El Sucre protege a sus restos arqueológicos

(El Sucre protects its archaeological remains)

José Miguel Castillo (2016). El Sucre protege a sus restos arqueológicos. El Telégrafo. 8 October.

Title El Sucre protege a sus restos arqueológicos
Title (translated) El Sucre protects its archaeological remains
Publication Date 8th Oct 2016
Source El Telégrafo
Country Ecuador
Region Americas
Art type Antiquities
Subject Preservation
Comments "People found pots, skulls, bones and other remains which were then sold to foreigners...Everyone was engaged in looting and that created enmity between neighbors. Because of this, from dusk to dawn, we invaded groups of intermediaries buying objects of any size and at any price."
Link http://www.eltelegrafo.com.ec/noticias/regional-centro/1/el-sucre-protege-a-sus-restos-arqueologicos
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