Subject: Conviction

Dealer Perry Rubenstein cuts plea bargain, will serve jail time

(United States of America)

Dan Duray, The Art Newspaper, 23rd May 2017.

LA art dealer sentenced in theft from high-profile clients

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Star Tribune, 22nd May 2017.

Dam Buster's family appeal for help to trace stolen airman's logbook

(United Kingdom; Canada)

Sally Wardle, Irish News, 20th May 2017.

Santa Fe duo sentenced in immigration fraud, artifacts-smuggling case

(United States of America; Pakistan)

Phaedra Haywood, Santa Fe New Mexican, 5th May 2017.

8 get 3 years jail for idol theft


Press Trust of India, India, 2nd May 2017.

3 Years For Woman Who Embezzled $1 Million From Field Museum

(United States of America)

CBS, 22nd Apr 2017.

How a California Anesthesiologist Became One of America's Largest Antiquities Looters

(United States of America)

Kathleen Sharp, Mens Journal, 20th Apr 2017.

Celebrity art dealer's plea deal in theft case will probably keep him out of prison

(United States of America)

Los Angeles Times, 30th Mar 2017.

Two British teenagers found guilty of stealing objects from Auschwitz during school trip

(Poland; United Kingdom)

Matthew Day, The Telegraph, 29th Mar 2017.

Robert Gentile, A Suspect In Gardner Museum Art Heist, Agrees To Plead Guilty To Weapons Charges

(United States of America)

Edmund H. Mahoney, The Hartford Courant, 28th Mar 2017.

Ingresan en prisión los presuntos autores de un robo en una iglesia de O Carballiño


Suspects in robbery of O Carballiño church sent to prison

La Voz de Galicia, 24th Mar 2017.

Turkish Artist Zehra Doğan Sentenced to Prison for Painting of Kurdish Town Attack


Perwana Nazif, ArtNet News, 24th Mar 2017.

Prosecutors seek 4 years for ex-Field Museum worker who stole nearly $1 million

(United States of America)

Jason Meisner, The Chicago Tribune, 21st Mar 2017.

Feds: $1M stolen from Field Museum funded luxury cars, jewelry

(United States of America)

Jon Seidel, Chicago Sun Times, 20th Mar 2017.

Jail time for man who sold stolen plaques, sculpture


Sue Yanagisawa, The Whig, 19th Mar 2017.

Policeman who stole ancient gold coins he found with metal detector is jailed

(United Kingdom)

Sam Russell, Manchester Evening News, 8th Mar 2017.

Health care worker gets 10 years for stealing artwork from elderly Wheat Ridge woman

(United States of America)

Tom McGhee, The Denver Post, 7th Mar 2017.

Native American bones stolen from Ohio grave to be reburied

(United States of America)

John Seewer, Turtle Island News, 2nd Mar 2017.

Man sentenced to life in prison in 2014 killing of Iraqi artist

(United States of America)

Mark Glover, The Sacramento Bee, 27th Feb 2017.

Archaeology smuggler caught with 500 stolen artifacts at Big Bend

(United States of America; Mexico)

Claire Ricke, KXAN, 27th Feb 2017.

Dunfermline man jailed for art theft

(United Kingdom)

Dunfermline Press, 24th Feb 2017.

Policeman sacked for keeping gold coin proceeds

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 20th Feb 2017.

"Spiderman" art thief gets eight years for €100 million heist of works including Matisse and Picasso


Henry Samuel, The Telegraph, 20th Feb 2017.

Michigan Art Dealer Gets Three Years in Prison for Selling Fake Paintings

(United States of America)

Reuters, NBC, 16th Feb 2017.

Pensioner jailed for spate of art thefts

(United Kingdom)

Fiona Hamilton, The Times, 11th Feb 2017.

Man stole bronze figurine worth £400 but was "so drunk" he left it on bus

(United Kingdom)

Kate Wilson, Daily Echo, 11th Feb 2017.

Santa Fe couple convicted in artifact-smuggling case

(United States of America; Pakistan)

Uriel J. Garcia, Santa Fe New Mexican, 9th Feb 2017.

Royal Canadian Mint employee who hid stolen gold in his bum gets 30 months in prison


Mike Blanchfield, The Hamilton Spectator, 2nd Feb 2017.

No further jail time for Glafira Rosales for her role in $80m Knoedler forgery scandal

(United States of America)

Laura Gilbert, The Art Newspaper, 31st Jan 2017.

Antiques dealer jailed for stealing painting from Chester Cathedral

(United Kingdom)

Nazia Parveen, The Guardian, 31st Jan 2017.

Former Harrisburg mayor Stephen Reed gets probation, small fine in stolen artifacts case

(United States of America)

Jason Scott, Central Penn Business Journal, 27th Jan 2017.

'Almost pathological preoccupation' with Wild West artifacts may land ex-Harrisburg mayor in prison

(United States of America)

The Washington Post, TribLive, 26th Jan 2017.

Norfolk policeman who sold gold coins he found could face suspended sentence

(United Kingdom)

Eastern Daily Press, 25th Jan 2017.

Three years in prison for man who faked Norman Cornish artworks

(United Kingdom)

Lizzie Anderson, The Northern Echo, 24th Jan 2017.

Ex-Mayor Reed admits carelessness, not criminality, in pleading guilty to stealing city artifacts

(United States of America)

Matt Miller, Penn Live, 23rd Jan 2017.

Artist Natalie White Found Guilty of Defacing Property for Painting In Front of Capitol Building

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 23rd Jan 2017.

Art returned after burglary admitted

(New Zealand)

Daniel Birchfield, Otago Daily Times, 23rd Jan 2017.

Hotel art thief takes plea deal after drunken swipe

(United States of America)

Rebecca Rosenberg, New York Post, 19th Jan 2017.

Young church bell thieves fined, given suspended sentences


Matthew Agius, Malta Today, 17th Jan 2017.

Serial art forger sentenced to two years' probation


YLE, 13th Jan 2017.

A prisión por robar un cáliz y dinero de la lotería de una iglesia de Onda


Prison for theft of a chalice and lottery money from an Onda church

El Mundo, 11th Jan 2017.

Guilty plea for Modesto man involved in French Laundry wine theft

(United States of America)

J. D. Morris, The Press Democrat, 20th Dec 2016.

Waiouru medal thief recalled to prison after starting online escort service

(New Zealand)

Hannah Martin,, 20th Dec 2016.

Verdict upheld for elderly French couple who hid Picasso works in garage


France 24, 16th Dec 2016.

Employé du muséum d'histoire naturelle d'Orléans, il revendait des pierres et fossiles sur eBay


Employee of the natural history museum of Orléans, he resold stones and fossils on eBay

Philippe Renaud, La République, 16th Dec 2016.

Museum heist gang sentenced to 30+ years


ANSA, 5th Dec 2016.

Man guilty of stealing Chester Cathedral's Greek Lazarus painting

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 5th Dec 2016.

Stealing Hosts for anti-Catholic art? Not illegal, Spanish judge says


CNA, Catholic News Agency, 16th Nov 2016.

Spaniard jailed for destroying Neolithic cave to make an animal shelter


James Badcock, The Telegraph, 13th Nov 2016.

Thief in Waiouru medal heist that 'shocked the nation' denied parole

(New Zealand)

Josh Fagan,, 28th Oct 2016.

Maryland caretaker admits selling stolen art in N.J.

(United States of America)

Paul Milo,, 26th Oct 2016.

Killer of Oxford rare books dealer given 34-year jail sentence

(United Kingdom)

Esther Addley, The Guardian, 24th Oct 2016.

Billionaire Art Dealer Is Awaiting Verdict in Tax Fraud Case


Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times, 21st Oct 2016.

The ICC's Al-Mahdi Ruling Protects Cultural Heritage, But Didn't Go Far Enough


Lucas Lixinski, The Wire, 20th Oct 2016.

Leonardo Patterson, el comerciante de arte siempre bajo sospecha

(Costa Rica)

Leonardo Patterson, the art dealer always under suspician

Hassel Fallas, La Nación, 16th Oct 2016.

Man jailed 2 years for possessing stolen N.B. Museum plaques


Jericho Knopp, CBC, 13th Oct 2016.

Former Port Hope art curator's fraud sentence delayed in Peterborough court

(United Kingdom)

Jessica Nyznik, Northumberland Today, 4th Oct 2016.

Why the Terrorist Who Destroyed Palmyra Won't Face Justice


Russell Goldman, The New York Times, 29th Sep 2016.

Man pleads guilty in New Brunswick Museum plaque theft case


Jericho Knopp, CBC, 28th Sep 2016.

The United Nations Doubles Down on Protecting Cultural Sites


Akshan de Alwis, Diplomatic Courier, 27th Sep 2016.

For First Time, Destruction Of Cultural Sites Leads To War Crime Conviction


Camila Domonoske, NPR, 27th Sep 2016.

Paris auction workers jailed over theft scam


BBC News, 6th Sep 2016.

Verdict expected in vast theft scam at French auction house


Associated Press, Salon, 6th Sep 2016.

French auction workers convicted in vast theft scam


Philippe Sotto, CTV, 6th Sep 2016.

Art Heist Suspect Robert Gentile Wants Release From Prison Because Of Failing Health

(United States of America)

Edmund H. Mahony, Hartford Courant, 1st Sep 2016.

Somerset man who claimed theft of expensive painting was 'drunken prank' escapes jail

(United Kingdom)

Somerset Live, 27th Aug 2016.

Who's Got the Bones? Timeline Reveals Park Service Employees Covered Up Theft of Ancient Remains

(United States of America)

Frank Hopper, Indian Country Today, 22nd Aug 2016.

On trial: the destruction of history during conflict


James Reinl, Al Jazeera, 22nd Aug 2016.

Islamist rebel apologises for destroying Timbuktu shrines at ICC trial


BBC News, 22nd Aug 2016.

Ohio man who bought Native American remains gets probation

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Fox, 19th Aug 2016.

Plea bargain in case of removal of Native American artifacts

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 16th Aug 2016.

Mono County doctor pleads guilty to looting Native American artifacts from public lands

(United States of America)

Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times, 15th Aug 2016.

Former Capitol police officer receives probation, jail for theft of painting, forgery

(United States of America)

Ed Treleven, Wisconsin State Journal, 8th Aug 2016.

Ai Weiwei's Lawyer, Zhou Shifeng, Sentenced to Seven Years for 'Subversion'


Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 4th Aug 2016.

Former librarian who stole hundreds of rare antique books worth nearly €200,000 from the National Library of Ireland avoids jail


Independent, Irish Independent, 27th Jul 2016.

Un año y tres meses por robar en una iglesia rumana de Roquetas


On year and three month for theft from a Romanian church in Roquetas

Diario de Almería, 13th Jul 2016.

Art thief John Mark Tillmann granted full parole


Blair Rhodes, CBC, 12th Jul 2016.

Man Sentenced for Stealing Bones From Iowa's Effigy Mounds in 1990

(United States of America)

John Samuels, CDA News, 9th Jul 2016.

Former police officer pleads guilty to stealing painting from Governor's Mansion

(United States of America)

Ed Treleven, Wisconsin State Journal, 29th Jun 2016.

Metal detectorist who struck gold with Bronze Age ring during illegal search is fined after touting it to a museum

(United Kingdom)

The Telegraph, 27th Jun 2016.

Treasure hunter fined for stealing ancient gold ring

(United Kingdom)

Mid Sussex Times, 23rd Jun 2016.

Graffiti artist banned from 20%of US after Reddit users' investigation

(United States of America)

Nicky Woolf, The Guardian, 21st Jun 2016.

Guilty plea ends Native art scam in Juneau

(United States of America)

Paula Ann Solis, Juneau Empire, 20th Jun 2016.

Bogus Whiteley paintings: lock up fraudsters, says Swans chief


Michaela Boland, The Australian, 18th Jun 2016.

Antique dealer jailed after being caught with 57 books stolen from Carton House


The Journal, 17th Jun 2016.

Man who damaged Monet painting jailed for possession of stolen antique books


Sunday World, 16th Jun 2016.

Woman who defaced Western national parks, including 2 in Colorado, pleads guilty

(United States of America)

Jesse Paul, The Denver Post, 14th Jun 2016.

Russian political artist Pyotr Pavlensky released from custody with $15,000 fine


Sophia Kishkovsky, The Art Newspaper, 8th Jun 2016.

Jail for woman who plundered famous photo prints

(United States of America)

Justine McDaniel,, 3rd Jun 2016.

Student who scrawled 'don't bomb Syria' in giant black letters on historic World Heritage-listed church opposite Parliament is spared jail

(United Kingdom)

Mark Duell, The Daily Mail, 1st Jun 2016.

International graffiti artist who travelled to Melbourne to tag jailed for 6 months


Bianca Hall, The Age, 31st May 2016.

Infamous artifact thief John Tillman granted day parole extension


Heide Pearson, Global News, 26th May 2016.

Guccifer, Who Revealed George W. Bush's Secret Life as a Painter, Pleads Guilty to Hacking

(United States of America)

Brian Boucher, ArtNet News, 25th May 2016.

John Tillmann's alleged threats against ex-wife prevent his full parole


Elizabeth Chiu, CBC, 25th May 2016.

Yankees fire Yankee Stadium security guard who stole memorabilia

(United States of America)

Nathaniel Vinton, Daily News, 25th May 2016.

Lo condenan a un año de cárcel por robar campana de iglesia


Sentenced to one year in prison for stealing bell

El Pueblo, 24th May 2016.

Diver fined for shipwreck plunder


YLE, 20th May 2016.

Dissident Artist Pyotr Pavlensky Found Guilty by Moscow Court


Henri Neuendorf, ArtNet News, 19th May 2016.

Art thief sentenced in 'Afghan Girl' heist

(United States of America)

Shane Benjamin, The Durango Herald, 17th May 2016.

YouTube pranksters jailed after 'terrifying' fake art heist

(United Kingdom)

Court News, The Guardian, 16th May 2016.

Antique dealer who plundered churches for profit jailed

(United Kingdom)

Steven Morris, The Guardian, 10th May 2016.

Japanese vagina kayak artist found guilty of obscenity


Justin McCurry, The Guardian, 9th May 2016.

Church raider jailed after stealing priceless relics, including ancient coffin

(United Kingdom)

Jeanette Oldham, Birmingham Mail, 6th May 2016.

Ex-Art Studio Worker Pleads Guilty in 'Afghan Girl' Theft

(United States of America)

Associated Press, ABC United States, 25th Apr 2016.

Noh Mul cost Grijalva $6,000


The Reporter, 22nd Apr 2016.

Odd Nerdrum, Awaiting Jail Time for Tax Fraud, Barred From Leaving Norway


Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 22nd Apr 2016.

Guilty of destroying ancient Maya site, Noh Mul!


Rowland A. Parks, Amandala, 19th Apr 2016.

Tomb thieves sentenced for protected relics robbery


Feng Shuang, ECNS, 15th Apr 2016.

Tomb-raiding gang leader faces death


Xinhua, Shanghai Daily, 15th Apr 2016.

Piden tres años de cárcel a cuatro 'piteros' por expolio arqueológico


Three years in jail requested for four 'piteros' for archaeological looting.

Juan Esteban Poveda, Ideal, 6th Apr 2016.

Inside the Ballsy Irish Traveller Gang That Stole Millions of Pounds Worth of Rhino Horn

(United Kingdom; Ireland)

Mark Wilding, Vice, 5th Apr 2016.

'Rathkeale Rovers' gang members jailed over multi-million euro rhino horn spree

(United Kingdom)

Alexander Britton, Irish Independent, 4th Apr 2016.

'Rathkeale Rovers' to be sentenced over museum raids plot

(United Kingdom)

Press Association, 4th Apr 2016.

Former managing director of the Centre Pompidou pleads guilty to misuse of public funds


Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, 1st Apr 2016.

Mali rebel 'to admit' Timbuktu mausoleum destruction at ICC


BBC News, 24th Mar 2016.

Crooked antiques dealer dodges prison for smuggled $1M statue

(United States of America; Pakistan)

The Daily Chappaqua, 24th Mar 2016.

Maricopa man who claimed artifacts were stolen gets prison for insurance fraud

(United States of America)

Christopher Silavong, AZ Central, 18th Mar 2016.

Squatter admits trying to sell paintings stolen from SF mansion

(United States of America)

Jenna Lyons, SFGate, 9th Mar 2016.

Thai court orders ex-CIB commissioner's 25 million baht worth of assets seized


Thai Visa, 9th Mar 2016.

Police praised for museum thefts investigation

(United Kingdom; China)

Jonathan Knott, Museums Journal, 3rd Mar 2016.

Museum raids: Cambridge Fitzwilliam unlikely to get jade back, says expert

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 1st Mar 2016.

Failed rhino heist brings Dead Zoo Gang to justice

(United Kingdom; China)

Leo Hornak, PRI, 1st Mar 2016.

Fourteen men convicted of plotting to steal £57m of Chinese artefacts

(United Kingdom)

Pete Walker, The Guardian, 1st Mar 2016.

Rathkeale Rovers: How an enthusiastic gardener and his Leylandii trimmings helped to bring gang leaders to justice

(United Kingdom)

Paul Peachey, The Independent, 29th Feb 2016.

Tucson gem show dinosaur smuggler convicted

(United States of America)

Curt Prendergast, Arizona Daily Star, 24th Feb 2016.

'Guilty' verdict on the spectacular 2010 Paris art theft


DW, 20th Feb 2016.

Oroville man sentenced for taking Native American artifacts

(United States of America)

Alan Marsden, Action News Now, 18th Feb 2016.

Two Klamath Falls residents sentenced in stolen Native American artifacts case

(United States of America)

Elizabeth Reickn, News 10, 11th Feb 2016.

Probation for dealer who smuggled artifacts from grave sites in Pakistan

(United States of America; Pakistan)

Matt Zapotosky, The Washington Post, 29th Jan 2016.

Anthony Lister found guilty of wilful damage over graffiti artworks


Steph Harmon, The Guardian, 28th Jan 2016.

A Deming man accused of digging on federal land in New Mexico and damaging an archaeological resource has changed his plea to guilty

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Daily Journal, 15th Jan 2016.

St. Cloud State professor pleads guilty to trafficking up to $1.5 million in rhino horn, ivory

(United States of America; China)

Stephen Montemayor, Star Tribune, 13th Jan 2016.

Theft of idols from Hiriyangady Basadi - two convicted


Daijiworld Media Network, Daijiworld, 5th Jan 2016.

Chinese 'tomb raider' and gang jailed for plunder of ancient relics


Alice Yan, South China Morning Post, 5th Jan 2016.

Former Field Museum employee admits to embezzling more than $400K

(United States of America)

Steve Johnson, The Chicago Tribune, 4th Jan 2016.

National Park Services Grave Robber Will Pay Restitution and Serve Probation

(United States of America)

Mary Anette Pember, Indian Country Today, 4th Jan 2016.

Thief stole painting from St Mary's Church in Beverley during wedding

(United Kingdom)

Lucy Leeson, Hull Daily Mail, 1st Jan 2016.

Plea deal calls for probation, apology in theft of remains

(United States of America)

Chon, Chron, 30th Dec 2015.

Knoedler Forgery Ringleader's Paintings Sold at US Marshal's Auction

(United States of America)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 22nd Dec 2015.

Former Art Gallery of Northumberland curator Dorette Carter found guilty


Todd McEwen, Northumberland News, 21st Dec 2015.

National Park Services Grave Robber: Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing Remains

(United States of America)

Mary Annette Pember, Indian Country Today, 21st Dec 2015.

California Antiquities Dealer Sentenced to Prison for Smuggling and Tax Fraud Scheme

(United States of America; Thailand)

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso, ArtNet News, 21st Dec 2015.

Sentencing delayed in '12 museum break-in

(United States of America)

Herald Dispatch, 17th Dec 2015.

Closing the book on John Mark Tillmann's stolen antiques


Aaron Hutchins, Maclean's, 14th Dec 2015.

Calling Indiana Jones: Looted artifacts, tax scheme send ex-antiquities dealer to prison

(United States of America; Thailand)

Hillary Jackson, My News LA, 14th Dec 2015.

Christie's to sell 2,000 photographs seized by US government in biodiesel fraud

(United States of America)

Helen Stoilas, The Art Newspaper, 10th Dec 2015.

Man admits stealing Maori artefacts

(New Zealand)

Hawke's Bay Today, 9th Dec 2015.

Antiquities Dealer Leonardo Patterson Faces New Criminal Charges

(Germany; Mexico)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 8th Dec 2015.

Charlotte man will spend up to 15 years behind bars for stealing historical artifacts

(United States of America)

WLNS, WLNS 6, 4th Dec 2015.

Ancient cemetery discovered under Alexandria house


Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 3rd Dec 2015.

Celstraffen geëist voor drie helers dure schilderijen uit Leerdams museum


Prison sentences demanded for three robbers of expensive paintings from Leerdam Museum

Blikopnieuws, 2nd Dec 2015.

Man stole brains from medical museum and put them on eBay

(United States of America)

Reuters, The Guardian, 25th Nov 2015.

Colaboración entre el INAH, la SRE y la PGR, determinante en el fallo condenatorio en contra de Leonardo Patterson

(Germany; Mexico)

Collaboration between INAH, the SRE and the PGR, leads to conviction of Leonardo Patterson

INAH, 24th Nov 2015.

Poet and Artist Ashraf Fayadh Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia

(Saudi Arabia)

Sarah Cascone, ArtNet News, 20th Nov 2015.

Fla. dealer pleads guilty to smuggling artifacts from grave sites in Pakistan

(United States of America; Pakistan)

Matt Zapotosky, The Washington Post, 13th Nov 2015.

32-year-old given 6 months' jail for stealing temple bell


Mumbai Mirror, 11th Nov 2015.

Ohio man ordered to write paper after drunken ride on ancient burial mound

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Guardian, 7th Nov 2015.

Former Wyoming museum director gets community service for theft

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Billings Gazette, 2nd Nov 2015.

Un año de cárcel por robar en la iglesia de Feáns


One year in jail for robbing the church of Feáns

Tania Suárez, La Opinión a Coruña, 23rd Oct 2015.

Luke Brugnara Gets Seven Years in Prison for Art Fraud

(United States of America)

Eileen Kinsella, ArtNet News, 21st Oct 2015.

Former Archaeological Survey director sentenced to jail for fraud


Bhartesh Singh Thakur, Hindustan Times, 15th Oct 2015.

Fem års fängelse för kyrkstölder


Five years in prison for church theft

Sveriges Radio, 14th Oct 2015.

Colorado dinosaur fossil smuggler sentenced in Wyoming

(United States of America; China)

ICE, 14th Oct 2015.

Se enfrenta a prisón por robar el cepillo la iglesia y la corona de la Virgen


Prison sentence for theft of the crown of the Virgin

P. García-Baquero, ABC España, 25th Sep 2015.

Cambridge academic David Barrowclough jailed for six years after stealing £238k in lottery fraud

(United Kingdom)

Cambridge News, 23rd Sep 2015.

Richmond man pleads guilty to complex Chinese treasure 'gold' scam

(Canada; China)

Jennifer Saltman, The Province, 4th Sep 2015.

Diver jailed for fraudulently selling three cannon found in UK waters

(United Kingdom; United States of America)

Steven Morris, The Guardian, 4th Sep 2015.

Queenstown man won't serve time in theft of $3.5 million stained-glass windows

(United States of America)

Mary Carole McCauley, The Baltimore Sun, 31st Aug 2015.

Former Lander Museum Director found Guilty of Larceny of theft of materials

(United States of America)

County10, 28th Aug 2015.

5 Cambodians get 7 years in jail for antique theft


Xinhua, Khmer Times, 27th Aug 2015.

Monk jailed for Buddha statue theft

(Japan; South Korea)

AFP, IOL, 13th Aug 2015.

South Korean monk gets six years in prison for stealing Japanese religious items

(Japan; South Korea)

The Japan Times, 13th Aug 2015.

Men Get Jail Term For Digging Up Civil War Artifacts

(United States of America)

WDEF, 5th Aug 2015.

Jackson County man pleads guilty to buying stolen Native American remains

(United States of America)

Kathy Lynn Gray, The Columbus Dispatch, 5th Aug 2015.

Portland man pleads guilty to art-forgery scheme

(United States of America)

Steven Dubois, The Washington Times, 29th Jul 2015.

Carson man pleads guilty in case of stolen antiques

(United States of America)

Andrew Oxford, The Taos News, 24th Jul 2015.

Chinese librarian replaced 140 masters paintings with works he painted himself


Nicola Davison, The Telegraph, 21st Jul 2015.

Man admits swapping classic Chinese artworks for fakes he painted himself


Associated Press, The Guardian, 21st Jul 2015.

Art World Defends Bank Robber 'Performer'

(United States of America)

Justin Joffe, Observer, 17th Jul 2015.

Records detail arrests, pursuit of N.C. Wyeth art stolen in Maine

(United States of America)

Scott Dolan, Portland Press Herald, 16th Jul 2015.

Serpent Mound vandal's punishment: Research paper?

(United States of America)

Carrie Blackmore Smith,, 15th Jul 2015.

Man who transported stolen Wyeth paintings to be sentenced

(United States of America)

Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News, 13th Jul 2015.

Filmmaker Joe Gibbons Gets a Year in Prison for a Robbery He Called Performance Art

(United States of America)

Noah Remnick, The New York Times, 13th Jul 2015.

Pongpat gets 2 more years


Bangkok Post, 1st Jul 2015.

Diver Pleads Guilty to Fraud Involving Historic Cannons

(United Kingdom)

Eric Haun, Marine Link, 15th Jun 2015.

'Cave of the Skulls' Robbers Get Prison Term in Israel


Tia Ghose, Live Science, 9th Jun 2015.

Two years probation for man who stole Elton John's glasses

(United States of America)

WREG, 26th May 2015.

Texas Rhino-Horn Smuggler Sentenced

(United States of America; China)

Courthouse News Service, 14th May 2015.

Kim Roberts, who stole Picasso sketch and antiques and art from Countess Bathurst, faces jail

(United Kingdom)

Gloucestershire Echo, 9th Apr 2015.

Fabergé thief who flogged antiques worth £700k for just £100 is jailed

(United Kingdom)

The Telegraph, 8th Apr 2015.

Fabergé Egg Thief Pleads Guilty In London Courtroom

(United Kingdom)

Artlyst, 6th Apr 2015.

Macedonia museum staff guilty of trafficking artefacts


AFP, Ahram Online, 20th Mar 2015.

Couple ordered to return 'stolen Picassos,' won't face jail


DW, 20th Mar 2015.

Conflict surrounds Khufu Cartouche sentence


Simon Egarter, Daily News Egypt, 2nd Dec 2014.

Honduras condena a salvadoreño por robo de patrimonio religioso

(Honduras; El Salvador)

Honduras sentences a Salvadorian for theft of religious heritage

EFE,, 27th Nov 2014.

Russia's Supreme Court upholds sentence in Gutenberg Bible theft case


RAPSI, 4th Sep 2014.

Russia sentences secret agents over theft of Gutenberg Bible


BBC News, 6th Jun 2014.

Florida pastor gets jail in fake Damien Hirst art case

(United States of America)

The Independent, 20th May 2014.

2 Utah men plead guilty, avoid jail for ruining ancient rock formation

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 19th Mar 2014.

Ex-BBC man attempted to sell artefact plundered in Arab Spring

(Egypt; United Kingdom)

Paul Peachey, The Independent, 7th Mar 2014.

Three Romanians admit stealing paintings from Dutch museum

(Netherlands; Romania)

Associated Press, The Guardian, 22nd Oct 2012.

Bhutanese temple thieves get life


Subir Bhaumik, BBC News, 9th Jul 2008.

Smugglers' Treasure! At National Geographic, The Case Against the Plundering of Peru

(United States of America; Peru)

Jo Ann Lewis, The Washington Post, 17th May 1984.

Recovered Peruvian Art Raises Cultural Issues

(United States of America; Peru)

Herbert Mitgang, The New York Times, 5th Aug 1982.

Peru's Lost World's; 700 Art Treasures Find Their Way Home

(United States of America; Peru)

Jo Ann Lewis, The Washington Post, 5th Aug 1982.

Art Importer Fined, Given Year's Suspended Sentence

(United States of America; Peru)

The Washington Post, 6th Mar 1982.

Art Importer Guilty of Misdemeanor In Movement of Pre-Columbian Items

(United States of America; Peru)

Philip Smith, The Washington Post, 27th Jan 1982.