What's Happening With Ux Benka?

7 News Belize (2015). What's Happening With Ux Benka?. 7 News Belize. 30 October.

Title What's Happening With Ux Benka?
Publication Date 30th Oct 2015
Source 7 News Belize
Country Belize
Region Americas
Art type Antiquities
Subject Destruction, Threat
Comments Update on this difficult case: black man is accused of squatting on and destroying an archaeological site. Maya community is accused of unlawfully imprisoning him.
Link http://www.7newsbelize.com/sstory.php?nid=34168
Permalink http://web.archive.org/web/20151031081528/http://www.7newsbelize.com/sstory.php?nid=34168