Collection Expected

(Iran; United States of America)

Financial Tribute, 4th Jan 2017.

Syria monuments damage 'akin to looting Welsh castles'


BBC News, 3rd Jan 2017.

Turning Iraq history to rubble, leaving mess to looters


Lori Hinnant, The Detroit News, 31st Dec 2016.

After Islamic State institutionalized looting in Syria, the market for fake antiquities is booming


Nibih Bulous, Los Angeles Times, 31st Dec 2016.

Egypt retrieves 340 smuggled artifacts from Jordan

(Egypt; Jordan)

Egypt Independent, 26th Dec 2016.

Iraq seizes manuscript worth millions stolen in Kuwait

(Iraq; Kuwait)

Gulf News, Kuwait News Agency, 23rd Dec 2016.

New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Found in Judean Desert


Philippe Bohstrom, Haaretz, 21st Dec 2016.

Russian ambassador to Turkey shot dead in Ankara art gallery

(Turkey; Russia)

Shaun Walker, The Guardian, 20th Dec 2016.

Hundreds of Historic Texts Hidden in ISIS-Occupied Monastery


Owen Jarus, Live Science, 16th Dec 2016.

Egypt antiquities ministry receives two stolen Islamic-era lamps from UAE

(Egypt; United Arab Emirates)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 15th Dec 2016.

U.S. sues to recover ancient Syrian artifacts looted by Islamic State

(Syria; United States of America)

Yeganeh Torbati, Reuters, 15th Dec 2016.

UNESCO Director General sends rapid assessment mission to the Nimrud archaeological site in Iraq


UNESCO, 14th Dec 2016.

Three looters busted plundering ancient tomb in Galilee


Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 14th Dec 2016.

UN seeks protection for ancient Nimrud site wrecked by IS


Lori Hinnant, The Republic, 14th Dec 2016.

Palmyra: IS retakes ancient Syrian city


BBC News, 11th Dec 2016.

Iraqis Mourn Destruction of Ancient City of Nimrud: ISIS 'Tried to Destroy the Identity of Iraq'


Lucy Kafanov, NBC, 11th Dec 2016.

Jordan lead codices not modern forgeries


University of Surrey, Heritage Daily, 9th Dec 2016.

How the antiquities black market thrives on Syria: 'We have the collapse of state institutions and the society holding them all together'


Syria Direct, 8th Dec 2016.

Artifact trafficking and the battle to stop it: 'It's open season'


Rami al-Khattib, Syria Direct, 8th Dec 2016.

The UAE can become a safe haven for antiquities

(United Arab Emirates)

Peter Hellyer, The National, 5th Dec 2016.

Nations set to approve heritage protection fund

(United Arab Emirates)

AFP, The Daily Mail, 3rd Dec 2016.

Swiss seize 9 relics allegedly stolen from Libya, Palmyra

(Switzerland; Libya; Syria)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 2nd Dec 2016.

Five Nobel winners urge action to protect heritage sites

(United Arab Emirates)

AFP, The Economic Times, 2nd Dec 2016.

UAE hosts global push to save antiquities from conflict

(United Arab Emirates)

BBC News, 2nd Dec 2016.

Protecting culture vital for identity and peace,' says head of Unesco

(United Arab Emirates)

Naser Al Wasmi, The National, 1st Dec 2016.

Does Aleppo prove that we westerners should keep the world's antiquities?


Robert Fisk, The Independent, 1st Dec 2016.

How ISIL destroyed Nimrud


John Beck, Al Jazeera, 1st Dec 2016.

Debate over whether Afghanistan's Buddhas should be reconstructed


Sky News, 30th Nov 2016.

Dozens of rare Islamic books seized at Cairo Airport on way to Doha authentic

(Egypt; United Arab Emirates)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 30th Nov 2016.

Signs Of Hope: Ancient Relics Found In Monastery Destroyed By ISIS


Carey Lodge, Christian Today, 29th Nov 2016.

Six men jailed over Dh40,000 theft from villa

(United Arab Emirates)

Bassam Za'za', Gulf News, 28th Nov 2016.

Who deserves millions in art seized from Marcoses?


Associated Press, Inquirer, 28th Nov 2016.

Iran Cancels Long-Awaited Exhibition of Shah Collection in Berlin

(Iran; Germany)

Caroline Elbaor, ArtNet News, 28th Nov 2016.

Piecing back together an Iraqi archaeological gem blown sky-high by Isis


Martin Chulov, The Guardian, 24th Nov 2016.

Court: Names of Israeli Archaeologists Digging in West Bank Can Stay Secret


Nir Hasson, Haaretz, 22nd Nov 2016.

UAE and France to announce new partnership on safeguarding endangered cultural heritage

(United Arab Emirates; France)

MENAFM, MENAFN, 16th Nov 2016.

Nimrud: Photos show IS destruction of ancient Iraqi city


BBC News, 15th Nov 2016.

Drones fly over ancient Nimrud to help secure Assyrian ruins


Ahmed Rasheed, Reuters, 14th Nov 2016.

Iraqi forces take Nimrud from IS: why are its artefacts so significant?


SBS, 14th Nov 2016.

Arson in the Kidron Valley Damages Architectural Jewels


Ilana Messika, The Jewish Press, 13th Nov 2016.

How NGOs are helping preserve Syria's heritage


Florence Massena, Al-Monitor, 13th Nov 2016.

Nimrud: Iraqi forces 'retake ancient city from IS'


BBC News, 13th Nov 2016.

'We've hidden our treasures from Isil, only a handful know the secret location', says Syria's antiquities chief


Josie Ensor, The Telegraph, 12th Nov 2016.

Italy returns scores of smuggled artifacts to Iran

(Iran; Italy)

Tehran Times, 9th Nov 2016.

Prince Charles warns of cultural destruction on UAE visit

(United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom)

Sean Coughlan, BBC News, 7th Nov 2016.

Is Israel's Big New Find a Hoax?

(Israel; Palestine)

Candida Moss, The Daily Beast, 6th Nov 2016.

'Lead Sea Scrolls' row reopened


Richard Brooks, The Sunday Times, 6th Nov 2016.

Palestinians make a play for Dead Sea Scrolls at UNESCO

(Israel; Palestine)

Tovah Lazaroff, The Jerusalem Post, 6th Nov 2016.

Protesters Demand Sculpture Be Removed from Contemporary Istanbul


Art Forum, 4th Nov 2016.

'Activists held' at King Cyrus tomb in Iran


BBC News, 31st Oct 2016.

Iraqi heritage sites again at risk in Mosul operation


AFP, The Daily Mail, 31st Oct 2016.

Photographer Steve McCurry speaks out against arrest of Sharbat Gula, the 'Afghan girl with green eyes'

(Afghanistan; Pakistan)

Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper, 27th Oct 2016.

Ancient Hebrew Papyrus Seized from Looters, But Is It Authentic?


Owen Jarus, Live Science, 26th Oct 2016.

'Afghan Girl' in 1985 National Geographic Photo Is Arrested in Pakistan

(Afghanistan; Pakistan)

Christine Hauser, The New York Times, 26th Oct 2016.

These Sifrei Torah made it through hard times in Poland, Iraq, Portugal, Russia and elsewhere, before being reborn in new communities.

(Israel; Iraq; Poland; Portugal; Czech Republic; Russia)

The Jerusalem Post, 24th Oct 2016.

A tale of Vermeers, art experts, and the most notorious- forger of the 20th century

(Israel; Netherlands)

Maya Margit, I24 News, 21st Oct 2016.

Israel's antiquities chief compares UNESCO to Islamic State

(Israel; Palestine)

Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 20th Oct 2016.

Emirati Police Holding 3 Foreigners Trying to Sell Artifacts

(United Arab Emirates)

Associated Press, ABC United States, 18th Oct 2016.

Qatar Museums opens 'Fragments' exhibition in Katara

(United Arab Emirates)

QNA, GDN Online, 18th Oct 2016.

Some looted Idlib National Museum artifacts resurface, fate of others a mystery amidst 'thriving black market trade'


Noura Hourani, Syria Direct, 18th Oct 2016.

Khalifa issues law on cultural heritage objects

(United Arab Emirates)

Gulf News, 12th Oct 2016.

Are These New Dead Sea Scrolls the Real Thing?


Owen Jarus, Live Science, 10th Oct 2016.

Basra Museum: How Saddam's palace was given to the people


BBC News, 8th Oct 2016.

Nine suspects charged with smuggling rare Torah manuscripts into Israel

(Egypt; Israel)

Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 7th Oct 2016.

UNESCO-backed exhibit in Rome features 3 destroyed treasures

(Italy; Syria)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 6th Oct 2016.

Ancient Assyrian site graffitied with Kurdish flag to be restored


Paul Antonopoulos, AMN, 6th Oct 2016.

Bull of Nimrud destroyed by Isis to be recreated in Rome

(Italy; Syria)

Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian, 6th Oct 2016.

Raiders of the Lost Archive: How Newly Discovered Manuscripts of Afghanistan Ended Up in Israel

(Afghanistan; Israel)

Michael Press, Hyperallergic, 5th Oct 2016.

Lebanese activists fight to save Beirut's architectural heritage


Changiz M. Varzi, Equal Times, 5th Oct 2016.

Exclusive: Under the Russians' noses, looters continue to plunder treasures of Palmyra


Magdy Samaan, The Telegraph, 3rd Oct 2016.

ISIS destroys, loots archaeological sites near Kirkuk


Amir Abdallah, Iraqi News, 3rd Oct 2016.

A guardian of Syria's imperiled cultural heritage


Giota Mirtsioti, eKathimerini, 29th Sep 2016.

Why the Terrorist Who Destroyed Palmyra Won't Face Justice


Russell Goldman, The New York Times, 29th Sep 2016.

Saudi strikes raze ancient Yemen towers

(Yemen; Saudi Arabia)

Bel Trew, The Times, 21st Sep 2016.

Slick Replica of Palmyra's Triumphal Arch Arrives in New York, Prompting Questions

(Syria; United States of America)

Claire Voon, Hyperallergic, 20th Sep 2016.

Iraq struggles to stop antiquities smuggling


Adnan Abu Zeed, Al Monitor, 19th Sep 2016.

Looting? $283 Million Flow of Artifacts to US Revealed

(Turkey; Syria; United States of America)

Owen Jarus, Live Science, 19th Sep 2016.

Araiji calls for new antiquities law


Lebanese Republic, National News Agency, 14th Sep 2016.

Arqueólogos intentan hacer de Afganistán un museo entre saqueos


Archaeologists intend to make Afghanistan a museum despite looting

Panorama, 14th Sep 2016.

Police searching stolen vehicle finds 2nd century tomb in Bursa


Daily Sabah, 10th Sep 2016.

Plea for holiday photos to help preserve world heritage

(Syria; Libya; Afghanistan)

Kirsteen Paterson, The National, 9th Sep 2016.

Kuwaiti official urges end to theft of Arab culture


KUNA, Kuwait News Agency, 8th Sep 2016.

Digital Troves, Providing Insights and Reuniting Antiquities


Eve M. Kahn, The New York Times, 8th Sep 2016.

Fake antiquities flood out of Syria as smugglers fail to steal masterpieces amid the chaos of war


Patrick Cockburn, The Independent, 6th Sep 2016.

Amman hosts conference to launch regional task force to combat cultural racketeering


Petra, 6th Sep 2016.

Turkish government shuts down important archaeological dig, apparently to punish Austria

(Turkey; Austria)

Erik Stokstad, Science, 6th Sep 2016.

UNESCO Director-General condemns the destruction of a 9th century old mosque of Bani Matar in Yemen


UNESCO, Malaysia Sun, 4th Sep 2016.

Protecting antiquities in Syria and Libya from Islamic State

(Libya; Syria)

Nick Miller, The Sydney Morning Herald, 4th Sep 2016.

Ancient capital of Israel site beset by vandalism

(Palestine; Israel)

Assaf Kamar, Ynet News, 3rd Sep 2016.

Ancient artifact smugglers arrested in south Lebanon


The Daily Star, 3rd Sep 2016.

How Yemen's past is being erased, one air strike at a time


Peter Osborne, Middle East Eye, 2nd Sep 2016.

11th century Bible recovered in central Turkey


Daily Sabah, 30th Aug 2016.

Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2016 ends with call to save heritage endangered by war

(United Kingdom; Syria)

Phyllis Stephen, The Edinburgh Reporter, 28th Aug 2016.

From Timbuktu to Grimsby, heritage deserves to be restored and revered

(Mali; Bosnia; Iraq; Germany)

Simon Jenkins, The Guardian, 25th Aug 2016.

Qatar's oil boom created the world's most extravagant art scene—and also led to its demise

(United Arab Emirates)

Mikolai Napieralski, Quartz, 24th Aug 2016.

Almost 70%of smuggled objects seized in Syria and Lebanon are fakes, antiquities chief says


Tim Cornwell, The Art Newspaper, 24th Aug 2016.

Israeli museum transfer sets 'dangerous precedent'

(Palestine; Israel)

Ylenia Gostoli, Al Jazeera, 24th Aug 2016.

Tomb raiders pillaged ancient Kazakhstan pyramid leaving only skulls and pottery


Lara Rebello, International Business Times, 23rd Aug 2016.

Iran to Reclaim Achaemenid Tablets from US after 80 Years

(Iran; United States of America)

Iranian Students News, Iran Front Page, 22nd Aug 2016.

Smithsonian, other agencies protect artifacts in Iraq, Syria

(Syria; Iraq; United States of America)

Joe Davidson, The Washington Post, 19th Aug 2016.

US places import restrictions to protect Syrian artifacts

(Syria; United States of America)

AFP, The Daily Mail, 17th Aug 2016.

GAO: Art world wants US to better protect artifacts in Iraq, Syria

(Iraq; Syria; United States of America)

Rebecca Kheel, The Hill, 15th Aug 2016.

Ancient breakwater in Istanbul broken


Hurriyet Daily News, 11th Aug 2016.

MKs turn to UNESCO to save prophet's tomb

(Iraq; Israel)

Roi Kais, Ynet News, 8th Aug 2016.

Franz Kafka literary legal battle ends as Israel's high court rules in favor of library


AFP, The Guardian, 8th Aug 2016.

80%of Aleppo Old City square destroyed, residents lack tools to rebuild


Syria Direct, 4th Aug 2016.

Police detain 5 Wakf members for illegally renovating Dome of Rock


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 4th Aug 2016.

The foot of Zeus

(Afghanistan; Japan)

Llewelyn Morgan, Prospect Magazine, 3rd Aug 2016.

Salafists blow up 16-century mosque in Yemen


AFP, Al Arabiya, 31st Jul 2016.

Turkish painter and journalist Zehra Doğan arrested


Helen Stoilas, The Art Newspaper, 29th Jul 2016.

Two Britons among 12 people to face trial for taking samples from archaeological sites

(United Arab Emirates)

GDN Online, 28th Jul 2016.

Undermined by silence: lack of provenance is devastating flaw of al-Sabah collection catalogue


Jane Jakeman, The Art Newspaper, 26th Jul 2016.

Ancient Treasures Shouldn't Be Compensation for Terror Victims

(Iran; United States of America)

Noah Feldman, Bloomberg, 25th Jul 2016.

High Court of Justice okays transfer of ancient library to western Jerusalem

(Israel; Palestine)

Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 24th Jul 2016.

Citizens map out Gaza's history


Moath Al-Amoudi, Al Monitor, 24th Jul 2016.

Iran's National Library receives 2 rare Quran manuscripts

(Iran; Germany)

Mehr News Agency, 23rd Jul 2016.

IS destruction too extensive to restore Temple of Bel in Syria's Palmyra


Reuters, 23rd Jul 2016.

Museums win bid to keep antiquities

(Iran; United States of America)

Patricia Manson, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 20th Jul 2016.

Travel ban lifted on leading Iranian artist


Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper, 19th Jul 2016.

Sumerian city of Lagash slowly emerging from desert sands


Adnan Abu Zeed, Al Monitor, 19th Jul 2016.

UNESCO deplores damage to Aleppo National Museum; warns five Heritage Sites in Libya are in danger

(Syria; Libya)

UN News Centre, 14th Jul 2016.

Netanyahu Reportedly Secreted Auschwitz Blueprints to Israel


The Jewish Voice, 13th Jul 2016.

Police seize priceless 2,000-year-old Aphrodite statue in Istanbul


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 12th Jul 2016.

Turkey's artists face growing government pressure


Sukru Kucukshin, Al Monitor, 11th Jul 2016.

Leading Iranian artist accused by authorities of disturbing the peace


Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper, 11th Jul 2016.

Syria, Colonialism, and the Yale Art Gallery

(United States of America; Syria)

Olivia Paschal, The Politic, 8th Jul 2016.

Smash, bulldoze, erase: ISIS releases new video of Palmyra antiquities' destruction


RT, 7th Jul 2016.

Netanyahu unwittingly secreted original Auschwitz blueprints to Israel

(Israel; Poland; Germany)

JTA, The Times of Israel, 7th Jul 2016.

The Prophet's Mosque in Medina, Islam's second holiest site, attacked

(Saudi Arabia)

Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper, 5th Jul 2016.

Louvre Abu Dhabi to host summit on culture versus terrorism

(United Arab Emirates)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 5th Jul 2016.

Authorities combine to catch antiquities thieves


Arutz Sheva, 4th Jul 2016.

Renowned Iranian artist Parviz Tanavoli barred from leaving country


Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian, 2nd Jul 2016.

Prized Lion of Babylon joins list of crumbling Iraqi antiquities


Adnan Abu Zeed, Al Monitor, 30th Jun 2016.

The politics and poetry of restoring war ruins


Gulf News, 29th Jun 2016.

Saudi heritage revival too late to save many cultural treasures

(Saudi Arabia)

Angus McDowall, Reuters, 22nd Jun 2016.

Ancient Egyptian Relics Returned After Surfacing at Israeli Auction

(Egypt; Israel)

Associated Press, Haaretz, 21st Jun 2016.

Egypt to sign archaeological cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia

(Egypt; Saudi Arabia)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 19th Jun 2016.

Two sarcophagi's lids recovered by Egypt from Israel

(Egypt; Israel)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 16th Jun 2016.

Picasso Sculpture in Dispute Goes to Leon Black; Rival Owner to Receive Compensation

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 15th Jun 2016.

Raid in upscale Jerusalem plaza uncovers hundreds of illicitly traded relics


I24 News, 15th Jun 2016.

High school students restore vandalized Ashdod historic site after 'paint party'


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 13th Jun 2016.

Police discover Qadafi's looted ivory dagger in Istanbul

(Libya; Turkey; Saudi Arabia)

Yeni Şafak, 13th Jun 2016.

Stolen Ottoman-era artifacts recovered in Istanbul


Yeni Şafak, 8th Jun 2016.

Daesh claims to destroy yet another ancient Iraqi temple


Anadolu Agency, Daily Sabah, 7th Jun 2016.

US Returns More Than 200 Stolen Artifacts to India After Federal Investigation

(India; United States of America)

Geneva Sands, ABC United States, 6th Jun 2016.

Palestine demands return of seized artefacts

(Israel; Palestine; Jordan)

Nasouh Nazzal, Gulf News, 6th Jun 2016.

Driver smuggled antiquities in Norwegian Ambassador's car

(Israel; Palestine; Jordan)

Ari Soffer, Israel National News, 6th Jun 2016.

Questions raised after famous statue disappears in Ankara


Hurriyet Daily News, 3rd Jun 2016.

Ancient stela lost after discovery


Ömer Erbil, Hurriyet Daily News, 2nd Jun 2016.

Syria's third-oldest mosque damaged by airstrike: 'A violation of historical sites'


Alaa Nassar, Syria Direct, 2nd Jun 2016.

Israel wards off looters of antiquity high above the Dead Sea


Mike Smith, Yahoo News, 2nd Jun 2016.

Syrian troops looting ancient city Palmyra, says archaeologist


AFP, The Guardian, 1st Jun 2016.

How much money is ISIS actually making from looted art?

(Iraq; Syria)

Fiona Rose-Greenland, The Conversation, 31st May 2016.

National plan to save Dead Sea Scrolls from thieves


Yoni Kempinski, Arutz Sheva, 25th May 2016.

Israel returns to Egypt two stolen artefacts

(Egypt; Israel)

Reuters, Ahram Online, 22nd May 2016.

While the world watches Palmyra, another of Syria's heritage sites risks destruction


Ross Burns, Apollo, 20th May 2016.

Looting rife, heritage sites destroyed: The state of Syria's history


Lizzie Porter, Middle East Eye, 20th May 2016.

Red list prepared for Syrian artifacts

(Syria; Turkey)

Hurriyet Daily News, 20th May 2016.

How Christie's helped to return a looted treasure to Afghanistan

(Afghanistan; United Kingdom)

Christie's, 20th May 2016.

Iran Arrests Eight Models for Posting "Un-Islamic" Photos on Instagram


Carey Dunne, Hyperallergic, 18th May 2016.

After 4 years, rare sarcophagi smuggled into Israel to be returned to Egypt

(Egypt; Israel)

Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 18th May 2016.

Russia builds military camp near ancient site in Palmyra

(Syria; Russia)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 17th May 2016.

Palestinian Museum Prepares to Open, Minus Exhibits


James Glanz, The New York Times, 16th May 2016.

In new crackdown, antiquities authorities tighten noose around dealers, thieves


Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 16th May 2016.

CHTHO asks Iranians abroad to report smuggled artifacts


Tehran Times, 14th May 2016.

Russia and Syria Use Palmyra as a Stage for Political Theater

(Syria; Russia)

Jennifer MacKenzie, Hyperallergic, 13th May 2016.

Ancient Persian seals returned by U.S. to go on display

(Iran; United States of America)

Tehran Times, 11th May 2016.

Syrian Antiquities Import Restrictions Are Law, But Will They Work?

(United States of America; Syria)

Owen Jarus, Live Science, 10th May 2016.

Obama signs into law new restrictions on Syrian antiquities

(United States of America; Syria)

Bradley Klapper, Stars and Stripes, 9th May 2016.

The man who helped save Afghanistan's treasures from ravages of war


Sune Engel Rasmussen, The Guardian, 5th May 2016.

IS Files Reveal Assad's Deals With Militants


Stuart Ramsey, Sky News, 3rd May 2016.

Artists in Guggenheim Show Urge Museum to Resume Talks on Migrant Rights in Abu Dhabi

(United Arab Emirates)

Carey Dunne, Hyperallergic, 29th Apr 2016.

Police thwart sale of 600-year-old Torah in Istanbul

(Turkey; Syria)

Daily Sabah, 29th Apr 2016.

Youths vandalize historic site


Matan Tzuri, Ynet News, 27th Apr 2016.

Stolen Sarcophagus Returned

(Turkey; United States of America)

Ahmet Balan, Associated Press, 26th Apr 2016.

Antiquities expert on Palmyra visit: 'Syria can't possibly restore the destroyed artifacts'


Bahira al-Zarier, Syria Direct, 26th Apr 2016.

Ordinary Syrians are Risking Their Lives to Protect Their Cultural Heritage


Emma Cunliffe, The Wire, 23rd Apr 2016.

Jewish family makes claims to prized Passover manuscript


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 21st Apr 2016.

Palmyra's Arch of Triumph recreated in London

(Syria; United Kingdom)

Lauren Turner, BBC News, 19th Apr 2016.

Palmyra Arch in London: 'Unethical' reconstruction of 'Disneyland' archaeology criticised

(United Kingdom; Syria)

Umberto Bacchi, International Business Times, 19th Apr 2016.

Exclusive Photos Show Destruction of Nineveh Gates by ISIS


Kristin Romey, National Geographic, 19th Apr 2016.

Turkish Culture Minister: No tolerance for antiquity smuggling from Syria

(Turkey; Syria)

Daily Sabah, 17th Apr 2016.

Shawnee State University's Amr Al-Azm aids the fight against ISIS looting in Syria (photos)


Steven Litt,, 14th Apr 2016.

Senate Votes to Ban Imports of Syrian Art and Antiquities

(United States of America; Syria)

Steven Lee Myers, The New York Times, 13th Apr 2016.

Why Gaziantep Became Hub for Smugglers Selling Historical Syrian Artifacts

(Turkey; Syria)

Sputnik News, 11th Apr 2016.

Turkey 'probing Russia claims on antiques'

(Turkey; Syria; Russia)

Press TV, 8th Apr 2016.

Private collectors fuel demand for looted Mideast antiquities


Barbara Slavin, Al Monitor, 7th Apr 2016.

Is the Israel Museum's Birds' Head Haggadah Nazi-era loot?


David D'Arcy, The Art Newspaper, 6th Apr 2016.

Islamic State nets up to $200 million a year from antiquities: Russia

(Syria; Russia)

Louis Charbonneau, Reuters, 6th Apr 2016.

Smuggler of Stolen Artifacts From Palmyra Speaks Out About ISIS' Illicit Operation

(Syria; Turkey)

Richard Engel, NBC, 6th Apr 2016.

ICE returns dinosaur skeletons, eggs to Mongolia

(Mongolia; United States of America)

ICE, 5th Apr 2016.

Historic castle destroyed by sea and treasure hunters in Turkey's west


Ömer Erbil, Hurriyet Daily News, 4th Apr 2016.

Sekhemka to leave the UK as export licence deadline passes

(United Kingdom; United Arab Emirates; Egypt)

Martin Bailey, The Art Newspaper, 1st Apr 2016.

Gagosian Attracts NY Scrutiny Over Picasso Deal for Leon Black

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Keri Geiger, Bloomberg, 1st Apr 2016.

ISIS 'Department of Artifacts' document exposes antique loot trade via Turkey (RT EXCLUSIVE)

(Turkey; Syria)

RT, 31st Mar 2016.

After 25 years, German doctor returns rare, ancient coin to Israel

(Israel; Germany)

The Canadian Jewish News, 30th Mar 2016.

Why Palmyra is a pawn in Assad's game with the West


Sabine Oelze, DW, 30th Mar 2016.

Unemployed Iraqis join in looting of antiquities


Wassim Bassem, Al Monitor, 28th Mar 2016.

First Pictures Of Palmyra As IS Driven Out


Sky News, 28th Mar 2016.

Palmyra liberated: First images of ancient heritage site freed from ISIS (PHOTOS)


RT, 28th Mar 2016.

Restoring Syria's pearl of the desert: a reason for optimism amid the storm of terror


Maamoun Abdelkarim, The Guardian, 26th Mar 2016.

Yemeni authorities jail Jewish man over airlifted Torah

(Yemen; Israel)

Sandy Rashty, The Jewish Chronicle, 24th Mar 2016.

World's most expensive plate seized in Turkey


Hurriyet Daily News, 22nd Mar 2016.

Thai gardener whose $20 mn heist caused Blue Diamond Affair becomes monk

(Thailand; Saudi Arabia)

AFP, Hindustan Times, 17th Mar 2016.

Art and activism collide at Iraqi artefact exhibition in Toronto

(Canada; Iraq)

Jillian D'Amours, Middle East Eye, 17th Mar 2016.

American tourist sneaks into ancient Jerusalem cave in overnight treasure hunt


Alexander J. Apfel, Ynet News, 16th Mar 2016.

The Trouble With the Maadana: Could an Israeli national symbol be a fake?


Daniel Estrin, New Republic, 16th Mar 2016.

Ancient Statue Is Seized From Manhattan Gallery

(United States of America; Afghanistan)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 16th Mar 2016.

6 out of 6: ALL of Syria's UNESCO Heritage Sites damaged or destroyed during civil war


RT, 15th Mar 2016.

Cómo se roban la historia siria


Juan David Torres Duarte, El Espectador, 12th Mar 2016.

The antiquities looting crisis in the Middle East


George Richards, Al Jazeera, 12th Mar 2016.

Quarry workers 'erasing history' in Antalya with soap, sponge


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 12th Mar 2016.

Antiquities: The Spoils of War

(Syria; Iraq)

Georgina Adam, Financial Times, 11th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: Looted Sumerian Seal


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 11th Mar 2016.

Escalating the War on Looting

(Syria; Iraq)

Celestine Bohlen, The New York Times, 11th Mar 2016.

To Fight ISIS, Art Dealers & Archaeologists Join Forces

(Syria; Iraq)

Catherine Chapman, Vice, 11th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The Armenian church in Deir al-Zour


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 10th Mar 2016.

UNESCO and French and Swiss heritage professionals stand up for the safeguarding of Syrian heritage

(Syria; France; Switzerland)

UNESCO, 10th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The unacceptable poet


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 8th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: Mar Elian Monastery


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 7th Mar 2016.

'This is living antiquity': the director of the Hermitage wants to rebuild Palmyra

(Syria; Russia)

Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 7th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The Lion of al-Lat


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 4th Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: Aleppo's minaret


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 3rd Mar 2016.

Christian hamlet in Syria bears scars of fierce fighting


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 3rd Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: Tell of Qarqur


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 2nd Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The Temple of Bel


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 1st Mar 2016.

What do we really know about Islamic State's role in illicit antiquities trade?

(Iraq; Syria)

Christina Ruiz, The Art Newspaper, 1st Mar 2016.

Museum of Lost Objects: The Winged Bull of Nineveh


Kanishk Tharoor, BBC News, 29th Feb 2016.

Some Take Massive Risks To Save Syria's Cultural Heritage


NPR, 28th Feb 2016.

Tel Aviv: Burglars indicted for heist of 17th Century manuscripts


Ben Hartman, The Jerusalem Post, 28th Feb 2016.

Boy finds ancient figurine during Beit She'an outing


Times of Israel, The Times of Israel, 25th Feb 2016.

Judge Swaps Vote on Iran Bank to Save Relics

(United States of America; Iran)

Adam Klasfeld, Courthouse News Service, 23rd Feb 2016.

Panchaloha idol of Sri Ram stolen from Mudhol temple


The Hindu, 19th Feb 2016.

Home at last: 39 historic artifacts from Anatolia returned


Burcu Calik, Daily Sabah, 15th Feb 2016.

Drones for research: Use of the UAV in archaeology


Popular Archaeology, 14th Feb 2016.

Spray painted tomb to be cleaned by experts


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 11th Feb 2016.

Cheikhmous Ali: the Syrian archaeologist who doesn't take sides


Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 10th Feb 2016.

Ancient coins were replaced with fakes between 2001-2002 — PM


Raed Omari, The Jordan Times, 9th Feb 2016.

'Buyer, Be Fair' Nonagenarian Warns Owner of Family Art Stolen in WW2


Ofer Aderet, Haaretz, 8th Feb 2016.

Sanctions Removal Will Help Iran Return Stolen Cultural Treasures


Sputnik News, 7th Feb 2016.

Iran's Eight-Million-Year-Old Fossils Unveiled after Returning Home from US


Tasnim News Agency, 6th Feb 2016.

Saving Yemen's heritage, 'heart and soul of classical Islamic tradition'


Amel Ahmed, Al Jazeera, 5th Feb 2016.

Billionaire Leon Black Revealed as Mystery Buyer for Contested Picasso Bust

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 4th Feb 2016.

One museum's tribute to the murdered Syrian archaeologist, Khaled al-Asaad

(Syria; United States of America)

Phoebe Segal, Apollo, 4th Feb 2016.

House panel looking into museum artefacts after 400 ancient coins replaced with fakes


Rana Husseini, The Jordan Times, 3rd Feb 2016.

Picasso painting seized in Turkey dismissed as fake


AFP, Hurriyet Daily News, 2nd Feb 2016.

Arts: le "Picasso" saisi en Turquie serait un faux


France 24, 1st Feb 2016.

Temporary Agreement Reached in Custody Battle Over Picasso Bust

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 1st Feb 2016.

Turkish police seize Picasso's masterpiece in anti-smuggling operation


Emre Basaran, Daily Sabah, 30th Jan 2016.

Historic castle cleansed of graffiti


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 28th Jan 2016.

The Economist uses virtual reality to reconstruct museum lost in IS attack


Jessica Goodfellow, The Drum, 28th Jan 2016.

Looted: How global theft fuels trafficking, unrest & cultural control

(Syria; Iraq; Afghanistan; India)

Rattanamol Singh, Guernica Magazine, 28th Jan 2016.

Italians Mock Cover-Up of Nude Statues for Iranian's Visit

(Vatican; Iran; Italy)

Elisabetta Povoledo, The New York Times, 27th Jan 2016.

Rome spares Iranian president's blushes by covering nude statues

(Vatican; Iran)

Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian, 26th Jan 2016.

Lebanese authorities backtrack over high-profile curator's passport renewal


Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper, 25th Jan 2016.

New Tool Maps Cultural Trail of Destruction Left by Islamic Extremist Groups


Lucy Westcott, Newsweek, 24th Jan 2016.

New laws to curb antiques trade

(Saudi Arabia)

Arab News, 24th Jan 2016.

Greece a transit country for trade in illicit antiquities from Syria, Iraq

(Greece; Iraq; Syria)

eKathimerini, 24th Jan 2016.

Partying for Palmyra: A Davos party with a difference


Joe Miller, BBC News, 22nd Jan 2016.

To make a case against Islamic State's cultural vandalism, Western armies must set an example

(Iraq; Syria)

Erasmus, The Economist, 22nd Jan 2016.

Curator Christine Tohmé Denied Passport by Lebanese Authorities


Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic, 22nd Jan 2016.

Satellite proves ISIS destroyed 1,500-year-old monastery


Arutz Sheva, 20th Jan 2016.

Destruction in Kabul: I watched as the Taliban destroyed my life's work


Yahya Muhibzada, BBC News, 20th Jan 2016.

Terrorists are destroying our cultural heritage. It's time to fight back

(Iraq; Syria)

Irina Bokova, World Economic Forum, 18th Jan 2016.

Odyssey Explorer: Cyprus to examine suspect cargo of antiquities from offshore supply ship

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Cahal Milmo, The Independent, 16th Jan 2016.

Welcome to the 'Academy Awards' of Coin Collecting

(United States of America; Iraq; Syria)

Kabir Sehgal, Fortune, 16th Jan 2016.

Renowned Writers Unite in Support of Saudi Artist Sentenced to Death

(Saudi Arabia)

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso, ArtNet News, 15th Jan 2016.

Rote ICOM-Notfallliste: Verstärkter Kampf gegen illegal gehandelte Kulturgüter aus dem Irak


ICOM Emergency List: Fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural goods from Iraq strengthened.

Archäologie Online, 15th Jan 2016.

Ancient obelisk becomes makeshift memorial in Istanbul


AFP, News 24, 14th Jan 2016.

Will Picasso Litigation Force Gagosian to Reveal His $100 Million Mystery Buyer?

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 14th Jan 2016.

Picasso Bust at Center of Custody Battle Between Gagosian and Qatar Royal Family

(United States of America; United Arab Emirates)

Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times, 12th Jan 2016.

Istanbul explosion: 10 dead and 15 wounded in suspected Isis 'suicide bombing' in Sultanahmet Square - as it happened


Samuel Osborne, The Independent, 12th Jan 2016.

DGAM Director General: Terrorist organizations transgressing on archeological sites in Quneitra


Syria Online, 11th Jan 2016.

From Auschwitz to Israel, the Saga of a Long-Lost Mini-Torah

(Israel; Austria)

Shlomo Rizel,, 11th Jan 2016.

Muhammad cartoons censored at Charlie Hebdo exhibit in Tel Aviv

(Israel; France)

The Times of Israel, 10th Jan 2016.

How Did Nazi-Looted Art Wind Up in Israel — and What Can Be Done About It?


Naomi Zeveloff, Forward, 10th Jan 2016.

Van Dyck painting found in Istanbul

(Turkey; Georgia; Russia)

Hurriyet Daily News, 8th Jan 2016.

Israeli high court says antiquities dealers must document all artefacts online


Anny Shaw, The Art Newspaper, 7th Jan 2016.

Reliefs in Mersin fall victims to treasure hunters


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 31st Dec 2015.

'Love' graffiti on historic castle walls creates outrage


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 31st Dec 2015.

'Revolutionary' court victory against antiquity thieves


Gil Ronen, Arutz Sheva, 29th Dec 2015.

France builds grand alliance to protect cultural heritage

(Syria; Iraq; France)

Vincent Noce, The Art Newspaper, 29th Dec 2015.

Salvage Vessel Detained Over Antiquities Possession

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

The Maritime Executive, 29th Dec 2015.

6,500 Smuggled Artefacts Are Back to Syria


Sputnik News, 28th Dec 2015.

Cyprus seeks Lebanese expertise on seized treasures

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Ya Libnan, 28th Dec 2015.

Bylaw for antiquities, urban heritage and museums approved

(Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Gazette, 25th Dec 2015.

Cypriot Authorities Found 18th Century Antiquities on Board an American Ship

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Anastassios Adamopoulos, Greek Reporter, 24th Dec 2015.

Antiquities on board seized vessel 'not unique to Cyprus'

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Andria Kades, Cyprus Mail, 24th Dec 2015.

Treasure hunters seized in Limassol

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Elias Hazou, Cyprus Mail, 24th Dec 2015.

Syrian regime 'bombs UNESCO world heritage site'


Josie Ensor, Telegraph, 24th Dec 2015.

Report suggests Daesh is smuggling antiquities through Lebanon

(Lebanon; Syria)

Albawaba, 23rd Dec 2015.

Ship with stolen artefacts docks at Limassol port

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

In Cyprus, 23rd Dec 2015.

My Great-grandfather, the Man Who Held the Key to the Aleppo Codex

(Israel; Syria)

Judy Maltz, Haaretz, 22nd Dec 2015.

The Israeli Defense Minister Who Stole Antiquities

(Israel; Palestine)

Yael Gruenpeter, Haaretz, 19th Dec 2015.

US Artworks Delivered to Iran

(Iran; United States of America)

Associated Press, The New York Times, 19th Dec 2015.

Scientists work to save antiquities from Islamic State destruction


Earl Lane, Science, 18th Dec 2015.

Bricks and mortar fire: Yemen's cultural heritage is in the crosshairs


Bastien Varoutsikos, The Conversation, 17th Dec 2015.

Israeli museum hopes to solve mystery of looted painting


Peter Beaumont, The Guardian, 16th Dec 2015.

Knidos wants to regain its artifacts


Anadolu Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 16th Dec 2015.

Hanukkah at the Arch of Titus

(Israel; Italy)

Steven Fine, Yale University News, 15th Dec 2015.

Artwork stolen by Nazis found… at Israeli museum


Sue Surkes, The Times of Israel, 15th Dec 2015.

Three stolen Egyptian Mameluk-era lamps recovered from London and Sharjah

(Egypt; United Kingdom; United Arab Emirates)

Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 14th Dec 2015.

Heracles relief suffers damage


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 14th Dec 2015.

Syrian antiquities chief says Turkey refuses to return looted art

(Syria; Turkey)

Shadia Nasralla, Reuters, 11th Dec 2015.

Syrian woman faces 12 years in jail for 'smuggling ancient coins'

(Turkey; Sweden)

Hurriyet Daily News, 9th Dec 2015.

Misstanke: IS-stulen konst i Sverige

(Switzerland; Syria)

Suspicion: IS-stolen art in Sweden

Aftonbladet, 6th Dec 2015.

Isil antiques 'sold to western collectors' warns French finance minister

(Iraq; Syria; France)

David Chazan, The Telegraph, 4th Dec 2015.

The Real Value of the ISIS Antiquities Trade

(Iraq; Syria)

Ben Taub, The New Yorker, 4th Dec 2015.

The Breguet That Got Away: History's Greatest Watch Heist

(Israel; United States of America)

Rebekah Bell, The Robb Report, 2nd Dec 2015.

Antiquities Chief: Syria Needs Global Help to Save Heritage


Kristin Romey, National Geographic, 1st Dec 2015.

Cops bust antiquities dealer with over 3,000 ancient coins


Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 26th Nov 2015.

War, More Than ISIS, Is Destroying Syria's Ancient Sites


Andrew Lawler, National Geographic, 25th Nov 2015.

Artifacts stolen from Syria seized in eastern Turkey

(Turkey; Syria)

Doğan News Agency, Daily Sabah, 25th Nov 2015.

Objects of historical interest seized in Tehran


ILNA, Iran Front Page, 24th Nov 2015.

Swiss return two ancient cuneiform tablets to Iraq

(Switzerland; Iraq)

Swiss Info, 24th Nov 2015.

Hamas Seizes Chest of Ancient Gold Coins Accidentally Discovered in Gaza


David Daoud, The Algemeiner, 23rd Nov 2015.

Penalties for tampering with antiquities detailed

(Saudi Arabia)

Arab News, 21st Nov 2015.

Poet and Artist Ashraf Fayadh Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia

(Saudi Arabia)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 20th Nov 2015.

Asylum for artefacts: Paris's plan to protect cultural treasures from terrorists

(France; Iraq; Syria)

Jonathan Jones, The Guardian, 20th Nov 2015.

Why is Saudi Arabia destroying the cultural heritage of Mecca and Medina?

(Saudi Arabia)

Edek Osser, The Art Newspaper, 19th Nov 2015.

Louvre's director draws up 50-point plan in response to Isil's destruction

(France; Syria; Iraq)

Gareth Harris, The Art Newspaper, 19th Nov 2015.

The art detective fighting to save Syria's past


BBC News, 11th Nov 2015.

Illegal digs unearth mosaics


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 9th Nov 2015.

Here's what we know about Daesh's antiquities department

(Syria; Iraq)

Hayat Norimine, Albawaba, 8th Nov 2015.

Syrian Antiquities Chief Calls For Help From International Community


Sylvia Poggioli, NPR, 7th Nov 2015.

Museums in Turkey, ministry fight back against forged artifacts


Ömer Erbil, Hurriyet Daily News, 7th Nov 2015.

Artist Brian McCarty's Photographs Hijacked By ISIS

(United States of America; Iraq; Syria)

April Neale, Monsters & Critics, 6th Nov 2015.

Box fresh: Suha Traboulsi and Walid Raad's elegy to stolen art at Aïshti


TF Chan, Wallpaper, 4th Nov 2015.

Experts Believe Hobby Lobby Stole Biblical Antiquities From Iraq. Here's Why.

(United States of America; Iraq)

Beenish Ahmed, Think Progress, 4th Nov 2015.

UK gives £3m to protect Iraq antiquities from IS terrorism

(United Kingdom; Iraq)

BBC News, 28th Oct 2015.

2600 Jahre alte Weiheinschrift aus Babylon kehrt zurück in den Irak

(Iraq; Germany)

Consecration inscription form Babylon will return to Iraq

SPK, 28th Oct 2015.

Gilded Bible seized in Tokat


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 27th Oct 2015.

Building a Museum Shouldn't Violate Human Rights

(United Arab Emirates)

Michelle Chen, The Nation, 26th Oct 2015.

El lucrativo negocio de la cultura ilegal

(Syria; Iraq)

The lucrative business of illegal culture

Günther Wessel, DW, 26th Oct 2015.

Isil destroys Roman-era columns in Palmyra during execution


Louisa Loveluck, The Telegraph, 26th Oct 2015.

The Islamic State isn't the only group looting Syrian archaeological sites

(Syria; Iraq)

Adam Taylor, The Washington Post, 21st Oct 2015.

A Jailed Activist's 3-D Models Could Save Syria's History From ISIS


Andy Greenberg, Wired, 21st Oct 2015.

Lebanon, Italy team up to tackle illegal antiquities trade

(Lebanon; Italy)

Mat Nashed, The Daily Star, 21st Oct 2015.

Treasure hunters destroying precious Thracian relics in Turkey


Anadolu Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 21st Oct 2015.

1600-year-old artifacts in Bodrum bay area looted


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 20th Oct 2015.

Meet the man out to save Gaza's antiquities


Ahmad Abu Amer, Palestine Pulse, 20th Oct 2015.

Penn's Hanson Works to Protect Cultural Heritage Sites in Syria and Iraq

(Iraq; Syria)

Michele Berger, Penn News, 15th Oct 2015.

Allegedly Fake Joan Mirós Trigger Trials in Turkey


Cihan Kucuk, Hyperallergic, 14th Oct 2015.

Race against the raiders of Syrian antiquities

(Lebanon; Syria)

Chloé Domat, Middle East Eye, 14th Oct 2015.

Customs officials foil attempt to smuggle rare manuscripts to Qatar

(Egypt; United Arab Emirates)

The Cairo Post, 14th Oct 2015.

A Terra-cotta Antiquity that Arrived at a Turkish Museum by Mail


Cihan Kucuk, Hyperallergic, 6th Oct 2015.

Palmyra: Islamic State's demolition in the desert


Dominic Bailey, BBC News, 5th Oct 2015.

Ancient tombs in Fethiye cleaned after controversy


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 5th Oct 2015.

Getty seeks to preserve memory of Palmyra's Roman ruins through acquisition of rare photography collection

(Syria; United States of America)

Emily Sharpe, The Art Newspaper, 2nd Oct 2015.

British archaeologist's 19th century engraving found on Turkey's Mount Ida


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Where Do ISIS-Looted Antiquities Go?

(Iraq; Syria)

Kathleen Caulderwood, Vice, 30th Sep 2015.

Trevor Noah calls Isis 'capitalist hypocrites' for selling stolen artifacts to the US

(United States of America; Iraq; Syria)

Justin Carissimo, The Independent, 30th Sep 2015.

Iraqi historian claims 'Jewish mafia' behind antiquities theft in Middle East


The Jerusalem Post, 30th Sep 2015.

Uniting Against Threats to Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Syria

(United States of America; Iraq; Syria)

United States Department of State, 30th Sep 2015.

Turkey's Culture Ministry defends restoration at Aspendos


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 30th Sep 2015.

ISIS Raid Netted Stolen Treasure Trove of Ancient Artifacts


Christopher Dickey, The Daily Beast, 30th Sep 2015.

'Kitchen-grade' marble used in the restoration of ancient city of Aspendos


BGN News, 28th Sep 2015.

Turkey major conduit for Syrian 'blood antiquities'

(Turkey; Syria)

Pinar Tremblay, Al Monitor, 25th Sep 2015.

Geneva orders Roman relic returned to Turkey

(Switzerland; Turkey)

The Local, 23rd Sep 2015.

Legal settlement with Armenian church lets Getty Museum keep prized medieval Bible pages

(Armenia; United States of America)

Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, 21st Sep 2015.

Three arrested for stealing artifacts

(Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Gazette, 16th Sep 2015.

Mecca crane collapse: Saudi inquiry into Grand Mosque disaster

(Saudi Arabia)

BBC News, 12th Sep 2015.

The religious and cultural heritage being ruined by Yemen's war


N.P., The Economist, 9th Sep 2015.

Antiquities robbers destroy 1,400-year-old church mosaic


Yori Yalon, Israel Hayom, 8th Sep 2015.

Canada returns seized Phoenician artifact to Lebanon

(Lebanon; Canada)

Dean Beeby, CBC, 5th Sep 2015.

New Digital Archaeology Effort Attempts to Capture Cultural Heritage Before It's Gone


Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic, 4th Sep 2015.

Artifact rescuer says world must protect antiquities

(Iraq; Syria)

Daniel Estrin, The Times of Israel, 3rd Sep 2015.

Rare Sarcophagus Discovered at Ashkelon Building Site


Artuz Sheva, Arutz Sheva, 3rd Sep 2015.

Police investigating suspicious east Jerusalem tunnel adjacent to Rockefeller Museum


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 1st Sep 2015.

More than 3,000 artifacts seized in Istanbul raid


Daily Sabah, 1st Sep 2015.

Dispute raises fears for one of world's most unique art museums


Isabel Gorst, The Irish Times, 31st Aug 2015.

Fincham: Syria will need the culture that ISIS hopes to destroy


Derek Fincham, Houston Chronicle, 28th Aug 2015.

Bull figure returns to Turkey


Hurriyet Daily News, 28th Aug 2015.

Aristotle statue vandalized at ancient site


Hurriyet Daily News, 26th Aug 2015.

Row as Uzbekistan art museum director sacked


Abdujalil Abdurasulov, BBC News, 25th Aug 2015.

Young Israeli Girl Breaks 2,000-year-old Vase, Museum Says Thanks


Nir Hasson, Haaretz, 25th Aug 2015.

Why it's all right to be more horrified by the razing of Palmyra than mass murder


Julian Baggini, The Guardian, 24th Aug 2015.

Heritage group plans to return cultural assets to Afghanistan

(Japan; Afghanistan)

Yomiuri Shimbun, The Japan News, 23rd Aug 2015.

Syria's antiquities: Why we must protect the region's ancient artifacts


Halil Sanismaz, Daily Sabah, 21st Aug 2015.

Mystery surrounds Iraqi statue's missing glass of wine


Adnan Abu Zeed, Al Monitor, 21st Aug 2015.

Two Syrians detained for smuggling Ottoman era coins

(Turkey; Syria)

Hurriyet Daily News, 20th Aug 2015.

Beheaded Syrian scholar refused to lead Isis to hidden Palmyra antiquities


Kareem Shaheen, The Guardian, 19th Aug 2015.

These Academics Are Outracing (and Outwitting) ISIS

(Syria; Iraq)

Danny Lewis, Smithsonian, 7th Aug 2015.

Israeli Media: Leader of Far-Right Lehava Group Admits Support for Destroying Churches


Jack Moore, Newsweek, 6th Aug 2015.

World 13 Exclusive Photos Of Looted (And Fake) Syrian Artifacts For Sale


Mike Giglio, BuzzFeed, 5th Aug 2015.

The Bizarre Tale of 'ISIS Book Club'

(Iraq; Syria)

Damaris Colhoun, Atlas Obscura, 4th Aug 2015.

Monuments Woman


TCT Magazine, 4th Aug 2015.

Exclusive Video Shows Illicit Archaeological Dig In ISIS Stronghold


Mike Giglio, BuzzFeed, 3rd Aug 2015.

The antiquities thief who became one of Britain's richest men

(Israel; United Kingdom)

Ofer Aderet, Haaretz, 2nd Aug 2015.

Italy returns Iran's stolen antiques

(Iran; Italy)

Mehr News Agency, 1st Aug 2015.

Looters find path to export antiquities via Lebanon


Al Monitor, 31st Jul 2015.

Palestinian artist's work to go on display in London after Channel 4's Jon Snow smuggles it out of Gaza

(Palestine; United Kingdom)

Nick Clark, The Independent, 31st Jul 2015.

Inside the Underground Trade to Sell Off Syria's History


Mike Giglio, BuzzFeed, 30th Jul 2015.

Antiquities theft thwarted near Beit Shemesh in late night helicopter chase


Hayah Goldlist-Eichler, The Jerusalem Post, 30th Jul 2015.

Post Box public sculpture latest to be stolen in Tehran


Payvand News, Radio Zamaneh, 24th Jul 2015.

Artifact smuggling, recovery both on the rise


Ahmet Topal, Daily Sabah, 21st Jul 2015.

'Chinese student held in Iraq not IS linked'


IANS, Business Standard, 20th Jul 2015.

Ohio university grapples with case of missing mosaic

(United States of America; Turkey)

Jennifer Pinkowski, Al Jazeera, 19th Jul 2015.

US Returns Looted Artifacts to Iraq—But Are Some Fakes?

(Iraq; United States of America)

Alanna Martinez, Observer, 17th Jul 2015.

Artifacts looted during the Iraq invasion turned up in the house of an Islamic State leader

(Iraq; United States of America)

Loveday Morris, The Washington Post, 15th Jul 2015.

U.S. delivers Iraqi antiquities seized in raid on Islamic State

(Iraq; Syria)

Saif Hameed, Reuters, 15th Jul 2015.

US Law Firm Files Lawsuit to Return Armenian Property in Incirlik Turkey


Massis Post, 14th Jul 2015.

Turkish manuscripts returned from US

(Turkey; United States of America)

Anadolu Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 14th Jul 2015.

Thief returns stolen Roman ballista stones


Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 13th Jul 2015.

Syria civil war: Bomb damages Aleppo's ancient citadel


BBC News, 12th Jul 2015.

Police arrest Jewish suspects in arson at 'loaves and fishes' church


The Times of Israel, 12th Jul 2015.

Iraq celebrates return of antiquities, appeals for world help


Dominic Evans, Reuters, 8th Jul 2015.

Father enlists 4 kids to unearth 'treasure' from Second Temple period protected by 'demon'


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 8th Jul 2015.

Israel cites boycotts, foreign relations in refusal to divulge West Bank archaeology info


Nir Hasson, Haaretz, 8th Jul 2015.

UNESCO lists Yemen world heritage sites as endangered


AFP, Art Daily, 3rd Jul 2015.

Palmyra: looting under the rebels, the Assad regime and the Islamic State?


Sam Hardy, Conflict Antiquities, 3rd Jul 2015.

Looted in Syria – and sold in London: the British antiques shops dealing in artefacts smuggled by Isis

(United Kingdom; Syria)

Rachel Shabi, The Guardian, 3rd Jul 2015.

Isis militants destroy 2,000-year-old statue of lion at Palmyra


AFP, The Guardian, 2nd Jul 2015.

An impossible watch heist, now on display at Jerusalem museum


Ilene Prusher, Haaretz, 1st Jul 2015.

Yemeni Heritage, Saudi Vandalism


Lamya Khalidi, The New York Times, 26th Jun 2015.

Artist Who Got Turkish President Fined Now Facing Four Years in Jail


Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, 25th Jun 2015.

Stolen manuscripts returned to Turkey


Hasan Ay, Daily Sabah, 25th Jun 2015.

Another Treasure Lost in Iraq: The Story of Mar Behnam Monastery


Christopher Jones, Hyperallergic, 23rd Jun 2015.

Iran, Syria sign security cooperation MoU

(Iran; Syria)

KUNA, Kuwait News Agency, 22nd Jun 2015.

Ma'arra Mosaic Museum suffers massive destruction in barrel bomb attack by 'Syrian army helicopters'


Fiona Keating, International Business Times, 20th Jun 2015.

العراق يسترد 663 قطعة أثرية مهربة لثلاث دول


Iraq recovers 663 artefacts smuggled to three countries

Face Iraq, 18th Jun 2015.

Fire damages landmark Christian site in Israel; arson suspected


Bathsheva Sobelman, Los Angeles Times, 18th Jun 2015.

Yemen: the Unesco heritage slowly being destroyed


Lizzie Porter, The Telegraph, 16th Jun 2015.

Arsonists torch storerooms with 4,000-year-old artifacts


Ilan Ben Zion, The Times of Israel, 16th Jun 2015.

Historical carpet lost at museum


Anadolu Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 15th Jun 2015.

Statue of Virgin Mary Restored to Syria's Maaloula


Almanar News, 14th Jun 2015.

Explosion Destroys Ancient Cultural Heritage Site in Yemen Capital


Rick Gladstone, The New York Times, 12th Jun 2015.

Lebanon safeguards region's cultural heritage


Elise Knutson, The Daily Star, 12th Jun 2015.

Cyprus, Iraq sign agreement on bilateral political cooperation

(Iraq; Cyprus)

Famagusta Gazette, 12th Jun 2015.

Senators Attempt to Protect Stolen Jewish Artifacts in Iraq From ISIS

(United States of America; Iraq)

Suzanne Vega, JP Updates, 10th Jun 2015.

'Cave of the Skulls' Robbers Get Prison Term in Israel


Tia Ghose, Live Science, 9th Jun 2015.

Digital Monuments Men wage online war against Islamic State looting

(United Kingdom; Iraq; Syria)

Ben Farmer, The Telegraph, 6th Jun 2015.

The world may be ignoring the destruction of cultural treasures in Yemen


Adam Taylor, The Washington Post, 5th Jun 2015.

British Museum 'guarding' object looted from Syria

(United Kingdom; Syria)

BBC News, 5th Jun 2015.

Isis-looted treasures seized en route to Russia

(Syria; Finland; Russia)

YLE, 5th Jun 2015.

UN unable to stop IS relic-smuggling from Iraq and Syria

(Syria; Iraq)

James Reinl, Middle East Eye, 4th Jun 2015.

The secret way Islamic State makes its money

(Iraq; Syria)

Charis Chang,, 2nd Jun 2015.

Museums band together to watch for looted Iraqi artifacts


Associated Press, Yahoo News, 1st Jun 2015.

Mystery men hunt cultural past stolen by ISIL

(Iraq; Syria)

Jonathan Gornall, The National, 28th May 2015.

ISIS Executes 20 Men In Palmyra's Ancient Amphitheater


Reuters, 27th May 2015.

Yemeni War Leads to Massive Destruction of Cultural Heritage


Laura C. Mallonee, Hyperallergic, 27th May 2015.

Ancient items retrieved by Syrian authorities


Xinhua, 26th May 2015.

Turkey ruling Justice and Development Party nails giant election banner into Roman aqueduct


AFP, Art Daily, 26th May 2015.

Egypt sues Israel to restore 126 smuggled artifacts

(Egypt; Israel)

Rany Mostafa, The Cairo Post, 24th May 2015.

Palmyra: Islamic State locks down ancient city's museum


BBC News, 23rd May 2015.

Ceremony held as stolen head of statue returned after 18 years

(Taiwan; China)

CCTV, 23rd May 2015.

Turkey: Armenian Church Sues for Lost Property


Dorian Jones, Eurasia Net, 21st May 2015.

FNC passes antiquities draft law

(United Arab Emirates)

Gulf News, 20th May 2015.

Cops get a tip-off on artefact smuggling from Iraq cities under IS siege

(India; Iraq)

Rashmi Rajput, The Indian Express, 19th May 2015.

Cairo Declaration to protect Middle East cultural heritage


Nevine El-Aref, Ahram Online, 18th May 2015.

Boy digs up 1,400-year old wine press in Jerusalem


Ruth Schuster, Haaretz, 18th May 2015.

We must save Palmyra or the maniacs will raze civilisation

(Syria; United Kingdom)

Boris Johnson, The Telegraph, 17th May 2015.

Hundreds of stolen Roman-era artifacts recovered in police raid in Turkey


BGN News, 17th May 2015.

Antiquities draft law to be debated

(United Arab Emirates)

Samir Salama, Gulf News, 16th May 2015.

Isis pulls back from Palmyra but fear of 'cultural atrocity' remains


Kareem Shaheen, The Guardian, 15th May 2015.

Illegal excavations damage ancient city


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 15th May 2015.

ISIS Advance in Syria Endangers Ancient Ruins at Palmyra


Anne Barnard, The New York Times, 14th May 2015.

Mosaics in Turkey's south were not 'botched,' says restorer


Ömer Erbil, Hurriyet Daily News, 14th May 2015.

Two antique idols seized in Tuticorin

(India; United Arab Emirates)

The Hindu, 14th May 2015.

Iraq says ISIS demolishes ruins to cover up looting operations


Associated Press, Asharq Al-Aswat, 12th May 2015.

Israeli Antiquities Squad Stops Wannabe' 'Tomb Raiders' at Ancient Roman Catacomb


Tazpit News Agency, The Jewish Press, 10th May 2015.

Syrian authorities seize 6,000 looted antiquities

(Syria; Lebanon)

Associated Press, The Times of Israel, 9th May 2015.

Lebanon wages war on antiquities smuggling


India Stoughton, The Daily Star, 8th May 2015.

How Thieves Stole The Most Expensive Watch In The World: An Excerpt From Marie Antoinette's Watch


John Biggs, Tech Crunch, 7th May 2015.

Islamic State video shows destruction of ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud


ABC Australia, 12th Apr 2015.

A Struggle to Secure Iraq's Shared Past, and Perhaps Its Future


Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times, 9th Apr 2015.

One perspective on the security threat of antiquities trafficking

(Iraq; Syria)

Erik Nemeth, The Hill, 7th Apr 2015.

A War Zone's Ancient Past at Stake

(Iraq; Syria)

The New York Times, 5th Apr 2015.

Watch: Historic Jewish text from Prague stolen years ago found in Israel

(Israel; Czech Republic)

Jerusalem Post, The Jerusalem Post, 4th Apr 2015.

At Jordan site, drone offers glimpse of antiquities looting


Sammy McNeil, Houston Chronicle, 3rd Apr 2015.

Use Force to Stop ISIS' Destruction of Art and History

(Iraq; Syria)

Hugh Eakin, The New York Times, 3rd Apr 2015.

Three arrested for defrauding man out of JD200,000 for fake artefacts


Rana Husseini, The Jordan Times, 1st Apr 2015.

Egyptian Artifacts Salvaged from Robbed Tomb in Israel


Megan Gannon, Live Science, 1st Apr 2015.

In Syria, National Museum of Damascus races to save antiquities from looting, damage


Sammy Ketz, Art Daily, 30th Mar 2015.

Islamic State Destruction Renews Debate Over Repatriation of Antiquities

(Iraq; Syria)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 30th Mar 2015.

UN vows to step up Iraq heritage protection


AFP, Yahoo News, 28th Mar 2015.

Man arrested for attempting to loot antiquities from northern underground cave


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 26th Mar 2015.

ISIS 'selling' stolen Iraqi artifacts to Europe buyers: Iraqi Deputy Minister


Anadolu Agency, Daily Sabah, 25th Mar 2015.

Sign me up to fight Islamic State's demolition of the past

(United Kingdom; Iraq; Syria)

Boris Johnson, The Telegraph, 15th Mar 2015.

Rare objects stolen from Fontainebleau palace's Chinese museum

(France; China)

Sybille de La Hamaide, Reuters, 1st Mar 2015.

Iran Offers Safe Haven For Iraq's Endangered Artifacts

(Iran; Iraq)

Radio Zamaneh, Eurasia Review, 1st Mar 2015.

U.N. sets sights on Syria antiquities, Islamic State oil, ransoms


Louis Charbonneau Michelle Nichols, Reuters, 6th Feb 2015.

Iraq: 'Bidders vie' for Saddam Hussein execution rope


BBC News, 4th Feb 2015.

Authorities seize ancient Hebrew book written on deer skin

(Turkey; Syria)

BGN News, 3rd Feb 2015.

Tomb raiders arrested in Ashkelon National Park for looting, damaging ancient site


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 1st Feb 2015.

UN Attempt to Save Jewish Sites from ISIS -Too Little Too Late?

(Syria; Iraq)

Lyn Julius, Arutz Sheva, 7th Dec 2014.

Antiquities Thieves Caught Red-Handed in Judean Desert Caves


Hillel Fendel, Arutz Sheva, 7th Dec 2014.

UNESCO chief calls for 'protected cultural zones' in war-torn Iraq, Syria

(Syria; Iraq)

UN News Agency, 4th Dec 2014.

Ancient Kyrgyz Jewelry Sold At Auction Not Officially Exported

(Kyrgyzstan; United Kingdom)

Radio Free Europe, 4th Dec 2014.

Antiquities seized in Rusaifa


YK, Petra, 2nd Dec 2014.

Iraq preps exhibition of its looted modern art


Afrah Shawqi, Albawaba, 30th Nov 2014.

German Media Corroborates $36M Islamic State Antiquities Trafficking

(Iraq; Syria)

Sam Hardy, Hyperallergic, 28th Nov 2014.

Abdelkarim: Contents of Syrian museums are in good condition


Syria Online, 24th Nov 2014.

Archaeologists Train "Monuments Men" to Save Syria's Past


Andrew Curry, National Geographic, 3rd Sep 2014.

Islamic State makes millions from stolen antiquities


Cem Erciyes, Al Monitor, 2nd Sep 2014.

Is ISIS Bankrolling Terrorist Activities with Stolen Antiquities?

(Syria; Iraq)

ArtNet News, 2nd Sep 2014.

ISIS' Antiquities Sideline

(Syria; Iraq)

Amr Al-Azm, The New York Times, 2nd Sep 2014.

Raider of the lost art: Afghan saves nat'l treasures


Helen Flores, PhilStar, 1st Sep 2014.

Red Army Flags Stolen By Assailant At Bishkek Museum


Radio Free Europe, 1st Sep 2014.

Syria warns rebels' bid to target Aleppo's ancient citadel


Shanghai Daily, 8th Aug 2014.

FBI Returns Ancient Sculptures to Turkey


FBI, 6th Aug 2014.

Officials deny prison escape in Socotra


Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki, Yemen Times, 6th Aug 2014.

The Quest to Save Syria's History


Kartin Elger, Spiegel Online, 4th Aug 2014.

5 haredim arrested for blocking Jerusalem excavation site


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 3rd Aug 2014.

Bounty and bullets: ISIS targets Iraq's artifacts


Judit Neurink, DW, 11th Jul 2014.

Fears grow for safety of Iraq's cultural heritage under ISIS


Eleanor Robson, The Conversation, 10th Jul 2014.

The Plight Of Mosul's Museum: Iraqi Antiquities At Risk Of Ruin


NPR, 9th Jul 2014.

Works start to find missing pieces in area of illegal excavation


Anadolu Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 8th Jul 2014.

ISIS Is About to Destroy Biblical History in Iraq


Christopher Dickey, The Daily Beast, 7th Jul 2014.

Traditional Heritage House in Sana'a plundered as Yemeni heritage comes under increasing threat


Amal Al-Yarisi, Yemen Times, 5th Jun 2014.

London's Victoria and Albert Museum willing to lend Eros head to Istanbul

(Turkey; United Kingdom)

Hurriyet Daily News, 5th May 2014.

It's time to stop destruction of Middle East heritage

(Syria; Lybia; Egypt)

Iason Athanasiadis, Al Jazeera, 5th May 2014.

Syrian government says Maaloula's sites sacked by rebels


Al Monitor, 5th May 2014.

Syria's past is being obliterated

(Syria; Lebanon)

Journal Pioneer, 4th May 2014.

Treasure hunters destroy tomb


Doğan News Agency, Hurriyet Daily News, 4th May 2014.

Overcoming looting and years of war, Iraq Museum moves to reopen


Jane Arraf, The Christian Science Monitor, 11th Apr 2014.

Drones: Archaeology's Newest Tool to Combat Looting


Paul Salopek, National Geographic, 11th Apr 2014.

Should ancient bones be up for sale? Shoppers in Dubai say yes!

(United Arab Emirates)

Laurie Balbo, Green Prophet, 10th Apr 2014.

What happened to Gaza's Apollo statue?


Lena Odgaard, Al Jazeera, 8th Apr 2014.

Police confiscate ancient coffins from tomb raiders in Jerusalem


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 31st Mar 2014.

Sudan denies selling artifacts to Qatar

(Sudan; United Arab Emirates)

APA, Star Africa, 30th Mar 2014.

Authorities confiscate antiquities stolen from several sites archeological


Syrian Radio, 27th Mar 2014.

Institutions should moderate their rule on looted objects

(Syria; Iraq)

Stephanie Dalley, The National, 25th Mar 2014.

Whereabouts and future of Gaza Apollo still unclear


Haaretz, 21st Mar 2014.

Leiden Researchers Robbed of Syrian Artifacts

(Syria; Netherlands)

Maxime Zech, NL Times, 11th Mar 2014.

Authorities Confiscate Stolen Archaeological Artifacts in Palmyra


FNA, Fars News Agencys, 10th Mar 2014.

Among the Wounded in Syria's War: Ancient History


Alissa J. Rubin, The New York Times, 7th Mar 2014.

Christie's removes stolen Nepal artworks

(Nepal; United States of America)

Kunda Dixit, Nepali Times, 22nd Mar 2013.

Seeking Return of Art, Turkey Jolts Museums

(Turkey; United States of America)

Dan Bilefsky, The New York Times, 30th Sep 2012.

Trade in stolen Iraqi treasures 'fuels al-Qaida'


Helena Smith, The Guardian, 19th Mar 2008.

Will "Blind Edip" Sing?

(Switzerland; Germany; Turkey)

Ozgen Acar, Archaeology, 1st Jan 2001.

The Past in Peril: Buying, Selling, Stealing History

(United States of America; Turkey; Italy)

Mike Toner, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 19th Sep 1999.

Turkey wins back ancient coins from American millionaire

(Turkey; Germany; United States of America)

Associated Press, 4th Mar 1999.

The Case Of the Contested Coins: A Modern-Day Battle Over Ancient Objects

(Turkey; Germany; United States of America)

Barry Meier, The New York Times, 24th Sep 1998.

Turkish jubilation over recovery of ancient sarcophagus; Smuggled treasure is coming home

(Turkey; United States of America)

Hugh Pope, The Independent, 27th Apr 1994.

Turks Haul Millionaire Into Court for Ancient Silver

(Turkey; Germany; United States of America)

Anne Thompson, Associated Press, 23rd Feb 1994.

Talking Turkey; Who owns the treasures of antiquity?

(Turkey; United States of America)

Geraldine Norman, The Independent, 13th Jun 1993.