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Egypt's sunken antiquities threatened by ship waste


TRT World, 18th Jun 2017.

Para prevenir saqueos inspeccionan fragata "Blanco Encalada" sumergida en bahía de Caldera


Inspection of the frigate "Blanco Encalada" submerged in Caldera bay to prevent looting.

El Que Hay de Dierto, 3rd May 2017.

Wreck of Nazi ship believed to have been carrying priceless stolen artwork when it was sunk in 1943 by a submarine attack is discovered close to Crimea

(Russia; Ukraine; Germany)

Fionn Hargreaves, The Daily Mail, 28th Apr 2017.

Diving Robbers Are Looting Underwater Treasures, Archaeologists Wail


Philippe Bohstrom, Haaretz, 15th Mar 2017.

Pharaonic relics submerged with Titanic must be recovered: Egyptologist


Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt Independent, 12th Mar 2017.

Controversial trove from imperial Chinese shipwreck lands in New York

(United States of America; Indonesia)

Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, 7th Mar 2017.

Bolivia ratifies the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage


UNESCO, 1st Mar 2017.

Ghost ships: why are World War II naval wrecks vanishing in Indonesia?


Natali Pearson, The Conversation, 26th Feb 2017.

Sabah to probe whether UMS salvage work broke law

(Malaysia; Japan)

Avila Geraldine, The Straits Times, 20th Feb 2017.

Sabah plans new rules on sea salvage after WWII wreck controversy


Julia Chan, The Malay Mail, 16th Feb 2017.

'Salvaging okayed after getting feedback from agencies'


New Straits Times, 10th Feb 2017.

World War II Shipwrecks Are Vanishing at a Disturbing Rate

(Malaysia; Netherlands; Japan)

George Dvorsky, Gizmodo, 10th Feb 2017.

Indonesia and Australia battle to save WWII shipwreck HMAS Perth from salvagers

(Australia; Indonesia)

Jewel Topsfield, Western Advocate, 10th Feb 2017.

Images reveal three more Japanese WWII shipwrecks torn apart for scrap

(Malaysia; Japan)

Oliver Holmes, The Guardian, 9th Feb 2017.

Show of shipwrecked treasures raises scientists' ire

(United States of America; Indonesia)

Traci Watson, Nature, 7th Feb 2017.

Así protege la Armada de los piratas los tesoros submarinos


Here's how the Armada is protected from pirates of underwater treasures

Gonzalo Araluce, El Español, 31st Jan 2017.

Two charged in theft from sunken World War I warship

(United Kingdom)

Ed Adamczyk, UPI, 30th Jan 2017.

HMAS Perth at mercy of scavengers 75 years after being sunk


Jewel Topsfield, WA Today, 28th Jan 2017.

Divers looted wrecks of sunken ships in Scapa Flow: Men fined in "first of its kind" case

(United Kingdom; Germany)

Sarah Bruce, The Press and Journal, 30th Nov 2016.

Divers fined for raiding sunken German warships at Scapa Flow

(United Kingdom; Germany)

BBC News, 29th Nov 2016.

Jakarta to help probe disappearance of Dutch WWII shipwrecks deemed war graves

(Indonesia; Netherlands)

The Japan Times, 24th Nov 2016.

British second world war shipwrecks in Java Sea destroyed by illegal scavenging

(Indonesia; United Kingdom)

Oliver Holmes, The Guardian, 16th Nov 2016.

Mystery as wrecks of three Dutch WWII ships vanish from Java seabed

(Indonesia; Netherlands)

Oliver Holmes, The Guardian, 16th Nov 2016.

How to record archaeological objects found at sea – MAS database launched

(United Kingdom)

Rob Peake, Classic Boat, 1st Nov 2016.

Divers steal a bronze gun from 'at risk' shipwreck site on Dunwich Bank

(United Kingdom)

Richard Cornwell, Ipswich Star, 21st Oct 2016.

Why so little of Hong Kong's underwater heritage has been preserved

(Hong Kong)

South China Morning Post, 3rd Oct 2016.

Battle of Jutland war graves 'vandalised' by illegal metal scavengers

(Denmark; United Kingdom; Germany)

Robert Booth, The Guardian, 18th Sep 2016.

Do Ancient Shipwrecks Stand a Chance?


Evan Lubodsky, Hakai, 24th Aug 2016.

Inuit press claim for co-ownership of Franklin artifacts


Dean Beeby, CBC, 24th Jul 2016.

State successfully retrieves artifacts from dive company

(United States of America)

Cheryl Burke, Carteret County News-Times, 15th Jul 2016.

Cultural Heritage's Nautical Future


Maxwell L. Anderson, The Wall Street Journal, 11th Jul 2016.

Dive company focus of SBI criminal probe

(United States of America)

Cheryl Burke, Carteret County News-Times, 1st Jul 2016.

German warship wreckage protected

(Norway; Germany)

News in English, 17th Jun 2016.

Marine Antiquities Scheme to launch on 21 July

(United Kingdom)

Sport Diver, 14th Jun 2016.

Privados impulsan medidas para revertir la grave desprotección de naufragios históricos


Private action to redress the severe lack of protection for historic shipwrecks

Mauricio Silva, El Mercurio, 13th Jun 2016.

Guardia Civil puts a stop to internet sale of archaeological antiques


John Smith, EuroWeekly, 13th Jun 2016.

First World War sea graves hit by 'industrial-scale looting'

(United Kingdom; Germany; Denmark)

Mark Duell, The Daily Mail, 23rd May 2016.

Diver fined for shipwreck plunder


YLE, 20th May 2016.

Cuba Committed to the Underwater Heritage Convention at UNESCO


Prensa Latina, 12th May 2016.

La estrategia de Unesco para evitar nuevos saqueos como el del galeón San José


UNESCO strategy to prevent further looting at the galleon San Jose.

EFE, El Espectador, 9th May 2016.

Archeologist calls for national strategy to protect shipwrecks from looting


Adina Bresge, City News, 12th Apr 2016.

Britain hands over warship artefacts to ATM

(Malaysia; United Kingdom)

The Sun Daily, 18th Mar 2016.

Odyssey Explorer: Cyprus to examine suspect cargo of antiquities from offshore supply ship

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Cahal Milmo, The Independent, 16th Jan 2016.

History museum staff silenced after raising ethical objections to buying Empress of Ireland artifacts


Don Butler, National Post, 15th Jan 2016.

Who owns the wreckage of the San José, and what should be done with it?

(Colombia; Peru; Panama; Spain)

Giles Richardson, Apollo, 4th Jan 2016.

Así fue saqueado el galeón San José

(Panama; United States of America)

Here's how the galleon San José was looted

Errol E. Caballero, La Estrella de Panamá, 3rd Jan 2016.

Salvage Vessel Detained Over Antiquities Possession

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

The Maritime Executive, 29th Dec 2015.

Cyprus seeks Lebanese expertise on seized treasures

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Ya Libnan, 28th Dec 2015.

Cypriot Authorities Found 18th Century Antiquities on Board an American Ship

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Anastassios Adamopoulos, Greek Reporter, 24th Dec 2015.

Antiquities on board seized vessel 'not unique to Cyprus'

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Andria Kades, Cyprus Mail, 24th Dec 2015.

Treasure hunters seized in Limassol

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

Elias Hazou, Cyprus Mail, 24th Dec 2015.

Ship with stolen artefacts docks at Limassol port

(Cyprus; Lebanon)

In Cyprus, 23rd Dec 2015.

El mar esconde sus tesoros


Josep Playá Maset, La Vanguardia, 20th Dec 2015.

Battle Begins Over World's Richest Shipwreck


Willie Drye, National Geographic, 18th Dec 2015.

En defensa del patrimonio subacuático


In defence of underwater heritage

Irina Bokova, El País, 16th Dec 2015.

Odyssey Marine Exploration Executes $21 Million Deal, Retires all Bank Debt, and Retains a Financial Interest in Future Shipwreck Projects

(United States of America)

GlobeNewswire,, 16th Dec 2015.

'Lost' Treasure Ship Is Also a War Grave


Stephanie Pappas, Live Science, 15th Dec 2015.

¿Dónde guardarán los tesoros del galeón San José?


Where will the treasures of the galleon San José be kept?

El Universal, 13th Dec 2015.

Tesoros en el mar peruano


Treasures in the Peruvian Sea

Óscar Miranda, La Republica, 13th Dec 2015.

Who wants to be a galleonaire?


The Economist, 12th Dec 2015.

'Holy grail of shipwrecks' discovery sparks courtroom battle for treasure worth £11 billion


Nan Spowart, The National, 8th Dec 2015.

El otro tesoro

(Spain; United States of America)

The other treasure

Almudena Lopesino, Cadena Ser, 6th Dec 2015.

Spanish galleon with rumoured £1bn treasure hoard found, says Colombia's president


Reuters, The Guardian, 5th Dec 2015.

Saquear yacimientos arqueológicos y anunciarlo en Internet: mala idea


Loot archaeological sites and announce it on the internet: bad idea

Lukor, 23rd Nov 2015.

MMEA To Return Seized Artefacts From Warship To British Government

(Malaysia; United Kingdom)

Bernama, 6th Nov 2015.

Gazette sites to save artefacts


C. Sathasivam Sitheravellu, New Straits Times, 31st Oct 2015.

HMS Hermes thefts: Teynham man arrested

(United Kingdom)

Bess Browning, Kent Online, 23rd Oct 2015.

Precious treasure from the Shipwreck The London - could return to Southend

(United Kingdom)

Suzi Muston, Yellow Advertiser, 21st Sep 2015.

Diver jailed for fraudulently selling three cannon found in UK waters

(United Kingdom; United States of America)

Steven Morris, The Guardian, 4th Sep 2015.

Basura y saqueo en el Titanic a 30 años de su hallazgo


La Jornada, 29th Aug 2015.

Una expedición documenta los tesoros dejados por Odyssey


An expedition to document the treasures left by Odyssey

Joaquín Ferrandis, El País, 27th Aug 2015.

Consultas tras el saqueo de los restos de once buques de Estado en Florida

(Spain; United States of America)

Consultation over the looting of the remains of eleven ships in the state of Florida

Jesús García Calero, ABC España, 21st Aug 2015.

Five years later, $550,000 gold bar stolen from Key West still in the wind

(United States of America)

Anthony Cave, Keys Info Net, 12th Aug 2015.

Los restos humanos en los pecios hispanos saqueados en Florida

(United States of America)

Human remains in the looted hispanic wrecks off Florida

José María Lancho, ABC España, 10th Aug 2015.

This Buried Treasure Could Be Yours: Mel Fisher's Amazing Shipwreck Finds

(United States of America)

Justin Jones, The Daily Beast, 5th Aug 2015.

El fructuoso negocio de la industria "cazatesoros" en Florida

(United States of America)

The fruitful "treasure hunting" business in Florida

La Vanguardia, 29th Jul 2015.

Race to save priceless artefacts from the sunken HMS Victory after looters target its two nearest wrecks in the English Channel

(United Kingdom)

David Wilkes, The Daily Mail, 17th Jul 2015.

Inside the turbulent world of Barry Clifford, a pirate-ship hunter under attack


Abby Phillip, The Washington Post, 16th Jul 2015.

«Μουσείο» έκρυβε 65χρονη στην Κάλυμνο


Kalymnos "Museum" hid 65 looted antiquities, 20th Jun 2015.

U-boat propeller returned to Germany

(United Kingdom; Germany)

Belfast Telegraph, 16th Jun 2015.

Diver Pleads Guilty to Fraud Involving Historic Cannons

(United Kingdom)

Eric Haun, Marine Link, 15th Jun 2015.

Divers acquitted of stealing from shipwreck


YLE, 6th Jun 2015.

Ireland 'letting pirates loot shipwreck RMS Lusitania'


Ed Carty, Belfast Telegraph, 7th Apr 2015.

Judge ends Maine man's attempt to salvage Cape Cod shipwreck

(United States of America)

Associated Press, 12 News Now, 1st Apr 2015.

HMS Victory recovery engulfed in controversy as Labour MP accuses key players of 'scam'

(United Kingdom)

Cahal Milmo, The Independent, 3rd Feb 2015.

Cazatesoros en el Archivo de Indias


Treasure hunters of the Spanish Main

Fernando Pérez Ávila, Diario de Sevilla, 4th Dec 2014.

Treasure case involving Delaware lawyer in judge's hands

(United States of America)

Adam Linhardt, Delaware Online, 28th Nov 2014.

Una arqueóloga contra los cazatesoros


An archaeologist against treasure hunters

Tereixa Constenla, El País, 27th Nov 2014.

Underwater archaeologist, Dr. Lee Spence seeking artifacts allegedly looted from Bahamas shipwreck


The Bahamas Weekly, 5th Sep 2014.

Experts seek to save Haiti's archaeological sites

(Haiti), 31st Aug 2014.

El Ayuntamiento de Mazarrón reclama medidas para la protección del barco fenicio


Mazarrón Council calls for measures to protect Phoenician ship; Spanish

Murcia Economía, 5th Aug 2014.

La Guardia Civil hace una batida preventiva contra el expolio submarino


The Civil Guard takes preventative measures against the underwater looting

El País, 11th Jul 2014.

In search of the lost antiquities

(Pakistan; Sri Lanka)

Sadia Qasim Shah, Dawn, 8th Jul 2014.

Treasure Hunting Is the World's Worst Investment

(United States of America; Bahamas)

Peter B. Campbell, Bloomberg, 7th May 2014.

Treasure Hunters' Undersea Gold Rush Is Threatened by U.S. Navy

(United States of America)

Vernon Silver, Bloomberg, 5th May 2014.

Britain urged to sign up to shipwreck treaty to protect underwater heritage

(United Kingdom)

Dalya Alberge, The Guardian, 23rd Mar 2014.