'Chinese student held in Iraq not IS linked'

IANS (2015). 'Chinese student held in Iraq not IS linked'. Business Standard. 20 July.

Title 'Chinese student held in Iraq not IS linked'
Publication Date 20th Jul 2015
Source Business Standard
Country Iraq
Region West and Central Asia
Art type Antiquities
Subject Arrest
Comments The archaeology student from Peking University says he was on an archaeological tour and was allegedly picked up while poking around threatened archaeological sites. Dear students: please don't be this stupid.
Link http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/chinese-student-held-in-iraq-not-is-linked-115072001009_1.html
Permalink http://web.archive.org/web/20150721084101/http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/chinese-student-held-in-iraq-not-is-linked-115072001009_1.html