Art type: Human Remains

Recuperan la reliquia de Don Bosco


"Periodista Digital", Periodista Digital, 16th Jun 2017.

In a Historic First, Australia Agrees to Return Ainu Remains to Japan

(Japan; Australia)

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, 15th Jun 2017.

Teenagers rescued from Paris catacombs after three-day ordeal


AFP, The Guardian, 14th Jun 2017.

Renewed demand made to Scotland for return of stolen native American skulls

(Canada; United Kingdom)

Cahal Milmo, iNews, 12th Jun 2017.

The scalp from Sand Creek

(United States of America)

Chip Colwell, Aeon, 8th Jun 2017.

Catholic Saint's Brain Stolen From Italian Church


Ronel Puello, Latin Post, 7th Jun 2017.

Ancient Skulls to be given to M'Chigeeng First Nation


Rocco Franfione, My Espanola Now, 6th Jun 2017.

Museum urged to return body of Beothuk chief to Canada

(United Kingdom; Canada)

Chris Foote, STV, 2nd Jun 2017.

Millions at stake as Chinese villagers take collector to court over "man in the Buddha"

(China; Netherlands)

John Hooper, AFR, 2nd Jun 2017.

Indigenous groups in Canada call for National Museum of Scotland to return human remains

(United Kingdom; Canada)

Michael Gray, Common Space, 30th May 2017.

Man out to prove Māori not original settlers under investigation

(New Zealand)

Mihingarangi Forbes, Radio New Zealand, 30th May 2017.

A Northland man is under investigation by Heritage New Zealand for tampering with historic burial sites

(New Zealand)

Shabnam Dsatgheib,, 27th May 2017.

Indigenous leaders unite for return of Beothuk remains, inclusion in MMIWG inquiry

(Canada; United Kingdom)

Peter Cowan, CBC, 26th May 2017.

Dozens of Māori and Moriori Remains Return to New Zealand from European Museums

(New Zealand; Germany)

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, 25th May 2017.

Grave Robbers with Far-Right Links Could Be Stealing Ancestral Māori Skulls

(New Zealand)

Tess McClure, Vice, 18th May 2017.

Māori ancestral remains to return home from Swedish medical museum

(New Zealand; Sweden)

Radio New Zealand, 16th May 2017.

Stolen skulls heading back from Sweden

(New Zealand; Sweden)

Waatea News, 15th May 2017.

Cultural crime: Asma Ibrahim narrates the sad tale of antiquities being stolen


The Express Tribune, 10th May 2017.

Ancient mummies rot as Yemen war vexes even the dead


Noah Browning, Reuters, 1st May 2017.

Native America's Necessary And Imperfect Law

(United States of America)

Chip Colwell, Huffington Post, 28th Apr 2017.

Tribal chief who signed treaty with Pilgrims to be reburied

(United States of America)

Jennifer Mcdermott, Stamford Advocate, 14th Apr 2017.

Wampanoag work to repatriate remains, artifacts

(United States of America)

Chris Lindahl, Cape Cod Times, 14th Apr 2017.

Recuperan cabeza reducida y otros objetos de bienes arqueológicos


Shrunken head and other archaeological objects recovered

La República, 8th Apr 2017.

How One Anthropologist Balances Human Skeletons And Human Rights

(United States of America)

Kristina Killgrove, Forbes, 17th Mar 2017.

Native American bones stolen from Ohio grave to be reburied

(United States of America)

John Seewer, Turtle Island News, 2nd Mar 2017.

Tribes return ancient Kennewick Man to the ground

(United States of America)

Annette Cary, Tri-City Herald, 19th Feb 2017.

One more bone inventory, then Kennewick Man may finally go home

(United States of America)

Sandi Doughton, Seattle Times, 17th Feb 2017.

Medieval, modern looters destroy most mummies in Russia's Yamal — scientist


TASS, 10th Feb 2017.

Roban reliquia de Mártires Mercedarios


Relic of the Mercedarios Martys stolen

Miguel Lopez, Prensa Libre, 6th Feb 2017.

Date set for Chinese villagers' Dutch court battle over ownership of 1,000-year-old 'stolen' gilded statute

(Netherlands; China)

Kinling Lo, South China Morning Post, 3rd Feb 2017.

Encuentran dos momias prehispánicas abandonadas en un paraje del Cuzco


EFE, El Comercio, 30th Jan 2017.

Colonial looting of our culture calls for justice

(Rwanda; Germany; Belgium)

The New Times, 19th Jan 2017.

Killing Fields Bones Not Brought In, Expert Says at KR Tribunal


George Wright, The Cambodia Daily, 11th Jan 2017.

North America's Oldest Mummy Returns to a Native Tribe

(United States of America)

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, 10th Jan 2017.

Northwest Tribes Know Exactly How They Want To Return The Ancient One To Earth

(United States of America)

Anna King, NW News Network, 20th Dec 2016.

Ancient skeleton to return to Native Americans for reburial

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Business Insider, 19th Dec 2016.

El 'saqueo' de las momias guanches


The looting of the Guanche mummies

EFE, RTVC, 19th Dec 2016.

The Local Man Who Native Americans Call "The Ancient One," Will Finally Get a Proper Burial

(United States of America)

Sophia June, Willamette Week, 13th Dec 2016.

Kennewick Man skeleton closer to tribal return

(United States of America)

Annette Cary, The Art Newspaper, 5th Dec 2016.

Operation Mummy's Curse returns ancient artifacts including child's sarcophagus to Egypt

(Egypt; United States of America)

RT, 3rd Dec 2016.

Stolen Mummy Hand Makes Its Way Home

(Egypt; United States of America)

Megan Gannon, Live Science, 2nd Dec 2016.

U.S., Egypt Sign Agreement to Thwart Trade in Illegal Antiquities

(Egypt; United States of America)

Kristin Romey, National Geographic, 2nd Dec 2016.

Mosaic-tiled Mexican Skull at Leiden Museum a Fake: Report


Janene Pieters, NL Times, 25th Nov 2016.

Villagers try to retrieve stolen corpse of their ancestor from the Netherlands

(China; Netherlands)

Global Times, 16th Nov 2016.

NAGPRA Revisited: Negotiating Culture, Legalities, and Challenges at Wesleyan and Beyond

(United States of America)

Emmet Teran Jenny Davis, The Wesleyan Argus, 8th Nov 2016.

Eternal unrest: How a Native American burial site was desecrated in Hamilton County

(United States of America)

Chris Sikich, Indy Star, 5th Nov 2016.

The Scots noble stolen from his grave

(United Kingdom)

The Scotsman, 31st Oct 2016.

Meet The Artist Selling Human Skulls Online

(United States of America)

Daniel Littlewood, Vocativ, 28th Oct 2016.

Danish bog mummy's missing toe returned after 60 years


The Local, 21st Oct 2016.

Remains of 13 Aboriginals will be returned to Australia

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Jacqueline Magnay, The Australian, 15th Oct 2016.

Virtual reality tells Indigenous story in London as bones set to return to Australia

(Australia; United Kingdom)

Nick Miller, The Sydney Morning Herald, 14th Oct 2016.

Advocates, scientists building the case to connect Kennewick Man with modern tribes

(United States of America)

Annette Cary, Yakima Herald, 10th Oct 2016.

Mummy Crowdfunder Leaves Archaeologists Fuming

(United Kingdom)

Kristina Killgrove, Forbes, 10th Oct 2016.

After 185 Years, Nat Turner's Alleged Skull Returned to Family

(United States of America)

Justin Fornal, National Geographic, 7th Oct 2016.

Egypt recovers 5 stolen artifacts from US

(Egypt; United States of America)

State Information Service, 3rd Oct 2016.

Ancient 'Kennewick Man' remains returned to Columbia River tribes

(United States of America)

Megan Thomas, CBC, 3rd Oct 2016.

Mexico returns remains of US soldiers from 1846 war

(Mexico; United States of America)

BBC News, 29th Sep 2016.

La «misteriosa» desaparición de los restos de Diego Colón


The "mysterious" disappearance of the remains of Diego Columbus

Mónica Arrizabalaga, ABC España, 25th Sep 2016.

The Ancient One Takes Another Step Toward Home

(United States of America)

Richard Walker, Indian Country Today, 21st Sep 2016.

The man stuffed and displayed like a wild animal

(Botswana; Spain)

Frank Westerman, BBC News, 16th Sep 2016.

El museo de La Plata restituirá restos de cuatro lonkos mapuches


The museum of La Plata restitutes remains of four Mapuche lonkos

Sergio Marilaf, La Izquierda Diario, 12th Sep 2016.

Perú recibe de Guatemala restos de la Cultura Paracas

(Peru; Guatemala)

Peru receives Paracas culture remains from Guatemala

Redacción, RPP, 1st Sep 2016.

Ottawa backs request for return of Beothuk remains from Scotland


Dean Beeby, CBC, 25th Aug 2016.

Human Skulls Are Being Sold Online, But Is It Legal?


Kristin Hugo, National Geographic, 23rd Aug 2016.

Rise of the Nazi-Grave Robbers

(Poland; Germany)

Thomas Rogers, Bloomberg, 23rd Aug 2016.

Who's Got the Bones? Timeline Reveals Park Service Employees Covered Up Theft of Ancient Remains

(United States of America)

Frank Hopper, Indian Country Today, 22nd Aug 2016.

Ohio man who bought Native American remains gets probation

(United States of America)

Associated Press, Fox, 19th Aug 2016.

Ica: Denuncian remoción de antiguo cementerio prehispánico


Ica: Removal of ancient Prehispanic cemetery condemned

Redacción Multimedia, Diario Correo, 19th Aug 2016.

Cardiff Giant: 'America's Biggest Hoax'

(United States of America)

Jessie Szalay, Live Science, 16th Aug 2016.

Tacna: Desconocidos vuelven a profanar huaca San Antonio y se llevan vestigios pre incas


Tacna: Unknown people desecrate huaca San Antonio again and takepre-Inca remains

Redacción Multimedia, Diario Correo, 15th Aug 2016.

First Nation to use blockades if needed to protect ancient B.C. burial site


Camille Bains, The Globe and Mail, 18th Jul 2016.

Bring the ancient one home

(United States of America)

Rosita Worl, Alaska Dispatch News, 17th Jul 2016.

Man Sentenced for Stealing Bones From Iowa's Effigy Mounds in 1990

(United States of America)

John Samuels, CDA News, 9th Jul 2016.

Report: Decades of cover-up followed Iowa theft of native American bones

(United States of America)

Christina Beck, The Christian Science Monitor, 5th Jul 2016.

Theft of ancient bones a 'debacle' for National Park Service

(United States of America)

Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 4th Jul 2016.

Remains of 18 people stolen from cemetery in Stratford

(United States of America)

Katie Harris, Fox, 24th Jun 2016.

B.C. Premier wants First Nations remains and cultural artifacts returned from U.S. museums


Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun, 21st Jun 2016.

Lawsuit Underway to Bring Illegally Traded Chinese Self-Mummified Buddhist Statue Back Home

(China; Netherlands)

Margaux Schreurs, The Beijinger, 17th Jun 2016.

Gravesite looted in Harrison County

(United States of America)

Katie Bauer, Wave 3, 16th Jun 2016.

Villagers in court over stolen statue

(China; Netherlands)

Xinhua, Shanghai Daily, 16th Jun 2016.

Bill to punish grave robbers sent to governor's desk

(United States of America)

AP Reporting, WWL, 4th Jun 2016.

Smithsonian returns Maori remains to New Zealand

(New Zealand; United States of America)

Madison Park, CNN, 28th May 2016.

Rare Indian Burial Ground Quietly Destroyed for Million Dollar Houses

(United States of America)

Sarah Zhang, Gizmodo, 27th May 2016.

Special delegation visits Sheffield for skull repatriation

(New Zealand; United Kingdom)

The Star, 20th May 2016.

Maori skull on its way back home after 130 years

(New Zealand; United Kingdom)

Martin Hannan, The National, 18th May 2016.

Mapuches pidieron al Museo de La Plata la restitución de los restos de cuatro caciques


Mapuches call on Museo de La Plata to return the remains for four caciques

Blanco Negro, Info Blanco Sobre Negro, 13th May 2016.

Burying Bones of Contention: Native Americans Close to Getting Ancestral Skeleton Back

(United States of America)

Zach Zorich, Scientific American, 12th May 2016.

60 Maori and Moriori heads and skulls repatriated from UK and US

(New Zealand; United Kingdom; United States of America)

Kurt Bayer, The New Zealand Herald, 12th May 2016.

Maori skull returning to homeland after 133 years in Moray

(New Zealand; United Kingdom)

Chris Foote, STV, 11th May 2016.

9,000-year-old 'Kennewick Man' will receive Native American burial after decades in limbo

(United States of America)

Ben Guarino, National Post, 28th Apr 2016.

Revered Chinese monk is mummified and covered in gold leaf


Associated Press, The Daily Mail, 28th Apr 2016.

Senate hearing could bring Kennewick Man closer to tribal burial

(United States of America)

Anette Cary, Tri-City Herald, 27th Apr 2016.

Mungo Man still lies in a cardboard box. Why?


Tom Keneally, The Age, 26th Apr 2016.

Three historical human skulls stolen from Arizona store

(United States of America)

Cynthia Washington, Tucson News Now, 25th Apr 2016.

When Is It Okay To Dig Up The Dead?


Mark Strauss, National Geographic, 7th Apr 2016.

Court: Navajo due hearing on demand that feds return remains, relics

(United States of America)

Sara Weber, Arizona Daily Sun, 7th Apr 2016.

Consejo de Monumentos Nacionales demora resguardo de momia Chinchorro por falta de camioneta


National Monuments Council delays safeguarding Chinchorro mummy due to lack of a truck

El Morro Cotudo, 6th Apr 2016.

Verdun: le désolant business des pilleurs de cadavres


Stéphane Kovacs, Le Figaro, 4th Apr 2016.

Tabaré Vázquez expresó preocupación por robo de archivos sobre desaparecidos y la INDDHH denunció intencionalidad de entorpecer investigaciones


Tabaré Vázquez expressed concern about the theft of files about the disappeared and the INDDHH denied intent to hinder investigations

La Red 21, 30th Mar 2016.

Shakespeare's skull: New chapter in hunt for missing head

(United Kingdom)

Rebecca Woods, BBC News, 27th Mar 2016.

Shakespeare's skull 'probably stolen' from Stratford grave

(United Kingdom)

BBC News, 23rd Mar 2016.

Old law prevents preserving war sites


Imam Hossain, Prothom Alo, 18th Mar 2016.

Cementerios salitreros en alerta


Salitre cemeteries on alert

Alejandra Lobo, La Tercera, 14th Mar 2016.

Repatriation of indigenous artefacts a hot topic for museums


Rosemary Neill, The Australian, 12th Mar 2016.

Buried Souls: How Ontario bulldozed through a rare Huron-Wendat burial site in Barrie


Kenneth Jackson, APTN, 9th Mar 2016.

Kodiak Ancestral Remains to Return Home

(United States of America)

Kayla Desroches, KNBA, 8th Mar 2016.

Profanaron y saquearon panteón y tumbas de sacerdotes


Graves of priests desecrated and robbed

Dalila Itriago, El Nacional, 8th Mar 2016.

Georgia Bill Would Exempt Construction Projects From Reporting Sacred Remains

(United States of America)

Amy Morris, Indian Country Today, 7th Mar 2016.

How Many Human Skeletons Are in U.S. Museums?

(United States of America)

Samuel J. Redman, History News Network, 6th Mar 2016.

Kennewick Man: Build bridges to prevent a repeat of ill will

(United States of America)

Chip Colwell, Seattle Times, 3rd Mar 2016.

Landmark Judgment Returns Remains to Tribe

(United States of America)

Cynthia Coleman Emery, Indian Country Today, 13th Feb 2016.

FBI Deploying Art Crime Team to Investigate If Militants Desecrated Paiute Graves

(United States of America)

Lizzy Acker, Willamette Week, 11th Feb 2016.

Renowned Worcester builder's 'beehive' mausoleum targeted at Hope Cemetery

(United States of America)

Mark Sullivan, Telegram, 4th Feb 2016.

Lost Bones, Damage and Harassment at Ancient Sacred Site

(United States of America)

Stephanie Woodard, Indian Country Today, 13th Jan 2016.

Channel 5 accused of supporting 'grave-robbing' over TV show Battlefield Recovery

(United Kingdom)

David Barnett, The Guardian, 8th Jan 2016.

National Park Services Grave Robber Will Pay Restitution and Serve Probation

(United States of America)

Mary Anette Pember, Indian Country Today, 4th Jan 2016.

Plea deal calls for probation, apology in theft of remains

(United States of America)

Chon, Chron, 30th Dec 2015.

National Park Services Grave Robber: Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing Remains

(United States of America)

Mary Annette Pember, Indian Country Today, 21st Dec 2015.

Retired Effigy Mounds official will plead guilty to removing ancient human remains

(United States of America)

Trish Mehaffey, The Gazette, 16th Dec 2015.

Chinese court accepts suit over stolen mummy

(China; Netherlands)

Yao Lan, ECNS, 13th Dec 2015.

Villagers reject mummy conditions

(China; Netherlands)

Xinhua, Shanghai Daily, 11th Dec 2015.

Retired US official charged with stealing ancient remains

(United States of America)

Ryan J. Foley,, 10th Dec 2015.

SKULL THEFT FEUD: York travellers' site & 4 others raided, 7 arrests made, sub-machine guns seized - UPDATED

(United Kingdom)

The York Press, 27th Nov 2015.

Man stole brains from medical museum and put them on eBay

(United States of America)

Reuters, The Guardian, 25th Nov 2015.

Saginaw Tribe repatriating ancestral remains

(United States of America)

Midland Daily News, 23rd Nov 2015.

Stolen ancestral remains repatriated to Western Australia after years of negotiations

(Australia; Austria)

Erin Parke, ABC Australia, 21st Nov 2015.

NAGPRA Review Committee Gets Three New Members

(United States of America)

Indian Country Today, 20th Nov 2015.

Yangchun Villagers Hire Lawyers to Sue Dutch Collector Over Stolen Mummified Buddha Statue

(China; Netherlands)

Francis Eduard Ang, Yibada, 20th Nov 2015.

China Exclusive: Fujian villagers sue after Dutch collector refuses to return stolen god

(China; Netherlands)

Huaxia, Xinhua, 18th Nov 2015.

Museum hunts for 2,000 year old mummy's missing teeth


Janene Pieters, NL Times, 16th Nov 2015.

'Mungo Man': Bones of Australia's 42,000-year-old man returned to Aboriginal tribes for burial


Kathy Marks, The Independent, 7th Nov 2015.

Mungo Man to be moved to National Museum of Australia's repatriation unit


Katie Burgess, The Canberra Times, 6th Nov 2015.

Looters dig up Holocaust victims' graves at Nazi death camp Sobibor in hunt for gold


Ed Wight, The Daily Mail, 2nd Nov 2015.

Could Shakespeare's skull have been found? Why Church ruling means we may never know

(United Kingdom)

Emily Gosden, The Telegraph, 1st Nov 2015.

Plunder, vandalism nearly empty Bohol burial site


Leo Udtohan, Inquirer, 1st Nov 2015.

NAGPRA Bears Fruit! IU Anthropologists Return Remains, Attend Nalukataq

(United States of America)

Steve Russell, Indian Country Today, 16th Oct 2015.

Return of mummified statue urged before 'birthday'

(China; Netherlands)

Wang Fan, ECNS, 15th Oct 2015.

Keeping place for stolen Indigenous remains should take priority over Anzac centre


Paul Daley, The Guardian, 12th Oct 2015.

U.S. Supreme Court denies appeal seeking return of Jim Thorpe's remains

(United States of America)

Reuters, The Daily Mail, 5th Oct 2015.

Kennewick Man: a never-ending nightmare for tribes

(United States of America)

Knute Berger, Crosscut, 17th Sep 2015.

This Ethiopian prince was kidnapped by Britain – now it must release him

(Ethiopia; United Kingdom)

Maaza Mengiste, The Guardian, 7th Sep 2015.

Crystal Skulls & Ape-Man Bones: 6 Archaeological Forgeries That Tried to Change History


Owen Jarus, Live Science, 24th Aug 2015.

Believe it or not, rare engraved skull stolen from Pretoria mall

(South Africa)

Ahmed Areff, News24, 22nd Aug 2015.

Restituyen fardo funerario prehispánico al gobierno peruano

(Mexico; Peru)

Prehispanic funerary offering repatriated to the Peruvian Government

INAH, 21st Aug 2015.

Robert Mugabe tells Natural History Museum to return human skulls

(Zimbabwe; United Kingdom)

David Smith, The Guardian, 13th Aug 2015.

Los restos humanos en los pecios hispanos saqueados en Florida

(United States of America)

Human remains in the looted hispanic wrecks off Florida

José María Lancho, ABC España, 10th Aug 2015.

Newhouse says Kennewick Man should be returned to tribes

(United States of America)

Tri-City Herald, Yakima Herald, 8th Aug 2015.

Outrage at desecration of St Columba's grave on Iona

(United Kingdom)

David Scott, Express, 7th Aug 2015.

Sen. Patty Murray Introduces Bill to Return Kennewick Man to Columbia Basin Tribes

(United States of America)

Jonathan Halvorson, NBC, 6th Aug 2015.

Jackson County man pleads guilty to buying stolen Native American remains

(United States of America)

Kathy Lynn Gray, The Columbus Dispatch, 5th Aug 2015.

Returning the Ancient One

(United States of America)

Duane Champagne, Indian Country Today, 4th Aug 2015.

Egypt repatriates 35,000-year-old skeleton from Belgium

(Egypt; Belgium)

Rany Mostafa, The Cairo Post, 4th Aug 2015.

Feds probe MU artifact collection

(United States of America)

Curtis Johnson, The Herald-Dispatch, 29th Jul 2015.

The skull robbers: how celebrity culture lost its head


Colin Dickey, The Guardian, 17th Jul 2015.

Missing 'Vampire' Director's Skull: Why People Snatch Bodies


Stephanie Pappas, Live Science, 17th Jul 2015.

Bringing life to Peru's ancient mummies


Helena Cavendish de Moura, CNN, 17th Jul 2015.

The skull of famed horror film director is stolen; 'Satanists' suspected


Justin Wm. Moyer, The Washington Post, 15th Jul 2015.

Indigenous man's skull returns to his people more than 150 years after its theft


Mark Colvin, ABC Australia, 29th Jun 2015.

The Fine Art of Forgery

(United States of America)

Henry Grabar, The Atlantic, 29th Jun 2015.

Washington Governor Inslee Says Corps Should Give Kennewick Man To Northwest Tribes

(United States of America)

Rhodi Lee, Tech Times, 25th Jun 2015.

'Bumfights' fugitive wanted for baby body parts theft resurfaces in US

(Thailand; United States of America)

Todd Ruiz, CocoBKK, 24th Jun 2015.

Human skeletons missing from museum discovered in Atherton backyard

(United States of America)

Anne Rubin, KTVU, 12th Jun 2015.

A grave injustice: Saginaw Chippewas reclaim their dead

(United States of America)

John Carlisle, Detroit Free Press, 6th Jun 2015.

'Stolen' Beothuk remains need to come home from Scotland, Mi'sel Joe says

(United Kingdom; Canada)

CBC, 25th May 2015.

Dutch owner vows to send 'living Buddha' statue back to China

(China; Netherlands)

Shanghaiist, 20th May 2015.

Dutch Collector Agrees to Return Mummified Buddha

(China; Netherlands)

Ma, CRIEnglish, 8th May 2015.

Desconocidos profanan tumbas prehispánicas y roban momias de "Huaca"


Unknown people descrate graves and steal prehispanic mummies from a 'huaca'

Redacción Multimedia, Diario Correo, 4th May 2015.

Desconocidos profanan tumbas prehispánicas y roban momias de "Huaca" (FOTOS)


Unknown people descrate graves and steal prehispanic mummies from a 'huaca'

Redacción Multimedia, Diario Correo, 4th May 2015.

Mummy Displayed in Hungary Sets Chinese Villagers in Pursuit of Lost Icon

(China; Hungary)

Amy Quin, The New York Times, 3rd May 2015.

Mummy Displayed in Hungary Sets Chinese Villagers in Pursuit of Lost Icon

(China; Hungary; Netherlands)

Amy Qin, The New York Times, 3rd May 2015.

China's Stolen Monk Mummy Controversy Spurs Claims of Another


Oliver Geng, The Wall Street Journal, 27th Mar 2015.

Dutch Collector Willing to Return "Mummy Buddha"

(China; Netherlands)

Wei Wang, CRIEnglish, 27th Mar 2015.

Bones of Scot set for reburial after grave robbery

(United Kingdom)

Tim Bugler, The Scotsman, 25th Mar 2015.

Authority launches campaign to retrieve lost Buddha


Huan Si, Ecns, 24th Mar 2015.

New mummies discovered floating in sewage in Upper Egypt


Nada Deyaa, Daily News Egypt, 3rd Feb 2015.

Mummified monk is 'not dead' and in rare meditative state, says expert


Kate Baklitskaya, The Siberian Times, 2nd Feb 2015.

The mystery of missing brains in Texas solved: They were thrown out in 2002

(United States of America)

Fred Barbash, The Washington Post, 4th Dec 2014.

Mystery as 100 brains go missing from the University of Texas

(United States of America)

Lizze Dearden, The Independent, 3rd Dec 2014.

Ancient Maori heads returning from US

(New Zealand; United States of America)

NZN, NZCity, 1st Dec 2014.

In pictures: Protecting Peru's ancient burial grounds


BBC News, 4th Nov 2014.

Policía recupera 31 piezas arqueológicas en casona de Túcume


Police recover 31 antiquities in a Túcume house

El Comercio, 23rd Oct 2014.

Mummy delayed at customs arrives at science center

(United States of America)

Mike Clary, Sun Sentinel, 5th Oct 2014.

Agency accused of violating law on remains, relics

(United States of America)

Susan Montoya Bryan, Reno Gazette Journal, 11th Jul 2014.

Meet Grandison Harris, the Grave Robber Enslaved (and then Employed) by the Georgia Medical College

(United States of America)

Bess Lovejoy, Smithsonian, 6th May 2014.

FBI leaves scene of artifacts investigation, mum on details

(United States of America)

Paul Gable, The Shelbyville News, 9th Apr 2014.

Police confiscate ancient coffins from tomb raiders in Jerusalem


Daniel K. Eisenbud, The Jerusalem Post, 31st Mar 2014.

National Geographic Channel Pulls 'Nazi War Diggers' Series

(United States of America)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 31st Mar 2014.

Fury over the National Geographic channel historians digging up Second World War graves

(United Kingdom; Poland; Latvia)

Guy WalterS, The Daily Mail, 28th Mar 2014.

TV Series Is Criticized in Handling of Deceased

(United Kingdom; Poland; Latvia)

Tom Mashberg, The New York Times, 28th Mar 2014.

Officials keeping people away from new Wanapum shoreline

(United States of America)

Associated Press, KIMA, 17th Mar 2014.

1,500-year-old tomb in Mongolia saved from looters


The History Blog, 14th Mar 2014.

Bolivia devuelve a Perú momia prehispánica

(Bolivia; Peru)

El Nuevo Herald, 6th Nov 2012.

Woman arrested while attempting to mail a mummy by parcel post

(Bolivia; Peru)

Igor I. Solar, Digital Journal, 27th Oct 2010.