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Recent entries

Four ancient Panchaloha idols were reported stolen from a Ramalayam temple in Choutuppa


TNN, The Times of India, 19th Mar 2017.

Man charged over attack on Gainsborough painting at National Gallery

(United Kingdom)

Alice Ross, The Guardian, 19th Mar 2017.

Tráfico de bienes culturales: las claves del cuarto comercio ilegal del mundo


Trafficking in cultural goods: the keys to the fourth largest illegal market in the world

Irene Hartmann, Clarín, 19th Mar 2017.

World renowned artist will hold first exhibition since £100,000 theft of paintings from Marwell Zoo

(United Kingdom)

Hampshire Chronicle, 19th Mar 2017.

Otras piezas “Quimbaya” de los tesoros colombianos en el exterior y en el interior del país

(Colombia; Spain)

Other "Quimbaya" Colombian treasure pieces abroad and inside the country

Irene Hartmann, Cronica Del Cuinddio, 19th Mar 2017.